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Mazda Millenia



  • jppukjppuk Posts: 1
    I have the opportunity to purchase a 99 Millenia P with 50k for $10800- appears to be in great shape and after a good test drives feels right. 1st question is this a good price. 2nd question with all the CV, transmission problems etc noted in prior comments is an extended warranty recommended. Last question is there any affordable ways to improve the performance on these models...assuming I am not looking at the S model at this time. Thanks in advance.
  • I am with you on that,I saw the 6 at the NYC Auto Show and I have to say I was a bit disappointed.
    Don't get me wrong now, the 6 will compete well in its class, but as Stbiss said, it is no Millenia.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    the Mazda6 cannot compete with the Millenia. The Millenia was a great car but it was in a market that Mazda was not prepared to be in.
  • $10.8K is a pretty good price for a '99 Mill P. I'm not sure about the CV stuff, but the transmission on the '99 model should be very good. The '95 model is the only model year I know that has some problems.
    As for mods, I would think that they have superchip available for this engine, plus air filter and muffler, you'll get about 190HP out of it.
  • Congratulations on you're purchase, good luck. You can find a 2000 owners manual on ebay for around $10.
    Just keep an eye out.

    It's amazing that people want to keep the owners manual for a car they are selling. What is that all about? A souviner? Or mabey it's the $10 they an get for it on ebay.
  • Has anyone had a problem with the fuel door mechanism? My 2001 is having intermittent issues. When I hit the button the dome light blinks like power is being diverted, but no click of the door opening. I go back and bank on the area around the door and it generally opens. Sound like a wiring issue or the mechanism is shooting craps.

    Has this happened to anyone? I can just imagine taking it to the dealer and it won't happen...
  • un_yzun_yz Posts: 12
    It happened to my 2002 Mil S. Took it to the dealer. They tightened some wires and loosened some springs. Has not happened since.

    Take it to the dealer, I think its a known problem for them.
  • I purchased a Mazda Millenia S 2000 new and have been very happy with it to date. No problems whatever. The car is approaching the end of it's manufacturer warranty and I am researching extended warranties (Mazda and commercial). It looks like a reliable bumper-to-bumper 6year 100K warranty will cost about $1200-1400. Any experience/opinions out there on this subject? Thanks.
  • Hi, all. My car only came with one key, but I have purchased another blank on E-Bay. Can this only be cut at the dealer? It looks like something that my local hardware store clerk would be stunned by. If this is the case, do I need to get the key security number? Needless to say, I do not have this either. Can the dealer get it from my VIN?

    I bought a remote on E-Bay for $30, and thanks to the programming instructions here on the bulletin board, it was simple to do and works perfectly. Thanks, guys!
  • Well, the hardware store did not know what to do with the key, and the Mazda dealership was not equipped to do it either, but they suggested that I go to a Lexus dealer nearby. The Mazda people were able to give me the code, based on the VIN. At the Lexus place, they had an amazing laser cutter and did the key in a moment for $49. So the moral of the story is when you sell your car, be nice to the buyer and make sure there are two keys!

    The Mazda dealership also gave me a 2000 Owner's Manual they had sitting around, so if anyone needs one for 1998, I will send it to you for the cost of postage.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    how much was the blank? It seems that for what you paid you could have ordered it through your Mazda dealer (about $55, I think).
  • I am interested in the owners manual and will pay the cost of postage. Email me to let me know if u are interested. Thanks
  • The blank was $9, so I suspect that it might have been cheaper to have just ordered a key from the Mazda dealer. Live and learn. On the other hand, Murphy's Law states that if you only have one key, something will happen to it. Probably in the rain. In the middle of nowhere.

    As to driving a Mazda and paying Lexus prices, the key is probably now more Lexus than Mazda. Incidentally, the Millenia is sold in the UK as a competitor to the Jaguar S-Type, of all things. Given that the Lexus has zero status in Europe, perhaps Lexus owners there pay Mazda key prices!
  • Hi all, I have 1996 Mazda Millenia P
    trying to program the keyless remote control and can't get there. I found the instructions in article #1929.
    I can't get the car to beep once (confirmation that its ready to program the remotes after step 4). I have seen another set of instuctions that says that key needs to go to ON position and does not have step 1 altogether.
    Can someone please post instructions for year 1996? I would greatly appreciate it.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    In the left column under "Search" click on "Advanced Search". Then mark the boxes as such:

    Type the word remote in the search box and check the following two items.

    "Search discussion body text."

    "In discussion Mazda Millenia."

    I got a lot of hits but the url doesn't work if I post it here.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    after seeing the 6 today, I must say I like it a lot, but that said, if anyone is on the fence deciding between the Millenia and the 6, don't worry about passing on the 6 and getting the Millenia....The Millenia seems a bit larger and more luxurious in comparison. Since good deals are to be had right now, you could get a well appointed Millenia for the price of a 6. That also said, the 6 will no doubt be more sporty and a more 'engaging' car. I did not drive the 6 but sat inside one and I thought the materials were quite good overall, but the car did not have the same feel as inside the Millenia. The Millenia is softer and the 6 has some BMW overtones. The 6 feels smaller, even if its about the same size.

    I guess what I am trying to say is Mazda fans have a good choice right now, and just go with where you feel. If you like the comfort oriented feel of the Millenia, get your hands on one while the deals are good!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The 6 is larger on the inside. That was one of the Millenia's drawbacks from day 1.
  • I have a 95 Millenia with about 110k miles. Recently, I smelled something like coolant burning under the hood when the engine was hot. I checked the coolant reservoir and found that the coolant level was at the bottom of the reservoir. Then I added some coolant (this was probably a very stupid move). After turning on the engine, those added coolant disappeared after a short time ( less than 1 minute). However, I didn't see any coolant puddle on the ground. Can anyone tell me what happened to my car? how serious would it be? What are the right steps to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!
  • I have a 2002 Millenia P, and I have been experiencing a problem with the car pulling to the left when I drive. I took it to a Big O Tires Shop (national chain) in Petaluma, CA. They said they fixed the problem, and although the severity has lessened, the pulling still occurs.

    I then took it to another Big O Tires shop in San Francisco (only because of my schedule was more convenient to do so) and they found that the alignment was fine, but the tire pressure was definitely low (funny how that wasn't checked at the previous shop).

    Anyways, the first repair was just done recently on Saturday (11/16/02) and the second repair was done today (11/18/02). Needless to say after each repair the pulling to the left has lessened, BUT STILL EXISTS!

    At this point, is there a reason to just take it to a Mazda Dealership and have them take a look at it--for warrantly related issues? Does it cost anything for Mazda to take a look at it, especially under the circumstances?

    Any comments, suggestions, advice would definitely be appreciated.

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    granado87, I own a 2001 P that I rotated the tires on yesterday at 7445 miles. I test drove it and it tracks straight as an arrow. I have never experienced anything but perfect straightline performance at any speed up to and over 110 MPH.

    Now to the point. Your new Millenia carries a bumper to bumper warranty on virtually everything. I believe you wasted both your time and money taking it to anybody but a Mazda dealer where it would have been worked on free of any charge, plus a free loner car while it was being cared for.

    By the way, improper tracking can be just as easily due to rear wheel alignment as front wheel alignment.

    Do yourself a favor and take it back to the dealer where it can be properly checked out and repaired if necessary. You will have plenty of time to pay aftermarket retailers your hard earned money after your new car warranty runs out. For the 2002 models I think that is 50000 miles.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    I would check with the dealer first to see if the alignment is covered under the warranty. This use to be the big complaint with all manufactures is that you would buy a new car and the alignment was out then take it back to the dealer and they would say you caused the problem therefore it is normal wear and you would have to pay for it because it is not a manufacturing problem. I do not know if they still do this but check first to possibly save yourself a shock.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    covers alignment in the first 12 months of the warranty. This is common for most manufacturers.
  • I've thought the MM was a great looking car since they first came out. But too rich for my wallet. Funny how things change. Three weeks back, my wife & I started the test drives to pick out a new car. We tried Altima, Maxima, Passat and a used 2002 MM-S with 9700 miles and all the options. There were other cars on my list to test, but my wife said there was no point. She wanted the MM. The dealer wanted $19,900, but told me they had a 2002 MM-S SE enroute that had suffered some damage, and could not be sold as "NEW". The damage was supposed to be one of the tow hooks that the car is secured to the transport trailer with, had been damaged because too much force had been applied to it. And this damage had been repaired. This may be some dealer song & dance I was falling for, but they said I could have the car for $22K. I figured for $2100 extra, I'd take the new car over the used one.
    Once the car arrived though, things were not quite as stated. There was no damage, but there was 2900 miles on it. I really wanted the car. It has every option, and is perfect. To make things right over the mystery milage, the dealer tossed in a 6 year 100,000 warranty.
    Only had it a few days, but I love it. So much more for the money than anything in it's class.
  • I guess I forgot to say that I am out of the warranty in regards to alignment because I have 17,000 miles on the car. The warranty is 12 months/12,000 miles.

    Anyways, I took the car back to the Petaluma shop and what they did was switch the two front tires. And what happened---the car began pulling to the otherside. THE PROBLEM IS THE WHEEL. Well, I asked them to switch the front wheels with the rear wheels. I haven't tested it on the freeway yet (which is where I really felt the problem), but I believe it still pulls.

    My question now is, any chance I can call Michelin Tires and complain saying that it is a defect? Any comments, advice, suggestions would be most appreciated.

  • ziggiziggi Posts: 4
    I recently bought a 97 Millenia L and have noticed that the engine turns faster at 60mph than my 97 Camry (2650rpm vs. 2150rpm). Would this affect the ultimate life of the engine? I remember reading somewhere that Mazda lowered the final drive ratio after '95 to improve performance. Does anybody know what engine-drivetrain changes have taken place over the years from 95-02 ?
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    Is the problem the tire or the wheel? If it is the wheel, provided you have not bounced it off a curb or damaged it, it should be covered under the warranty. If it is the tire it never hurts to complain though they will probable pro rate the tire.
  • Hello everyone. Im comming here from the Isuzu Rodeo TownHall. I've been eying the Millenia now for a while now but what gets me is that some people are saying that they paid about 21,000 for the P. Around here in Illinois the prices are in the 24's. What gives? I love this car but is 24 and change too much? Going out tomorow for a test drive!
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Sure 24 K for a P is too much, in Boston they're now advertised (whatever is left) at 20.6K - definitely under 21K. An S should run you 25K (I paid 26 for my '01S in July 2001).
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Ignore any advertised price. Go to a car dealer with the attitude that you are the customer, and you are in charge of the negotiation process. Also never act as if you really want a particular car. There is always another one down the street. When the dealer or salesman tries to run things take command and give him your take it or leave it deal. If they say no, so what. Go to another dealer.

    If asked what it will take to get you to buy today, give them your rock bottom offer. In this case about $21000 total for a MM P or about $23000 OUT THE DOOR. Don't be angry or threatening, just firm.

    Before you go, get to know the dealer incentives, customer incentives, MSRP (ignore that figure), dealer invoice and all other figures concerning the car so they can't pull the wool over your eyes with a line of bs. They also have a holdback they won't tell you about. All this is available on the internet. Print it out in case you want to show it to them.

    You may have to walk away from two or three salemen, but do it. Never sit and wait more than 10 minutes for a saleman to go to the SalesManager for approval. If he is gone that long walk toward the door as if to leave, he'll cut you off at the pass to keep you from leaving. That is part of their little game. You will get your deal if you just take a little time and persist. Never forget you are the customer. Salesmen can't seem to grasp that concept without being gently reminded of that fact.

    Happy car shopping and enjoy your new $21000 MMP.
  • Which one would be better to get I have seen both of these cars advertised for around the same price. My max I want to spend is around 15k. The millenia seems a hell of a lot bigger, but the g20 seems like its more reliable and less maintenance. The repairs on the millenia when it does break down is through the roof. I am leaning on the g20 but it seems I can get a lot more car on a millenia.
    What do you guys think pros on cons on both cars, please try to give me some objective responses.
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