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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Lets hope if they do start to use this motor it gets a lot more hp than the current 3.0L does. With the next round of midsize cars appearing within a year with more hp than the current Intrigue (Camry 220, Altima 240, Maxima, base TL 260, Honda promising to match Altima with their next Accord), things are getting interesting and hopefully GM keeps pace.
  • timmyvtimmyv Posts: 7
    Talked to a dealer today who said that an announcement came out yesterday (Fri 5/4) that there will not be a 2002 Intrigue, 2001 is it! Any truth to this??
  • redly_oneredly_one Posts: 122
    Hmmm, at this rate, next week we will all get a letter from Olds telling us the Intrigue never existed
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Exsqueezeme? Baking powder?

    I don't think i can handle any more bad news.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Yesterday my dealer got in a bronzemist GL with leather as the only option.

    The ruby GL is gone. Was on his lot only two weeks.

    The midnight blue GX with no options is still sitting there.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    timmyv : Absolutely not true. The 2002 models are definitely a go. You dealer is trying to sell you something off the lot rather than try to find an Intrigue for you.

    ehaase : Where did you read about the 3.7L? I have read about it also, but I'm wondering where you saw it will be in the 2003 GP for sure?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Slow board the last couple of days.
  • david161david161 Posts: 20
    Yes, the door self-lock can happen when I leave the car just for an instant to pick up something. Once I stopped at the post office to drop a letter in the mailbox and returned immediately to the car, not two minutes after I had left it. I had left the doors unlocked. When I returned, the driver's door was locked, but none of the other three. Occasionally, but not usually, all four doors self-lock. Usually it is only the drivers door. Fortunately, the only time it happened with the key in the ignition (at a parking garage), only one door locked. I try to make sure I always take the key.
    That was a very helpful post with the service bulletin on the pulsating brakes. The last time I had my tires rotated, I took the car to a local gas station. From now on, it will be the dealer.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    While out last night I stopped at several dealers to window shop. First off, the Olds dealer had 4 Intrigues. A sandstone GLS with everything but Bose, a sterling and white GL that were pretty well loaded, and a forest GX. Thats it's except for some pre-owned 2000s. There were a little better on Aleros and Auroras. Most of the Aleros were light colors like Bronzemist, Sandstone, or Sterling. So next I go to the Pontiac dealer. First off, not a single 2001 Bonneville there. They had about a dozen Grand Prixs, but none were the supercharged GTP model and very few of the GTs were equipped as I would have liked. Lastly, I stopped at the Cadillac dealer for some dreaming. Now they know how to keep their stock. At least 2 dozen Devilles, severals STSs, an ETC, a few Cateras, and one 2002 Escalade. On their used lot I found a pearl red 1997 Deville Concours which someone left unlocked so I naturally got inside it. It had the Beechwood interior and just about every option including the integrated cellular phone. No price was listed on the sticker(typical of used cars) but it did say it had 56,xxx miles. I'm very tempted to go back and drive it sometime and see what they are asking for it. Anyway, I don't understand how some of these dealers stay in business. I mean I could not believe the Poncho dealer didn't have some Bonnevilles. And you'd think Olds would have more Intrigues too. No wonder GM sales are down, they don't have any product on their dealers' lot to sell!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Local Honda dealer has only 3 or 4 new Accords on the lot. I'm sure they are just low on inventory as Honda Accords sell well for some reason. I suppose that doesn't mean Intrigues are selling well though. ;-)

    Local Oldsmobile store has 3 new Intrigues and 2 used as of yesterday.
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    etharmon & dindak ::: do any of your dealers have hidden back lots, covered garages/parking lots?? With main street real-estate being a premium, many of our car dealers have only a few vehicles up front, a lot of the stock is around back out of public view. I know that seems like too basis of a question or thought.

    vezini ::: welcome to the wonderful world of the Oldsmobile Intrigue. You will find that there are many people [both past & present] that have all experience that same problems you are having. You have one of two choices, 1) deal with it on an on-going basis or 2) if you can afford the lost, trade/sell out of it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    "Jgriff " thinks that everyone has had the same problems he did. Fact is most people are very happy with their Intrigues. Sounds like you have a lemon which is unfortunate. Are all the problems worked out now? If so, I would hold on to it. It's a fantastic car.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Took my flexi flyer camaro in for a brake job this morning and was shuttled home in a '00 Ford expidition. Talk about a vehicle that creaks and rattles. This truck had only 8000 miles on it, and the driver had to slow to a crawl on the rough streets of downtown charleston.

    My intrigue has much better structural rigidity in comparison.
  • htwiredhtwired Posts: 62
    I was stopped at red light in left lane. Right lane was also parking lane. Milwaukee uses parking lane during rush hour as traffic lanes. Honda accord pulls up next to mewhile I am waiting for light to change. I can see the 200 yards down the road there is a car parked in right lane. I can also tell by the way Accord pulled up and body language of driver that he wants to jump the light to get ahead of me. I know that in as much as he was going to merge into my lane of traffic, I had the right of way. Being the gracious soul that I am, I wanted to make certain that there was sufficent seperation between me and the car behind me so that Accord conveniently merge into left lane BEHIND me. It was fun, the Intrigue has plenty of low end torque and when accelorator is fully engaged 6500 rpm redline comes up in a hurry. Yes the Accord did ultimately merge BEHIND me. He did not seem to appreciate my efforts though I can't quite understand why. DWG , unfortunately I do not do plaitififfs litigation, however if I was injured by the tortious misconduct of another, I would use a Cannon.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Had a consultant in today from out of town.. Come lunch time, was to take him out and he offered to drive the rental. As we got outside, he said.. Wait a minute, you better drive, he didn't want to be seen in his rental car.

    I then saw thirty feet away a Pontiac Aztec in all its glory, laughed and said A#$tec? He just nodded, lowered his head and told me we needed to find a new rental car company. Stopped at intersections, I usually try and make eye contact with Aztec drivers then laugh at them. It would have been funny if I saw him earlier on the road.

    He liked my Intrigue quite a bit until he got to witness its bad starting condition on the way back. He made a witty remark about GM quality and got a good laugh.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Kind of hard to make a point when i describe the wrong vehicle. It was an Excursion that was the hard riding rattletrap. Not an Expidition.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Are you sure it wasn't one of these?

    New Ford SUV

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Thats a hoot! Although probably not much of a stretch. The only person who needs an excursion is someone who moves houses for a living.

    I couldn't believe how big this thing was. The engine roar was unbelievable under acceleration.

    if this thing was creaky at 8000 miles, think what it will be like at 100,000 miles.

    I am looking at the intrigue differently now.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Your mentioning the GM front end noise option becoming standard over in the SUV forum was better!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    As much as I still don't like the looks of Aztek much, I am getting used to them now. I see at least one every day on the road some where. Apparently the quality on Aztek is a+. This is a good sign for the Rendezvous coming out now.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Yeah, saw your reply to my post. Sometimes a sense of humor is the only thing that keeps me from getting totally disgusted.

    I wonder if GM is monitoring this forum?
  • vezinivezini Posts: 38
    Any suggestions on an extended warranty? I have looked at the forum that covers that area; however, I was wondering what experience any Intrigue owners have with GM Major Guard?

    Thanks for the previous responses; I do think mine is a lemon, so, if I am going to keep it past 36K, I will need an extended warranty.

    This is a fun car to drive, and very handsome; ... it is too bad that it can't match Japanese quality. If GM could make a more reliable car they would be kings again. It is really sad that they choose not too.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Honda dealer has rows of Accords, although most are probably 4 bangers. Same for Toyota on Camrys, Nissan on Maximas, and Ford on Tauri. So why can't Olds dealers stock their lots like that. They might actually sell some product if they had a good selection to pick from. The Cadillac dealer next door has no problem keeping a good selection of cars on the lot.

    jgriff, the Olds dealer does have a back lot sort of and it's full of GMC trucks and Yukons as they are also a GMC dealer. The 4 Intrigues I saw were it! GM powerbuy website confirmed this as well. They currently don't even have one in their showroom. When I got my Intrigue back in the summer of 98 near the end of the 2 month GM strike they had more to pick from. I may just have to pocket that $1000 GM voucher for several years(it's good until 12/31/05) and go with a nice low mileage 97 or 98 Cadillac. After sitting in that Deville Concours the other night, there is no comparison in the quality of materials between it and the Olds. Shut the door on the Caddy and you hear a deep, solid "thud." The Intrigue just doesn't sound that good, but then again it cost less than half what that Concours did when new. I guess I just have rich tastes.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Ya... I'd say 80% of the new generation Accords I see on the road are four bangers with plastic wheel covers. Really makes me not want an Accord even more. Even the base Intrigue GX with no spoiler looks better than a V6 Accord and you can pick one up for C$3K less.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I would get the warranty. While the engine and tranny are sound, you never know about the electrical and a/c stuff.
    If you had an a/c repair and a intermediate steering shaft replaced it would probably pay for itself.
  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    The Accords with the wheel covers aren't as bad as the Avalons with the wheel covers. I'll never understand that one.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    It's that magical Toyota quality I think.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Or the VW Passats with plastic wheel covers. One of the things I liked about the Intrigue was even the cheapest most basic model came with 16" alloy wheels, V6 engine, and a decent level of standard equipment.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Was over in the regal forum and you guys should check out post #938 by rcarboni. There is an mpeg of a guy doing a smoky burnout, then running a 13.84 quarter. Talk about a Grand Prix that can run.
  • jr45jr45 Posts: 45
    About 6 mons ago, I ordered some of the Zaino polish from the brothers based on the buzz about the product. Put it on my '01 sterling over the weekend. OK, goes on and comes off quick and easy. Good shine, but doesn't seem better than a paste wax. Anybody use this stuff? I guess I'll wait and see how long it stays on.

    b4z: I can't remember which of those Fords is which either. I think one is huge and the other mammoth. On the other hand, you never know when you might want to pull some stumps. Think I can get one cheap when gas hits $3+ gal.?
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