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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • phollanphollan Posts: 14
    I'm also 33, and thought maybe I was too young for this car. My understanding was that it was targeted at 50 year-olds.

    My dad had a 66 Impala, and although you can't compare a 66 and an 01, Chevy seems to have captured something from the old Impalas. Several "old" people have commented that the taillights remind them of the old Impalas.

    It's also interesting that several of you were driving Japanese cars, but made the same decision I have. I've only owned Chevys: a 90 Cavalier, which gave me 10 years and 129k miles, and a 98 Malibu, which my wife drives. The reliability of the Cavalier convinced me not to look elsewhere, but the Malibu is still a question mark.
  • spider717spider717 Posts: 106
    I am 21 and have an 01 Imp. Just because I think it's a SWEET looking car (Navy blue metallic), people don't seem to understand why I want a 4 door.

    I will admit, sometimes when I'm working I just go outside and stand there with a goofy-[non-permissible content removed] grin on my face and think.... "Darn" what a good looking car. (ok I don't really think darn, but I don't wanna cuss twice).

    Oh and anybody, theoretically, If you took the speed limiter off the car(which kicks in at 110 MPH), how fast do you think the 3800 V-6 would go? Just wondering.
  • frankf3frankf3 Posts: 96
    Does anyone know when the oil change reminder typically "Ticks Off" to remind me to change the oil ? I had changed the oil at 1500, to flush out the contaminants when we first got the car. I had reset the monitor at that point even though it had not gone off. The Impala now has 5100 miles on it OR about 3600 miles since the last change. I am just getting nervous since I have never seen the monitor work, and was wondering if I should expect it soon.
  • frankf3frankf3 Posts: 96
    Have you ever found the information in your manuals as to the removal of the radio in the Impala ?
  • night_owl1night_owl1 Posts: 760
    I just got my Helm manual last week. If you would like, I'll scan in the diagrams and post it sometime this week.
  • I just turned 21 today as a matter of fact and I've had my 01 Impala 11 months now. I've hooked it up with some good lookin wheels and plan on installing a RAzzi Ground FX kit and blue underbody neons in the near future. I'm sure they'll start making some performance parts for this engine, then its on. Alot of kids in my area compliment my car and also want one too. Its amazing how some mods to a car make other people jealous. Since I got my new wheels and tires, there is someone on the road that always wants to race. And of course my Impala LS blows em away. :-)
  • jeffreyw1jeffreyw1 Posts: 145
    I'm 31 and single. I bought the Impala LS based on the performance record of the 3.8L engine and the Impala's great body styling. Most of all, I bought it for the 5 spoke aluminum rims that are similar to those that were on the '94-'96 Impala SS's.
  • norbnancynorbnancy Posts: 118
    Very sorry to have confused the issue. I use 87 not 97. My apologies. To teo--- to bad Bob Lutz isn't 20 years younger and knows what he knows now. Haven't heard much about the SSR pickup lately. Have you? Enjoy the ride.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    The winners of the youngest Impala owners go to Impalaboy2001 and spider717.

    Impalaboy2001 age 21
    spider717 age 21
    roderacer age 23
    bbrowne74 age 27
    teo age 29
    andrew48 age late 20's/early 30's
    jeffreyw1 age 31
    hvan3 age 32
    mediumfry age 33
    phollan age 33

    For those who participated, the average age who owns an Impala on this board is 28 years old!!! Hey, GM marketing....take note!!

    By the way, I feel old compare to you studs! hehe
  • gusman2gusman2 Posts: 9
    Ok, as promised.

    2K LS

    Orig Cradle was rewelded. @ 5K Mi
    Replaced orig cradle. @ 9 K Mi
    Replaced the replaced cradle and the steering rack and a tie rod replaced @ 11.8 K Mi.

    Drove it home and heard the noise again.

    Anyone else had similar problems? What about these shims I keep hearing about?

    The service department has been very good at trying to take care of things, but this is getting a little tireing.

    The car drives very nice. I love it. I just want everything to be right in order for the car to last a long, long time. (To keep my cars past 100K mi is not uncommon.)

    Ideas? Comments? Sugguestions?

    Im about ready to talk to the owner of the dealership.

    Thanks in advance...


    PS... had the Amp replaced. Can you say BASS? YES!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The attention of the generation X'ers while the Intrigue is the sedan of choice among the Geritol set...hehe ;)
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Which cars have you raced and beat?

    I'm waiting for a punk with a Lexus IS300. I want to race him at the light.
  • roderacerroderacer Posts: 311
    ...I even feel old! Good to know that there are some 'youngsters' out there with taste.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, impalaboy2001!

    Keep the rubber down.

  • I'm glad to see that there are alot of young Impala owners. I am 33. It seems like all guys posting here. Any other women out there? Am I the only one with a black '01 LS with a carseat??
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Is the other 'mom' in the forum...haven't heard from her lately...
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    Thanks for the update on the octane wars!!! I appreciate the candor/honesty; for some of the motor heads on this forum were having a field day with the gas bit..

    Good to see the youth and the heirs to this great country are choosing Impalas as their prime wheels..I hope GM will upgrade the Impala with some suspension goodies and speed rated tires to get to 130 level..Give it some MC SS agility..
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    On the road, it seemed all the other Impala drivers were older than me. I was getting worried that I was driving an "old fart" car. I don't have to worry any more.
    It appears to be the exact opposite here. It's like a fountain of youth. I feel ten years younger.
  • Okay Cars I beat.....A honda Civic EX, a Nissan Pickup truck (HAHA), and a Grand Am. These races were on a curvy road where the speed limit is 45mph and I was averaging between 90 and a 100. Dont try doing this, its scary as hell, I feel comfortable cause of my new Wheels and tires I got. Has anybody heard or installed a shifter improver kit in their transmission??? I'm thinkin about doin that.
  • It would be great if there were any other Impala owners on this forum from around the Pensacola, FL area. I plan on goin to Blue Angel Recreational Park to participate in the SCCA Solo II races on August 26 @ 8:00 - 10:00am. Anybody interested??? This is a great way to push your Impala to the limits and have a great time. if so email me at
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    I didn't chime in becasue I'm one of the older ones I guess, I'll be 40 this month...and I could care less about how old the oldest is, I buy for style, but also reliability in fact more so. Both previous cars were "grandpa cars" A 93' LTZ Caprice (that monster was fast!) and an 85' Caprice. I like big cars and big engines, since I couldn't get a 96' SS I got this instead, haven't yet regretted.

    Teo, Cookie wouldn't want you to mention she is also a Grandma! And don't forget Sweetpolly and that beauty Regal Blue LS just like mine...
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    garypen:::::you backed right into another fan; you should look before you cross the street.. That's one of the first rules in development..

    As you know Modern Maturity magazine is something for senior reading and covers topics reserved for us mature citizens..

    The Impala for the last year has replaced the LeSabre on the two-pages inside front cover car..How do you like that; for all you youngsters are driving the #1 old-fart car..

    Really should make you feel good because it cuddles you like the old farts did once..

    Do I love motor mouths or not????
  • wyoimpwyoimp Posts: 87
    Let's see how far in the other direction age goes. ;-)
    I'll be 51 next month. Got tired of the nasty 605 Ultra Drive transmission in my '91 Grand Voyager, plus my guys are at the leaving home age. My wife and I were ready to leave the minivan set! When my younger son told my older son what we bought the response was "I knew when I left they would get a big fast car!" When my wife and I met - she had a dog '78 Mustang and I had a '80 Datsun 200SX w/ 5spd.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    I turned 33 yesterday 8/5/01 and didn't post it because I thought it would be overkill, but what timing to explore different ages, When I was growing up all of my mothers family drove Chevrolets, 1960,64,66,68,69 Impala's, then some Monte Carlos in the mid 70's and pickups, My fathers Family drove all Fords, So I can appreciate both nameplates, I would like to find a '68 Impala Convertible like my one uncle had that I used to ride in and play in while it was parked outside the house before it sat for while then was sold, It was Dark Blue with Light Blue interior and a Black Ragtop, had a 327 as was cool! It had the typical mid 1970's Chrome Wire basket rims and raised white letter tires and had some great curb appeal! I think it was sold around 1985....I should have snagged it! Someday! Don
  • daveleckdaveleck Posts: 16
    I find it odd how many of us are clustered right at this age. I bought my 2001 LS shortly after turning 32 (I thought I was the youngest Impala owner out there.)

  • spider717spider717 Posts: 106
    Don't try to race a Ford(ugg!) Contor, well the sports model anyway. I had him until my car shutoff at 110 MPH and he kept on going. GRRR!!!!!!

    Worst part was I saw his friends turned around and laughing. =/

    As for what cars can be beaten. Well I love racing those "cool" guys with their girlfriends, nothing better than beating some 18 year old driving a little honda while his little girlfriend watches.

    Now if they only made a 5 speed manual trans....mmmmmmmmmmmm
  • frankf3frankf3 Posts: 96
    The diagrams would certainly be helpful, I look forward to when you get around to getting them posted. Thanks Again!!
  • You have owned 4 times as many cars as I have.
    1. 1971 LeMans (1 yr)
    2. 1970 Chevelle Malibu (16 years & paid $300 )
    3. 1971 Camaro 350/4sp (1 year)
    4. 1972 Chevelle (1 winter)
    5. 1985 Monte Carlo SS (11 years and counting, 93k)
    6. 1991 S-10 Blazer 4x4 (6 years and counting 162k)
    7. 2000 Impala LS (1.5 years, 4,600 miles)

    I feel like an old man on this site, will be 37 a month from tomorrow.
  • I'm kinda tired of this 107mph anybody making a performance chip for this car, or is there some kind of a bypass?????
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    Put me down for the age group of 47.

    One grown son(28 in december) He left home years ago. Yep we started the kid thing young. I was a grandfather at 42.

    Impalaboy2001 call Super Chip. They have a re-programer for the 3.8 if my old memory serves. ((-;

    Carwise; I currently own 12 vehicles and 1 car trailer. I found another Crosley wagon in the San Diego area, maybe 13 cars soon.

    Mind you, not all of these cars run & drive. Only 6 run & drive.

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