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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • when my dad had his 97, it turned 50,000 back in 1999! we turned it in with over 65,000 on it, but the dealer doesnt know that.... shhh....
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    How well did your 89 T-sedan hold up? I always liked that version of the Ninety Eight. I particularly loved the front seats as they felt like thrones. I remember trying to get my father to buy one brand new back in 1990 but he decided on a Chrysler minivan instead. Big mistake! Sorry your having problems with your Aurora. The Aurora is a very nice car and it basicaly replaced the Touring Sedan. Hope things go better with the 96.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I agree with vwbus (good to see your posts again).

    The aROARa is a car that is fun to drive, but it will cost you $$ to maintain. Some have said that they got 100,000 miles with nothing but oil changes. But that has not ben my experience. Nothing MAJOR has gone wrong with the car, but it can dime and quarter (new milenium guys) you to death if you let it.

    The car can take the miles (someone had 255K on his Classic). I used to put 88 miles a day on mine.

    So Buck-up new Aurorian, the future is bright. And being on a first name basis with your dealer's service department is not such a bad thing.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I rest my case since it did not even take 10 postings to see the same problem arise. Zinc, at least you have the benefit of knowing what the problem is already.

    So Buck-up old Aurorian, the future looks bright!
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Welcome to the over 50 club.


    I can't wait to be in the over 100K club.
    I always thought it would be kool if Olds handed out the badges for over 100K like Mercedes. However, in looking at the "grill" of the Classic, there would be no place to put it.

    On a personal note, if any of you guys are computer geeks I would love to hear from you on what type of processer is best (Pentium III, pentium IV, AMD, Celeron). I am buying a new computer and am a little lost on this one. Yes, it is for my law/CPA practice.
  • gisomgisom Posts: 144
    I had to use my donut tire for a short period and my abs light came on. I know it was because of that little tire. Is there something I should reset now that I have the regular tire back on?
  • Hmmph...I had to use my "donut" and the light
    never came on. I wonder if it matters what tire?

    I can understand the "Traction Control", but
    not the abs...Weird...

    Speaking of ABS...I was driving to a wrap party
    on Saturday when I was looking at my passengers
    map instead of looking forward. I glanced up
    and saw a car at a dead stop RIGHT in front of
    me. The ABS kicked in and saved the day. I must
    have been an inch away from hitting this car load
    of gang bangers. (Downtown) Whew! My Aurora
    fussed and groaned, but she stopped when I needed
    her too...WOW...Scary! I didn't think a big car
    like that could stop that quick. Kudos for
    ABS, because w/o it, I woulda crashed.

    As for Computers...P3 is tried and true for
    the REAL SPEED. Celeron and AMD are "OK" (cheaper)
    If you are in LAW, spend the $$ and get the P3.
    Also, be sure to get Win2000 Prof. Why?

    w9x architecture is a 32 bit GUI platform built
    on top of a 16bit structure. The 16 bit structure
    has been the norm of the windows OS, including the
    now archaic w3.x platforms. These OS's have been
    designed as lay-over software to run on the 16
    allocation tables designed from DOS.

    Windows NT was developed as an alternative OS
    platform designed for the purposes of small
    networks, and architectured as a pure 32 bit
    system. This allows for greater power and
    "controllability" of a network OS, while still
    maintaining an almost complete GUI environment.

    Where a platform such as NT will never be as
    powerful or malleable as a command line structured
    system like UNIX, it allows for easier, more
    intuitive administration. A primary flaw of NT is
    its comparatively enormous coding, in the millions
    of lines. This, although making a diverse and
    intuitive GUI for network architecture, makes the
    OS too cumbersome for large LANS, as well as being
    too slow in many respects.

    Windows 2k is a morph of the two different design
    theologies. w2k is built on an NT architecture, so
    that it is a pure 32bit system. This allows for
    the networking power of NT.

    w2k also, however, represents great advancements
    in code efficiency, running far fewer iterations
    and processes for very similar functional tasks as
    compared to its NT predecessors. This allows for
    the OS to make up many of the speed and file size
    deficiencies criticized in the NT platforms.

    So...Back to the Aurora...
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Is there HEAT in Zinc1 Country yet??

    Besides, you are in Cali, how long did it take you to even notice the heat was not working????
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I never seen a snowman in L.A.

    (Probably got lost on Route 10)
  • I wanted to thank everyone that responded to my questions. A couple of items first.
    My Touring Sedan is still running strong with 255K miles on it. The upkeep in the beginning was a lot but after 100K miles it tapered off and normal maintenance was all that was needed. I will be donating it to my church for a raffle to raise money. The seats were great. I thought about transferring them to the AroarA. My wife pitched a fit. The seats in the front of the AroarA for me is a bit of a letdown. I put 230K miles on the 89 TS. I have purchased a warranty now that extends out to 99K miles. I do hope that helps.
    I do not mind the maintenance if the mechanics can fix things quickly and without repeat trips to do the same thing again. The best mechanic I have works at a Buick Dealership. Guess what they cannot work on Caddy and AroarA's.
    the $$ amounts are going to be more my last oil change after I purchased the car was $75.00 with Syntheic oil. Firm believer in the oil. Can't change that.
    My brother in law has over 130K miles on his 96 AroarA, one of the reasons I bought mine.
    I do love the car for ride, speed and overall looks. This is a real sleeper.

    Zinc, Love the web site. wish I had studied more before buying. I think about the 99 now.

    does anyone know how to tell if the autobahn package is a the AroarA. I have the 3.48 Gear Ratio but no Chrome wheels. That reminds me where can I get a set of AroarA chrome wheels without going through the dealer?

    this townhall is great.
    Thanks alot for the help and answers!!!!
  • my dad had this problem on his 95... its a bad ABS sensor in the wheel. tell that to the dealer when you take it in if it keeps recurring. The sensor gets water or something in it and it goes kaput.

    by the way, on this site we hear mostly about small problems with this car. we havent heard much about blown engines or dropped trannies, although items connected with the transmission have had problems. i believe thats a testament to the car. My mother has an 88 Eldorado, with a 4.5 V8(yes it does remind of the Aroara at times), and the engine on it bought the farm with only 70,000 miles on it. The Olds beat the Caddy twice, as my dad put almost 70,000 on each of the Aurora's he had.
  • Some time ago, I posted information to this
    group on where you can get the chrome rims
    (Directly from the manufacturer, not the dealer)
    In the message, it has a phone number and a
    contact name of who you want to talk to ...

    The post also discussed the whitewall tires that
    can go with those chrome rims. (I already forgot
    the custom name for these tires...Anyone?)

    So with some digging, you can find that info.
    They were fairly inexpensive, too. Good luck!

    So tell me a little about your warranty. What
    kind did you get? How much was it?

    I paid $1400 for bumper2Bumper for another
    50,000k. I feel that was a good number. If
    the tranny DOES drop, my warranty just paid
    for itself...

    Anyone know why the Olds book says change the
    tranny oil at 50k, but most other cars are
    20k? Just curious!
  • I got the warranty from warrantybynet. It is only for 30000 miles for $1000. It covers a lot of stuff and I can renew for another 30000 miles before I go over 100K. Check it out:

    I will check past posts for the chrome wheels.
  • Nashville has a Jetchip dealer but I could not find the part number on the web last night.
    I will be calling them soon.
    Thanks again for the info on the autobahm pkg. Just another thing to kick the salespeople over. I was told that I had the pkg. Not a big deal now, the car runs so strong I can take on almost anything on the road. AS far as 103MPH, I think I have passed that but will check again soon.
    What happens when the car exceeds this speed, I hope that it does not stop or does the power go away? Going to enjoy this test.
    I am open to more ideas on improving speed/performance and handling.
  • Well, two things.
    1. I do not have the autobahn pkg. Shutdown at 103MPH crap!!!
    2. Called Jetchip, the new module does not defeat the shutdown issue. double CRAP.

    But Prestige Custom Wheels can help me with the Chrome wheels.

    thanks everyone.
  • Umm...Not that it's "legal", but I've pegged
    my sweets at 110mph, then suddenly it just
    backs out...Not a good feeling when you want
    to move forward...

    My guess is that if you are nice to your
    GM dealer, you can still get remnants of the
    Autobahn package. I don't want the spoilers
    and CD players, just gimme the horsepower
    and firmer steering!!

    With the right tires and chipset, you can easily
    bury the speedo...I don't know about you, but
    I wouldn't want to be doing 140 in a 4400lb car!
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Those old aluminum block iron head V8s that Cadillac built from 1982 to about 1989 were very troublesome, especially the 4100 from 82-87. The later models from about 90 on were better but the best thing Cadillac did was dump this whole engine series in favor of the Northstar.
  • grbeckgrbeck Posts: 2,361
    This must be national Aurora month. The November 27-December 3 issue of Autoweek features the 2001 Aurora 4.0 in its Autofile section. Interestingly, several owners who sent in comments remarked that they have had no problems with their cars as of yet. Let's hope Olds has worked out the quality bugs. I'm seeing more of the 2001 models around Harrisburg, Pa. I hope they catch on, for Olds' sake!

    The January 2001 issue of Road & Track features the 1995-99 Aurora in its Owner Survey section. Sadly, "reliability/durability" is listed by owners as one of the cars five worst attributes. Nonetheless, owner comments were enthusiastic about the car, especially about the performance and the distinctive styling. At least Olds put out a car that generates some enthusiasm and pride of ownership, which is exactly what GM in general and Olds in particular need right now.
  • My Speedo show 110MPH but the Information Display showed 103MPH.

    What maintenance intervals do you use for oil and tranny?
    What have you found to be the best all round tires? I do not need "Z" rated, yet!
  • I really do not need to go that fast all the time, but I would like to know that I am not limited by someone's idea of too fast. My 89 Touring Sedan stills runs over 110MPH with missing a beat. The TS is a great car. It went the way of the Classic ARoarA too. start getting it right the stop production or change it so much it does not look worth buying. I still have a few years on this 96 then it will be a 99 in 2004. Maybe by then the new body style will look ok.

    Do you know any part numbers for the Autobahn pkg besides QQX? I am beginning the search.
    What do you think about a rear spoiler? I have seen them and it does add a different look. Just wondering.
  • Hi all,
    When looking into a policy for extended warranty, don't overlook a company found on the net known as I did a lot of research and found that this company offered the most coverage for the least price around. I got an 'exclusionary' policy (means that they have a very short list of things not covered like brake rotors and pads, struts, i.e. normal wear items plus things that don't normally break down like body panels, trim, etc. but everything else not on the list is covered). I'm covered for 6 years/ 60K and it cost around $1150. For an extra $75, you can buy $0 deductible. I figured that would help me sleep better especially after reading on this forum about transmission modules and whatnot.

    So far, I've had my 95 for 6 months and 5K miles and haven't bought anything but gas and oil. Oh, and new floor mats!
  • etharnon>>>> it is too bad we got that info AFTER the engine blew. the car is nice to drive but before my dad invested over $8000 in it i suggested a used Aurora with a extended warranty. He was mad that i was right about that car, and mechanics have confirmed it: that year and engine and car spell trouble. two days after the engine change something broke in the ignition and had to be fixed. but now the way i see it is if he gets the interior and vinyl top redone, throws on a coat of paint and takes care of it, it could last him a while. but anyways....

    vwbus>>> the were "Vogue" wheels/rims, whitewalls close to the rim with a gold stripe.
  • the Aurora was also featured in Motor Trend's 21 car, Car of the Year test. It wasnt the car of the year though, it lost out to the glorified Neon, the PT Cruiser. The Aurora was also a competitor in Car and Driver's 10Best competition, although again, it didnt make the list. It would be worthwhile to note that no Mercedes or Lexus made the list either, though.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    To me, MT's COY has become a joke and C&D's 10 best is not what it used to be. I still haven't received my January issue. One question, is the Dodge Intrepid or Chrysler 300M still on the list? Those two always baffled me as their is absolutely nothing spectacular about them.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Do you guys remember the Car of the Year scandal from a few years back? A former Motor Trend editor was interviewed and he said that the editor's voting tallies were always changed to a winner that would provide the magazine with the most potential advertising.
    Something I always wondered about.
    They say that they don't do that anymore, but how do we know.
    However I do think that the PT is worthy of COTY status because it is a segment buster and a original. GM doesn't have the guts to do this kind of vehicle.
  • I just leased a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI ; it is one month old with 600 miles on it (I think 19 miles when I picked it up).

    Friday night (12/08) I was at the movies with a friend of mine. Moments after starting the car to leave it was determined that my car is on fire! It burnt most of the upper rear portion of the engine block area; the rear half of the intake manifold (or engine) shroud burnt away also. I’m afraid a great deal of that plastic/chemical smell is now entrenched in my interior. One of the firemen had told me, with a qualification he was not trying to be bias in any way, “they” will try to tell me anything but two things would be for sure. He said the car in all probability would never be the same electrically (something about heat traveling along wires) and the smell would always be there.

    The reason I’m on here with this story is that I’m looking for someone that has had a similar incidence as mine and could give me some feedback as to the details of their experience.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    P.S. I’m am posting this in a number of sedan areas to try and get as much response/help with this as I can, I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.
  • Jim,
    I had a 1963 SS Impala that caught fire, and the fireman is right. It always smelled bad and had little problems all the time. After a year of repairs and things it caught fire again. This time no one could save it.
    Just my 0.02 worth.
    Good Luck
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    The PT Cruiser is unique and I guess could be a segment buster, but an award like car of the year should reward engineering and excellence. I just don't see the PT as being a car of the year. It's unique, but doesn't really impress me. I guess I'm more about substance and less about style.
  • jim>>>> if the car caught fire at 600 miles, id be taking it to the dealer to find out WHY, and then asking for a new one if it was determined to be faulty worksmanship. You may be covered under lemon laws too if faulty worksmanship is found.

    etharnon>>>> neither car was on the list, but i believe they were competitors for te 10Best. Neither was in the Car of the Year test. b4z may have a point. winning the car of the year and being on the 10Best list is gonna give the Cruiser some advertising power, by beating out some very high-end cars.
  • Hi all - I'm a virgin to the board but have read with much interest. Considering a late production 2K1 Aurora but have noticed a disturbing design "feature". Dash seems designed to resist any efforts at modification - specifically installing a neat little phone mounting device called the ProFit. Anyone here know if there is one made for the new Aurora and if it actually fits? Thanks in advance.
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