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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • 1pierce1pierce Posts: 284
    I'm surprised that K-mart didn't argue that he lost the oil plug after he left the garage.
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    I do the oil change myself before taking it to jiffy.
  • claywaterfillclaywaterfill Posts: 534
    I am new to this board and just wanted to stop by for a second. First, when I saw the number of posts here, I figured it would be like the Protege board--a chat room. No helpful info, just a handful of Protege owners having a chat one message at a time. Not here. People who really care for their cars and list useful info for other owners and advice for those seeking a 3-Series. Thanks. Second, I got the July 2002 issue of Road & Track yesterday. If you don't know, the G35 won over the 330i (second place out of 11 entries). The G35 board has had gloating posts today wondering what BMW owners would be able to make up to say their cars are still better. If you haven't seen the article, the 330i was judged to be the best car and the car most of the testers would rather buy themselves. The fact that the G35 cost about $7000 less is the only reason why it won. I guess the G35 owners will now be able to use the Elantra method of reasoning--the car may not be as good, but it's cheaper--making it the one to own!Anyway, with three kids, there is no 3-Series in my future, so I'll be on my way. It's good to see a board around here with some useful information, though.
  • allanoallano Posts: 175
    I'm sorry to seem critical, but your friend must not pay attention to his idiot lights. The first time I replaced the oil filter on my Honda, the rubber gasket of the old filter stuck to the engine. I put on the new filter, hand tightened it and went on a test-drive. All was well until I rev'ed the engine above 3000 rpm and the idiot light turned on. Looking back, I saw oil spread all over the road. I pretty much coasted back to the house, crawled under the mess and found my problem. The engine never seized and consumed oil at a rate of 1 quart in 6000 miles over the next 152,000 miles.
    Sounds like his experience was as much his fault as the oil changer's.
  • allanoallano Posts: 175
    Took a closer look at the bill. The $34.97 oil change was just for parts, no labor.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    I am familiar with the different yardsticks. That is why I have done a careful conversion to the North American Standard separately from British and French Standards. Both come to the same conclusion. The only universal standard would be in Kilowatts (KW). The BMW web sites in Europe state the engine power to 170 KW which is equal to 231 HP. Here is another catch. The USA web site states the 0-60 acceleration of the 330xi in 6.9s. The UK web site states the acceleration of the new model 0-62 in 6.5s only. Then the lower American 330xi power can be caused by a different catalytic converter.
  • 1pierce1pierce Posts: 284
    I agree. How could you drive with your oil light on until the engine seized, on the highway no less, right after an oil change? Why wouldn't you pull into the first gas station and buy a quart of oil - then you'd figure out the problem?

    That guy was LUCKY he got his engine replaced.

    Its called personal responsibility, people,...take some! OK, I admit, that was a little harsh.
  • ccchen1102ccchen1102 Posts: 30
    Starting yesterday, I've noticed that sometimes the fan speed goes high/low randomly, although the IHKA display shows it at a fixed level. This happens on both Auto and Non-Auto mode, does
    anyone ever experience the same problem? Anyone knows the cause of this? Thanks.
  • john01john01 Posts: 246
    Well, I guess he is a decent attorney (yeah, he is a lawyer and he argued on it himself). He does have problem with those common sense stuff, though.

    We could definitely use more of those all around.

    Now back to our regular programming...........
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, I remember reading somewhere that regardless of European country or USA or Canada, all BMWs of a specific model would have exactly the same power ratings. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the source of that little tidbit of information. It could be that the U.S. numbers are slightly understated, as are the acceleration numbers.

    As for future changes, I would not bet on any engine changes until the Valvetronic system makes its way over here on the I6 engines, which, the last I heard, was going to be something like 2004. When that does happen, my guess is that the 3.0 I6 will produce something more like 270 HP.

    Best Regards,
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Oil change - you do it once every 15K or so - it's worth paying someone who knows what they're doing to do it. It's very simple, sure, but why take a risk with something so essential for the longevity of the engine?!?

    Tire rotation - OK, a set of 4 tires costs say $600 and you get 25K miles out of them. That's 2.4 cents a mile. You rotate the tires and you get another 5K miles out of them. You just saved yourself $120 but paid about the same to rotate the tires every 6K miles. And pray you don't get warped rotors and or upset the balance of the car.

    Magazine rankings - who cares? Automobile magazine is readying a comparo between the IS300 and the G35 for SECOND place because they say the first one is reserved for the 3-series. C&D already mentioned that the G35 does not measure up to the 3-series when pushed hard. But the G35 has all that extra horsepower. Great! the Mustang SVT has 390 HP and it is about the same price, if not even cheaper. Does it look, handles, sound, smell the same? Does it make you as happy driving it?
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    4/10 of a second difference wouldn't be due to the difference even if it was 225 HP (US) to 231 HP (US) which it isn't. There are so many variables when it comes to testing acceleration numbers like temperature, humidity, driver skill, driver weight. If you recall a car & driver article published within the last year comparing a 330Xi, S4, & WRX, they got the 330Xi to do 0-60 mph in something like 5.7 seconds (although the admitted that trying to do so on a day to day basis would fry one's clutch) BMW also pads its numbers for marketing purposes here in the US.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • petrarchpetrarch Posts: 28
    Took delivery of my new 325i on Friday!!! Big step up from my '89 Volvo. :-)

    After two days, I noticed the infamous brake dust on the wheels. I'm about to order Klasse...

    Do you folks use all-in-one on the car, too? How should it be applied (e.g., after a regular car wash), and what material should be used for application (e.g., micro fiber, terry-cloth towel, etc.)? Also, what about frequency of use?
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Regardless of miles, once a year. Thats my case, and uusually brake fluid changes once every 2 years however i learned the hard way you have to ask for it.
    Ive had service a few times at my non purchasing dealer inspection, fix a flat ect, and it had been fine, these are not loaner car situations , but wait 45 minutes.

    1pierce: only those oil changes and Insp 1 and
    2 are gonna get your a loaner, at least a BMW loaner.

    tire rotation: Discount tire will do it for free, however i dont like the marks left on the wheels from rebalancing.

  • mg330cimg330ci Posts: 162
    Good luck on your bid

    Rotation: Numerous posts about why is not worth to rotate tires on BMW, particularly since they do not recommend it. I will like to add that the 50/50% weight distribution is another factor against the need for rotation (compared to a nose heavy, FWD car). Also, remember that the rocket scientists at BMW will charge you an arm and a leg for a tire rotation, you know all the SKILL and TECHNICAL EXPERTISE involved in doing it!, so beware.

    Loaner: I will advise you to read the fine print, the dealer from whom I lease mine, will only guarantee a loaner for routine covered service and NOT for warranty work, so again beware (hey they still gave me a great, (ok good) deal $1500 over invoice and low money factor).

    Oil change: So you (or not you but other people) think BMW is much better than your local lube? Until recently, I used to change the oil on our cars myself. The single time my wife took our accord to this nice, shiny friendly smiley dealer (who even gave a loaner, wow, Honda, loaner wow), they forgot to replace the filler cap, which fortunately, was laying on top of the motor (I got lucky, something bothered me and as I opened the hood (after driving back 10 miles), I saw it) So for the 3rd time, beware (I know, Honda certified mechanics are not as skilled in changing oil as BMW certified mechanics, so this particular experience cannot be extrapolated, yada yada yada, fine, JMHO).

    Use your free service at BMW of course, but after that, as long as you can reset the light and use the right oil, anybody, anywhere can do it. (Again, there is this dealership in Kansas City, beautiful place, good coffee and Danish, free soda (or pop depending where you are from), cute receptionist, it might be worth the trip) 
  • mg330cimg330ci Posts: 162
    I am sorry to hear you had so many problems with your bimmer.

    I don't know, but if a car causes me so many problems, probably I would not buy it again.

    I hope your beammer is providing you with many smiles on the road to overcome those dealer visits. (or perhaps the recepcionist are your dealership is also cute (:-)
  • mg330cimg330ci Posts: 162
    Well, I dont know, in paper looks like a great car. WAIT, what is this, NO MANUAL TRANSMISSION!!!

    In my book, that is a no-no.

    I will give it a chance next time. Competition is great, lowers the price of the cars, increases the incentives, forces the companies to improve on each other.

    I love the G35, the IS300, the A4. I am a car enthusiast.

    Please, GIVE US MORE GREAT CARS, so you guys can debate about them, car magazines can sell more comparo issues, and we can buy our next one for less!!!

    Hey, thanks to Nissan, BMW will probably increase the HP of the engine in the future without increasing the price. add more standard futures, so I can lease a better BWM next time. Thanks Nissan, thanks Infinity, I LOVE the G35!!!!!
  • vkwheelsvkwheels Posts: 218
    You don't rotate tires any which way on a BMW? Oil changes every 15K (not every 3.5-5K)? Wow. News to me, I'll have to RTFM, as they say. Jiffy vs. dlr--IMO quality of work will hinge on the person doing the job rather than the establishment. I wouldn't blindly avoid or go to either one. No, it doesn't take a genius, but it takes someone who is conscientious about his work, replaces caps, tightens screws, checks around, doesn't leave a mess, etc. I've used coupons for cheaper places, now I ignore them all & stick to the shop where the guys are good & the owner cares. I'll use the BMW dealership for my new car, whether they earn my trust to carry on with them is yet to be seen.
    Tchau for now, VK
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    long time no see. hope you're still having fun with your new bmw!

  • derprofiderprofi Posts: 250
    ...and I just can't get over how much better, sportier, classier, etc. my '02 330i looks. I sure am glad that the extra $ wasn't a problem for me. But even if I had to settle for an ugly car due to financial reasons, I'd sooner get a WRX than a G35. Just my $0.02, of course.
  • claywaterfillclaywaterfill Posts: 534
    Would a 325i not been in the equation if you had to save a few thousand bucks? Other than the horsepower, what real difference is there between the two if the 325i is equipped with the Sport Package? Would a manual transmission 325 be close to a 330 in real world daily driving (not talking test track driving)?
  • john01john01 Posts: 246
    Yeah, it is nice, especially on the autobahn. Sure beats driving my Integra at 6000 RMP for a couple hours on trips. I think I may need a pair of ear plugs if I am going to do that again.
  • dave330idave330i Posts: 893
    "Hey, thanks to Nissan, BMW will probably increase the HP of the engine in the future without increasing the price. add more standard futures, so I can lease a better BWM next time."

    Typical American response.
  • derprofiderprofi Posts: 250
    I was all set to get a pretty loaded up 325i via US Delivery, but then when I found I could get an ED 330i for about the same price, I opted for it instead. I'm still happy that I chose the 330i, but I'm sure I could have lived with the 325i quite happily.
  • dafreakdafreak Posts: 154
    You reallt think the G35 is ugly...???...It is unique thats for sure but I am not sure ugly is the right word...Oh, by the way did you hear the G35 was #1 in a recent R&T comparo of 15 luxury sport sedans....That's right, #1....The 330i/sport came in second...Congrats to you BMW owners...
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    What month was the R&T comparo?

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • dave330idave330i Posts: 893
    Congratulations, I never needed a mag to validate my purchase, but apparently you do.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    You might want to insure your tire pressures are set to factory specs. I have yet to get a new car that had the correct tire pressure when I picked it up. I think some cars are shipped from the factory with max recommended tire pressure which helps insure the tire bead is seated on the wheel and the tire won't be underinflated due to climate changes or slow leaks during shipment to the dealers. 10 psi over factory can make for a rougher ride and/or better handling depending on your point of view.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    mg330ci... All automotive issues and problems are relative. Fortunately my wife is having a few more issues with her 3 Series than I am with my 5 Series (though I still have to get the broken interior door handled replaced). I never expected a BMW to be up to Infiniti or Lexus standards. Not exactly sure why, but just probability based on past historical evidence. Infiniti and Lexus, on average, are the gold standard of reliability. BMW and MB vary by model and within model. I wish both would spend more time working on reliability issues rather than load their cars up with the latest and (supposedly) greatest electronic gadgets and gizmos (can you tell I hate iDrive?). And since happiness equals reality minus expectations, and I have lowered expectations, I am still happy. Both are great cars to drive and enjoy driving. Motoring in my 540i6 is pure joy, even with a broken interior door handle!
  • tenet1tenet1 Posts: 354
    Doesn't every new car some how make it "Car of the Year" or something.

    Amazing how every G35 owner with Bimmer envy comes straight to this board to become a troll.

    Congratulations G35 owners!! Apparently this new comparison didn't make you feel good enough about your recent purchase.
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