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Nissan Maxima



  • Thanks...It seem Canadiancl, and you (amungst others) are right...and I was wrong. Thanks for the posts guys.

  • Play taps for my Maxima GLE (2000)engine. When the first cam broke,it shattered like a grenade in a bunker.
    Nissan has agreed to replace the engine after they allowed the mechanic to do more of an autopsy. I don't know whether to be happy or sad.
  • Be happy. You'll now have a new engine, you'll never know the difference, and have a free extended warranty.

  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    This is off topic. Just read the Motor Trend article on the new Z. I love it. I think it'll sell like hotcakes if they hit the target MRSP. Can you offer any insider's info? Will we be getting 300hp? Final shape close to the show car's?
  • Unfortunately, I'm about as "OUTSIDE" as you folks are on most Z info. What I do know, and have already seen, are some pics of the production model (or VERY close to production I should say). The front lights are different, the grill is also different, as is the rear end and lights. The Door handles are also different on the prod. version.
    As for the power......I have no more info than whats been reported already. It'll be a version of the 3.5 VQ engine with Nissans variable valve timing, and 280HP...although I predict closer to 300HP.
    The proiduction car is MUCH nicer than the show car, and more realistic.

  • I have a 1990 Maxima that runs fine but all of
    a sudden the right rear Bose powered speaker is
    making a rattling sound. I assume that the speaker
    has gone bad. Has anyone else had this problem
    and what is the best solution-take it to the
    dealer for a replacement or try and find a
    speaker myself and try to fix it.
    I am assuming that a new speaker will be pretty
    costly if available at all.
  • Dealers usually have whats called a Bose exchange program, allowing you to get a speaker replacement cheaper than if purchased new. They get refurbished components from Bose that are as good as new.
    What's probably happend is the amp at that speaker has gone bad...and you can't just replace one part because the amp and speaker are combined as one unit, unlike a regular stereo where the amp is built into the headunit, the Bose systems, up until 99, place an amp at each speaker (except the "A" piller tweeters).


  • jamberjamber Posts: 21

    The Service Manager told me that Nissan must have made the glass too small or used too thin or not enough weather stripping in the small rear side windows. He said they had a few complaints. Mine was the first and now they know how to fix the others which are Maximas and Altimas. I did not hear mine at first, it was a couple weeks after I got my Max that I first noticed it, then it did get worse, first only at 70mph then a few days later at 55mph. I'm so glad they fixed it, what a huge difference. The car is so quite now, (except the squeaky a/c fan that started a week ago, which I need to bring in). If you want to call my Service Manager or have your Service Manager call mine to discuss the fix his name is Matthew Menihan (407) 657-9500. He has been great to me, I'm sure he won't mind helping.
    Good luck!

    I just noticed that my Maxima does not have a key hole on the passenger side front door! I would not use it anyway since it has the keyless entry...

    I love my Maxima!
  • Joe,

    There seems to be a rattle coming from the rear parcel shelf of my 01 max. I don't have Bose, so there is no sub. Is there anything you seen that might be the culprit (child restraint tethers, etc)? Anyone else have suggestions or thoughts?

    Afterburner: thanks for the useless post! Lets please try and stay on topic - maximas.
  • Have you heard anything about the 2002 Altima?. A guy at the who works for Nissan claims that the Smyrna plant produced the first few Altimas for show/display and claims it is a handsome car. Other than the sketches from Freshalloy, have you seen it??.


  • I haven't come across any complaints about the rear shelf except for as you said...the Bose subwoofer but......What you can do is fold down both rear seats, and carefully bang on the shelf to see if you can get it to rattle...sometimes the grommets that seat the cover to the actual shelf are not fully seated and a simple push on each one will seat it. If that doesn't help, bring it in and have the dealer worry about fixing it.

    Speed....No..I've seen only what others have seen..and they were only artist renderings. I do know the new Altima will be offering a new V6 option....will still have the SuperToe rear suspension, and be a bit larger.
    Sorry I don't have more info but...if I do get some...I'll pass it on.

  • anyone have one installed? i know someone that has one installed in his 2k SE, and im getting one installed in mine this week. i wonder if and how car starters affect the Vehicle disabling system in the Max. anyone know??
  • In the past, I have used a "stethoscope" to help me locate noises. It is simply a piece of tube, one end of which goes in your ear, while the other end is moved above the engine (my case) or the rear shelf (your case) to see where it makes the unwanted sounds.

    If you are a doctor, you might use the real scope, too. I think the airline ear piece should also work.

    BTW, I noticed the 'crayola' artist's rendering in that earlier post today has disappeared. I take it to mean that our host is watching and keeping our Max house clean! :-)
  • pdworpdwor Posts: 3
    Thanks. I am going to have it looked at some weekend when I don't need it, whenever that is.
  • Where can I buy the 2000 Maxima SE wheels??
    Have a 2000 GXE and would like to put those SE wheels.
  • Burner,

    Sorry you can't even get my name right! I am still here and check in every once in a while. I am going to the Chicago auto show on monday. I am going to check to see if the new MAX is going to offer the 3.5 260HP like motortrend says for 2002. If this is the case, I am going to buy a 2002 with the current body style and a smoking 260 ponnies, and the wife will have to keep the 01SE. So burner, I am to excited about finding out what 2002 Max be joe's twin...besides..I got to be better looking then JOE......(sorry joe).... I will keep the board interested in what I find at the Chicago auto show. If anybody else has a question, let me know and I will be all over the NISSAN folks...I am going on Monday!
  • My Mom has a 2000 Maxima GLE and has complained to me on several times that her car makes funny noises coming from the right front of the car. She says it often occurs while making a turn. I took it to the dealer and they couldn't find anything...what a suprise. I even took the mechanic for ride to see if i could make this noise luck. Any ideas on what this could be?
  • robertrrobertr Posts: 125
    Sounds like the same noise my 2000SE had. Occurred most frequently when making left turn downhill out of Tim Horton's driveway. Crunching, rattly noise from right front, very intermittent so can't reproduce at will. Dealer lubricated top of the strut towers, I have not noticed it since.
  • well, i guess no one else has installed a starter on their max....

    I went into the alarm place today and asked for them to install one ...they said that they needed an extra key which is placed inside a transitor box or something that's hidden inside the dash...this way, the car starter will work. Im guessing it has to do with the Vehicle immobilize system.... I'm going to ask this guy that i know about his starter on his 2K max. just sounded wierd that they need an extra key placed inside the car. anyone know anything about this??
  • xxlaxxxlax Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 GXE which is getting 21 - 22.5 MPG. and it doesn't change much between highway and suburban driving. Dealer tells me that this is not unusual and won't do anything unless the "engine check" light is on. Now, I traded in a 95 GXE which consistently got 26-28 MPG and my question is "Is this normal for the 2001 model because of the HP increase?" Love the car otherwise..
  • xxlax - I have 13.5k on my 2000, and have averaged about 21.5 overall. I get 25 or so on the highway, and as low as 18 in town if all i do is sit in traffic (common here in DC)
  • xxlaxxxlax Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 GXE which is getting 21 - 22.5 MPG. and it doesn't change much between highway and suburban driving. Dealer tells me that this is not unusual and won't do anything unless the "engine check" light is on. Now, I traded in a 95 GXE which consistently got 26-28 MPG and my question is "Is this normal for the 2001 model because of the HP increase?" Love the car otherwise..
  • My 2000 GLE gets roughly 25mpg on mostly hwy driving and just under 20 in the city, slightly less than the epa estimate. One thing I thought was odd is that I seem to get better mileage using regular unleaded (87) than premium (92). Also dont notice any performance differences using either. Possibly this is due to the mild winters here in Phoenix and the low elevation at or near sea level.
  • If it happens again take the car back to the dealer and tell him tha Nissan has issued a TSB concerning Right front strut noise. Maybe this is the problem.

    Service Bulletin Number: NTB00030A
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 139
    Date of Bulletin: 0006
    NHTSA Item Number: SB613978
    Make: NISSAN
    Model: MAXIMA
    Year: 2000
  • I've seen a few sets of the 17's on can check there.

    COWA.....It's my understanding that it's the 03 Maxima with the 3.5 250HP but only in the SE-R trim. And then in 04, a completely newly styled Maxima with the larger size-class, and fully independant suspension....let us know what you find out if that's not the case. I'll be at the NY show in April'll have the info before I will.

  • I just bought a 96 Maxima GLE auto with 36Kmi and would like to know what I should be doing mechanically in addition to the following:

    1) Flush and fill transmission fluid

    2) Plugs, oil+filter, air filter, fuel filter I can do myself but I figure the throttle body could use a good cleaning (any DIY-ers out there know how to go about this?)

    3) New front tires - Are Yokohama tires OME? Just curious, as I'll probably be replacing with another brand.

    Would it be worthwhile to take the car into a dealership for a full check up as the tranny is still under the original warranty or do you think they might suggest a whole host of unnecessary, non-warranty repairs?

    Thanks for your comments.
  • Your both right. The SE-R is supposed to be introduced late 2002 as 2003 model. I have heard reports that it will 260 hp and also heard 250 Hp. So i guess we'll just have to wait and see. Hope they go higher rather than lower.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    max2001 Feb 8, 2001 12:06pm

    I'd say the new Maxima probably will get 250Hp.... why? Considering the Maxima had 160HP > 190HP > 222HP so a lift up to 250 is about right. Who knows for sure, but it is unlikely to exceed the new Z.

    In any case, it will do well in its intended class.
  • I will find out what they say at the Chicago auto show. Motortrend says in their "future car update" that the Max will get 260ponnies in 2002. They also say that the Altima will move up to be in the Max's body style for 2002. So why would they introduce a Altima with the 3.0 V6 and have the Max be the same for 2002??? I am thinking that the Max is going to get the 3.5 260HP this year, so they can work the bugs out of it (in the Max's body). I know that the Max is not the same as the TL, but that is going to get 260HP, I sure in the heck don't think Nissan would be dumb enough to underpower the Max. Yes, I think everyone can agree that in 2003 the Max is going to get a bigger body and more HP! But if Nissan cranks out 260HP with the current body....HOLLY COW!!.....count me in baby....I can't wait until monday!!!
  • The new Altima is actually rumored to be having an optional 240HP VQ....I wouldn't count on that either. With those HP numbers, that would put the larger Maxima (even with 250HP)in jeopardy.
    The new QR series 4 banger with 175HP is probably a shoe-in, I can only see maybe the last VQ with 190HP as being "safe" as the optional engine.

    Rusty....I would at least suggest taking it to the dealer for a good don't have to have the work done there. And no....most good dealers won't just start replacing parts for no reason do have to be sure to find a good one...ask around in your area.

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