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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    Nice link on the Autonews data. Yes, it would be nice to offer factory rebate incentives at the consumer level, but why would Honda do that - they are still running a business. While the Sentra (to cite an example) gained 86% to the Civic's 3.3%, that may only indicate a shift in consumer buying. Did the Sentra have "better" incentives and/or dealer sales dynamics(?). From a business standpoint, Honda clearly wins by sheer volume. And sure, with the woes Ford has over the Explorer/Firestone debacle, they better be giving cars away.
  • rgarbacciorgarbaccio Posts: 42 I have this right?

    Invoice: 16,448
    Destination: $440 (already included in invoice?)
    Advertising: approx. $300 (have read this is also already included in invoice?)
    Dealer Prep: already included in invoice
    Sales Tax: approx. $1000
    Registration and Plates: $300
    Warranty: I won't get one right away
    Options: none


    Dealer Holdback: $330
    Company to Dealer Incentives: ???

    Do I have all the numbers right? What about the destination and ad fees - are they already included?

    I'm just trying to get a number to shoot for, allow for some dealer profit, and make everyone happy.

    Thanks for you help.
  • rgarbacciorgarbaccio Posts: 42
    Are there any other fees I'm missing?

    And...are there some options anyone would swear by? They seem cosmetic to me for the most part, and I'm already stretching to get into the EX.

    Thanks -
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Invoice: $16,448 including transportaion.
    Advertising: Honda does not charge an extra fee.

    That's it. Forget including fees and taxes when making an offer, just let the dealer make a small profit so you'll both be happy.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Both are right. The civic sale is down for the year. But the production of the Civic in NA is up, which means fewer are coming from Japan.

    While Civic had a fairly good selling May (32,365 vs. last May's 31,253), over all this year, the sales is down (127,909 vs. last year's 136,684).

    I won't try to explain it, which I'm sure has multiple explainations.

    Over all, Honda, like most Japanese automakers are having a rather good time (Look at Honda and Toyota sales total. Suprisingly, Acura and Lexus are growing faster their their cheaper siblings in the current economy). The domestic automakers are feeling the pressure from the current slow economy, and sales are falling like a rock. Historically, the Japanese automakers doesn't feel the market effects until about 12 months after the domestic automakers do.

  • Thanks for the link, mdriver was right.
    Production up but sales are down, hmmmm... supply high and demand low. I may still get my offer of $13,800 for the 2001 civic LX sedan 5-sp yet!
  • newcivnewciv Posts: 22
    $13,800? Too High ! If you live in or near New Jersey, you can get a 2001 LX w/5 speed for $12,899 like I did in March. I still see it advertised as a single VIN vehicle, but even if you didn't get that VIN, I'm certain you could still get another UNDER $13k.

    Happy shopping!

  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Given that the 2001 was the first year for the changes and they were fairly significant changes at that, I would buy a 2002.
  • rgarbacciorgarbaccio Posts: 42
    Will there be a big difference between a 2001 Civic EX made in July, and a 2002 Civic EX made in September? I would hope that Honda would address the minor flaws (radio) as they go along....are there any advance reports on the 2002 EX yet? I've only seen SI stuff.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    You can bet Honda will address a number of issues with the 02 as all automakers do following a new model introduction. Don't know what they are, but I would like them to address the rear suspension rebound issue and make ABS available on the LX. Why they made side bags optional on the LX but not ABS is a mystery. But Honda's equipment packaging has always been wierd. I hope they don't make you buy an automatic to get the ABS like they did on the g6 coupe. That one defies all logic.
  • 2002 Honda Civic Hatch/Hybrid: A five-door hatch may be coming to U.S., termed a tall wagon. Insight's hybrid powertrain may be adapt to the Civic.

    I'd prefer a 5-door h'back over sedan for our growing family.
  • 5/1/2001 thru 7/9/2001 only,
    $2,000 on 2001 Integra
    $4,000 on 2001 RL
    Unbelievable news with Honda offering cash rebates!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I just checked, and as mentioned in the posts above, the cash incentives you are referring to in post 771 are NOT CUSTOMER REBATES. As we've discussed before, Honda doesn't do rebates.

    What they are offering is $2k dealer incentive on the Integra [trying to clear them out for the RSX intro] and a $4k on the RL [which continues to be a chronic poor seller, despite being a very fine piece of work, it is overpriced and everybody knows it]. These bucks go to the dealer, and anyone armed with that info can go into the negotiations with the idea of reducing the price accordingly...but no customer rebates.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    If you know the dealer incentive money is on the table, then one could argue there is no substantive difference...however, the vast, vast majority of customers who come into the showroom are usually completely in the dark about dealer incentive money...and the dealer is under no obligation to tell you how much more he is making over normal wholesale on these cars. Whereas with a true rebate, at least in Calif, the dealer is legally obligated to reveal the availability and amount of the rebate, and offer to use it as partial down payment or as cashback.

    Honda just doesn't do rebates, for reasons discussed before; but dealer incentives are common at this time of year, and there will be more, especially on the Civic and Accord.
  • scorpio007scorpio007 Posts: 19

    Hope someone can advise me on the quote I've been offered on a Civic LX 4 speed auto sedan.

    A dealer in Toronto has quoted:

    $18507 - CAR
    $850 - FRT/PDI
    $100 - A/C TAX
    15% - TAX
    $25- GAS
    -$100 rebate
    $22,300.55 total Canadian.

    Is this a good deal, if not, what should I be aiming for.

    Thanks a lot. Any and all opinions will be welcomed.

    P.S. are there any dealer incentives / rebates available currently?
  • daveyddaveyd Posts: 14
    I dont think you should pay the money for the gas. When picked up my car. On the sticker of the vehicle, it said "Full Tank of gas: No Charge" This might be something different in Canada, but you might wanna look into it. Enjoy your new car, I enjoy mine. I have a EX Coupe. Great Car.
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    $100 - A/C TAX
    $25- GAS
    -$100 rebate
    Anything more for them to "confuse" you?
    Good luck.
  • patricescpatricesc Posts: 23
    If I purchased an after market Rear Wing Spoiler for my soon-to-be-purchased 4-door 5spd Civic EX, how difficult is it to install?
    Will it void the new car warranty somehow if it is not installed by a dealer? Do you recommend dealer purchase/installation instead?
    When I poke around the web sites that sell Honda parts, it says they send directions for installation with the purchase ... I was wondering what y'all thought.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    hello everyone
    i have a 2K1 civic lx 5 speed.
    if you are considering purchase of this vehicle I advise you to shop elsewhere. this vehicle is junk. my dealer won't fix the gas constantly reads 3 to 4 gallons low. anyone manufacturer that refuses to correct such a problems is obvious unable satisfy a consumers needs. Again, Honda is JUNK. did you get that. If you bought a Honda you are driving a piece of or soon to be a piece of junk because the dealerships have no intention of addressing any problems you have. i have a piece of junk in my driveway. i hate that piece of junk. i cant wait to get rid of that piece of junk. honda is junk. i feel sorry for the fellow that gets my piece of junk, but hey, i gotta off load on somebody cause the dealer won't fix my problem. Again, Honda is JUNK. I will never ever buy another honda product for as long as i live. If you are smart you will steer far away from this brand. the car drives okay, but i want a gas guage that reads correctly. is that too much to ask for.i think not. anybody want to buy this piece of junk? seriously!it's for sale!
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    If it's junk, will you let me buy it for $5000? Oh wait, you said it was junk, so how about $500?
  • bdesaibdesai Posts: 24
    Hey coupe2001, are you kidding me! If you think Honda is junk then you must never have driven a Ford or GM before. They are the real benchmarks for JUNK!!! ( I used to own a Cheverolet Chevette, yuckkkk). The fact is that Honda has EARNED their reputation for quality and thats why they are prospering as a company. You are either imagining that your fuel guage is malfunctioning or you do not have the communications skills to have one of the Honda people to look into your problem.
    For all you folks on the forum, I am considering buying a CIVIC or a Mazda Protege ES. The Protege ES is also a very fine car and comes with more equipment/power for the same price(compared with the Civic EX). The look from the inside of the ES is awesome and it come with 16 inch alloy wheels. I do have a question. What is the real world gas milege of the Civic EX with MT? Any input is appreciated.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603

    Even though a gas guage is far from a precision instrument, it should read somewhat accurately.

    And the dealer should be able to fix it.

    Still, buddy...what would you do if something realy important went wrong..?

    I is short!
  • How about this price for a 2001 Hinda Civic LX (auto, without side airbags):

    car price: $14393 ($100 over invoice price shown on
    make-up fee: $100
    Destination fee: 440
    Tax (3%) $445
    Title: $57
    Processing fee: $25
    Accessories ( Accent Stripes and Fenderwell Trim) : 80
    Total: $15440
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    You should be paying more for such a great car! :)

    But...what's a Hinda ?
  • Thanks. It is Honda. :)

    It has only 4 miles. The dealership is Brown Honda City in Baltimore. I connected with them by mail. They gave me this price in their first mail. They are so friendly to answer each question in every mail I send to them. I even didn't negotiate with them. Today I went there and wanted to get a better price, but found it so difficult. Maybe it is indeed the best price.

    Sometimes, things are too good to believe. Looks like it will be absolutely my car soon.

  • In the above message, "mail" should be "email". Email is fast. I knew all the information i wanted in several days without leaving my office.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    What is a "make-up fee"? Never saw such in 25 years of car buying. Perhaps it is a fee made up by the dealer to add to their profit? 8) If it is for dealer preparation of the car, check the window sticker and it should say somewhere in small print, "Price includes dealer preparation" or something like that.

    Re stripes and trim: did you ask for those add-ons? If not--you could tell the dealer you really don't care for them, they mess up the clean lines of your beautiful new Civic, and ask them if they could please remove them. No can do? Well, OK, I'll take it but only if you don't charge me for them. Worth a try. Or you could take isellhonda's suggestion and offer the dealer even more money because it's such a great car. 8)
  • Thank you, backy. It is mark-up fee instead of make-up fee. The strips and trims really make that car look strange. I can get another car without stripes and trims, but with mudguards.
  • civic2001civic2001 Posts: 30
    I recently bought a Civic EX Sedan with Automatic. The gas mileage so far are: 33, 33, 32 (about 60% highway). Manual trans. should be similar.

    As a matter of fact, I was debating between a EX and a Protege ES also. They were both fine cars. I could have bought a Protege for about $600 less than the comparably-equipped Civic. However, the rides were very different. Protege felt stiff by design, while EX was softer. It will all depend on what you like.
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