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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    The only catback plans I've seen are from Gibson Performance -- no part numbers announced yet:


    2002 4.2L,I-6 2/4WD 4 DR TBA TBA


    2002 4.2L,I-6 2/4WD 4 DR TBA TBA

    Talk to your local exhaust shop tho.. they might be able to build a custom setup... Anyone do this yet?
  • Is there a way to not include a radio preference in personalized settings? It is kind of annoying to have the stations change.
  • kimodokimodo Posts: 44
    Thanks for the heads up on letting the fuel get too low. Funny thing is, I used to have a mazda as well, and the light would always go on before I filled her up. Thing was, it was supposed to have a capacity of 11 gallons, but there were times when I filled it with +13 gallons. That was why I was intrigued by the light coming on at 15 and a half galons for the TB. that just seems quite early for me. Also one question for the LS owners who didn't get keyless entry. Anyway to install it yourself, or has anyonei nstalled it themselves, and what's needed. Thanks in advance.
  • allenrallenr Posts: 83
    I would drive it easy for the first 200-300 miles mainly to seat the brake well. I had a friend tell me how he brakes-in his cars in it made so much sense I've used on all my new cars with very good results.

    To break-in a new motor it need periods of moderate loading and periods of costing. The theory being, loading the motor forces the bearing surfaces to wear against each other and the period of coasting let's the oil back in to flush out any debris. I know a lot of people that buy new cars and start out on a long trip? This would tend to go against the moderate load and costing cycle. I know lots of people who don't do this and some of them have had problems. I never seem to have a problem getting 100,000 miles or more out of an engine. 217,000 in one case on an S-10 Blazer 2.8 J
    I've broke in my last 6 engines this way and (nock on wood) never and a single engine problem.

  • dyfinedyfine Posts: 11
    I also noticed the rusty parts you referred to. I noticed them when I was looking under the hood at the engine - the rusty parts were close to the ground. This is my first brand new car, so I'm not sure, but it doesn't seem like this should be. Any thoughts?
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    I'm close to finalizing a deal with a salesman for a new Envoy. I think I'll see if he'll throw in some mudflaps and a rear cargo mat. But I've never seen the GM flaps or rear cargo mat. Is the rear cargo mat carpeted and matches the rear carpet, or is it a vinyl mat? And does it have a raised lip around it or not? As for the dealer-installed mudflaps are these equivalent to the aftermarket ones? I guess if I talk him into including them I shouldn't be so picky; but have never seen them. Thanks.
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    the mudflaps have a 3d shape to them with the appropriate logo for the vehicle and if the mat is like the bravada's, it will be carpeted and match the interior carpeting and have an anti-skid backing on it. Mine came with the Convenience and Luxury Package... not sure if it comes with the SLT package or not for the Envoy. Anyone actually come across a dealer accessory book yet for the triplets?
  • Bryancos,
    I found your post, Num 3291, for the running boards. Is this part number, 12497885, for the black 'factory' boards are they the bright aluminum colored ones?
  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    I thought someone mentioned a TSB for the wandering mirrors problem. I am taking mine in this week to have that fixed and would like to bring the info with me. I searched the TSB list online and could not find it. Could you direct me to where you saw it?

    I also have the leaky rear window seal. Has anyone else out there had this fixed? What was the cure?


  • kimodokimodo Posts: 44
    glad that I'm not the only who noticed it, but not glad that that rust is there. Been under my accord and mazda to do iol changes and I can't recall noticing that there was rust like that there. Another thing that I noticed is that the key hole for the glove compartment looked like it was used. In that the paint was worn. This is a barnd spanking new car going on its fourth month, and I hardly ever use the glove compartment, and never even once locked it with the key.

    Those are the same running boards I ordered from gmpartsdirect. They are the black factory ones. Installed them myself this last weekend. Doable by yourself, but it would have been much quicker if I had help. Bolt in the middle of the running boards first, but not all the way, then work on the outside ones. Also, when working on that, if you are in fact doing it yourself, which you should (Save some dough), check to see if you notice rusted parts under there like I did. Such things as the axle rod, and screws and such. Have fun and good luck.
  • Any complaints about the front passenger seat on long trips? I got into an Envoy at an auto show and find out that the floor is not totally flat, and the leg room is slightly angled outwards.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    I've been quiet about the paint problem because there had not been much movement, but here is the latest.

    Spoke to both my BBB Online processor and the GM Business Relations specialist handling the case on the GM side. (I guess they take BBB complaints seriosly at GM.)

    According to the GM guy, GM will fabricate a "prototype" gasket/moulding that they will install in our vehicle. They expect to have it at the dealership in 10 to 30 days. If that fixes the problem, then I'm dropping the claim.

    Then I can move on and have them fix the wandering mirrors (yep, I've got them too, which is quite annoying) and a situation where it REALLY difficult to get the car out of park. It seems that when it happens, you have to keep pressing on the brake pedal just the right way to release the shifter from park. Has that happened to anyone yet?

    More updates when I have them.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47

    I don't normally sit in that seat since when we go on trips, I drive, but I know that my wife has no complaints about the legroom. We've been on one long trip in the vehicle and quite a few roundtrips to her folks (110 miles one way) and she's never said that the legroom caused her grief.

    Obviously, it depends on the person sitting there, but in our case, it isn't a problem.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    That was a repost of info provided by one of the others here. Guys, can you comment?
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    I posted a while back about the dealer replacing my mirrors.

    It's not a TSB that I'm aware of, but there is a fix and two special controllers that are needed.

    I'll search the board for my post and report back.

  • I had the mirror problem and took it to the dealership. They replaced the mirrors with with new ones and the problem went away.
  • I have the same problem with the drivers seat. I am tall, 6'3", and on long trips my foot is killing me. No matter what I do, I can't get it comfortable. I think it has actually started to cause me to get shooting pains in my calf.

    I had a 96 Blazer, and the difference between that and the Trailblazer is the positioning of the gas and brake pedals. The pedals on the Trailblazer are a lot closer to the seat. It causes my foot to be at an angle to the peddles. Plus, with the sloping of the floor, it takes a lot of muscle to keep it in that uncomfortable position.

    Anybody else have the same problems?
  • Kimodo,
    THanks for the info. I ordered the boards and I'll post how the installation went. I will also check for the rust.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Does anyone have an idea where I can purchase
    White Face Gauges for my Envoy? I've only
    seen the one from msg.#3444 regarding the
    "Envoy Max" vehicle. Also, does anyone know
    who makes a speed grille or billet grille for
    the Envoy? Thanks for the help.
  • allenrallenr Posts: 83
    I too seem to be having a problem with the drivers seat. My left knee has started to hurt when I drive my Bravada? No matter how I change the seat it still strains my knee. I might have hurt it some were else and the Bravada position just strains it? it didn't start right away, the first 8 months of driving I had no problem.

  • Checked under my Envoy tonight (5,000 miles) and I didn't see rust like you guys are seeing. Yes the front axle half shafts are rusty but thats about it. No rust on the frame or on the under-body.
  • chootschoots Posts: 21
    Thanks scottc, and ibarter, for the info on the cross bars. My next question is how do you take the bars off??
    I see plastic caps on the ends of the rails and assume that if you pried in the right spot they would snap off. I also know from experience that prying in the wrong spot on this plastic stuff will break it. So,does anyone know the right spot??
  • I have 9k miles on my Envoy. Since day one I have a vibration @ approx. 17k rpms and between 58 - 61 mph. GM knows there is a problem but can't recommend a fix. They state there is a vibration that resonates from the tranny to the back coils. Has any one else been able to get theirs fixed yet?
  • Sokulit, I can't help you with the white face gauges but checkout post #3117. It has my install pics and links to purchasing information on the Billet Grille.
  • I am getting ready to plunk down almost $36,000 for a new 4x4 SLT with the 1SA pkg, sunroof, running boards and the Bose system etc. Of the $36,000, almost $3100 is NYC Sales Tax. I am figuring the base cost of the car after rebate is approx. $33,000.

    I've been to two dealers in NYC, similiar price. It works to be almost 1000 OVER dealer invoice. I know the invoice has a built in cushion for the dealer. Any advice on breaking this price point. I waited till the end month to see if I could get a better deal but they wouldn't budge a penny.

    I love the vehicle but I have this gut feeling I'll become one of the reasons why this idiot of a salesman goes on his vacation this spring.

    Is buying a vehicle from GMC at dealer invoice or below that difficult? It is really shame, I understand they need to make a living but that's ridiculous.

    On the other hand Ford, beat my Car's Direct price and was ready to roll within a few hours until I saw the Envoy across the street and stalled my purchase. Then I stumbled into this website and "newsgroup".

    The Envoy practically sold itself to me, without the salesman repeating everything from Motor Trend's article to me.

    Thanks everyone for your time. I hope to share my good experiences with my new Envoy with the group.

  • I own a 2002 Envoy. I am having trouble with a whining noise while in 4WD & 4AWD. I doesn't do it all of the time so it makes it hard for the service department to pinpoint it. The computer says that there is not a problem even though the technician can hear it. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    What exactly is the price they are quoting before taxes? I just bought a new AWD Bravada 2 weeks ago and Invoice with everything on it was $34,433 before the $2002 rebate, $32,403 after rebate. I paid $32,800, which is about $400 over invoice. Factoring in dealer holdback of 3%, the dealer made about 4% profit. Could I have gotten him down to invoice? Maybe, but considering he beat everone else's prices in the area by $100's already, it wasn't worth straining a relationship with a dealer I plan on using for the life of the vehicle!
  • To make sure you're getting a good deal, use the tools on this website and price out the car with options. I ended up using the designated fleet manager in my area that Costco referred me to through their car buying service. Although the Envoy was not on the Costco pricing list (it was too new at the time), I still got $500 over invoice. Coupled with a $600 Envoy rebate postcard from GMC, 7 years of accumulated GM Gold Mastercard rebate dollars, $40 Envoy test-drive ATM card, and my '93 Exploder trade-in, I would say I did pretty good.

    If you belong to a credit union, they may be affiliated with a car buying service too. The more data you arm yourself with, the better.
  • I paid $200 over dealer invoice and got 0% financing. No haggling, so I sort of wondered if I could have done better. But, since this price was hundreds less than anyone else's and was my preferred dealer, I didn't try to push it.
  • I really like the Owner's Club feature of Edmunds. It is the first place I go when I login.

    The Avalanche is set up well with a discussion on problems and solutions. As far as having a seperate one for EXT that would be nice because of the high traffic the Trailblazer already gets, but probably would be better once the EXT is actually available.

    Thanks for listening.

    David "Snuffy" Smith '92
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