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    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I imagine part of the reason I'm noticing the road noise in the first place is because I'm not used to having such a quiet engine!
  • nmchopnmchop Member Posts: 27
    and I've stumbled across a Maxima...I have fallen in love with it (bad, i don't own it yet).

    I've been reading up on em' here, great info. Thanks...for instance, i didn't know it'd take premium fuel. That was an important thing to learn.

    Anway, it's a 1998 GLE (black) and loaded up and they're asking $16,995. It has a bunch of miles 74,000 but you can't tell it by driving the car, it is an amazing vehicle...and i didn't know anything about them prior to this (they let me keep it overnight, it's a dirty trick).

    Question: Edmunds says this a fair price, I don't want to pay this much. What would you pay?
    Any other comments regarding your Maxima ownership/reliability welcomed.

    Any little tidbits are especially apprecited as now that i know about this car, if this particular one doesn't work out, I think I'll look for another one in my price range ($0-$14,500) soon after returning this to dealer.

  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    I got a ride in a 1997 GLE with 140K miles on it last summer. It was solid and helped convince me that the MAx was the way to go. BTW, all this guy has done is change tires and routine maintenance!

    You won't find much for $0, LOL.

    Cartalk, you may also check the tire pressure......and turn up the Bose! I have the Toyos which are noisy on the concrete, fine on asphalt.
  • newbie5newbie5 Member Posts: 25
  • newbie5newbie5 Member Posts: 25
    I'm in NJ negotiating and it is hardball here! I can get a GXE with mats, mud guards and spoiler for 21,000 best price so far. I want the C&C package and it's not going great. I may wait till May to see if Nissan has and incentives/rebates or wait till the end of this model year and choose from leftovers. I haven't given in yet and the deal you got is great! Enjoy!!
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    I'm showing $500 dealer cash on Maximas.
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Member Posts: 650
    I am happy to say that my gas mileage has gotten better since I got the car in the summer of '99. I have an SE automatic, and I used to get 17 mpg in the city and now I am up 19 mpg in the city. Anybody who has had their Max for a while notice a change in gas mileage???. I wonder if 19 mpg is as good as it gets.
  • jdimottajdimotta Member Posts: 55
    Been getting 24 mpg city/hgwy combined....that highway part is hard driving 70 mph plus......I'm not complaining...Joe D.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Member Posts: 398
    I am happy to report that now at about 5K miles on the clock my Maxima ('01 GLE) has gotten better.

    Used to get 17 mpg in the city, now it's more like 20. Took the car on a long trip just recently and got 26.5 mpg! Last fill-up - highway/city combined - mpg was just over 22.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Member Posts: 398
    max2001 - thanks for the part numbers for the missing shield!
  • nmchopnmchop Member Posts: 27
    Thanks for your reply...I love this car. They want $15,500 for it after all the banter, that's as low as they go, which was fair...Edmunds TMV for a 1998 Maxima GLE with 74,000 miles is $16,900. I just don't want to spend that much so I'll keep looking or get an older one.

    Maxima's, what an awesome ride!

    Take it easy folks
  • poochiewpoochiew Member Posts: 3
    Where did you see that dealers are getting $500 incentives?
  • someyaksomeyak Member Posts: 19
    Initially my 2k SE was getting 17 miles per gallon. I just turned 3000 miles and on my last fill up I got 20.8 mpg. This is mostly suburban driving in the DC area.
  • someyaksomeyak Member Posts: 19
    You may want to check out the Carmax web page, They will have a number of Maximas and I30's some of which will be in your price range. (I bought my 2k max new from them at a wonderful haggling and no surprises.) Even if you don't live near them, you can use their prices as a guide.
  • someyaksomeyak Member Posts: 19
    I thought the difference in ride between the GLE and SE were quite noticeable. My advise is to drive them both over the same route, and then drive your current car over the same route. This will give you a sense of how stiff the GLE ride is.

    I chose the SE because I wanted a 5 speed and the C&C package, and this was the only choice. But I would preferred the ride of the GLE on a day to day basis, since most of my driving is suburban.
  • newbie5newbie5 Member Posts: 25
    Better to go with GXE with package which adds wheels, CD, etc. or SE with no additional options. Trying to be as cost conscious as possible but if SE is best way to go then I'll strongly consider it. Thanks!
  • tiger64tiger64 Member Posts: 4
    I got my '01 MAX GXE for Invoice cost LESS $500 from dealer! And the low financing (3.9%) is going to end on April 30th. But I'm sure there'll be another bargain next month. They need to get rid of the 2001's to make room for the 2002's in the fall, right? The bad thing is - the longer you wait, the less chance that you'll find the model you want!

    I bought the GXE over the SE because the SE was about $2000 more and all I was getting extra was the better tires, fog lights, and stiffer suspension. I didn't need the upgrade for that money. I was trying to keep the cost down as it was.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    We get CarDeals delivered every other week. I work on one of the internet car buying services so I have to know when a customer's offer is going to be accepted or rejected.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    For one, you're not getting proper performance by using regular fuel. You'll also start going through O2 sensors more quickly, because premium fuel burns cleaner...for that same reason, fuel injectors can clog sooner. If you insist on using regular, against what's recommended, be sure to use a good fuel system cleaner every 2 or 3 tanksful. With the extra cost of the fuel system cleaner, you may as well start using the premium fuel. I mean...why go against what the manufacturer the long run, you won't be saving money.

  • dukehouston2dukehouston2 Member Posts: 36
    Filled up yesterday and went over the $ 2 threshold...$ 2.09 per gallon, Chevron 92 and yeah I pumped it myself. It says use premium, I use premium, OUCH and we are being told $ 3 is on the horizon here in So. Cal. Scary...

  • wg45678wg45678 Member Posts: 55
    Salesman told me the same thing in Az. Owners' manual 'recommends' premium; says so on the sticker on the fuel door. I've tried both in my 5 speed 2k.

    Biggest difference is at low engine speeds and high loads (just like when octance is measured by the motor method). My Max will pull away smoothly at 25 MPH in 4th gear with premium; you can hear it just start to knock with regular before the engine computer rectifies the problem -- but then the engine won't make any power and you have to slip the clutch or downshift.

    You'll only hear the knocking momentarily and then only if the windows are down, the streets are quiet and a reflecting surface (like a block wall) is nearby.
  • wg45678wg45678 Member Posts: 55
    If you're not fixed on leather seats, or the Bose stereo or sunroof, do what I did and get the base GXE 5 speed. Dealers are advertising them here in Phoenix for about $18k. For the price difference between that and the GLE/SE, I can add a better stereo/cd player, splash guards, cargo net, trunk liner and after market 16 or 17 inch wheels (and not have a Maxima that looks like everyone else's). The spoiler and fog lights are available too it you want them (I didn't). And you'll have lots of money left over.

    Beats the extra $2-3k option cost (plus the additional markup over invoice) to get the GXE with comfort and convenience package (which meant I'd give up the 5 speed for the mandatory automatic on the GXE) and it's loads cheaper than the SE.

    Only things I am missing are leather (interior car temperatures here hit 150F+ in the summer, I don't miss it); and the stiffer SE suspension (with 1/3 the roads around here under construction at any time, I don't miss the kidney jolts either).
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    I recently had Llumar 35 tint installed on my 2001 Maxima. I inquired about tinting the sunroof but the shop refused, saying they had seen one or two shatter. Anyone have any experience with sunroof tint? I really enjoy the skylight effect but these Texas summers are brutal.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    This guys' saying the tint will cause the sunroof to shatter ?? LOL....was he on crack at the time ?? No..the tint won't do any such do have a sunshade so, why bother tinting the sunroof ?
    In the past, Nissan has tinted their sunroofs. I myself prefer them to be clear, and if the sun gets to be too much, I either close or partially close the sunshade.
    But...if you want to tint yours, by all means, do won't hurt anything.

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    I tried using the 17290-2y000 number at two Nissan dealers that have parts on-line. Both said that they couldn't find this number. the clip number was ok.
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    Try with the following with first two letters: but i don't know why they couldn't find it. I had no problem - Just gave them the numbers no letters

    NI01553-09321 CLIP
  • altavistaaltavista Member Posts: 19

    You have the correct number but you have to capitalize the Y, or the computer doesn't find it.

    Ed A.

    P.S. I think I might start a thread just for this problem. Having my fuel filler line pummelled with rocks and road debris is a problem.
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    the tint guys "shop talk" means the tint will blister. have you seen on some cars how the tint "bubbles" up in the rear windows? on those same cars you see this, the side window tint is fine. its because the rear window tint is subjected to extreme heat, as will the sunroof if its tinted.
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    I'm interested in buying a 2001 Maxima SE with just the Automatic transmission and the traction control options (No C & C package). The dealer I went to had no cars on the lot configured that way and said he'd have to special order it. I'm expecting them to try and charge me extra for doing that. I think that the destination charge should cover that. I'd appreciate hearing the experiences of anyone who has had a dealer special order them a Maxima with a somewhat unusual configuration.
  • majohnsmajohns Member Posts: 16
    The dealer will try to find you that car--probably with a dealer locator or such--but a dealer *cannot* "special order" you a specif car. They can oply do a computer search of what's already out there. Ask Joenissan about this past heated topic. And no, there is no extra fee other than the dest. charge when this happens.
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  • corkfishcorkfish Member Posts: 537
    Can anyone verify the rumours of an SE-R Maxima in the near future? I'm in the market for a new car and almost bought the Subaru WRX ( I was a little disappointed with the turbo lag and don't want to have to drive around all day close to redline to extract any performance). I decided to wait after Nissan announced the radical changes to the Altima and the new Sentra SE-R. Whats to become of the Maxima?
  • wyosewyose Member Posts: 7
    Just a note to inform the group of my purchase last week of a 2001 base model SE, here in WY, for $21,871.45. That included half of the $400. Advertising fee I didn't know would be added to the car as a result of the dealer trading for it with a dealer in CO. I agreed to split that $400 figure with the dealer. Otherwise, I got ripped off at the end for having to pay $150 for the nose guard, including $44 for 2-day shipping! I could have obviously saved money by ordering the part myself, but I just didn't want my brand new car getting the paint chipped on its first drive up the Shirley Basin on its way home to Casper.

    It's a sleek and solid car and I'm looking forward to having fun driving it for years to come. I thank all of you for the information you have provided about the car, especially joenissan.

  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The tints you've seen blistering on rear windows is from using cheap tint or from being installed improperly. 3M's tint, which I've had now on 7 cars, will not blister..and it's guaranteed. Find someone who knows what they're doing, and have a good quality tint applied to your sunroof...if that's what you want.

  • segirl7segirl7 Member Posts: 14
    What level tint do you use? I heard it protect's the interior of the car, but I don't want a heavy tint. Just something light, but enough to protect. What should I ask for? Thank's Eileen
  • jwisajwisa Member Posts: 6
    I ordered a 2001 Maxima SE with the C&C and Bose system. The dealer gave me a 90 day lead time. The last time I checked it was due to deliver sometime this week. You can order a car up until the changeover to the new model year.
  • dosullivandosullivan Member Posts: 4
    I'm contemplating buying a 2001 Maxima SE with auto transmission and traction control. I'm wondering if the traction control on the Maxima can be manually turned on and off by the operator, or is it permanently turned on. The reason I'm asking is that I've been led to believe that traction control can inhibit performance of the car, so the ability to switch it on only in adverse weather conditions would be a plus. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has the option installed to hear your opinion on it.
  • 92drexel92drexel Member Posts: 153
    The traction control can be turned-off. It resets to the "ON" mode whenever you turn off the ignition so you'll have to keep turning it off manually.

    HOST: The owners club sounds pretty good...I vote yes.

    Joenissan: Let me know what you think about zaino. I've applied about 3 coats in the past week with stunning results. I've caught people gawking at my car in parking lots. I'm 100% sold on zaino and I justed placed an order for their leather care products. George...thanks for turning me on to zaino!
  • aaronw1aaronw1 Member Posts: 9
    I guess it's always something I've been curious about.. I have an 'early model' 2K SE. I got the 16" wheels on it even though I got the C&C package due to the fact that the 17" wheels were not in manufacturing yet. Is there *any* difference at all between my SE and one purchased a few months later that includes the 17" wheels? suspension, tuning, etc? Anyone have a reliable source?
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Even though it's really illegal here in NY..I use 19%....(advertized as 20%)which means it blocks 81% of the light...and it's quite dark. the lighter 30% is nice too..not too dark, and protects the interior from UV damage, as well as keeping it MUCH cooler in the summer months. I prefer the darker deters would be vandals because they can't tell if anyones in the car...(That's been proven by 3M).

    Aaron....The two cars are identical except for a couple slight minor tweeks. The turns to lock are less with the 17" shod Maximas due to the wider wheel/tire pkg, and the speedo, although minute, has a very slight re-calibration. The suspension, and everything else is the same. The big difference you'll notice between the two is that the 17" shod Max's ride a bit rougher but, they handle noticably better.

  • slotheadslothead Member Posts: 14
    I had the windows tinted, then did the sunroof myself with low-E window film. It works great. I liked to keep shade back to enjoy the roof but the heat was brutal. Even when tilted. Now when you put your hand up right next to the glass it is cool. I have no idea why they don't tint these from the factory. (cost?)
    I was in a builing 12 floors up looking over parking lot of cars and every car but the new Maxima's had tinted sunroofs.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The 2k Maxima was the first year w/o the tinted sunroof. All other years had it. Personally, I prefer it clear. If I want shade, I'll close the sunshade. Be sure you used a good quality tint or it will blister.

  • si88si88 Member Posts: 39
    I'm shopping for one of these vehicles and was wondering if any Max owners have had driving experience with the '01' Regal GS. The handling is better in the Max but is the Regal faster with 3.8L, 240 horses?

    The Regal is heavier than a Max so I think it may be a little safer. Also I've read here that someone got in a minor accident in a Max and the bumbers just tore off easily.

    I would prefer (I think) the 5sp SE but can't seem to find one anywhere. Besides the Buick has 0.9% financing for 60 months or 0.0% for 48 months! That's hard to beat.

    What is the current Maxima incentive?
  • newbie5newbie5 Member Posts: 25
    Any that you know of? Possibly is there a website that one can go to for information on all vehicles for rebates/incentives? Edmunds does not seem to have this up to date for any vehicle. Thank you!
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    In fact, the Maxima is faster than the Regal in 5 spd form. The Regal is still a GM product...with an old pushrod that isn't in the same hemisphere as the Maximas VQ engine...which is probably why you never hear anyone compare the two cars..or why you never even hear anything about the ole' Buick.

  • corkfishcorkfish Member Posts: 537
    Even the 5 speed is slower by a tenth of a second. The best time I've seen recorded for the Maxima is 6.7 seconds to 60. I've seen a 6.6 for the Buick. I drove the Buick out of curiosity however and it felt like a boat. It's too big and bulky and doesn't offer the sporting feel of the Maxima. Like I said, it has nice acceleration, but man, what a boat.
  • jmaxejmaxe Member Posts: 198
    I'm considering a DIY sunroof tint. Can you give me the details of yours? What material did you use? Where did you buy it? Any installation pointers?

  • phkckphkck Member Posts: 185
    On the Finance Warrant topic board is a current incentives and rebates area.
    Someone is stating $500 rebate + 3.9% financing.
    Hard to pass that up.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The Regal S/C is 0-60 in 6.8 1/4 is 15.4 @ 92.2 (remember...different sources always seem to differ...I think it's a The Maxima 5 spd is 6.6 and 1/4 15.1 @94.3. In any event....even if the Regal were faster...who drives them?? older folks who do 50 in the left lane while the left blinker is left on for you to guess what they're gonna

  • rseneresrseneres Member Posts: 2
    I picked up my new Majestic Blue 20th Anniversary SE Monday night. When I got home I removed the bracket (state of NC does not require a front plate) and was very upset to find that 2 holes had been drilled in the front bumper cover to install the bracket. My 1999 SE had a bracket that did not require drilling for mounting. So after calling 2 Nissan dealerships I found that drilling 2 holes is the only way to mount the bracket on the 2001's. I am posting this for you future Maxima owners who might be bothered by this.
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