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Volvo S60



  • Now all we need is for those parts to make it to this side of the pond.... Don't hold your breath.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The company is American.
    The body kits will be available in 2004.
    Some, if not all of the performance mods will be coming as well.
  • nivniv Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply. I got some idea on pricing now. I will keep shop around till Thanksgiving to get better deal.
  • Should I be concerned about purchasing the S60 R automatic ... how much performance will I lose over the manual?

    Is the automatic a quick car too? will I be dissapointed after purchasing the automatic?

    Would love the manual, but, my wife is not going for it ...

    I want to feel confident with my purchase, and, performance is important to me ... is the S60 R automatic the best car for my $$$ ???

    Please advise ...

  • It sounds like your decision is made for you - your wife will make your life a living hell if you go with the manual transmission. Personally, I am quite happy with my 2002 S60 AWD (with automatic transmission). Add an IPD/TME ECU chip upgrade and you are within striking distance of the S60R automatic (might even be ahead of the game).
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Not as rewarding as the R manual.
    0-60 times are the slowest of all the S60 turbos.
    Go w/ an S60 AWD instead.
  • My dealer told me there's a shortage of Haldex AWD systems, and the S60 AWD is currently low man on the totem pole, i.e., it's going to become very hard to find any. Therefore they're going to try to convert S60 AWD customers over to the S60R.
  • I have the S60R automatic. I have read about large differences in performance between the manual and auto, due to torque differences in the detuned auto tranny. To be honest, I drove both on a track and the auto didn't seem nearly as bad as I was led to believe. Driving error and clutch timing do make it even harder to hit the 0-60 advantage that the manual has.

    The other factor is active driving. Some people prefer a manual because they want to drive 'actively' regardless of differences in 0-60. That's a factor you would have to resign yourself to, I guess.

    I'm very pleased with the auto and love the interior (atacama) that the R offers. Also, the blue gauges, the active suspension, brembo brakes, subtle exterior changes are a big plus for me over the standard S60 AWD. just my thoughts...
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Regarding the automatic S60R, I'm surprised at your statement in my title that came from your post #1381. I drove several '04 S-60's; 2.5T, T5, and an automatic R. No manual R was available for comparison.

    I value you your opinion but respectfully disagree. The 2.5T, although to me the most versatile and practical (no lag), is the slowest of the turbos. The automatic R was the rocket of the group; very pulse quickening, almost too much fun for a daily jaunt. The manual is probably faster yet, same as with just about any car (except the Porsche 928 that only came in auto). Simple R-math I guess, 300 HP (R) versus 247 (T5) or 208 (2.5T), right?
  • avolvofan ... is the IPD/TME ECU chip available for the S60R ???
  • peglegger ... You're happy w/ you automatic S60R??

    No problems w/ speed??

    How would you compare the S60R auto w/ the BMW 330xi? or the Acura TL in terms of speed and driving performance??

    I know I'll lose speed off-the-line w/ the auto ... but ... how's the top-end speed???
  • Volvomax ... the auto S60R has the slowest 0-60 times out of all the S60 class???
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    S60 R M 5.4 sec
    S60 T5 A 6.6 sec
    S60 2.5T 6.8 sec
    S60 AWD 7.1 sec
    S60 R A 7.4 sec

    Times are offical Volvo test times.
    Once up to speed the R auto is quicker than the other Volvo turbos, except for the R M.
    The geartronic tranny is limited in 1st and 2nd gears, it can't take the torque of the R engine.
    Yes the auto is easier to drive, and may feel faster to those uncomfortable with a stick. The R M's clutch can take some getting used to.
    Having had the cars around for 4 months now, I'm pretty used to it.
    I guarantee that if I'm in a manual and your in the auto all you'll see are my tail lights.
    don't know about you, but if I'm spending $41= k on a car(the auto is a $1250 option) I want all the performance.
    I don't want to be embarrased by somebody in a 96 850 turbo.
  • Vroomman, I own an Acura TLS, have test driven the '04 TL and just last week test drove the S60R auto, so I feel I'm pretty qualilfied to give you an opinion. The S60R auto is a rocket. It felt significantly faster than my TLS or the '04 TL. To me, the 0-60 felt right around 6 seconds, if not lower. I've also driven a 330 and again, the Volvo felt faster. I don't think you'll have any regrets getting the automatic. It is near the top of my list and would be a no brainer if it weren't for the tight back seat. If that's not an issue for you, I'd get the S60RA hands down. Just blows the doors off of my TLS.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    For what it's worth, all high-pressure turbo Volvos have several factors that have to be mastered and optimized in order to get the quickest 0-60 times. Things like the adaptive tranny logic, traction/yaw control setting, turbo spool, etc. need to be optimized in order to get a decent 0-60 in the S60R automatic.

    I've driven it enough to know it is definitely closer to 6 seconds than 7 if you know what you're doing. With more time I think I could give the 6 second barrier a real challenge in the automatic version. In fact, now that I think of it, I might have to ask for an extended S60R auto test drive and see if it might be fast enough for me to forego getting a stick (after I sell my T6 of course.)

    I've had concerns with owning a 6-speed in Southern California traffic and have been leaning towards a M3 SMG for this reason. Maybe if the S60R auto is fast enough I'll be happy enough to buy it(I already prefer the active chassis, brakes, interior, audio system, navigation, and image over the BMW.)


  • I appreciate everyones responses ... but I'm still undecided ... am I better off w/ the BMW 330xi AWD over the S60R ??

    But. what I am hearing ... is that the S60R Auto is still a rocket ... and after 2nd gear ... will move quicker than most.

    And other than volvomax ... everyone has told me that i will not be dissapointed w/ the performance of th S60R.

    But, volvomax does have a point about spending 41K and not getting all the performance that Volvo claims ... that's kind of lame

    Is there a chip that can placed in the S60R auto for quicker times???

    Can anyone help me make this decision?? it's driving me nuts
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    Drive it for pete's sake.

    I have a S60 T5 and have driven an R manual. I don't care what Volvo says. 300bhp is 300bhp, torque be damned on the auto. It is still a lot of torque and it still comes at a low rpm, and it has more torque than the AWD.

    the 330xi is a nice car, but it is not in the same league with the R. First of all, 3ers are everywhere, the R is exclusive. It is more comfortable, the sound system is ridiculous (menaing phenomenal) and the dynamics of this vehicle are amazing. How you could even be torn is beyond me.

    The 3er will be redesigned soon so keep in mind if you do purchase the depreciation may be more than what is accustomed.

    3ers are nice but overrated, IMO. When I purchased my T5, it was convincingly better than the 330i of 2002. More comfortable, much faster, a beauty, etc...the 330i shines for those who autocross. My T5 is great right up to about 8/10ths driving, after that the 330i has a clear advantage. I do have dedicated summer tires which help, but the chassis just isn't up to BMW standards. That's fine, driving 9/10ths or at the limit, where are you going to do that? How often? For those who drive to the store, malls, work, vacation, you will never use what BMW are selling.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No matter what you do, the R auto will never get into the 6 sec range.
    the tranny computer will see to that.
    With that having been said, if you like the rest of the car, go ahead and buy it.
    If what you feel in the seat of your pants is more important than real #'s, buy the auto R.
    I just want you to be aware of what you are getting and what you are not getting.
    Me, I'll stick w/ the stick.
  • This comes from the Volvo division Leader at very reputable performance shop


    We are in the process of developing a line of upgrades for the new R's. ECU upgrades, exhaust, down pipes, lowering springs and firmer anti sway bars are in the works with tentative availability this fall. Prototype testing has netted approximately 345 HP and 385 lbs / ft of torque in the manual trans car. We are still testing the auto trans models as we are concerned about increasing the torque too much. It is our understanding that the trans is already at 100% of it's rated capacity. It may be awhile before we have reliable data on the safe torque limit for this trans. I have added you to our list of R owners to be notified of any news / progress on this project.


    --- I'm sure they can pull an additional 20-25 horsepower out of the automatic ... that'll be a 6 sec 0-60 ... no doubt
  • Yes, I am very happy with my automatic S60R. I bought it while it was still a no-cost option (now it's $1250), although that wouldn't have made a difference for me. I still would have paid for the auto.

    I have 4500 miles on it so far and it's still fresh and fun to me. I'm still trying to push it in different ways and look forward to driving it whenever I can.

    I think you have been given some pretty good input from the people here. If you talk to somebody that owns a 6-speed they will tell you that it is the only way to go; and if you talk to somebody with the automatic, most seem very happy with it. You have to drive both of them and go with your gut. If a half-second to full second difference is going to bother you 0 -60, then go with the stick. It bothered me when I first read about it, but then I had to bring myself back to reality. The reality is that the car puts a smile on my face, gets tons of compliments, and presses me back into my seat when I punch it. And handling is the same with either GT or MT, so why am I worried about a stat that has nothing to do with my real-world enjoyment of the car?
  • Excellent advice!! ... I think you've given me comfort in my decision ... It's time to purchase.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Congrats to all, we created a string of posts that actually say the thrill and vibes you get out of driving matter more than specs and performance times! Other boards I've seen at Edmunds and elsewhere don't make it to this point. Times matter if there's a checkered flag at the end. As long as it'll go faster depending on how hard I put my foot down, I'm happy. I couldn't have said it better myself but have to tack on my own echoes.

    Driving at 8/10ths (and less) is where Volvo (the company) recognized 8/10ths of us spend 8/10ths of our time. Corny but true. The 3xx bimmers are fine automobiles no doubt but to me feel harsh, very German, bold and commanding. Call me a wimp as I'd prefer to scrape molding leaning over and be comfy, than jar fillings loose. I like the human factors engineered into the S-60 plus it offers 5 versions from commuter to enthusiast. The only trouble I have is back seat size, so I must bump up to the S-80 (buying before Nov ends). I think USA auto manufacturers could learn alot from Volvo. The Japanese entries (Acura, Lexus, Infiniti) can't compete here IMO, they do everything well on paper but feel cookie cutter-ish, not exciting to me. Luxury without style.

    Volvo builds the way I would. I'll see you on the road soon behind a slash badged 'V' and won't be tempted to race or scratch my head wondering what brought you to your model choice, they're all great!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Vrooman enjoy your auto R.
    My only concern is that you know what you are getting. It sounds like you are happy with it.
    As for mods to the auto, ain't gonna happen.
    The geartronic tranny simply won't take the extra power. If you blow the tranny Volvo won't warranty it.
    For the 6 speed the skies the limit, witness EVOLVE's 500 hp Evil R.
  • These days ... Anything can be modified ... words 'ain't' or 'can't'are not in my vocabulary ... I'll find a way to get those numbers down to 6 ... and when I do ... you'll be the first to know volvomax ...

    Take care ...
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    My car will need this service soon. I called three local Volvo dealers - and here is what I was quoted for the service.


    I did not ask specifics of what each dealership does for the service, but just wondering if these prices seem reasonable.

    What have you all paid for the 30k service?

    Thanks - Damon
  • The 30K service interval is a big one. The variance in fees is probably due to what the dealers provide in the service. Presuming the same labor rates, I would imagine that the $379 quote is for only the items specified by the factory (minimum service necessary to retain warranty coverage). The $590 - $625 quote probably covers a lot of items that are highly profitable for the dealer but don't do anything for warranty coverage. Unfortunately, you are going to have to ask for specifics and then make a determination of the relative value.
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    For the usual rattling glovebox (this must be the 4th time) and the front end of my T5 all of a sudden sounds like a taxi cab, clunking around ( I imagine the sway bars need service) and I noticed a new 2.5T with a spoiler. It is $450CAD and it comes pre-painted, I must say it looks great and still discreet but it sure is a good match to a car that is difficult to wing.

    What I do not like about Volvo is my dealer charges me $21 to take off the "Time for Regular Service" notice off the computer. I am also getting the cabin air filter replaced.

    When I got the Volvo, I downplayed the "free service" that BMW, Audi and Jaguar offered. Must say I hate to release cash for this stuff.

    Still, I am really happy with my T5. This weather (in Canada) at this time makes it run like an animal!

    Just slapped on the Michelin Arctic Alpins and I cannot emphasize how great these winter tires are. Have used winter tires over the last 15 years and these are by far the quietest yet.
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Thanks for the info. I did a quick check - the $379 is for what the factory recommends. As the car is on lease, and I don't plan on keeping it at the end of the lease, I will go for the $379 option.

    Thanks Again - Damon
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,081
    i thought the s60s could be reset by the owner?

    oh... yup, it can.

    1. Put key in the ignition and turn to accessory position (I)
    2. Put your trip odometer to T1 (take a look at the milage).
    3. Press and HOLD the trip meter until it resets. Don't let go!
    4. While continuing to hold the trip odometer, switch your key to the run position and watch for the previously displayed milage on the trip meter to return.
    5. Once it returns, let go of the trip meter reset button and put the key back to the off position.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    I should have asked you guys earlier....they told me they have to hook it up to a computer.

    I may have to pursue this with my nice dealer.

    Where di you get that info from so I may throw it into their faces and get my money back?
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