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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • labrador4labrador4 Posts: 5
    Good Morning All -
    I've learned alot by following the chatter here - thanks everyone. I'm very close to purchasing an Envoy or Trailblazer. I'd welcome any opinions why I should choose one over the other, is there a significant difference between a 3.42 and a 3.73 axle ratio, and if I'm getting 4WD and NOT going SERIOUSLY off road, do I need the limmited slip differential? Thanks again.
  • joe_macjoe_mac Posts: 7
    Does anyone have any experience with the 4.10 enhanced towing axle? Does it make a diffence and how does it affect the gas mileage? Thanks.
  • nargnarg Posts: 113
    Hi all!

    I just test drove a TrailBlazer with a 3.42 axel ratio. What a waist of power! That Trailblazer drove like it had a inline 4 instead of 6. If buying this vehicle, don't get anything other than the 3.73 or 4.10 ratio. Holy cow!
  • rdh559rdh559 Posts: 3
    Has anyone added this feature at dealer or aftermarket? My LS does not have it installed but was sold to me with it. Dealer was unable to get current GM system installed, seems factory wiring is not compatible.

    Dealer will do what ever to correct for me. Are there acceptable aftermarket solutions that anyone has experienced? Suggestions?
  • lyndellwlyndellw Posts: 31
    I have the 4:10 gears. Moves out with ease, lots of pull in the 35 to 40 MPH range and right on up. Have 6000 miles and the mileage on the road is 19-21 at 65-75 MPH. In town 14-16 MPG. Also, oil level stays on the full mark.
  • What is the recommendated rear axle ratio for primarily highway driving and occasional camper towing?
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    This may be a redundant question being as these vehicles are brand new and seem to be selling well, but any incentives or lease deals available? Also, what kind of price are folks paying for these? Is it full MSRP, MSRP plus some, or sligtly below MSRP. I'm not going to even mention invoice or anything close to that as I know better. I'm seriously considering one of these three SUVs and am very impressed with how they drive. Just wanted to get any info I could before I sit down with the dealer. Seems to me deals might be available more so on the Bravada since Oldsmobile is being phased out in a few years and this may affect image and resale down the road.
  • candlbuffcandlbuff Posts: 11

    I been following the pricing for awhile. In today's Houston Chronicle the dealers are offering between $2500 and $4000 off MSRP. I'm guessing that this approaches invoice, or perhaps even slightly below invoice. This pricing may be situation specific, as Houston suffered from tremendous flooding in June, and I would imagine the insurance checks for people who lost cars to flooding are starting to arrive.

    Oddly enough, I haven't seen any ads showing $$$ discounts off MSRP for either the Envoy, or the Bravada. I believe that I read somewhere, it could have been here, that Olds is offering 5/60 warranty as a standard item. This compares to the 3/36 for Trailblazer and Envoy. Good luck!

  • gt01gt01 Posts: 6
    I am paying invoice price for my Bravada that is to be delivered first of August.
  • suv18suv18 Posts: 11
    I paid $200 under invoice for an Envoy SLT 4WD in Los Angeles through a fleet sales manager last month. You should be able to at least get at invoice if not a bit below like I did. Good luck!
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    My new Envoy was shipped last week and should arrive this week. Paid $300 over invoice. Could have gotten for invoice at another dealer, but that dealer was further away (NE OK) and my dealer let me sell my old truck myself and run the sale through the dealership so I could treat the private sale price as a trade in. That saved me $1500 in sales tax, so I consider that I got the Envoy at $1200 below invoice. No one in SE KS or NE OK has any Envoys in stock as they are selling as fast as they arrive. Did see four Bravadas on a lot in NE OK yesterday, but the same dealer sells GMC and had 0 Envoys and about 40 Yukons. I can't wait to get the Envoy later this week. It was ordered on May 16th. The KC Star Auto page on Saturday had a very favorable review of the Envoy by Tom Strongman. Will give a report on the Envoy after I actually have it in my hands.
  • immoeimmoe Posts: 15
    Hardhawk, How many weeks to get your Envoy? My has been on order for six weeks and GMC said to call back in two weeks for an update.

    Good luck with your Envoy!
  • Does anyone know if you can have the dealer program the Driver Information Center to read the driver's name instead of Driver 1 and Driver 2 (like you can on the Cadillacs--my name comes up instead of Driver 1. Silly, but cool)


  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Went to 2 Chevy dealers yesterday and tested the Trailblazer. Most I could get off MSRP at one was $2000 and I didn't really try to deal at the other dealer although he did say $2000 and that he could probably get me a bit more. What really got me was the lease price. I had the first dealer run a 36 month lease with $3000 down and 15,000 miles a year and the price was $602 a month! Needless to say I walked. I could come out better financing it for 60 months with just a little more down. I thought the beauty of leasing was a lower monthly payment and less down up front. I'd still really like to have one of these trucks, but dealers just seem to be wanting to deal too much. And they aren't in short supply. Both dealers had about a dozen in stock and the second guy I spoke with admitted they were not selling as well as originally hoped. This sounds like incentives and better deals are probably down the road. Problem is, I need a car now!
  • imototoimototo Posts: 22
    I'm learning so much from this board! Thank you, one and all. My question, this time, is has anyone gotten (I've been told--by non-official sources---that they probably haven't even been printed yet)a service manual for the 2002 Bravada? Not the manual that comes with the car.....I'm talking about those very expensive manuals on how to fix the engines, how things Chilton's, I guess. Obviously, I'm not a car person. Sorry! The sort-of car person asking said he can't find any on the Internet. Thanks for any help.
  • lyndellwlyndellw Posts: 31
    Manuals are available from Helm,Inc. Order blank,toll free number listed in back of owners manual. 1-800-551-4123 ( 2002 Service Manual) $120.00.
  • dale532dale532 Posts: 1
    Hi I bought a Trailblazer last month and have been happy with it. A couple of fit and finish problems I have had was with the front bumper being loose I was able pick up on it slightly. I went down the line of Trailblazers at the Dealer and about half were loose where you could pick up on the front bumper. The dealer was able to tighten this up.
    Another problem I had was with the left headlamp reflector being loose when I hit a bump in the road the headlight beam will shake. My dealer ordered a whole new head lamp assembly which hasn't come in yet. Other then those two problems the truck runs great also I've found out that women love the way it looks. I've gotten ALOT of comments from women on the way it looks. they love it! Iv'e gotten more comments on the truck then on my camaro when that was new.

    As for the shop/service manual according to the e-mail I got from helms It hasn't been made yet and they have a contact list started when it becomes available. anyone intrested in the shop/service manual might want to e-mail helms. The service manager at the dealership told me all he has is a CD-ROM manual on the trailblazer.

  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Immoe, my order was placed on May 16th, so if I get my Envoy this week as scheduled, it will have taken approx. 8 weeks from order to delivery.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Yet another Trailblazer review.

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  • domino9domino9 Posts: 8
    Sorry if this gets posted twice... the first one didn't seem to show up.

    I read that the DVD player won't be available until fall, anyone heard anything different?

    From the brochure, it likes like you might lose the sunroof when you opt for the DVD player, but it's kind-of hard to tell. Does anyone know?
    -- thx
  • aleasealease Posts: 22
    I have heard the DVD will be available in the fall and it uses the same space as a sunroof so you can't get both. I have had my Envoy 3 weeks now and I love it. I feel like I'm 16 again and looking for any excuse to drive somewhere. It took 8 1/2 weeks from order to delivery. Defiantly worth the wait.
  • jbossertjbossert Posts: 38
    I have test driven both of these gear configurations and I did not feel a difference. NARG - It sounds like you experienced a pretty dramatic difference. Something doesn't sound right.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Check this baby out....7 passenger seating an available 5.3L V8 power...shall we say bye, bye Explorer??,178&sid=178
  • childs57childs57 Posts: 15
    The DVD system is available for order now. After talking by phone to the Bravada brand manager in Detroit (concerning availability of Polo Green paint and DVD player), I ordered a Polo Green Bravada with the DVD system on June 28...the first day these items were available for order on my dealer's computer.
    The first production run of Polo Green is scheduled for the week of August 6, so mine should be one of the first green Bravadas on the road. There has been a test production run of 100 vehicles with DVD player, so someone out there should already have one. DVD system production, again, should begin in earnest in August.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Wow... that's one long truck!
  • pbshannpbshann Posts: 20
    When you ordered the DVD entertainment system did they give you a price?
  • childs57childs57 Posts: 15
    When I ordered the DVD system, it was a last minute switch from the sunroof to the DVD system (you cannot have both, as has been explained previously). The sunroof was $800.00 (MSRP), and Olds told me the DVD system was around $900.00, so I just swapped one for the other and considered it a wash. I did not ask the dealer what the MSRP of the DVD was when I changed the order over the phone (I told the salesman what Olds told me, that it was around $900.00, and he did not seem to indicate any different). So, I'm assuming that the DVD system is $900.00, MSRP.
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