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  • njseabreezenjseabreeze Member Posts: 1
    Just negotiated hard for my 3rd Maxima and bought a GLE (last 2 were SE's but they're pricing themselves out of sight for my $$)! I knew what I wanted so I never test drove it. I have had great frustration trying to adjust the seat/steering wheel placement to get comfortable. The 92 I just sold still felt like a comfortable ol' chair and I miss it! The thing that really bugs me though is that the brake pedal seems way too high - I actually have to lift my leg when I brake - any ideas? I am 5'8" so is it configured for someone taller/shorter? My regular mechanic said there really aren't any adjustments to the pedal height. When I shove the seat way back so I don't have quite the same leg lifting to do to brake, my arms are straight out and it's just plain uncomfortable.Any helpful ideas? It is very tiring and annoying in heavy traffic which is what Philly 'burbs are all about - either in PA or NJ!! thanks for your help!
  • 66falcon66falcon Member Posts: 17
    .....still fussing with whether to go SE or GLE next time I make an offer for a Max. Have driven both trim lines but with salesman that like to talk so I really didn't get to study the cars the way I would have liked to. I'd welcome any impressions from folks who have driven both. Is the difference in ride and road feel really appreciable, slight, or what? Thanks very much in advance.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Personally, I wouldn't say there's a HUGE difference between the two in ride quality. But...the SE is stiffer due to its' performance tuned suspension. Some say the GLE is harsh, and the SE annoyingly harsh. It really depends on what you like. The SE will be the far better performer, (not to mention the better looking of the two), and you can get all the goodies available on the GLE as options on the SE...but you can't get the 17" wheels or sport suspension on the GLE...or the nicer taillights and body color doorhandles.'s a matter of preference. I prefer the SE, as do most customers, as the SE is the highest volume least here in the northeast.
    Just tell the salesman to shut-up, and drive em' both back to back. it's your money so...only you can be the judge. Good Luck

  • petdoc1petdoc1 Member Posts: 7
    I live in the Nashville area and have found a dealer willing to sell me a 2001 SE for $1 over invoice (so he says). The car stickers for $30,240. He will sell the car for $27,500. Does that sound like a good deal? Edmunds lists TMV to purchase this car at $26,779. Should I argue with the dealer and try to get it for that? What has been others experiences?

  • altavistaaltavista Member Posts: 19

    Picked up a 2001 Maxima SE 5-speed five days ago.

    Sticker was 29,222. My cost was 25,689 plus tax, tags and registration - no doc fee or other fees. I used for the referral to a local dealer. The dealer said they discount Maxima's at least 400 dollars under invoice.

    I was told my price was 900 under invoice, but the invoice price included 400 dollars for advertising - so it was 500 under the invoice price that Edmunds calculates. I was also given a copy of the invoice. Either way, it was over 3500 under sticker.

    I live in the D.C. area and there are many Maxima's of all types around here. Also as a good benchmark, go to and you can see prices for new Maxima's that are excellent - negotiate with printouts from there in hand.

    Good luck.

    Ed A.

    P.S. The car is gorgeous, but there seems to be a serious problem with the programming of the fuel/air delivery system computer - I'd read the Maxima problem bulletin board on this site for much more info BEFORE buying a Maxima - I wish I had!
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    If you payed over 27k for an SE, and not the AE, you got taken...even if it's loaded. Just under 26k would be more like it.

    Alta....There's a TSB for that problem. Have Nissan reprogram the ECU.

  • terry_chackoterry_chacko Member Posts: 1
    I'm in the process of replacing my factory stereo with an aftermarket. After pulling the stereo - I found that there was no schematics on the radio (usually there is on one side or the other...) Does anyone know what the speaker wire color codes are for all 4 speakers? If you know the color codes for the rest of the harness too that would be great. I know I could pull the door panels or check the harness by the door hinge but someone might have already had experience with this one...
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Member Posts: 34
    I have a 2001 Max SE, and in my opinion the effect of the notorious "fuel cut" problem is wildly exaggerated. There is a TSB on this now that will allow you to get your engine's ECU reprogrammed to partially alleviate it, but I have never found it to be a problem anyway.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    You can call Crutchfield at 1-800-955-3000 or go to WWW.CRUTCHFIELD.COM. They have the connecting harness that'll allow you to hook your new head unit to the existing speakers without having to cut anything.

    Ed....You're absolutely right. The so-called "fuel-cut" condition is so trivial. Only the folks that feel the need to whine seem to even notice it. Proper knowledge of driving a manual transmission can easily overcome such a small, meaningless issue. Although the reprogramming of the ECU does work to eliminate even the slightest notice of that condition for those whom it does bother.

  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    As Joe said, drive 'em back to back under different road conditions (find a bumpy road, if you drive on any at all). I would disagree with Joe on appearances, I don't like the look of the spoiler (do you think it really holds the car to the road? or is it just a red flag to cops?) and the tail lights??? I prefer the all red. Now, the titanium dash....hands down, better looking than the GLE. Performance differences are minor unless you go with 17" wheels and the 5 spd.
  • dani329dani329 Member Posts: 14
    Haven't quite decided whether to lease or buy the new SE I've had my eyes on. Anyone had experiences with leasing from Nissan?
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Performance differneces between the GLE and SE, even with the 16's on the SE are .78 vs .82 Not a whole hell of a difference on're right but, take em' both through high speed sweeper...the GLE can't keep up. all depends on what a person wants in a car. A lot of folks don't want to be able to corner on 2 that case...the GLE is the way to go.
    As for the spoiler...I was mentioning all the parts that GLE CAN"T get...the spoiler isn't one of them...seeing as you can add a spoiler to any Maxima. The rear end looks WAY too bland without it or the carbon fiber tail lights but...hey....that's just a matter of taste. We do sell quite a few SE tail lights to owners who prefer guess I'm not alone.

  • ed571ed571 Member Posts: 6
    Just negotiated a deal on a Grey Lustre w/ Black Cloth 2001 Nissan Maxima SE w/ Auto, C&C package, Wind deflector, mud flaps, microfilter, floormats for $23,699 all fees included plus tax/tags/reg. with the new(started today) 3.9% financing for 60 mths. I was going to wait for the 2002 Altima in Sept. but couldnt resist that deal. And get this i got $400 OVER Kelley Blue book trade-in value for my 98 Malibu LS. Did all the negotiating over the phone and email within 2 hrs. I contacted 10 dealers in my area and this is the best i got.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Great deal !!! Wanna sell my condo in Aruba for me ??!!

  • girtgirt Member Posts: 2
    Like the look and pep of this Max even though it would be a step down from my Infiniti and Lexus. Why are Maxima selling below invoice? Is re-sale value also a shortcoming? Will the Max be phased out in favor of new Altima? The new Altima has 240 hp option! Will the next Max have a new body style and more horses? Haven't read much on this board yet, what is the consensus on the loaded Anniversary Edition?
  • w900lw900l Member Posts: 5
    Wow, lots of great deals out there right now. I just picked up a 2001 SE Auto for my wife today. We paid $26,300. It has Bose, leather, C&C, meridian, mudguards, sunroof visor and floormats. Like Ed, we too went for the new 3.9% for 60 mos. The salesman only went back once and we settled in 10 minutes. This site has really been a great help. I have been debating between the Max and a TL for about three months now.
    Joe - I have two questions: first, what process do you recommend for breaking the engine in (when should you first change the oil? how easy should we be on the throttle, etc?) and secondly, in the brochures it states that the Meridian package includes "trunk lid trim". What are they talking about? I couldn't find a difference. Thanks!
  • black2000maxblack2000max Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone experienced a squeal from the automatic tranny when quickly accelerating? Usually happens when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd when you get on it... Any help is appreciated
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    A while back some one described the appropriate method for touch up (paint) work. It was definitely more thorough than anything i'd see b4.

    Over the weekend I left keys in my car and my 10 yr old ended up locking the keys in the car (at my parents house and the extra set was over an hour away in a locked house with no way to enter). Anyway, called AAA who sent a locksmith with the long bendable rod that unlocks the door from the inside. The wedge he used to crack the door left a mark(s) and the rod scratched the inside edge of the door by the weatherstripping. I was hoping the guy would show up with some electronic thing that would unlock the doors. Don't lock your keys in the car. This was very painful to watch!!!! AFTER he got started, he said he had to do it this way because of the side airbags (I don't have side airbags).

    Joe, I didn't realize the smoke lens is carbon fiber. I guess it won't break eh?
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Member Posts: 34
    Hee hee - I don't think Joe meant the smoked lens was ACTUAL carbon fiber (though it does resemble it), as that would be horrendously expensive and wasteful for something like a taillamp. It is made of the same plastic as the rest of the tail lens, but in a gray color instead of red.
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    In thinking about the SE vs. GLE, just remember that those 17" wheels will make parallel parking and crowded parking lot manuevers somewhat more difficult. That's a lot more relevant to my daily life than trying to take corners on two wheels!
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Member Posts: 201
    Since when? It's the same as driving a car with 15s or 16's. Just better handling.
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Member Posts: 34
    Actually, the SE with 17" wheels has a truly horrific turning radius, which does have an impact on routine parking (I have some level of experience with this as an owner of a 2K1 SE with the 17-inchers). I gather it is not the profile of the wheels, but the width of the tires that is the problem, as it compelled Nissan to restrict the maximum turning angles of the front wheels to prevent the wheels from rubbing inside the wheel wells.

    This is not a BIG deal but it is a bit irritating. Many otherwise-routine U-turns are impossible and even the most ordinary parking-lot maneuvers are sometimes impossible.
  • waynerpwaynerp Member Posts: 35
    This morning I attended GM's "Autoshow in Motion" near Atlanta. They provide GM cars and competing vehicles for you to drive around a closed course. Of all the cars I drove, my favorites were the Olds Aurora 4.0, Lexus IS, and Maxima SE. If I were buying one of these, it would definitely be the Max.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Right....I meant to say Carbon fiber "look"..sorry.

    W900I...Break-in is really not what is used to be. All you really need to do is change to oil and filter after about 1000 miles to get any small pieces of metal that may come loose from engine production. It's also said that you should vary your driving speeds and not rev it too high until you reach 3000 miles. The latter just doesn't really hold water was meant to help everything seat properly..such as rings etc.
    The trunk trim is the full grey trim that covers the underside of the trunk-lid. W/o it, you'll have just a bare metal most cars do.
  • chasgiarratanachasgiarratana Member Posts: 1
    Will be needing new rubber on my 1995 GLE soon.Any problem upgrading to 225/60/15 or 215/60/15 over stock 205/65/15 with 6 1/2" alloy rims? Would like wider tire & improved handling. Thanks
  • 66falcon66falcon Member Posts: 17
    I guess after driving the GLE a few weeks ago I came away thinking the steering was a good deal tighter than what I was used to. The GLE seemed quiet and smooth(like my Avalon) but seemed a lot quicker and more responsive than Toyotas or the Hondas I've test driven. Mind you, I was making these judgments while trying to be congenial to a motor mouthed salesperson, but the Max GLE struck me as pretty damn sporty after 15 years of Toyota.

    The SE which I drove a while back was, to me, instantly recognizable as a big sport sedan. What I'm driving at, I guess, is that I'd like to save the thousand or so bucks by buying the GLE over the SE, but I fear missing out on the true Max experience. I am definitely ready to drive rather than be driven which is kind of how my Toyotas affect me after all these years. So whaddya all think? Coming off of a Toyota Avalon, will I notice a marked difference with the Max? It's so hard to judge during test drives. Thanks in advance for any impressions.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    You'll notice a big difference between the Avalon and the Maxima as you've already found out. However, the GLE is more expensive than the SE, and the GLE is smoother than the SE because of the SE's performance suspension.

  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The 16" equipt Maximas have a turning radius of 35.4', the 17"-ers have a 40.0'..hardly something you'd notice while parking....although you may have to take those "U" turns a bit wider. I've not noticed any problems turning or parking mine with the 17's though.

  • george2kmaxgeorge2kmax Member Posts: 94

    As you said an SE is about $1000 more then a GLE Maxima. Carpoints prices are the following:

    Fully loaded SE Maxima: Invoice: $26,815
    Fully loaded SE Maxima: MSRP: $29,912

    Fully loaded GLE Maxima: Invoice: $25,914
    Fully loaded GLE Maxima: MSRP: $28,864

    I don't think you will miss out on anything by buying the GLE over the SE. You will get a tighter turning radius and a better ride. I own a SE Maxima and the only reason I purchased the SE over the GLE was for the 17" wheels, color keyed door handles, nicer rear lights and spoiler. Don't let anyone make you think that you need the SE performance suspension. Buy the SE if you like all the options that come with it including a manual 5 speed, but don't buy it for the much harder suspension unless you do most of your driving on a race course.

    BTW: If you wait 5-6 months you will be able to purchase a Maxima with the 3.5L engine and 260HP. If I was considering buying a Maxima and I didn't need the car right away I would wait for the 2002 Maxima with much more HP.

  • wyosewyose Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone have an idea on comparative pricing for the 2002 compared to the 2001 Maxima?
  • dukehouston2dukehouston2 Member Posts: 36
    I completed my 3 year purgatory last November in a '98 Avalon, what a pos!!! I bought the 01 SE Max and initially the ride was much firmer than the Avalon. After I adjusted the over-inflated '17's, I got used to the ride and now , no problem. I'm glad I bought the SE over the GLE, and I'm sure you will to. Test-drive the two back to back, I don't seem to notice the stiff ride anymore.

  • maxhuntmaxhunt Member Posts: 8
    I put 140,000 miles on a '90 Maxima, then made a stupid mistake and bought a '98 Avalon. Like dukehouston2, I spent the next 3 years in Avalon-H---.

    But, I purchased the GLE rather than the SE. Why? Because I used to travel every week, and I had to rent a different car each week. I had a period of about 10 '00 Maximas in a row, both GXEs and SEs. They both seemed to handle the same (although on a race course, the SE would win hands down) for everyday driving. And if you order all the goodies on the SE, the GLE with the same options (except for the wheels, suspension, available 5 speed) is cheaper.
  • jim7689jim7689 Member Posts: 15
    Dani329, I just leased a new Maxima GLE with all the trimmings. MSRP $29,032.00, after discounts I had a purchase price of $26,532.00. I leased it for three years with a residual value after the three years of $14,999.00. My lease is for 18,000 miles per year. My payments are $442.00 per month. Nissan is a pain to do a lease with compared to Wells Fargo or GMAC. They want to know everything about you and they have a lean on your first born. Not really quite that bad but they are awfully nosy. All in all not a bad experience. Hope this helps. Jim
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    Falcon, the GLE is the basic Max with most of the options everyone wants bundled together. The SE is the sportier version but starts stripped and goes all the way up to fully loaded. Because the GLE bundles most everything at the start, it offers a price advantage. The driving differences are small. All you have to get used to is SE drivers think that GLE drivers are woossies! We're not woosies, we just make smarter purchases, LOL.
  • 96_i30_5sp96_i30_5sp Member Posts: 127
    SE is the only real Maxima, lol. :) It does feel different though, and is a blast to drive with 5 speed.
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Member Posts: 201
    The Se on the otherhand is pretty crisp for such a large car. The GLE felt like a Lincoln to me.
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Member Posts: 650
    The GLE is for those that aspire to have a luxury car but just can't swing an I30. LOL

    Allright, flame away!
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    I thought that might get a few responses. Speed, you're right, I would have bought the I30, except I feel like I got the same car for $6000 less. More proof that GLE buyers are smarter! LOL,... I also agree with your enthusiast response.... for example, the SE buyer is much more likely than the GLE owner to modify his/(her?) car.

    Either way, we all agree, we like our cars!!!!

    Roni.... (or is it routintootin?) The GLE is fun to drive. A Lincoln? What, the new LS?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    As I mentioned a little while ago, we are changing the names of some of our discussions to drop the various "Part" indicators.

    Now that we have moved to our new platform, we no longer have the requirement to stop and restart discussions after the numbers of posts exceed a certain limit. Since this discussion can continue as long as anyone wants to talk about the Maxima, there is no longer a need for the "Part 11" that has been included in the discussion name. Down the road, that could confuse our newer members so I have removed it. I altered the name of the original Maxima discussion in the Archives to distinguish it from this one.

    Please continue...

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  • roninjoutenroninjouten Member Posts: 201
    Can't help its Ford heritage.

    BTW, it only comes with an automatic in its most performance oriented version, thus obviously not a performance sedan.
  • brucer2brucer2 Member Posts: 157
    I have 215/60-15 tires (Michelin Pilot XTG-H4) on 6 1/2" rims, and they work great. They are virtually identical in size to the stock tires. One of the reasons that I didn't get 225/60 tires is that they weight a couple of pounds more than the 215/60's, and that hurts ride, and the wider tire isn't as good in rain and snow.
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    Now you're insulting me!! ;) I drove the I30 too, and wanted the I30L with traction control. None to be had within a 300 mile radius of where I was buying. Bought the Max and put the extra money into redecorating our house. Does prove the point again that GLE buyers are just smarter, and know the value of a dollar! (I didn't really mind giving up the rear sunshade on the Infiniti - but I do wish we had the driver memory seats sometimes.)
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Member Posts: 650 insults, I was just trying to get a rise out of you GLE owners. It worked!. I agree that the GLE is a better value because you get more toys (better bang for the buck), but the SE is more fun to drive (the ride is not so cushy like the GLE) and it is a looker with the smoked tail lights, spoiler and 17" wheels (too bad I don't have them :(.
  • maxhuntmaxhunt Member Posts: 8
    This is just my personal opinion. The GLE is certainly a better $ value, maybe not the performance value that the SE is. My car is driven mostly with my family in it, so I don't need an all-out performance sedan. But, after the kids are grown....
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    cute for boyracers, I guess. (Hey, you wanna fight, you got a fight!) ;)

    Speed, why don't you have them, don't you have the SE?
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    GLE, SE, GXE...they're all Maximas ! Although with the base price for all models in mind...the GXE is the cheapest, then comes the SE. The GLE is the most expensive was mentioned earlier, if you load them all up, the SE becomes the pricier car.
    LOL...and who called GLE drivers woosies ?! Us SE drivers don't think that way BUT....GLE drivers are, statistically, an older group. The SE falls into the 25 to 45yr old range, with the GLE from 45 and up. Maybe the older crowd drives a bit slower, and likes more comfort while getting all the GLE's standard luxury features.
    Personally, I find the GLE to be as boring as the GXE...not on features but on looks. But that's why Nissan offers 3 different models....they have to cater different tastes and budgets. Enjoy all!

  • al57al57 Member Posts: 67
    i cant believe you were able to buy max se with options listed for 23699. i purchased same car in 2000 minus microcabin filter which was not offered then for 24300!!in july 2000.. got 5.9% for 48 months thought i did ok at the time invoice price was this 3.9 thru nissan financing and can it be had for less than 60 months..where do you're killing me.I guess economy in 2001 is making these purchases even better since 2000 was strongest car sales year on record
  • wyosewyose Member Posts: 7
    Seeking recommendations: Stock (black?) vs. 3M (clear) noseguard? (I'm planning on a purchase of a Stirling Mist car.) How worthwhile are the mudflaps?

  • shermaxshermax Member Posts: 31
    They both are excellent cars (the differences are more or less cosmetic)! I love my GLE and love to pass those younger SE drivers. LOL
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