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Volkswagen Passat 2005 and earlier



  • delia21delia21 Posts: 10
    Still loving my 2001.5 Passat even though it is almost 11 mos old. My questions are general.

    What/ where are B and C pillars?

    Also will a burned out daytime running light be replaced at no charge during 10K service?
  • claywaterfillclaywaterfill Posts: 534
    Nissan has already started the move. The Altima moved up, and the new Maxima will also move up. I hope they do not get rid of the lower priced Passats, though. If you have a couple of kids then a Jetta may be too small--where else will that buyer go? The 2002 Passat preview written by Edmunds a few months back told us not to expect the W8 in the US because it would compete with Audi. Now that the W8 is here, I think it will sell well. People who know the difference will recognize the W8, and those are the people you worry about--not the average Joe on the street.
  • claywaterfillclaywaterfill Posts: 534
    Does anyone here have an all wheel drive Passat? Do you like it? Is it worth the extra cost? Has it helped you? It'll probably be next summer before we are in the market for a sedan. I like the Infiniti I35. My wife was curious about the safest sedans. With a little research, it seems as though the Volvo S80 may be the safest--but they have dismal reliability--and the posters in the S80 board do nothing but complain about theirs and wish they had bought the Lexus or Acura instead. Plus, can't do a $40,000 car. The Passat gets a "Best Pick" by the IIHS and mostly 5 stars from the NHTSA. I like the rear head airbags on the Passat as well. Now, the I35 is bigger, more powerful (255 HP), has a better warranty, and the dealer gives out loaner cars when yours is in for service. That being said, I like the looks of the Passat more and it looks like a car we would rather drive. If I could get an all wheel drive Passat with leather and roof for the same money, it may be the choice. The 4Motion Passats seem to be a little more rare, though. Any current owners have any thoughts? Thanks.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    A pillars: at the windshield
    B pillars: In between the front and rear door
    C pillars: after the rear door
    D pillars: In between the rear quarter glass and rear window
    Don't forget, Lexus vehicles in Japan are badged as Toyotas.

    The Avalon is marketed against Buicks, hence being referred as Toyota's Buick
  • imprtlvrimprtlvr Posts: 38
    In the end it comes down to personal preference and what kind of driver you are. To me, the Passat is a classier vehicle than the Infinity I35. My biggest concern is its lack of power, excluding the W8. From what I've seen posted earlier, the 4motion helps big time with traction, but adds weight and makes driving less "fun". I love the Infinity's power, room, and interior. If you're like me, I'm not happy with a car if it doesn't have performance. Most people won't even consider this, but for my 30k I'd rather buy a certified used Lexus GS400.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    also that the service attitudes of most VW dealers scares people from a 38k car ? i mean L and I base their "upscale" image on loaner cars free car washes and topping your gas tank off. Matter a fact does any German dealer do all that ?American's seem to like the "fluff" why else buy a gussied up camry for GULP 37k ?

    Mark : the dealer i visited had 2 W8 one as a tester and one the owner is driving a Black/Black with lowered suspension 17" aftermarket wheels, spoiler ect...looked pretty aggressive.

    Now i think about it that was the 1st time ive had a test drive in years they did not want to "photocopy my DL " and let ME drive off the lot. There was no sales pressure, then again said salesman may want as many rides as he can get :)

  • pkraddpkradd Posts: 358
    The standard 1.8T Engine has plenty of power when needed. The question is whether it has agresssive acceleration from a stop. It does not. However, manually shifting up a ramp will take care of that to some extent. Once going the engine seeems to like high revs and speed. I'm not interested in getting to the next light first and my driving habits don't require that I floor the pedal every time. When I do there isn't a problem. Just my thoughts.
  • barkasy1barkasy1 Posts: 44
    Man oh man, my car arrived in Brunswick, GA this weekend and was cleared by customs on Tuesday. Still no clue when it's going to be at my dealer in Florida. Any clues on what to do when I go to pick up the car? Should I buy some extra fluids from VW for top-offs?

    Oh, are there any Florida VW owners out there who can reccomend thier service departments. I live on the west coast of Florida in Sarasota and can go from Ft. Myers to Tampa if I have to.

    Thanx, DAve ;^)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Before I begin: 4Motion (or quattro) is both a performance and safety enhancement and for around $1,600 is relatively inexpensive for the sure footedness it provides on slick surfaces and the imrpoved "hunker down" factor it provides under any circumstance. Don't leave home without it. There are many web sites that extol the virtues of AWD (when done correctly) and both VW and Audi do "do it right!"

    Now back to the topic of the dealers for Phaetons and W8 Passats. . . .

    Over on the A4 town hall some of the posters agree that the CURRENT crop of VW dealers are not of the caliber required to sell W8 Passats and especially Phaetons. They say that VW needs to behave more like many Audi dealers who for lack of a better example have taken a page out of the Lexus dealership "rules of behavior and appearance."

    Our friend on this board, VWGUILD, knows, I am certain, the requirements that the VW dealerships will have to meet to sell Phaetons and even the W8's I presume. But I thought I would share a perspective that I was given by a friend of mine, who until recently owned a VW dealership -- read on:

    "Both Audi and VW dealerships, but especially VW since many Audi dealerships are already considerably down the "Lexus" path, have marching orders from AoA and VWoA to raise their standards. My friend who until recently owned both a VW and an Audi and a Porsche dealership (and VW was 20 miles from the Audi/Porsche store) said that VW has put those dealerships who wish to have signigicant ability to sell W8 Passats and especially Phaetons on notice that they will have to shape up.

    I don't know if this means live piano music, but it absolutely means major steps forward and a paradigm shift (god I can't believe I used that word, next I'll be saying bottom feeders) upwards in look (physical plant), service and sales staff professionalism.

    There is a beautiful Audi dealer in Dallas (I do not remember the name) that must already be in compliance with this directive. As I recall they had their own Audi boutique and a full line of Audi clothes and leather goods (briefcases, golf accessories, etc.) and Audi accessories. The sales people were more like tailors in a fine clothing store -- they had "nailed it."

    Anyway, part of the directive from der fatherland (motherland?) and here on this side of the ocean is to rachet up the dealerships -- big time (and BTW they have very little time to do it, something on the order of "by 2002 end").

    If I am not 100% accurate in every detail, I am confident that the spirit of what I said is true."
  • pkraddpkradd Posts: 358
    I purchased my 2001.5 Passat at a dealership in Pompano Beach, FL. On my last visit for the 10,000 mile service, the manager asked me why I came all the way to their dealeship when a rival dealer just opened a beautiful new state-of-the art facility in Coral Springs, where I live. This dealership has an ad in the paper this morning with 225 Passats for sale! After waiting two hours for my car I mentioned that I'd be going there next time and sarcasticaly said, "thanks for all your help and advice". The dealer where I bought my car is the pits. Their cramped quarters and filthy service bays are a disgrace. I should add that they also sell BMW's and told me that that part would be moving to a new location.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    What your friend is referring to is the *Brand
    Standards Program*.

    This policy requirement was launched in January
    at Dealer meetings that were held coast to coast.
    And full compliance is, indeed , expected by Q4 2002...Although this may appear to provide little
    time to get it done...This is really not the case.
    At the Dealer Meeting(1999) in Palm Srings
    all of the Dealer Principals were presented with
    two Ltd. Edition/numbered water color
    is of the Concept 1, and the other is of the New
    MarketPlace. There is a complete story over at the
    Vortex in the Archived News section about the
    MarketPlace initiative, by the way...But the key
    here is that over the entrance is painted the number 2003...Now I have this print framed and
    hanging in my office, and have made a point of
    noting this *2003 Address* to all who would listen. In addition, the Dealer Meeting in 2001
    was held in Berlin, where all VW Products & prototypes were on Display...Touareg, D1, New
    Beetle Cabrio, W8, etc. In other words the Corporate dirction has been out on the table for
    several years.

    The Brand Standards Program covers every level at
    a Dealership...From VWOA's approval of the General Manager to the required number of Technicians & Service bays, and everything in between...VW specific Sales Personnel, Sales
    Personnel Attire, Customer/Service Wait areas, and, of course, the MarketPlace Facility itself.

    Several design variations are available, allowing
    Dealers in all categories; small & large, to participate on an appropriate level.

    And *participation* is the key word...The Brand
    Standards Program was put together by the Dealer
    Council and it has been incorporated into the Basic Dealer Agreement...Bottom line...if you are
    not *participating* you are in violation of your
    Dealer Agreement.

    What will happen in this situation is not exactly
    clear, but one could very safely assume that Dealers who are not compliant will find very few
    of the new products available to them, but will
    have a very large assortment of Black, White & Red Jettas...;)
  • trlykatrlyka Posts: 82
    VW People,

    Please, I need someone to tell me if I'm making the right decision. I've been looking for a used car (can't afford new at the moment) and I fell in love with the Jetta (1999 or newer). Since looking for anything within my budget, I have noticed a 1999 VW Passat GLS V6 with sunroof and auto trip tonic trans for sale from a private owner. It's been sitting at a mechanics shop/gas station for about 1 and 1/2 months. Thinking it was a Jetta, I stopped to look and only after going to the rear of the car did I notice it was the Passat and not the Jetta. Anyway......I finally stopped and asked about the car (figuring it was way out of my price range) and decided to just "check out" how much the owner was asking. So I found out he wanted $9,500 for the car. WoW I thought that was a bargin! I also discovered that it had over 94,000 miles on it. Yes 94,000. So I contemplated for a few days and decided that since it's a VW and I really like the way it looks, I'll test drive it just to see. I took it out the first time with the mechanic who's garage it was sitting for sale at and he wouldn't let me go on the highway since he didn't have permission from the owner. Ok, so now I have to call the guy and ask. Turns out, it was fine for me to take it out on the open highway. So I drove it and I loved it.

    A few things though......

    I noticed that the front brakes were thumping. The mechanic said it was from sitting. Well that was total BS. Also, there seemed to be a very slight tick coming from the motor, but it was nothing serious. So I thought about it some more and I called the guy and asked if I could take it to my mechanic to have him look it over. He said fine. So I got the report back saying that the reason the front brakes were thumping was because the front rotors were never re surfaced after the last changing of the pads and they were now wearing grooves into the disc. Also the windshield has a knick in it and some boot thing in the tie rod will need replacing. Otherwise, nothing major is wrong. I figure with replacing the windshield and rotors, total repairs would run about $800.

    I ended up starting my offer at $6,500 and I was willing to go to $8,000. He wants $8,500 and not a dollar less. I can't blame him since the value is about $12-13K between the trade value and what a private owner should ask for it.

    So with all that information, I'm asking is it wise to buy the car for around $8,500, or should I look for a car I don't really want as much, but with less miles?

    The car seems smooth and it cleans up nice. After all, it's only a '99.

    I plan on keeping it for 2 or more yrs. depending on my financial situation in the future. My last car I had for about 5 yrs. and I only put 50,000 miles on it.

    I really want it and I can afford it.

    What should I do??

    Thanks for reading this long post :)
  • steveiowasteveiowa Posts: 51
    I love my Passat...LOVE it. With that said, 94K on a VW are a lot more miles than 94K on a Camry or an Accord...if you know what I mean. When I bought my Passat, I knew I would trade it long before it accumulated that kind of mileage. If I had bought an Avalon (my other choice), I would have factored in keeping it a lot longer.

    I don't think the B5 platform has been around long enough to have a longevity record. They came out in 1998, so the oldest ones would have to have been driven nearly 20,000 miles a year to get up in the range you're talking about.

    I have no clue how much a B5 with 94K should be worth...or more importantly, what it should be worth to YOU. You mention the figure $12-13K...that's just a number. The true value is/will be determined by how much the seller and the buy agree upon.

    Glad I could help. LOL.
  • trlykatrlyka Posts: 82
    I hear what you're saying about the mileage. Do you really think a Toyota or the like is better with high mileage then a German car?? I hear people saying "Oh, a VW, they can go for at least 200,000 k if taken care of properly". Like I said, I've put in the information on several different sites as to the value of the car even with 100,000 k on it and it's still over $12,000, so I think at $8,500, it's a good deal. If I get 2-3 yrs. out of it, I'd be happy. Let's hope I don't have to invest much more then the few things I mentioned and maybe a set of new Z rated tires.

    Just by saying how much you love your car is a help.

    Thanks :)
  • japanese cars, especially Toyota and Honda are the benchmarks of reliability, where as Germans, and especially VW are not known for long term reliability.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Run a Report before you do anything else...

    Then call or go to your local VW Dealer...
    Introduce yourself to the Service Manager, even
    more helpful to go the one where you might get the car serviced. This done... explain the situation
    and make an appointment to have them look at this
    Passat...may cost $50-$100, but well worth it...
    They will be able to punch in the VIN and get a history of Warranty work done on the car...Then
    ask to get a list an estimate of the work that needs to be done, if any...

    Go from there...;)
  • trlykatrlyka Posts: 82
    Thanks for the great advice, but I already did the CarFax thing (clean title) and I had my mechanic look at the car and give me the list of things that need to be done. Total costs were about $800. It needs a windshield (not right away) and new front rotors. I more then likely won't have someone else look at it before I decide to buy or not to buy.

    Considering that I really like that particular car (there's only a few cars on the road I really like) and I can afford it, I think I'm willing to chance it. I just have to keep my fingers crossed.

  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I cannot over emphasize the need to get the actual
    service history of this car before you lay down your hard earned money...Don't step over dollars
    to pick up pennies...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    If you paid out $8500 over a 36 month period of time and you could borrow money at 0.00% interest your monthly payment would be $236.00. If you have to borrow money how much do you think it will cost (would you accept $260 as a reasonable monthly payment?).

    If you leased a brand new Jetta GLS (which is the middle model) with heated seats and the manual transmission, the MSRP is about $18,500. A lease on such a car for 36 months would be (if leased through VW) how much? Would you accept $231.25 if the money factor was 0.00% -- if the money factor is "normal" which it is not -- it is below normal -- would you accept a monthly payment of $260 (about)?

    Would you like to have a full warranty? Passat at 94K NOPE, Jetta at 0 miles -- full warranty.

    I would run as fast as possible to the VW dealer and negotiate (don't forget to lick the door handle) a 36 - 39 month lease with no money down and forget the used Passat -- you are either very cash flush (to fund the repairs) or you are blessed with incredible good fortune that nothing will break (and nothing is cheap on a Passat if YOU have to pay for it). And if you know the future that well -- then you are worth a fortune.

    Seriously, lease a brand new car -- it is cheaper than a used one just about any way you cut it.

    Hope this doesn't come to you too late.
  • trlykatrlyka Posts: 82
    A BIG IF.......

    I really doubt I could get 0.00% on any new car. My credit is questionable and I'd be lucky to get 10% or less on financing or lease.

    I understand what you are saying, and believe me, I would want nothing more then to get a brand new car. I simply can not afford what I want, so I'd rather buy something close to what I want so I'm not totally dissatisfied with driving like I have been with my recent P.O.S (87 Cougar)that finally got a leak in the radiator and I refuse to fix it. If I buy used, then I can save up to purchase what I want new within 2-3 yrs.

    I do not want manual transmission and I want a V6.

    I priced a Jetta with the minimum things I want, and it was still over $22,000 which is about $300 a month on a lease.

    So with that, I don't have many choices given my financial situation.

    Is 2-3 years and about 20-30,000 miles too much to ask from this '99 Passat?

    If I get that, then it would be worth it.

    A lease over 3 yrs. at $275 a month is $9,900 at ZERO percent APR.

    Ahhhh, what to do :/
  • steveiowasteveiowa Posts: 51
    Sounds like you've made up your mind...but I would HIGHLY recommend that you follow VWGuild's advice. He's proved himself a straight-shooter here and I would never ignore his advice out of hand, especially since he has nothing to gain from whatever choice you make. Check out the warrantee work. At least that would tell you if the car had had any defects repaired.
  • trlykatrlyka Posts: 82
    How can I get information on the Warranty work? The mileage on the car scares me, but the price works. I know I should follow my head and not my heart in this case, but it's a tough one to turn away from.

    *I even had a dream about it 2 nights in a row.

    I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Like I mentioned before, the Passat motor feels strong and smooth, and the repairs needed are not something that is a concern once they are fixed unlike getting a transmission repaired or something of the sort where you wonder how long the fix job will hold.

    I would like to think I know a good thing when I see it.

    I've had my share of temperamental cars and I've had a lot of experience with motors (for a girl). Example: I recently replaced the spark plugs, dist. cap and wires in my boyfriends '98 Jeep Wrangler. I've had to beg to get my '95 Wrangler motor replaced because I was right about bad lifters and I have a '72 Corvette that has had it's share of constant repairs.

    Things will look better in the morning, right?

    Thanks again
  • nucar02nucar02 Posts: 15
    Hi everyone!

    Ok my delima...which engine model should I get?

    I am leaning towards the 1.8T engine for my new Passat GLS Auto + Luxury, Monsoon & Leather...

    BUT, are people happy with this engine? Or should I spend the extra 2K+ dollars for the V6.

    I do drive a lot for my job (18K-22K yr), I do drive 60% HWY 40% city.

    I wouldn't mind saving the money by buying the 1.8 .. but do not wanna regret the decision years from now..

    Any advice on which engine to get?

  • 759397759397 Posts: 79
    For most people the 180hp with the 1.8T is fine. For mostly highway you should be fine with the 1.8T, the better mileage wouldn't hurt either.

    Unless someone has something fantastic to say about the V6 over the 1.8T, I would be leaning towards the 1.8.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    If you have driven the 1.8t and liked it, then buy it. Remember bigger is not always better. The 1.8 gets better mpg, and because it is lighter it handles and brakes better.
  • wackawacka Posts: 16
    I saw other peoples past posts, asking if Passat's were manufactured in Germany as opposed to Jettas assembled in Mexico.

    Well reading the boards most people either didn't know or provide an answer, but I have found the answer.

    Passat are assembled in Germany in case anyone is wondering. Also, the Jettas are assembled in Mexico with I think the exception of the wagons which are done in Germany (I think that's what the dealer told me)..

    Anyway there's an easy way to figure out.. The VIN number.

    If the 1st character of the VIN is a 'W' it was manufactured in Germany, if it is a '4' then Mexico.

    For more info see the following handy link.

  • 759397759397 Posts: 79
    For most people the 180hp with the 1.8T is fine. For mostly highway you should be fine with the 1.8T, the better mileage wouldn't hurt either.

    Unless someone has something fantastic to say about the V6 over the 1.8T, I would be leaning towards the 1.8.
  • nucar02nucar02 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the quick responses...regarding engine. Good thing is .. the Passat GLS with 1.8T Tiptronic is widely available here in the color I want (Silverstone Gray). Haven't been able to find a GLS V6..

    Was thinking about Silverstone Gray with the Gray Leather Interior. Although the black leather looks real nice.. Black may be TOO HOT for the 100+ degree summers here in California.

    Hey anyone know any Northern California dealers that like to "deal" low prices?

    Do you think I can find one for $500-1000 over invoice anywhere?

    thanks again!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I never drove a Passat with the 1.8T, but I have a 2002 Jetta with that engine and the Tiptronic tranny. I had a loaner 2001 (old) Passat V6. The Passat didn't feel as athletic as my Jetta does, it felt slower actually. I much preferred the 1.8T, but like I said never tried the Passat with that engine.
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