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Mazda Millenia



  • It's a closed end lease on a P. I'm aware of the free loaner and the salesman confirmed it for me. Free oil changes every 5000 miles. I should be looking at about 9 freebees before my lease is up.

    No car is perfect so I wouldn't be shocked if I had a minor problem or two. But Acura's are having transmission problems, squeaks and rattles, etc. The Canadian road test I mentioned also went on about what terrific fit and finish the car had (perfect seams, etc.). As for something less tangible, I think the car is very attractive. When you look at cars like the new Accord which probably would cost more than the Millenia comparably equipped you wonder who they have working in their styling department. Coupe is tolerable, sedan is pathetic. This is 2002, not 1988.

    To make a long story, short I would say that if you have money to burn there are many nice upscale cars out there some of which are superior to the Millenia. However, if like me, you're on a budget and you can buy a car of this quality, equipment level, warranty, and styling for the price of a run of the mill midsize sedan; I don't see any rational reason not grab one of the few still left out there. I've researched my decision throughly. The choice was between upscale luxury or a plain vanilla midsize sedan for the same money.

    I made the obvious choice.
  • At the risk of being deleted for responding to you know who, I would simply state that my comments on consumer feedback on the Millenia did not come from this board, but from the consumer feedback listings in the new car section at Edmunds and at Carpoint.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    You made the right decision. At the price you paid or even considerably higher the MM is a great buy/lease on a beautiful and very reliable car. And fit and finish are impecable.
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    This is only the people that truly understood what I was saying about my airbag problem.It was to inform the intelligent reader ,that if the, airbag light comes on,make sure you get it in to the dealer it may be more serious then you think.(End of story)(Some people have serious issues)
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    >> I made the obvious choice.<<

    I agree. Same here.

  • I also agree that the Millenia is a great value. The only other car I considered last year when I was looking was the C-Class...which was gonna be $42,000 with my options. For me...I wanted something was more of a luxury car. Accord, Maxima, Camry were not options...especially since I already was driving a 99 base Millenia. I wanted to either move up or get the S.
  • I have a 1995 Millenia S. 73000 miles. Recently on a trip, the left front, or so I guess, started to vibrate. I assumed it was in the road, as it went away when the surface changed. Now starting at about 70, the car shakes so violently, that the window rattle and things have shaken loose. The fun part is, it goes away when going down hill, and for the most part, it's intermittent. Done everything possible to the tires and don't think that's it. Anyone have any idea?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Please be a bit more specific. What did you do to the tire to correct it? It sounds like you lost a wheel weight or bent the wheel.
  • Thanks for the reply maltb. We have balanced and re-weighted all four tire. Tested, same result, and rotated, and re-balanced, same result. Funny you should mention the bent wheel, I think one of the wheels is bent, but would that cause an intermittent vibration and also be eliminated while moving down hill? The shocks and struts seem to be ok. Could it be an axle or something else in the drive train? TCS?
  • Have 2002 P. Alittle slow on the tranny shifts. Has anyone been able to have their shifting reprogrammed?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I have a 2001 P with about 7300 miles on it. I think either the transmission adjusts its program to the driver over a period of time, or the driver adjusts to the MM shift programing.

    At any rate after about 2000 miles I had gotten past most of the feeling that the transmission was shifting strangely, although not completely. I think part of my solution was to tip in the throttle a little more than you might be used to in order to apply more torque to the transmission.

    From all I have read and from my experience it is a normal situation. Probably partly due to the relatively low power of the MM.

    Being used to it now I find it is just part of the nature of the car and causes me no problem. I tend to find the feel of the MM more European than American or Japanese.

    I think they tend to like feeling the transmission shift.
  • Hello, I am hoping that you could help me out. Shopping around for 2002 Millenia I see various ads: up to $5200 under invoice (supposedly dealer rebate), up to $7673 discounts and all ads mention 0% financing to qualified buyers. One dealer tells me that you can get either his rebate or 0% financing. Yet, financing is through Mazda. Are dealer rebates related to financing? Is it really either/or proposition? Is anyone aware of any incentives going on now on 2002 Millenia S? What did you guys pay for it?

    Thanks a bunch!
    Itching for a new car,
  • The $5000 rebate is a Mazda incentive and you either take that or the 0% financing, You can't get both. I am close to a lease deal on a Millenia with a cap. cost (selling price) of $22160. That would be about $7200 below MSRP. I've run into a snag with financing the dealer couldn't get the previously quoted best rate and the price has gone up $17/mo. plus now security deposit of $600 is required and lease has been extended an additional 3 months. This ends up costing me over $1000 more on the deal. It's allegedly due to my own personal credit situation but the dealer has not offered to move at all on the deal to help me out. I still think that the value you get in this vehicle including the 50000 mile warranty and loaner car make this a good deal even at the higher price. However, in light of the situation I am going to wait a week or so and explore other options. Still think this car is the best deal going.
  • I purchased a USED 2002 Mazda Millenia P with almost 16K miles on it for $19500. I put $1000 down and financed it for 6 years at 7.5% (will probably re-finance this after a year).

    Anyways, I found this discussion list after I bought the car. Everyone was talking about getting a NEW MM P for $22-23K (and I knew about the 0% financing). I thought I blew it and made a bad choice.

    But if it is true that a person cannot combine the $22-23K price range with the 0% financing, maybe I didn't do so bad after all. Can anyone confirm, deny, or comment? Thanks.
  • Have you tried running your own credit reports to get your score? That should give you an idea of whether your personal credit is as what they claim. The one time cost of running all three credit burau reports will easily be offset by the savings. My .02 cent.
    Also, may I ask if you are looking at the Millenia S and if so, what other options are on it?
    Thanks and good luck!
  • Thanks for the suggestion. The claim is that my debt ratio is too high to be eligible for the best rate. Unfortunately, that is true though as far as the rest of my credit history I think I'm excellent. Honestly, this is all a nuisance and given the fact that the price is still competitive with or better than many similar class cars I'm deciding whether to just go ahead, try and get a little more off or check other options. I never really had credit problems so I don't know whether you can talk your way around some of these issues with certain lendors. Since it's the dealer who is dealing with the lendor rather than myself I don't know whether I could get alternate financing myself or whether you can arrange lease financing on your own in contrast to simply a loan for purchase. Part of the reason I'm willing to live with the situation is that the car is so well equipped and provides a level of luxury totally out of keeping with it's price. Therefore, while I may be paying a bit more than a car of this price should lease for, I'm getting a car with the amenties of a car that probably would lease for $100/mo. more than I will be paying.

    I am looking at a P, not an S. The local dealers here in Michigan don't seem to have any S's in stock. If you do find an S I would imagine it would run more like $25000 than $22000.

    Good luck in your Millenia shopping.

    To Granada87: Buying a Millenia at around $22000 still would enable you to get a loan in the 6% area assuming you are not on lower tier credit. Therefore, the deal would be pretty good. Still at $19,500 you're still $2500-3000 below new and that could help with depreciation down the road. Don't sweat it. You've bought a very nice car and as we all know no one gets the best deal possible. We just hope to not get taken.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    the 0% financing can not be combined with the dealer cash's either/or
  • Try your local credit union or your company credit union (if it has one). They usually can give you a better rate if your credit isn't perfect.
  • Just bought a Millenia S last night. Got it for a just couple bills more than my 626, or about 8K less than a Max. Can't beat the product for the price. They're making incredible deals to make room for the 6. Too bad they had to kill the Millenia, but it worked out well for me!

    This car is packed - leather, bose, decent power (not as peppy as the Nissan, but the styling, ride, and IMHO less road noise make up for that). Plus Mazda's reliability can't be touched.

    This is Mazda purchase number 4 for me. I'm holding on to the 626, too. We're a two mazda family again!
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    Congratulations on your new buy. I cannot agree with you more, "can't beat the product for the price". Good luck.
  • I'm still waiting on a deal on the new Millenia. After they raised the lease price on me (ostensibly a credit issue) I figured I should at least see what other options were out there. We already know nothing beats the Millenia for the price so it would just be a matter of looking at something cheaper that I found reasonably appealing.
    I settled on checking out the Nissan Altima. Got a quote on a 2.5SL (175hp I4) well equipped with leather (sticker $24000-$250000). They quoted a $397/mo 39 mo, lease. That's actually a couple of bucks more than my 42mo. Millenia quote. Nice car but nowhere near the car the Millenia is equipmentwise, warrantywise, etc.

    Seems like unless I want a dinky compact I won't be quoted anything that much cheaper than the Millenia. Certainly won't jump ship for $20-$, and that seems the most I could expect to save going elsewhere.

    For comparison, I leased a $27000 stickered Toyota Avalon in 96' with first and security up front for $385/mo., 36mo., 12000 mi. That car had no ABS, no CD, no moonroof, no heated seats, no traction control, etc.

    So here in 2002 if I can do a deal on this car leasing under $400 with no cash up front (other than first and security) and they throw in free oil changes and of course a 50000 mile warranty and free loaner I guess the decision should be easy. I need to get the dealer to drop the $167 they added to the upfront money for no apparent reason. Frankly after hitting me for $700 more over the life of the lease and security I would hope they would move that much to close the deal. Expecting a little cash this week to cover the upfront so when I get it I'll try to close the deal.

    The point of all this. Most everything in the midsize class will lease in the $300-$400 area. Nothing in that price range will give you everything you get on the Millenia.
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    This is update concerning airbag problem I'm having wth my "02" MM SE P.I talked again with the dealership again.This time a different serviceman & he told me that the car purchased in April the can not release bck to me until they get the airbag assembly in.He could not tell me how long it will take because they are on back order.I asked does that mean that other MM around the country had this problem too & he couldn't answer that.
    I am driving a loaner car (Jetta)but it not a MM.It has been two weeks already & right now they can not tell me when I will get my car back.
    If anyone has constructive suggestions,please let me know.I love my blk titanium rimmed car.
  • Even I would love to trade in my 2000 S for the 2002 SE S model; the titanium color wheels looks cool, expecially on black. Try call Mazda of NA, the phone # should be on and see what they say.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    I have talked to Mazda of NA before and they are very easy people to talk to, but they are not much help with problems. All that they do is take the information down of the complaint and pass it on. Normally this means trying to talk to the dealership. Some dealerships, if you complain enough, might have the regional representative get in contact with you if you ask for this. This is mostly dependent on the dealer though. Keep plugging away, and good luck.
  • At the minimum you should ask for a Millenia (used or demo) or something comperable as a loaner in light of the extended period of time you have been without your car.

    This may be easier than negotiating around a back order of the part that's needed.

    Good Luck
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    Thanks csuftitans,kcm8419 & cayennered1 for your info.This does help.
    I stopped by the dealership this morning at 7:30am est.(I'm in Atlanta) & spoke wth the service manager,he said the part was on hot order but he still couldn't me a date even after her spoke with parts manager.I taken my care bck there for the third time on 9/14/02.Now I didn't ask for another MM to drive but think I will call & ask.I will push for replacement of this car if it takes at least 30days.But again thanks all of you for your responses.
  • Yesterday I went to New York City and picked up the 2000 Millenia S I bought through E-Bay. It is the Millenium Edition model and has 55,000 miles. Driving back to Washington was a good 250 mile shakedown cruise, although it was pouring rain for most of the trip. Prior to this I had never driven a Millenia, or even sat in one...

    When they opened the garage I was struck by just how attractive a car this is. Very elegant in silver grey, with the big chrome wheels. The interior of the car shows almost no wear at all. Nothing on the carpets, the faux-suede seats, or the plastics. The area around the key ignition is a bit faded, but otherwise no sign that this is not brand-new. The switchgear feels very good and quite positive in use. The car gives up nothing to more expensive rivals in terms of build-quality.

    This was confirmed on driving: no squeaks or rattles anywhere. At first I was concerned about wind noise, but it turned out that I did not have the sunroof completely closed. The Bose sound system is quite good and, like everything else in the car, use of the controls is instinctual. I am especially impressed with the climate control system. The ergonomics generally are excellent, at least as good as Honda, the industry leader.

    The car feels fairly solid and heavy on the road. Acceleration is not startling but seems very smooth and progressive. At higher speeds it feels a bit turbine-like. I do not find the steering vague but it is definitely not as sharp as my Integra but well-suited to the character of the car. It seems directed toward Interstate cruising but I had no problem handling some tighter curves on side roads. Unlike other posters here, I did not find the transmission clunky but I still have to figure out how the "hold" feature is supposed to work. Compared to some used Lexus ES300s I tried, I find the Millenia handles quite well.

    Driving in rain, I felt quite confident even though the car was new to me, and gas mileage seems reasonable.

    After several hours of driving, I found that I missed the lumbar support in the Acura but could adjust the seat to make up for this somewhat. I understand the 2001 MM has this feature.

    So, first impressions are: excellent build quality, good looks, good handling. At the price I paid, $14,700, I think that I would not be able to find a sedan with these qualities to match it. I could have bought a 2000 Honda CR-V or another Integra, so for value for money it would be hard to beat.

    But where can I get the right owner's manual?
  • stbissstbiss Posts: 10
    I recently was able to see a Mazda6 up close at the auto shown and felt like Mazda shortchanged us Millenia owners. If the 6 is supposed to replace the 626/Millenia, they definitely forgot about the Millenia when it came to luxury and feel. I would take my 2000P over the 6 anyday. The 6 is targeted at a different crowd; the "boy" racer crowd. Mazda never could market a luxury car right - just look at the 929 amd Millenia. It's a shame since the Millenia is such a fine vehicle for the money. I guess I'll just keep collecting the compliments on my car from others as well as the questions as to why they discontinued it.
  • I have 56k on my 99 Millenia S and am thinking about the 60k service. Mentioned it to the local Mazda service mgr and he said the cost might be
    $1300 because of the complexity of the S engine.
    Wow. I'll shop around. Seems a bit high. Anyone had any experience with this. And why does my manual say that the California models change the timing belt at 105k rather than 60k? Whoops. Just looked thru some past posts and saw that this subject was discussed with some vehemence.
  • My 2000 Millenis S now has 55K miles, but I will wait until about 70K before doing my MAJOR service. I've heard that the cost will be about a grand, but haven't check with my local dealers. This would be the only major ones for this car until 120K, or 140K for me :-).
    I've heard somewhere that some guy actually waited until 90K before doing this, but that's a bit high and scary for my blood.
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