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Nissan Maxima



  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650

    I got my SE when the Maxima first came out in the summer of 1999. Back then the 17" wheels were not available on the SE yet..they were made available and became standard later. So my SE came with the same 16" wheels you have in your GLE. Shucks!
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    The 17's are still not standard. Standard are the 16's. The 17's come in the SE C&C pkg.

    Go with the regular nose mask...the clear doesn't come off and will look pretty crappy after a short time.

    Damn...Does anyone else remember the hard clear plastic nose masks ?...I wish they were still available.

  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650

    I have the C&C package, but back when I got my Maxima, the 17" wheels where not yet available, they were "late availability".
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    That's right..they weren't available until late summer. My point was.....the 17's are not, even now, standard equiptment...except for the AE Maxima.

  • It is time for my first car wash. What products are best? Outside, Inside (leather), tires, etc. I am not one to spend 12 hours doing this (so forget those clay bars or what ever they are). So what works the best?
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    I've always used Zipwax carwash. Our dealership uses it also...just don't use dish detergent...unless you plan on waxing the car afterwards. Any good brand of leather cleaner/conditioner will do fine.

  • does anyone know how much torque the 97 maxima has, or where i could get that number?
  • Remember before you purchase a leather cleaner or conditioner open the bottle and take a good smell. If it smells like a chemical factory inside that's exactly how your car will smell when you finish conditioning your seats.

    I recommend Zaino leather soft spray cleaner and Zaino leather in a bottle conditioner. This is the best conditioner that I have ever tried. If you don't care how your car smells after conditioning your seats then any conditioner will be OK. If you want your seats to feel and smell like they were when they were new then use Zaino conditioner.

  • kevinw5kevinw5 Posts: 3
    I have a question for you seasoned car buyers...I want a SE but can't afford to buy it but can afford to lease one. The problem is that I already know that I'm going to go over the mileage cap and was wondering what the draw backs are to leasing a car and then purchasing it at the end of the lease. Is there anything wrong with doing this? I'm looking for some words of wisdom!!!! Thanks KW
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    Check carpoint's info on used cars. They've got a shockingly thorough compendium of info on older vehicles. Much better than Edmunds.
  • Where can I purchase Zaino?

    Also, is taking my car through the car wash bad? I thought so. But today while vaccuming at the car wash I see Jags, BMWs, Lexus, Maxima's, and more going through. What are your thoughts?

    Also, I'm colecting bugs and nicks on the front. Is the bra the answer?
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Economically, leasing a car and then buying it is generally a bad move, but so much depends on the particular deal you get - the residual being all important. If it's a low residual then your monthly payments are higher. If they give you a high residual then your monthly payments will be lower but if you want to buy at the end, then you'll pay more there.

    Do you really HAVE to have a car right this minute? How long would it take you to save up enough more to be able to buy rather than lease? Buying gives you more control (I'm assuming you're not in a position to write off lease costs as business expense). A little self-discipline can do wonders for your financial well-being in the long run.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    The 95 through 99's are exactly the same. 190 HP/205 Ft Lbs of tq.

  • iluvmaxiluvmax Posts: 33
    I know that many here will not agree with me but as I have stated before: My 2000 Sunlit Sand GLE will be 2 years old in July and it has been through an Auto car wash every Saturday unless it was raining. The one I use has those blue pads instead of brushes and my cars paint still looks new. Just make sure you pick one that you know won't scratch your car!!

  • Zaino products are only available through mail order. It takes about 1 week to receive your order. Their web site is at the following link:

    In addition here's additional site at Edmunds where people talk about Zaino products and their experiences.



  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    I've heard you, as well as a few others, talk about Zaino. I'll assume you do use it really that good. I there really a noticable difference over say...Zymol or any other good polish ? I would never use that clay bar stuff it worth the extra money for their polish ?


  • majohnsmajohns Posts: 16
    Someone please refresh my memory--when having my car waxed and buffed--what is it that I don't want the detailer to use--a circular power buffer?
  • nrl76nrl76 Posts: 30
    According to Edmunds, the torque is 205 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm and the horsepower is 190 hp @ 5600 rpm. These are the correct numbers.
  • majohnsmajohns Posts: 16
    Someone please refresh my memory--when having my car waxed and buffed--what is it that I don't want the detailer to use--a circular power buffer?
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    I think this topic came up some time ago – I remember reading some posts about a missing shield next to the fuel line. I think I do not have that shield and am constantly getting a lot of dirt behind the fuel door. I spoke to my dealer but they said they needed a part number in order to order it. Has anyone put this shield? If so do you know the part number? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • dani329dani329 Posts: 14
    I am *this* close to getting my 01 SE. Got a nice quote from a dealer through e-mail if you can believe that. Every other dealer in the area wanted me to come in and *talk* in person. I'm getting the C & C pkg with leather seats - they're offering $26,098 with 3.9% - opinions please. Oh, and I'm only going to do it if they take my leased Camry off my hands (2 pmts of $397 still left) I haven't mentioned that to them yet - thought I'd spring it on them. Wish me luck - I'm going tomorrow night.
  • dani329dani329 Posts: 14
    What can I expect to pay for a good extended warranty - or should I say, what is a fair price? Also - does anyone use regular gas? I'm afraid that I'll get my dream car and not be able to afford to put gas in it!
  • I have used Zymol, Nu Finish, Meguiar's, Rain Dance and many other car waxes with good results. But as I said before nothing that I have tried compares to Zaino show car polishes and leather condtioners.

    The cost of Zaino appears to be more money then other waxes, but if you follow the directions and apply the polish very sparingly it will provide many more applications then other waxes. When applying Zaino polish you have to forget about how you use to apply regular waxes and apply Zaino almost to a point that you think that you are not using enough of the polish and then you most lilely still should be using less. The point I am trying to make is you will use much less Zaino polish then regular wax so it really does not cost more money in the long run.

    If you don't want to use clay bar then that is up to you. But remember Zaino products do not contain any abrasives in the polish so your car's finish has to be clean and ready for polish. Most other polishes have some abrasives in them to help you clean and polish in one step. Zaino will not clean the finish on your car. If your finish needs cleaning you will need to use something else before you use Zaino providing you don't want to use clay bar first.

  • Z-1 pre cleaner
    Z-2 Show Car Polich
    Z-7 Show Car Wash
    Z-10 "Leather in a bottle"
    Z-16 Tire Gloss


  • jmaxejmaxe Posts: 198
    Go over to and see the topic 2001 Manufacturing Defect(or similar) in the 5th Generation forum. You will find several references to part nos.
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    to kevinw5: Just a thought, but keep your eyes open for a 00 Max. Get the current body style while someone else takes the depreciation hit.
  • ed571ed571 Posts: 6
    Yes Al its the truth. I paid $23,699 for a new 01 Max SE w/ C & C package, carpet mats, microfilter, mudflaps, sunroof deflector. I got the 3.90% for 60 mnths also. Plus $650 over Kelley blue book for my trade. I live in the Philadelphia area. Did most of the negotiating over the net and cell phone pager between a dozen or so dealers. I was told by another dealer (not the one i bought from) that price is not making money for that dealer but may be a bonus reaching sale. I dont care, i couldnt be happier with this awesome vehicle and yes, i am aware about the upgrades coming in 2002 for the Altima & Max. I had a feeling Nissan was going to do the 3.90% after the NY car show. Used that as leverage to buy. This is a great time to make a deal on a proven powertrain. Im not into buying new model yrs. Made that mistake once already.
  • newbie5newbie5 Posts: 25
    Best price I got so far was $21000 for a GXE. This is base car with destination charge, mats, and mud guards included. Folks, are there any incentives/rebates currently on Maximas? Thanks much for your replies! Incidentally, $23699 for SE with C&C package in last post is awesome but I know I won't be getting that from the dealership I'm working with in NJ as you can see I'm nowhere close to a deal like that on a GXE!
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Rod, also buy the Zaino #5, you'll use it before the #2. and the anti-static spray!

    Joe, I too believe in these products. The Zaino I used last fall still beads the water and looks great this spring...after a New England winter! The product also goes on and comes off easily...very different from ordinary waxes. It is a polymer based product and will produce a static attraction to dust...if you don't use the anti-static spray.
  • dani329dani329 Posts: 14
    May be buying my SE tonight - whats a fair price for a Nissan 7-year/100,000 ex warranty. I have no idea - Thanks!
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Dani, don't waste your money on an extended warranty. Chances are you won't need it. Just put the money into a "car maintenance account" (your own savings account) and let it earn some interest for you. The Maxima is extremely reliable. Very few people come out ahead buying a warranty.
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    You don't need an extended warranty on a Nissan product. You change the oil and the car will run forever. Extended warranties are generally just cash cows for dealerships. The only possible exceptions would be VW and maybe Hyundai.
  • dani329dani329 Posts: 14
    I can't seem to get the "What if's" out of my head. I guess I should trust the reason that I'm buying a Nissan (reliability) in the first place. I'm going to try and "just say no" to the warranty but if it's under $500 I will go for it. A friend of mine got a $350 ex warranty on his new Xterra - how can you turn that down? Thanks guys :)
  • ed571ed571 Posts: 6
    I just got a qoute for 7yrs/100k for $1249 add $200 more for roadside. Of course this is probably negotiable as well.

  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    Thanks folks. I just sent in my order. I'll have to see just what all the hype is about !

  • jdimottajdimotta Posts: 55
    Hey Joe,
    Would you mind answering POST# 1874 again..I'm having the same problem and missed the earlier posts about the this covered under warranty?...and how can I check if I even have one on my 2001 Max...THANKS...Joe D.
  • cartalk6cartalk6 Posts: 5
    I bought a Nissan Maxima GXE, yesterday. It seems to have considerable road noise on the freeway, which I didn't notice on the test drive (I drove a GLE for the test drive, but figured the GLE & GXE were the same car).
    Are there differences in these models that could cause this? Is there anything I can do to improve this?
  • max2001max2001 Posts: 63
    Almost all 2000 maxes have them. No 2001 Max has the shield installed. Second I have gotten different answers from four differnt dealers as to whether you need it. Some say yes, some say no. As to how to check if its there- got to the rear driver side wheel well. Look into the wheel well behind the wheel. If you see a hose connecting the fuel filler door down all the way to the tank - then you don't have a shield. As for warranty coverage - some dealers have covered it, while others have not. Nissan NA is aware of a number of complaints (they have said as much to me) about this but at present they have no official response to it. Finally part numbers are:

    17290-2Y000 Protector
    01553-09321 Clips X4
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    See post 1892. And yes, if the shield is missing from your car, it is covered under warranty.

  • dani329dani329 Posts: 14
    After all the papers have been signed and I've taken the car home - is there any window that I can i.e 48hrs or something where I can give the car back? Buyers remorse.
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    In CA the answer is a definitive NO. No buyer's remorse allowed. Dunno about other states.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    The road noise will vary with the surface. The wheel wells are much noisier when the road is wet and on concrete road surfaces.
  • dani329dani329 Posts: 14
    For some reason I forgot about how much I love this car and how much work I put into buying it - why on earth would I want to give it back? :)
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Someone asked about expected prices for 2002 Max (and for the I30 for that matter) earlier. Does anyone have any informed guesses? Would it be reasonable to expect a similar increase as the TL vs. the TL-S?
  • cartalk6cartalk6 Posts: 5
    Thanks, Isf, for your reply.
    Is it true that having your car undercoated can decrease road noise?
    Could getting different wheels help? If so, what kind?
  • tiger64tiger64 Posts: 4
    For those of you looking for pricing info............I just purchased my first new car! I got the '01 Max GXE and got what I believe to be a great deal. I did my research online and went to three different dealers for the best price. It's Grey Lustre with the Conf. & Conv. package, mats, microfilter, splash guards, rear spoiler and the 6-CD changer for $22,998. I live on the North-East Coast and this seems to be a good price for my region. The dealer gave me $500 off the invoice price. Plus I got 3.9% financing!! I told him I had done a lot of research (hinting that I knew what the invoice price was already), and he was very reasonable.

    Anyway, I drove it off the lot this afternoon and I love it! Thanks for everyone's help on the board.. I'm off to enjoy my new Maxima!
  • wg45678wg45678 Posts: 55
    I doubt that undercoating will much reduce road noise. I'd expect most of it is conducted into the body through the suspension. If you are going to spend money that way, I'd get that acoustically dead rubber pads from an audio equipment dealer and start lining interior and trunk surfaces with it. Nissan already lined the firewall with it -- one of the reasons engine noise is nearly negligible in the Maxima.

    Changing tires can reduce road noise markedly. I changed my Quest mini-van from Michelin to Fisk and noticed the large decrease in road noise. As to which brands -- that you'll have to research test reports yourself. This would probably be your best bet. (Nota bene: Noise can change between brands and lines of tires within a brand. Just because Fisk was quieter on my minivan doesn't mean that it will be quieter on your Maxima in a different size.)

    As a first step though, check your tire pressures and make sure your tires are not over-inflated (most new Max's have grossly overinflated tires).
  • carbyecarbye Posts: 1
    After 140K miles, my '92 Camry is reaching it retiring point, it has really been a great car. Now, I am considering the Max hoping to get as good or better reliability. The question is which trim? I understand the SE with the confort package has really a "firmed" suspension. While the GXE & GLE supposedly have the "softer" feel.

    Being that these trims are of the same design, is there really a noticeable difference in the suspension? This week I will be visiting the Nissan dealers for test drives.

    Also can you guys comment on type of gas (premium or regular) recommended or required for the Max.

    Thanks in advance for your commments.

    BTW, I appreciate all the information posted in this great forum.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    The Maxima requires premium fuel in all trim levels.
    The SE has a noticably stiffer ride than the GXE, and GLE due to it's sport suspension...even moreso with the SE's optional 17" wheel/tire pkg.
    Is the difference night and day ? I'd have to say no but, it is noticable.

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