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Nissan Maxima



  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    I have a tower brace on my 1993 Sentra SE-R. The improvement is negligible. I suppose that if you were to run it on a track it might make a difference, but when it comes to day to day driving I don't notice it. I would think it would not impact the warranty, but ask the dealer. It's so easy to install ( about 10 minutes) that you could always take it off the car before having any work done. I do wonder if it might enhance safety though. It's pretty sturdy!
  • warrenulwarrenul Posts: 50
    Funny how Nissan installs the brace on the Altima SE but fails to install it on the Maxima SE.
    Perhaps the Maxima chassis is sturdy enough to do without it? I am going to install it because there nuttin' like having the blood drain from your brain in a 1+ g turn!
  • newbie5newbie5 Posts: 25
    Not only on this specific car but many others looking through Edmunds. Do folks really concentrate on this when buying a car? I would much more like it if the Maxima was available with a more fuel efficient engine in our day and age with gas prices! I love the style, interior, and most everything about the car. Not sure why there is lots of emphasis on 0 - 60!!! I would believe gas mileage is comparable on other V6 cars out there but doesn't Nissan get hurt (as others) with sales because their car is not available with a smaller, more efficient engine??
    Then again, Accord and Camrys are available with smaller engines and maybe that's why they always lead the pack with sales!!
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Another benefit is that you can bookmark directly to the Maxima Owner's page. This cuts down on the number of mouse clicks and page openings.

    Falcon....the paint chips I have are very small (like coarsely ground pepper). I washed and waxed last weekend and didn't even notice them. (I drive in New England and undoubtedly picked them up this past winter.)

    Newbie....fuel economy has taken a back seat for quite some time now. If you want decent MPG, you'll have to make a number of compromises on other things including size and comfort, not just power and speed.
  • newbie5newbie5 Posts: 25
    I'm not sure Accord & Camry 4 cyl owners are taking any compromises with size and comfort. Also the price is right on those and Maxima I believe couldn't hurt itself with an engine size to compete with those cars. It certainly wasn't the Altima, that's for sure to compete for 4 cyl supremacy and size. Guess they are thinking along my lines and that's the reason for 2002 Altima, with size, comfort and now power if you so desire the latter!! Better late than never to compete with the world's best sellers.
  • warrenulwarrenul Posts: 50
    In the real world, 0 to 60 is a good measurement of a car's acceleration capability. I personally like the 1/4 mile trials, however, when was the last time you had to zip up to 100 miles per hour? OK, so it was just this morning...

    This is just a standard measure to judge how quickly you are able to merge onto a highway. As long as all manufacturers use the same criteria, each time for a given model gives us something concrete to compare. Chrysler used to use 0 - 50 in their old ads (10-15 years ago), which was not a standard cruise speed. This gave the illiusion the car is faster than it really is.

    Remember a car gearing is very important too. A car with low rear end ratio may give a fast 0-60 but may top out at a lower top speed. My Olds 442 had a 3:71 rear end ratio. Does burnouts easily but it was out of breath at a 100-110 mph. My old Roadrunner had a 2:91 rear and it while it was impossible to do a burnout, I had that thing over 130 mph. It cruised at 55 mph at 1650 rpm!
  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    I have read a few posts on other boards about people getting SE's and even Anniv. Editions for UNDER invoice?? The best I have seen in my area is exactly invoice. Has anyone on here bought one lately for something under Edmund's invoice amount? It would make sense that it is possible with dealer cash and the new engine coming out this fall.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Gonna harass a couple of local dealers this weekend. Assuming the deals will get better and better as the new Altima makes an arrival onto the scene. When does the Maxima get a new engine for 2002? Any other changes? Still going to be down on the Altima if they don't change the body for 2002...

  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    From what I've read, the Max gets a few minor changes in appearance for '02 and the option of the 3.5 V-6. Then a complete overhaul for the '03 model year. Who knows if that will make for better deals on the '01's left later in the year or not?? Also, I'm concerned what it will do to the resale value down the road. I wouldn't think it will hurt them 3-5 years from now, but I could be wrong.

    I just can't make up my mind between the SE and an I30t. One big decision is about $4k difference in the offers I've received so far from dealers. Not sure if it is worth the difference or not. Have driven both and the I30 is definitlely nicer and more exclusive, but is it $4k more?? I can't decide that.
  • newbie5newbie5 Posts: 25
    I'm down to the nitty gritty with a dealer for a base SE who is not just hundreds better than all others I have shopped in my area but $1500. I'm not sure how. This is coupled with a trade-in. No matter how I slice what he has given for my trade, I figure I'm getting the SE under invoice. They are a large dealership and are the volume leader in the state. I'm recommend if possible to shop these dealerships as they probably can do better than most in your case also. They have a large inventory and the model year is rapidly coming to an end. Good luck!!
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    The couple of dealers I pass by have a large number of Maximas on the lot. Looks like 3.9% financing up to 60 months without any factory discount is good till May 31st. Hitting slightly under invoice price seems to be the going rate for a Maxima SE nowadays. Interesting to see what happens after that date. Altima has the same finance rate and $2000 rebate, also good to the the 31st. I certainly think with the new Altima coming out in the fall that will one-up the current Maxima in pretty much every category, combined with the new motor and minor tweaks to the Maxima for next year, will certainly make dealers itchy to sell. At least that is the hope, tehe.

  • norbert444norbert444 Posts: 195
    ... in your post #2000 did produce "This page cannot be displayed" IE5.5 error message (in a new window). Any clues as to why this would happen?
    Thanks ... Norbert
  • newbie5newbie5 Posts: 25
    Don't suppose there is going to be any DEALS initially for the new 2002 Altima. This is why I going for a Maxima soon. I believe 2002 Altima will be hot at least in the short run. I believe prices on Maxima and current Altima will drop drastically soon to move inventory. I don't believe dealers are going to have any choice!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Have you tried it again and/or tried with Netscape? I sometimes have a problem with IE where it just seems to "choose" to time-out and displays that sort of message.

    The link works fine for me in Netscape - I cannot get to IE right now, though.

    If it still doesn't work for you, you can get there by choosing Owners Clubs from the dropdown box in the upper left, then click the "Nissan Owners Clubs" link, then you'll see the link to the Maxima club.

    I'll try it from IE a little later today, but my guess is your problem was probably temporary.

    Hope this helps.

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  • All 5th Generation Maxima Owners,

    If you are experiencing paint chipping issues or other problems due to, what would appear to be, poor paint quality please visit to register a complaint. Details are on the site.

    The issue has been discussed at great length at and the specific thread is at the following URL.

    We are eagerly pursuing ways of addressing the issue of poor paint quality to Nissan directly. Your attention to this thread is greatly appreciated.


  • norbert444norbert444 Posts: 195
    Thanks for the helpful answer. I figured I was not the only person with the problem. I do not have Netscape at this time but have used it in the past. Will try the workaround you suggested.
  • newbie5newbie5 Posts: 25
    Love em or hate em it seems reading the posts. I personally love both as it gives in my opinion a more sporty look. Far better appearance coupled together than on 4th generation models is my opinion. They look fantastic on SE in sterling mist!!! My friends all admit as much.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I've always thought that the 4th & 5th Gen Max don't look complete without the spoiler.
  • eksterekster Posts: 22
    Dear host,

    Using Netscape, and clicking on the 'Maximna Owner's Club' link at the top of the page, springs open a new browser with the message

    The item "eec9a9f" does not exist, it may have been deleted.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    i'm on IE 5.0 and get the same message as ekster
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    First, I think I misunderstood the earlier post - I'm sorry about that.

    Second and way more important, I think I fixed the link at the top of the page. Let me know.

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  • eksterekster Posts: 22
    Problem has been fixed for me. Thanks
  • gklcpagklcpa Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 1998 Maxima GLE today with 25K miles for $ 17,233, which I thought was an excellent deal given that the vehicle is practically new with the low miles and all. The vehicle is fully dressed with the Bose system audio,leather, moon/sun roof and etc. This is a great driving vehicle.

    I have found this site and the constructive comments made here by Maxima owners to be of great help in settling on this particular vehicle. The most important thing for me when purchasing a vehicle is its utility and dependability which has been made apparent here. I'll be commuting 130 miles a day which will mean that this car will log about 40,000 miles a year. It's nice to know that with good maintenance, the car will carry me for some time.
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Posts: 167
    Let me know if you have plus sized your stock tires to 235 or 245 sized tires. I did on my 97 I30, and now the insides of my tires are wearing faster than the I am getting that "feather" effect with the treads. The local tire shop says camber is too negetive, but then my Infiniti tech says camber cant be adjusted on these models (unless you gouge out the factory holes). I am getting horrible vibrations (entire car) at speeds above 75 mph all the way to 90 (havent tested past 90 yet). Anybody else plus size with these types of tires, and what was your experience...also, how many miles did you pull out of ZR tires? I'm expecting merely 10K right now...
  • kmahkmah Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to take the factory stereo out of its housing in the dash? I'd like to hook up an audio component to the audio jacks (supposedly on tha back) without having to resort to tacky cassette adapters.
  • someyaksomeyak Posts: 19
    If I unscrew the screw at the bottom of the cut out in the armrest on the driver's door, will anything come apart that will be difficult to put back together?

  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    are the GXE's tires wider than the GLE's? or is it jsut the wheel design that makes it seem as tho the GXE tires fill the wheel well better?
  • someyaksomeyak Posts: 19
    I have an SE with 17 inch wheels and I find the ride somewhat harsher than I'd like. I'm considering puting 16 or even 15 inch wheels on the car to see if I can smooth out the ride. Has anyone with 17's put smaller wheels on their car and notice any significant difference?
    Is there any other way to make the SE ride a little smoother"

  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    if you want a smoother ride. The whole point of the SE is the tighter ride!
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    I vaguely recall the question of bike racks having been discussed in the past, can't remember if it was on the Maxima board. Anyway, now that spring is here, hubby and I want to take our bikes out for a spin, and would prefer not to put them inside the car. Anyone here have a recommendation for a Maxima-compatible rack that will hold two adult bikes?
  • aaronw1aaronw1 Posts: 9
    I have a 2000 SE in sterling mist as well, and I definitely love the tail lights. The black definitely looks very good with the silver contrast. I almost flinch when I see GXE or GLEs in silver with the red outline. It almost looks gross. The car also definitely looks 'unfinished' without a spoiler, in my opinion.
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Posts: 167
    Nobody responded to my tire question! Has anyone plus-sized their tires to around 235's and had any issues with uneven tire wearing (refer to post #2027).

    kmah: You will have to start by removing the armrest unit, and work forward (towards center stack) from there, progressively removing screws and removing the housing around the shifter, and carefully, and i mean CAREFULLY removing the wood trim pieces [if you have any] around teh shifter and stereo. Once you get it all off, there should be screws that mount the stereo, just remove those and its in your hands. The armrest console may be tricky, so be sure not to miss any screws and be sure to remember how to put it back together again (maybe tape the screws to the corresponding holes you removed them from so you dont lose any).

    someyak: when buying the SE version, you forgo the smoother ride. The whole point of getting the SE is for the sportiness it delivers with stiffer shocks and larger tires (which add to the handling and aesthetics). I have an I30t (which is comparable to the SE ride quality) and I got used to it, and whenever I drive the standard I30 Luxury trim versions, the ride seems too bouncy, much like the 92 Buick LeSabre we used to own. Also, the 17" wheels add to the handling qualities of teh car, and will stiffen the ride up more...switching to regular tires (60 aspect ratio) will probably soften things a little, but thats what the GLE model is for...has all the luxury you need out of the SE, but softer ride. Or, if you dont want the extra luxury, the GXE woudl have been perfect (both come with 16" wheels if I remember correctly).

    gnl: a friend and I went biking today, and he had a 2000 Accord with a bike rack which attached to the towing hitch on the rear of the car. It was very shaky, but it did the trick...his was made by "Outfitter" i believe. A company called Thule also makes racks for skis, I am sure they make racks for bikes also
  • techtech Posts: 34
    just bought a an 88 2nd gen max for my kid. it has 103000 miles relatively clean . engine runs smooth except I noticed a vibration between 55 and 65 mph. any ideas what to look for first.
  • someyaksomeyak Posts: 19
    My dilemma was that I wanted a car with
    5 speed
    cloth seats
    power driver's seats
    6 cylinders
    There is a very short list of cars that have all 4 of these features. I would have bought a GXE if Nissan would let you buy the C&C package with a 5 sp, but alas, their marketing department knows better than I what should be on a car.
    My back literally hurts after driving (tire pressure at 31psi) I don't need that tight a ride.
  • someyaksomeyak Posts: 19
    IMHO the SE tail lights would be even nicer if instead of the smoked effect, that area was color coordinated with the rest of the body. Take a look at the back of a black or green SE in the evening.
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Posts: 167
    someyak: you could ask the dealer if the springs from the GXE could be transplanted into your SE, and if that was possible (I woudl tihnk it would be), that should soften the ride, coupled with new tires which are smaller and have a higher aspect ratio.

    tech: have you had your tires balanced, and also, do you notice any uneven tire wear?
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    This appears to be a good deal (all 4 nissan dealers advertise for this price) the only problem is one already mentioned no CC package with CD etc. This is the Nissan value leader and rocks as a great deal. I see no resale so it would be a keeper--but what a price for 222 hp, ABS, disk brakes and the usual power amenities.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    The thought has crossed my mind about a "stripped" Maxima. See how the deals get better thru the summer, can't imagine how low a GXE stripper might go for in a few more months!

  • kujokujo Posts: 1
    You might want to check out your tires. They may not be balanced properly. I had a problem with this on my car before. It would only show up at higher speeds.
  • cartalk6cartalk6 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if it's possible to silence the chirp my Maxima makes every time I lock the door, without interfering with the rest of the security system?
  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    If you have a 5th generation Maxima, the instructions to silence the chirp are on the back of the remote control. Alternatively, either look in the owner's manual, or ask the dealer.

  • bkkatzbkkatz Posts: 18
    To get to the radio, here is what you need to do:

    1.) Gently pry up the trim surrounding the shifter. A hook tool inserted GENTLY in the back corner will start the process.

    2.) Remove the ashtray...inside you will see a phillips screw. Remove it.

    3.) Use your hook tool again to remove the air vents in the center of the dash. The release clips are located in the middle on the outside. Insert the hook tool and pry them toward the middle of the vent. BE CAREFUL...its easy to break the vents while you are doing this.

    4.) Once the air vent assembly is out, you will see 4 bolts...2 above the radio and 2 below the A/C. Remove the 4 bolts and the whole assembly will slide out.
  • wdoranwdoran Posts: 31
    Does anyone have a possible solution for a 92 Maxima front passenger door that won't open? The lock seems to be working fine, but the door handles will not open the door. I can't get access to the inner workings of the door without taking off the inner door cover, which I can't with the door closed.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    I would bet that the stiffer ride is due in part to the lower profile tires. You will definitely notice a difference. Perhaps you should drive an SE with 16 wheels at a dealer 1st just to be sure. The 16s are standard on the SE and I believe the GXE has 15s. I am sure there are plenty of guys out there who would want to buy your 17s. If there isn't much mileage on 'em, you should get into the 16s for zip $!

    Someone out there was asking about the screw in the arm rest? That and one or two others hold the interior trim in place.
  • rseneresrseneres Posts: 2
    I had a 1999 SE on which I used a Yakima rack setup for my canoe. I now have a 2001 SE 20th Anniversary model and I can use the same setup (Q-towers and roundbars) as long as I buy the specific Q-clips (Q106's for the new Maxima). For bikes, Yakima sells several options for carrying bikes on top of your car. Each device simply attaches to the roundbars. You can check everything out at I would first go to "racks", and then go to "bikes" to decide which solutions meets your needs. This is very high quality gear. I carry a 16 foot canoe with no problems, even at high speeds, and I don't even use the extender kit.
  • cartalk6cartalk6 Posts: 5
    Thanks, umpopa.
    I hadn't noticed the fine print on the back of the remote control. I'm glad to know that can be done.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I just stopped by my local Infinity dealer to test drive the new Q45 (fairly impressive, but it's still short of the BMW 540 6-speed in terms of "fun to drive"). He mentioned that the I30 is soon to become an I35 (September) with a 260 h.p. 3.5 liter. He said the Maxima is getting the same engine upgrade. As a happy owner of a 1995 SE 5-speed, this sounds like just what the doctor ordered (especially since the newer '00 and '01's don't seem as quick as my car, in spite of a rating of 222 h.p.)

    Does anyone have any additional info on this '02 model engine upgrade? It may make my decision to plunk down $50k+ on my next car a bit tougher.
  • smartfootsmartfoot Posts: 3
    I own a '97 SE and recently the service engine soon light came on. I know that there is no urgency in getting it serviced but it bothers me that I will have to pay around $80.00 to get the light turned off! Anyone have the same problem?
    Any suggestions?

    Another problem that I had was surface rust coming through the rear quater pannel. The dealer told me to touch it up and check to see if it spreads (I live in MI). He said that other than that, I wouldn't worry about it. Anyone else have that same problem?
  • gooniesgoonies Posts: 24
    hi everyone, just wondering what the proper engine break-in that most people are using in this board or have used. ive heard to baby the engine for the first 1000 miles, and on the other extreme i heard or read it is better to redline it once in a while. i kinda stayed in the middle and accel slowly every now and then to 3500 rpms. even on the freeway it is tough to rev past 4000 rpms without reaching 80+ mph(not legal). maybe its because of the auto tranny. should i really try for a red line accelleration or keep doing what ive been doing. any info or experiences(w/maxima) would be helpful. thanx
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    For my 1995 SE 5-speed, I followed the service manager's instructions of driving the car normally but avoiding prolonged same-speed highway travel (i.e. don't use the cruise control for a 350 mile 70 mph ride.). Seemed to work well for me. My car has 107,000 miles, averages 24 mpg (nearly 30 at 70 mph) and is running as strong as it did brand new.
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