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    I'd just leave the bracket on, and maybe get one of those ornamental plates. At least you won't have 2 holes in your bumper.

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    I saw the earlier posts about special car waxes out there...But can anyone recommend over the counter products that are easy to use and still hold up...and what type of rags do you use to apply and remove...Thanks ...Joe D.
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    Types of clothes that won't cause swirls in the paint...what types or brands
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    I used some left over "Performance Guild" or something like that from my house. I did the whole house and the stuff did wonders. Any good quality Low-E film should work fine, just don't use it on the windows. It has a metalic layer in it that reflects heat and glare. This isn't the mirror film either. At night it is harder to see through then non-metalic films. I like keeping roof popped when parked in sun, with shade half closed to exhaust heat and with this and all the tint and a sunshade-Wow what a difference.
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    Here in NY, whenever it seems to get real hot, you can expect an afternoon thunderstorm or rain shower. leaving the sunroof open would be much easier if someone would come up with a device that senses rain (like some caddys do), and close the sunroof for you !! Ah to dream...oh the meantime, I guess we'll have to take our chances.
    Informative post...thanks.

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    Does anyone know where I can get the torque figures for a 1997 Maxima?

    Another thing, I saw some questions earlier regarding tough cold starts, did anyone pin point the problem?
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    Re: torque numbers for the 97 max, you can check out in the used car section or msn carpoint. or I'll just post it.

    1997 Maxima
    Horsepower: 190 hp @ 5600 rpm
    Torque: 205 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm
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    The article says she was wearing the seatbelt. However, don't the '93 models have those automatic electric belts?

    It might be possible that she did not bother to attach the lap belt portion and that's why she was so severly injured.

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    The seat belt can be the cause of the injury if they were travelling at high speed. Of course, if she weren't wearing one at all I'm sure we'd be watching her funeral announcement.
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    It appears that she was wearing the safety belt and she had no facial injuries. However, if she was only wearing the shoulder belt and did not bother to hook up the lap belt around her hips, she might have slid in the seat and received those severe internal injuries from the belt as the result.
    I think the 1993 Maxima has automatic shoulder belts, but you still have to attach the lap belt yourself.
    The rest of the people in the car did not receive severe injuries.
    The driver was looking for his cell phone and accidently ran off the road.
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    definitely has automatic front seat belts - we still have one. Smart driver... couldn't wait till he stopped to search for his phone.
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    The article doesn't say weather she was in the front or rear of the car but...let's assume she was in the most of you said, she probably didn't have on the lap belt, and there's no pass. airbag. I'd say...if you survive ANY high speed're ahead of the game..regardless of what car you're in at the time.

  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    I'd have to say that even if she was sitting without the lap belt - already assume that she sat in the front - she probably would have slide down and forward which possibly crunch up her stomach and cause internal dramas.... just a guess. However, her condition was life-threatening.

    Another possible scenario would be that the collision is great enough somehow that even with a three-point seatbelt, she is crushed hard against the belt at the stomach level instead of the chest which better protected against injuries. In any case, the car is not at fault.... IMO
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    Looks like 3.9, 4.9 or 5.9 financing for 36, 48 or 60 months. Checked at the dealer today. Anything new on the 02 Max?
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    Thanks for the sunroof info. I already have the windows tinted with #35 and I like that just fine. I may leave the roof as is and use the "manual tint" method as Joe suggests.
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    Pending the outcome of negotiations this week, I will buy a 94 maxima GXE. It has 63.5K miles and is visibly in v gd cond. The car is getting a 60K service but that does not say any work if required will be done. I am told to watch out about drive belts and brakes, plus flush the transmission, more than anything else.
    What do I need to understand to not miss a vital clue the car may have problms in these or other areas?
    Any thoughts input appreciated.
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    I went to pep boys and bought 2 chrome plate covers with the little matching screw covers. The front one hang's down so we put dummy screws in the bottom 2 hole's with the screw covers and it gives it a nice finished look, also my husband had to drill 2 more holes in the back because it only had two holes on top for the plate.I have the sterling mist so the chrome matches nicely, you can get any color that matches your car, but it really does give it a nice finished look.
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    I just got a 2001 SE with a Bose system. The rear speaker is producing rattles. I am not sure whether it is coming from the speaker or something else vibrating. The dealer installed some foam pieces under the rear dashboard. The rattle is still there. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you fix it?
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    Hey George:

    Thanx for posting those pics of the new Altima. Nissan design engineers did an OUTSTANDING job with
    the car. Especially nice rear taillight treatment
    and the DUAL EXHAUST adds a great touch to the
    overall appearance of the car not to mention the
    possibility of enhanced performance (?)
    As a 2k SE owner, I would definitely consider this
    car with the 3.5 engine option notwithstanding the
    fact that I would not be too keen on losing the in-
    terior roominess of the MAX. Adding the dual ex-
    haust to the MAX and dressing up the rear tail-
    lights in a similar fashion to the ALTIMA would keep me a MAX owner forever. Thanks again!!

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    Absolutely fell in love with this car when I saw it at my local dealer. They say it's hard to get and buy now! Sales pitch or not??
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    Actually the new altima is bigger than the current (5th Gen) max.
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    I was stunned to read that Nikki Taylor was injured while wearing a seatbelt in her crash,
    I TOTALED my 2000 Sentra SE on 4/30/01 when a
    pickup pulled into my path from a side road. I
    was traveling at 65 mph on a divided highway in
    Georgia. I walked away from the accident. My SE
    front end was totally crunched, 3 airbags deployed, windshield broken,both right side doors
    crunched,rear quarter panel crushed, and rear
    window shattered. I did not sense that I moved at
    all in my seat. Airbag didn't touch me. I was shaken up and have a sore chest, but I owe my life to the seatbelt that instantly locked me in.
    No slo mo sensation! Everything happened in real
    time. My only conscious thought was "this is going
    to hurt". I couldn't believe I was still alive!
    The noise and smell at impact were awful, with smoke pouring out of the dash.
    I pray that Ms Taylor makes a speedy recovery.
    Please, everyone, wear those belts!

    P.S. I came to this site to research your comments
    on the 2001 Max. I am seriously considering buying
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    She was injured in a '93 Maxima. Current generation cars (any car) with airbags and traction control and crumple zones and reinforced bodies, etc., etc., will fare better than an 8 year old version, even if the older car was state of the art at the time. Tremendous advances in safety protection over the last few years.
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    I don't think it was an airbag issue but a seat belt issue. The reports I saw on TV mentioned that those type of seatbealts that were found on the '93 Maxima were discountinued because of injuries simliar to Taylor's.
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    My point was not airbags vs. seat belts as such, but just that over the last few years automotive safety technology has improved greatly. Nissan's discontinuing the type of seat belts in the '93s is just another example of working toward improving safety items.

    Interestingly, I almost bought a new Maxima back in late '92. But the Nissan dealer wouldn't come down on price, so I bought a Camry (which I liked a lot for the almost five years I had it). Never had an accident, fortunately, but this incident with Nikki Taylor does make me think - there but for the grace of God and all that.
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    I was curious and looking over on the 02 Altima area. Bigger than the current max with bigger more powerful engine. When will the Max become bigger? And any thoughts on when best time to buy a Max this summer might be?
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    earlier posts in this thread have lots of info on the new Max, but I'll digress. The Max is rumored to get a larger engine this fall - a 3.5L V6. A new body style will follow for next fall. I am not sure when would be a great time to buy a Max, but I think you'll have to wait when they have the new Altima at your local dealers.
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    FYI -- it wasn't Nissan choice to get rid of the motorized belts. Federal mandate required passive restrainst and manufacturers had a choice, for a few years, of providing airbags or automatic seatbelts. After 94, everyone had to have airbags.

    Sowega -- the airbag did touch you. It just happened so fast you weren't aware of it. When I totaled my Pre-Max '97 Neon Sport, the only awareness I had of the airbags was that at the instant of impact (with the side of stake bed truck) everything went white momentarily. Then I was left with glass all over (airbags knocked out the door windows in front), acrid smoke venting from the bags (good thing the windows were knocked out) and a little bit of white powder from the bags on my eyeglasses. No injuries (other than a broken right ankle)
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    You're right, of course. I was typing faster than my brain could actually think! Anyway, the instructive point in all this is that people walk away from accidents where they were protected by airbags, vs. people can have life-threatening injuries when all they had was a seat belt.

    When I bought my Max, I wanted the Meridien seats in order to get the side air bags protection, and wouldn't consider a car without traction control. My theory of car buying is always to get the most safety technology one can feasibly afford at the time. It seems like every 5-6 years enough advances have been made, from a safety standpoint, to warrant looking at a new car. Getting as many safety goodies as possible right at the start can help put off buying again for as long as possible.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    If the seat belts work properly, you should be pretty safe on the passenger side without airbags. If the seatbelts hold you properly, you will not hit the dash or windshield and do not need airbags on the passenger side.
    Nikki Taylor probably was not wearing the lap belt portion of the motorized seatbelts in the 1993 Maxima. Even if she was in a 1994 Maxima that had both dual air bags and automatic shoulder belts, if she still was not wearing the lap belt, she probably would have had the same injuries.

    The most likely cause of the Nikki's internal injuries is probably not because of a lack or air bags, but sliding partially out of the seat and seatbelt because she did not wear the lap belt portion to keep her securely in place.
    It is also possible that she did wear the lap belt, but wore it high across her abdomen instead of across her hips.
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    I think I have gotten only one response (positive) to my inquiry about whether you folks are interested in an Owners Club pat Apr 29, 2001 1:20pm.

    Anyone else?

    I don't mean to be trying to push you into something you aren't interested in, but most folks have been very enthusiastic about their Club space when it gets going.

    So I just wanted to check back with you one more time.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
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    Maybe it's me, but I don't quite see the point to having a club space when we already have these forums. What's the additional benefit?
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    hi all, just bought a 2001 max. i have notice that the car drifts to the right slightly on leveled(no crown) pavement. i have read somewhere that this is common to all front wheel drive cars especially with wide tires. if this is true can i compensate the drift by lowering the air pressure on the left tire to make it track straight(or is it the other way around?). also do other max owners here experience this. thanx for any replies.
  • norbert444norbert444 Member Posts: 195
    I have the same question as gnl: What is the additional benefit??
  • phkckphkck Member Posts: 185
    I would keep the tire pressures even. My 00 GLE had a vibration in the steering wheel at 55 mph +.
    Air pressure was off by about 4lbs. Even tire pressures cured it.
    Thinking about a 01 Max for my wife. Hard decisions with the more powerful Max coming this fall.
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    Have you looked at the existing Owners Clubs? If not, follow that link and look at one or two - this will give you probably the best answer.

    It gives you the opportunity to have multiple topics instead of just this one. For example, you might like to have a dedicated discussion for posting photos, and perhaps one for maintenance issues and/or repair difficulties. Or if you already have a discussion in M&R that you follow, that too can be linked to the Owners Club folder. This discussion would be linked to the Owners Club folder also. ("Linked" means it is accessible from its original location and its new one, so this discussion would always be available here on the main Sedans board.)

    What you do is subscribe to the whole folder, so that when you "Read Subscriptions" you are automatically taken to any new post in any discussion.

    It is a way of consolidating all kinds of interesting discussions on the Maxima into one place. Some have asked that one (or more) of the related archived discussions be linked to their Owners Board, and of course that can be done also (for reference of course, the archived discussions are closed to new posts).

    And it also gives you the opportunity to have Owners Chats regularly scheduled for Maxima owners if you are interested.

    But again, much better than relying on my explanations would be for you to look at some of the existing clubs and see what you think. There is an implication that "community leaders" are necessary in order to have an Owners Club, but that is no longer required, by the way.

    And do let me know if you have questions - if I can't answer them myself, I'll go ask Karen, who is the Owners Club host. (She would be the host of any new discussions you'd want created in that folder. L8_Apex and I would continue to host this one.)

    I hope this is a little clearer.

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    What average gas mileage are owners of 2000/2001 GLE been experiencing? Considering a GLE vs. an Acura TL which has better mileage ratings. Thanks
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    I think an owner's club for Nissan's would be good. I took a look at some of the other Owner's Clubs - thanks for the link - and it would add organization to this huge thread.

    It could begin with this thread, the Nissan Maxima Problems thread and the Maxima 5-Speed Problems thread...among others.

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    I agree that we need some way to organize all the great Maxima stuff here. Looks like Owners Club is a proven solution.
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    just wondering if after market spashgaurds fit 2000 maximas, something like from pepboys. also is there a cover i can add to the top of the engine to make it look more organize(finishing touch), just like the german cars or even v6 hondas. just a thought thanx.
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    I have 2900 miles on my '01 Maxima GLE, and just got 24.5 MPG with my last fill-up. My commute is 45 miles each way to the office, all but 4 miles of which are on interstate highway.

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    Over on there's an incredibly long thread about excessive paint chips....sounds really serious and a bunch of people complaining angrily. As a prospective Maxima owner( can't decide whether to buy now or wait for the 260 hp version), this is a real concern to me. So, anybody on this forum having problems with your 5th generation paint? A problem like this could stop me from buying a Maxima altogether which is a shame because I really love the car. Thanks! for any replies.
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    I have a 2000 GLE, Satin Blue Pearl. No paint problems at all. Looks great.
  • edromoedromo Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone installed the Tower Brace (after market suspension part sold by Nissan Dealers) on a 2000 or 2001 Maxi? Does it enhance handling and how does it effect the warranty?
  • cachetcachet Member Posts: 6
    Yes the paint on the hood does seem to chip easily. I have identified 4 chips on my grey luster Gle within the first 2 months of ownership. However, since then I have make a point to constantly wax the hood (at least once a week) specially in the area that seems to chip. Maybe its a coincidence but I have not had any additionally chips in the last 4 months.
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    A little bird (Pat) told me the Maxima crowd was interested in a club. I'm here to announce the new Nissan Maxima Owners club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion and the pertinent M&R discussions into that folder. These discussions will be accessible from the board that they originated and the new Owner's Club.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owner's Clubs
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    You can get the engine cover that comes standard on the 20th aniv. Edit. Maxima. It's under $100 and adds a nice touch to the engine compartment. Be sure to ask slso for the mounting screws as they come separately.
    Not being familiar with aftermarket splashguards, I'm not sure how they'll look but, you can get the Nissan splashguards and even get them in the body color you want for not all that much more.
    As for this "Maxima Club"....What's the point. First off, you can't even upload pics from your computer into the picture board. 2nd....there are plenty of Maxima boards and clubs out there already. Edmunds seems to have trouble dealing with the "user friendly" issue. I'll pass.

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    Come this fall when the new Altima comes out? How far below MSRP are people getting there Maximas for BTW? Current car is fine, wouldn't mind picking up one cheap if Nissan wants to dump them fast...

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    Anyone had to replace one of these puppies.. What is the deal with emissions and warranty??
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