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    I recently purchased a 2001 Maxima GLE. I am a former GM driver and am used to the firm brake pedal, I have noticed that at a stop light I can push the brake pedal almost to the floor with little effort. I contacted the dealer who said that is normal on Maxima's. Maybe it is but it seems soft on the road also Although it does bring me to a stop. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet. Any reply would be appreciated.
    Other than that I love my Max.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    aside from the problems I had with my 98 Buick Regal, it did have some of the best brake feel on any car in a long time...depress the brake pedal 1/4 inch and it was rock solid...4 Hondas, brakes worked well but never that "solid" feel, current 2K Intrepid feels like the power brake booster needs to be "turned up" twice as much boost, 2K Sable has decent brakes (Ford cut cost with rear drums instead of disc, so "low tech 1980s")...but, altho I will probably never own another GM product, the brakes had a solid feel...
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    Just curious and wanted to know. Thinking of getting one as I have Silver Mist Max and thought nose mask would look sharp. Don't really see too many cars of any make and model with one to tell you the truth on the road. Your thoughts, please. Thanks!!
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    I used to have one for my previous Acura - The full nose mask. I usually got lazy and just use the top part most of the time. You'll have to wax the car everytime that you want to put the mask on. The nose mask does makes your car a little more distinctive and does help for long highway trips. Like most accessories, it increases your maintenance time. Your alternative is buying some add-on bug deflector. Now, I don't want to use it on my new car so I'll have to be more careful of paint chip by not driving too fast :)
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    I am planning on buying a 2001 Maxima SE soon. I'm waiting for my wife's Honda to sell. I just got off the phone with a dealer in Seattle,WA. He is telling me that I can't get a Maxima for the TMV price here on Edmunds. He says that it isn't good business to sell a car for under invoice. I have a dealer lined up to give me the car for the TMV price. What is your guys' take on this? He also said that Nissan is currently offering 3.9% finacing (which we all knew), but that they are also offering $1000 cash back. Has anyone else heard this? Thanks.
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    My info shows $500 dealer cash plus the financing incentives. Edmunds TMV is a funny sort of calculator, don't just go by what you hear here, got online and collect some quotes, or better yet, make an offer.
  • My friends got a 1992 Nissan Maxima. His manual and everything all just say 1992 Nissan Maxima. They don't say if its a GXE GLS SE Or whatever. I want to know this because I want to know how fast his car is. I own a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS. Do you think I could beat him?
  • sungbleesungblee Posts: 2
    anyone have any ideas why my 90 maxima would
    hesitate and even cause the steering wheel to vibrate
    when I accelerate, especially at lower speeds. When
    I am going faster, it's not as bad.
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    If you're really pushing your brake pedal almost to the floor that's too much. I have a Y2K GLE. The brakes respond very quickly, with just a soft (but definite) push on the pedal. I don't have to push it anywhere near the floor. Try taking your car to another dealer if possible, see what they say.
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    I bought my Maxima out of town last month and allowed myself to get ripped off for this add-on item, in part because I was worried about the paint getting chipped on it's drive home along the highway here in Wyoming. Subsequently I found this item, listed as a Nose BRA, on, currently on sale for $74.95.
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    Does anyone know what the "Administrative Fees" are when purchasing a Maxima? I'm assuming all dealers have a fee such as this. I've heard it called an "advertising fee" also, but not all cars are advertised so I wonder if it's an advertising (or admin.) fee or just more $$ for the dealer to pocket. When getting estimates at a Nissan dealer, he added $400 for "Admin. fees". I would also like to know what "Administration" they're doing when I purchase a car to justify such a steep fee. Thanks.

  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    My 92 did the same thing this time last year. It would idle rough during low speed (mainly taking off from stop signs and traffic lights).

    My problem was a bad fuel injector. The dealer arrived at this conclusion after they checked a few other things (i.e. tune-up, ignition wires, etc). Hopefully you just need a tune-up 'cause an injector job can cost some bucks. How many miles?
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Tell the dealer take off the "Administration fee", or you'll buy somewhere else. This fee just a rip off from the dealer that wants more profit.
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    I am ready to buy a 2001 MAX, the advertised prices are getting more and difficult to resist. However, I am devating whether is worth wait for 2002 MAX's extra power. How will the added power affect fuel consumption ? Anybody care to guess?
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    I have driven my new Max (4speed auto) for 4000 miles and the mpg has not gone over 22 on the highway. This is at 65mph on cruise control. The dealer says that the car is within facotry specs and that is all I will probably get. This can't be right. Can it? If anyone can advise me on this please e-mail at: [email protected]
  • jim7689jim7689 Posts: 15
    GNL- Thanks for the feedback, the brakes stop the car with little effort on the highway. It just seems odd to me that when you are at a light already stopped that the pedal is very soft almost to the floor. I will do as you suggest though.
  • wyosewyose Posts: 7
    My understanding is that Administration fees are Advertising fees, typically $200-$400. This reportedly is a fee charged by Nissan to individual dealers for the advertising that the parent company does in the local area. The dealer has a choice of whether to participate in this arrangement. Once they agree to do so, then the dealer has to pay this amount to Nissan for each car they sell. Apparently most dealers feel entitled to pass this cost directly on to the buyer. You can argue philosophically who should pay the cost, but one of the parties must, once your dealer decides to participate in the Advertising.
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    I'm picking up my Maxima SE 5 speed this evening. You need to shop around, but yes the TMV is a great price. The dealers don't want to sell that low, but refer them to for comparison. Currently, Nissan is offering $1,000 cash back plus 3.9% financing (60 months) making the deal even more attractive.
  • tony1034tony1034 Posts: 32
    In reference to all the posts regarding gas mileage. I have a 2000 Maxima DE I/ 36,000 miles.
    I have only used Premium fuel in the tank. Usually Texaco 93 Octane or Exxon 93 Octane. I think the Texaco gas may be better. Colleague of mine has 2001 Maxima DE and switched from Exxon to Shell and seen a huge difference. The car is usually driven at highway speeds 50-75mph. I was getting about 22 MPG. I since replaced the air filter with a I&N air filter and noticed an improvement in gas mileage 25 MPG. The I&N filter breathes much better than a paper air filter and as it gets dirty it still breathes well, whereas a paper filter loses performance quickly. I have to admit that I tend to have a lead foot and believe these numbers are fairly decent. I hadn't tried Sunoco's Ultra 94 since I don't have a Sunoco close by me. But when I had a 5.0 Mustang and Sportbike, Ultra 94 was worth the extra money, gas mileage and especially performance.
  • tony1034tony1034 Posts: 32
    Thanks to the Spell Check,
    SE not DE.
  • tony1034tony1034 Posts: 32
    K&N air filter......Spell Check again.
  • tiger64tiger64 Posts: 4
    I wouldn't pay any Admin or Advertising fees myself. I do not think they should be passed on to the customer. It's a dealers cost of doing business. The only fee I paid was a $20 document fee to take care of the paperwork and registration.

    Car dealers these days are desperate to sell, so you be the your own price and stick to it. The dealers are realizing that the internet is basically killing their profits! They have no choice. I got my 2001 GXE for below invoice, plus $500 back from the dealer (w/3.9% financing). And I don't worry about the dealer not making a huge profit either! They created the problem by overpricing their cars to begin with.
  • jbadamsjbadams Posts: 63
    This is a question I would like to pose to the group. How fast do you think the impact would have to be from a 2K Max hitting the rear of a 99 Infiniti I30 to cause about $800 damage to the I30 and $0 to the Max? This is supposed to have really happened. Some guy in a 99 I30 claims I hit him from the rear on the interstate on ramp and caused him $800 worth of damage. I did not hit him. But I don't believe there is any way to cause damage to one car of this magnitude and zero to another. What do you think?
  • norbert444norbert444 Posts: 195
    $o vs $800 is realistic in some cases. My y2k GLE got hit from the back at an awkward angle by an old Buick with that pointed front bumper. There was no damage on the Buick but my total damage was over $1100.
  • 427435427435 Posts: 86
    Theory won't have much to do with your problem. The real question is: Were there any witnesses?
    If not, it's your word against his and he won't get very far (unless he's an a--h--- attorney).
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    if you didnt hit his I30 how could he make such an accusation?
  • mikemajestymikemajesty Posts: 99
    when is the 2002 max going to come out
  • teknogeek9teknogeek9 Posts: 12
    In a court of law...innoncent until proven guilty. Have the other party prove you did hit him unless of course there were witnesses. If you are lucky, maybe there will be telltale marks on the other car that will either prove or disprove that it was your car.
    I had once such situation where someone hit me in a parking lot. Stupid enough, that person parked in the spot next to me and it was obvious by the paint that was traded. Although there were no witnesses, I did call the police and they were able to re-enact the situation and prove that it was the other person.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Stopped by a Nissan dealer yesterday and was told by the sales manager that the 2002 Maxima will be out in September with both a standard 260hp V-6 and an optional 300 hp V-8 available. This was the first I have heard of the V-8 being offered as an option. The particular dealership is not the most professional, so I'm not sure if this is reliable news or not.

    Unfortunately, it looks like Nissan's timing to give the Maxima some serious engine upgrades is coinciding with $2.00 + gas and a return by some to MPG concerns. Mercedes' timing was equaly poor in dropping their turbodiesel version of the E-class in 2000. A buddy of mine has a 1999 and is gloating over his 32+ mpg on diesel costing 30 cents a gallon less than premium. Not to mention he could sell his car with 30k miles for more than he paid for it new in late 1998.

    By the way, I have averaged exactly 24.15 mpg over my 107,800 miles on a 1995 Maxima SE 5-speed. I have gotten as high as 30-31 mpg on a 400 mile highway trip at 70-75 mph. Worst case is 19-20 mpg for mostly city driving in the winter.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    While a 300 HP V8 (or V6, for that matter) sounds enticing, you cannot imagine the posts-to-come if your dealer was correct, and not blowing smoke...if the Max has it, then the I35 would have it, too, yada, yada, of the worst posters asking so many questions is ME :):):)
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    I think your sales manager got the Maxima confused with the Q45 :) A V-8 in a Nissan truck is more likely though.
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    This was posted by a person who works at a Nissan dealer about the preliminary specs for the 2002 Maxima. Sounds promising:

    --2002 Maxima New Features/Content

    (01 C&C package contents, with the exception of sunroof, are standard on all GXE and SE models for 02)

    -STANDARD Features on ALL Models

    -New 260HP 3.5L V6
    -Gated A/T Shifter W/Titanium Finish Surround
    -Brake Assist
    -Electronic Brake Force Distribution
    -Engine Cover

    -Side Sill Spoilers
    -4-Bulb xenon HID Headlights
    -Redesigned Front Grille and Front & Rear Facias
    -New Seat Styling
    -Redesigned Audio Faceplate
    -Titanium Finish Inside Door Handles

    -8-Way Power Drivers Seat
    -Solar Glass
    -Leather Wrapped Shift Lever/Knob

    -In-Meter LCD Trip Computer
    -Outside Temp
    -Variable Wipers
    -Driver & Passenger Seatback Pockets
    -Auto-Dimming Mirror
    -Cargo Net
    -Audio Steering Wheel Controls
    -Speed Sensitive Auto Volume Control


    -Auto Tranny Standard
    -16" Alloy Wheels
    -Premium AM/FM/CD Audio W/6 Speakers

    -6 Spoke 17" Wheels W/p225/55R17's
    -New Suede Like Seat Cloth
    -6 Speed Manual Tranny

    -Drivers Seat Memory System
    -Drivers Sear Entry/Exit System
    -7 Spoke 17" Wheels W/p225/55R17's
    -Upgrades Bose Audio With 6 CD Changer
    -Speed Sensitive Auto Volume Control

    -CD Based Nav Unit (Requires BOSE, Leather & Sunroof)
    -Heated Steering Wheel (Part of Meridian Ed.)
    -Side Airbags Offered As Stand Alone option
    -Drivers Seat Memory System
    -Helical Limited Slip W/Drilled Pedals (SE M/T ONLY)

    -COLOR & TRIM-
    -Tungsten Blue REPLACES Satin Blue Pearl
    -Glacier Pearl REPLACES Icelandic Pearl
    -Majestic Blue is a NOW STANDARD COLOR
    -Sherwood Green DROPPED
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Speed Sensitive Auto Volume Control seems to be listed as standard on ALL as well as standard on GLE only. I wonder which one it is.

    Sherwood Green DROPPED - what a pity - I think this was my favorite color. I wonder why people rarely get it. I didn't get it either.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    but what is RDS? Some type of traction control? Rear differential...something?

    What's interesting is that the new GLE looks like it will be almost identical to the current I30, just like the new Altima will be very close in features and size to the current Maxima. So what is Infiniti going to pull out of its bag of tricks to make the new I30 stand out?

    They're right to drop Sherwood Green. Like you said, a very poor seller. I thought it was attractive enough when I saw one on the lot, but it was a little too yellowish-green for me, I like the greens that go towards blue a little better, or else a true emerald green. (Anyone wants to give me true emeralds, I'll take that too! ;) )
  • tuhlertuhler Posts: 6
    A dealer told me that Nissan is offering $1000 cash back on the Maxima, but another dealer said they aren't offering cash back. Does anyone know if they are going to?
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Radio Data System or something like that that provides radio station call-letters and other text information through the radio's display.
  • altavistaaltavista Posts: 19
    On May 24th, I did see Nissan's commercial with a Maxima and the $1000.00 cash back offer, good until May 31st. It may have aired earlier this month, too, but I don't watch very much TV.

    Anyway, if you find dealers not willing to honor this, call 1-800-NISSAN1 and speak with a Nissan North America customer service rep. They should be able to tell you if it is a regional, elective or nation-wide rebate program (by the commercial, it seemed nation-wide). There is always the chance that a dealer is trying to rip you off - they are still very good at that!

    Bottom line, if you can buy a Maxima for around invoice minus $1000, you're doing very well! Then there is 3.9% financing for up to 60 months.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    there are ads in the Washington D.C. area papers saying $1000 cash back, but it doesn't say off what - it doesn't specifically say $1000 less than invoice, that's for sure.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Of course it does not say $1000 off invoice. You have to negotiate the price, then you get the $1000 rebate on whatever price you managed to negotiate. That could be invoice price or it could be MSRP or even higher if that is what you negotiated.
  • tuhlertuhler Posts: 6
    I just called 1-800Nissan1 and they told me that I have to ask my dealer. Nissan doesn't own the dealerships so they told me to call my dealer. So I'll call my salesman again and ask him. I have a question for anyone who can answer it. My dealer has to check regionally to find the vehicle I want, if he charges a fee for this, should I pay it? If not, why not? I'd like to know so that I can accept or negotiate the fee. Thanks.
  • altavistaaltavista Posts: 19
    That's quite a nice answer from Nissan.

    The Washington, D.C. region definitely does have a $1000 rebate until 5/31 (at least). Depending upon where you live, it may be worth a trip - or at least can be used to negotiate.

    You should not pay a fee for locating a vehicle - please read through the Edmunds boards to see more background info on swaps. Basically, they don't incur many expenses for a swap - with an "order" they actually make more money - some people pay less when they wait...

    Anyway, I'll use my Maxima purchase as an example (purchased Maxima SE in April). VOB Nissan in Rockville, MD was willing to sell me any Maxima for $750 under invoice (actually only $350 under because they added back $400 for advertising). They easily had three dozen Maximas in stock including Anniversary Edition versions. There was no rebate at the time - I had just missed a $500 factory to dealer incentive.

    Since there were no incentives then and there are now, I'm assuming - and maybe too much - that you could reduce it another $1000 since it is Nissan authorized (paid for).

    Basically, very few people have paid too much over invoice in the recent past (assuming they tried to negotiate) - judging by this board and others. Now your price should be comfortably under invoice.

    Two more notes;

    One way to reduce the price further, which I did, is to make sure to request a color or color combination that they do not have in stock! I was very insistent on gray with black leather, but I had already driven the lot and saw the car I really wanted (and bought), black on black.

    I kept saying I wouldn't take the black one, I had them try to locate one, then I asked about ordering one. They were so pissed, they went to $900 under invoice (or $500 under invoice plus advertising). I could have pushed for more, but I liked the salesman and VOB treated me very well - and has since the purchase as well. Give it a try.

    The second note is that you should not worry too much about a deal now, they only get better with time. Especially if the Max is getting more powerful and/or luxorious.

    Good luck and be tough.

    Final note: I started with - they sent my name and car choice to VOB, and VOB called me and then faxed me a copy of the invoice with my "special" pricing. It was a very smooth procedure and VOB never tried anything funny, no documentation fees, pinstriping, ADM, extra options - and gave me 3.9% without a hassle. It was surprising.
  • tuhlertuhler Posts: 6
    Thank you very much for your advice. I really appreciate it. I'll push for a good deal. I'll let you know what deal I got, when I get it. Thanks again for your advice. One question, how do I reply to a salesman when he tells me that they make zero profit on a car at or below invoice. I already have read about hold back and special programs that the manufacturer offers. One dealer told me that all the hold back gets used up right away so that is not profit. What you would say to a salesman? Thanks again.
  • chilly1chilly1 Posts: 9
    Hello all,

    I have been following the conversations here recently and have found alot of good information.

    My wife and I test drove the 20th anniversary edition Maxima today and are very impressed. We are thinking of maybe going back to the dealer and seeing if we can't strike a deal this car.

    The car we drove was a 5 speed manual and I noticed that when accelerating the sifter seemed to "float" (for lack of better word). It felt like it would move back slightly or move forward slightly depending upon if you were speeding up or slowing down.

    My wife also said that she notice that while cruising an a nominal speed (around 45 mph) that the car would kind of skip every now and then. I did not notice this when I drove it, but I have to admit that I put the 227 horses to good use and did cruise while I was driving.

    Has anybody else notice any of these two things. They are just slight issues as far as I am concerned, however I want to make sure that this isn't a sign of bigger problems. The car we test drove had about 1K miles on it so I am wondering if this might not be a sign of some abuse.

    Any insights would be terrific, this would be our first Nissan and I just want to make sure I am not missing something here.
  • altavistaaltavista Posts: 19
    tuhler, you ask a question that can be answered simply or in detail - I'll try the simple then an outline for the detailed.

    Tell the salesman lack of profit is something he and/or his boss can reconcile.

    Well when buying a car there are several underlying assumptions that should be obvious and consistent - if you think about it long enough - they include (we'll use the Max as an example);

    1) You want a Maxima and already realize it is a good deal just becuase it is already priced well and offers a fantastic combination of room, power, luxury, style, value, reliability, sportiness, panache, you can fill in the blanks...

    I personally, think that the car I bought, at full list price, $29,222, was priced well, and if market conditions were such, would have paid that (or close to it!) Luckily, I paid over $3,500 under sticker.

    2) You want to pay as little as possible.

    3) The salesman wants you to pay as much as possible.

    4) You lie.

    5) The salesman lies.

    These are the underlying variables/presumptions of this transaction/negotiation.

    These days, an "educated" consumer knows this. That is why we go in armed with as much knowledge about price and financing as possible.

    So, with all this in mind, I'd tell the salesman who asks about his profit (or lack of profit) that he does not have to sell me the car. Then I would follow it up with "before I am willing to pay more, I am going to shop around." There are so many incentives that manufacturers give dealers that we can't possibly know the true cost to a dealer for any one car. And I would expect that hidden or less traceable profits would occur due to the increase of the informed consumer. Frankly, if I worked for a manufacturer, that is exactly what I'd try to implement - overprice cars and let buyers think they getting great deals, then reward dealers based on volume or some other variable.

    Bottom line, I feel our responsibilites to the dealer/salespeople are limited to our word on agreements. And I feel we can and should be able to hold them at their word on agreements. For instance, if I say I will buy a black car if we can agree upon price, and we do agree upon a price, then I should buy it. Just as he should sell it to me at that price. But if I say I'm also considering BMW's, but really I'm not, my conscience is still clear. Just as when he tells me that Nissan probably won't make any more gray and black SE's, he lying, but I really don't care.

    Very bottom line, they don't have to and won't sell you a car unless there is some upside for them. We may never know what it is, but you should rest assured, you did not put the dealer out of business.

    All Maximas are a good deal.

    Chilly1 - You have a lot of catching up to do - please see the Edmunds board called Maxima 5-Speed Problems.

    I have a 5-speed, 2001 SE, it's fine now after a fix (computer reprogramming, about 30 minutes) from Nissan, but almost all 5-speeds start with this problem, that is the smooth acceleration problem, the shifter movement is normal for all 5-speed cars, at least the last five that I have owned and dozens that I have driven.

    I'd have the dealer perform the TSB so you can test drive it again before you work out the price - which should be one to two grand below invoice, considering the miles and current rebate. Good luck.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    I was wrong in my earlier post when I said local dealers were not saying "$1000 less than invoice." After checking the weekend ads, they ARE saying just that - $1000 less than invoice plus 3.9% financing. Altimas are invoice minus $2500 OR 3.9% financing. Some dealers are getting cute and have a "coupon" for you to clip out and present. Others are saying $500 cash back and $500 under invoice. So it's all variations on a theme, but looks like it's a very good time to buy.
  • aloodumaloodum Posts: 1
    hello, this is my first time trying this and i hope i can get some helpful insight on some things!!! my husband & I went to look at a 97 maxima SE from a private party... the car itself is in EXCELLENT condition, and the owner has only gone to the dealer for repairs and not the local gas station.
    my question is that this 97 maxima SE did not have ABS (anti lock brakes)... isn't that supposed to be required for all cars?? i'm lost!! how much would it be (if we bought the car) to get it installed!! is it dangerous to have lock assisted and not ABS?
    number 2 question....aren't all SE's equipped with Bose stereos and a sunroof??? i'm only asking because i've seen it mostly on these maximas and this one didn't have it..
    anyone can help me??
  • yaoxyaox Posts: 14
    I am living in Colorado. Yesterday I visited some dealerships. The manages insisted there is just $500 dealer cash and no $1000 customer rebate/match.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    You can't add ABS brakes aftermarket. It's probably not dangerous per se not to have them, and in fact a lot of people don't use their ABS brakes properly and thus make the ABS useless. So... just depends on how you feel about it.

    The Bose stereo and sunroof are both options. Because they are very popular options, a lot of cars do have them, but they aren't standard. You can install an aftermarket sunroof, though. Go to a good place and you can get one with more features than factory standard. Will cost you maybe $800 - $1000.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Where are your pictures? Where are your introductions? :-)

    I was just checking out those discussions on the Owners Board and there's not much happening in them. I'm sure we'd all love to see pics of your cars and hear more about who you are.

    Check 'em out - you can get to them easily by following the link at the top of this page. If you haven't already, you might want to "subscribe" to the whole folder by using that option at the bottom of the Maxima Owners Club main discussion list.

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