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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    Allenr: I didn't have any door light problems. Do you mean dome light? I don't have any dome lights in the middle of the headliner. I only have 2 storage compartments in the headliner including the one with the garage door buttons. I have no sunroof.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    In case anyone is wondering the part #s for mudflaps is/are Rear Molded Splash Guards 12497608 GUARD PKG 1 $20.30 plus shipping of 9.95 and the rear is Front Molded Splash Guards 12497609 Same price as the rear and as a second shipping item they charge 4.95. And there is no tax because I am out of state. Total cost is around $55.00. I installed the running boards hoping that it would stop rocks from hitting the rear wheel well, but alas, it can still do this. So the final solution is mudflaps. Gravel roads are killers on the paint! Oh, this is at GMParts Direct.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    All my gauges died today!.. Yesterday they reprogrammed the computer that controls this and today after I had driven about 20 miles, ran an errand and then restarted none of the gauges worked. No speedo, tach, odometer or the others. Happened to be across the street from the dealer and brought it in. The mechanic checked the codes and says it is the "Body Module". They have ordered one and they think this will fix it....., checks in the mail etc... They checked the parts database and there are only 5 of these available in the US. It should be in Monday. We'll keep you informed.
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    A number of owners on this board have logged complaints about the moulding around the 3rd taillight lifting off. Is this an Envoy issue only? I have a TB and the 3rd light doesn't have a moulding around it. There is the top body color painted piece (the width of the tailgate) that mounts to the tailgate and the 3rd light is inset to that piece. I vaguely remember seeing a black part, the width of the 3rd light, mounted to the 3rd light months ago...perhaps that was Envoys I was looking at.

    I am mentioning this because I wonder if there has been a slight design change in the 3rd light. My TB was built in June.
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    flyguy: Do have to drill holes to mount these? Are they black or body color? Got any digital pictures you can send with them installed?
  • channel79channel79 Posts: 1
    Have yet to completely understand the ECAS system, but it clearly does not settle five inches. I checked its rise upon startup and found the following: Measured at the trailer hitch receiver the truck rose 7/8" upon initial startup. The truck had sat only about an hour prior to test, but appeared the same as the "overnight" settling. Mine appears to inflate at startup, then lets some air out and reinflates four minutes later. I have not been able to tell the cycle time after the first one. I too am not certain that there are not leaks. Climbing underneath didn't help much, I couldn't even find prospective fitting to tighten. The compressor is obvious, but airlines and sensors escaped me.
  • fltrsei2fltrsei2 Posts: 9
    I'm going to contact the dealer tomorrow and have them give an opinion after they look at it. I think there is a problem. The post about the failed air bladder that trashed the suspension scares me. Although his occured at highway speed, I'm guessing that if the air shocks are deflated then there might be other suspension components being stressed out of their design specifications. Also if there is a small leak then the compressor is being cycled more, possibly in excess of the typical periodic operation, therefore shortening it lifespan. New vehicle bugs can drive one crazy!
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    Just put the order in. Don't know when I'll get them. I'll get a Pic up when I have them.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    My Envoy arrived at the dealer late today and I pick it up tomorrow. Can't wait. Ordered May 16th, Built June 23rd, shipped July 3rd and delivered July 19th. Indigo Blue with Med. Pewter Leather. 4WD SLT with 1SH, Moonroof & running boards. Will give an initial report this weekend.
  • ralforalfo Posts: 36
    When I originally spoke with the dealer, they said they needed to clear it with the district GM rep to ensure that they will get reimbursed. They called me 2 days later and told me it was o., They placed the order and they took about 5 weeks to come in.
  • richardc4richardc4 Posts: 33
    Has anyone had a problem with the driver's door making a loud banging noise when going over a bump? Seems like a door guide is bad or something wrong with a hinge. I'd like to know if something is wrong or if it's just the nature of the beast before going to the dealer.
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    The Envoy running boards, according to the GMC brochure, have a different appearance than the TB boards. There are slots in the Envoy boards, just below the rocker panels and it seems the pattern on the tops are different. I would think they would bolt up interchangeably, however, you sticklers for originality should note this.
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    Suggest that Envoy owners may want to ask their dealer what the Part number is for the Envoy Running Boards and then check pricing with GMPartsDirect or another online vendor.
  • jkelly9jkelly9 Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a new TrailBlazer LT 4WD. I finally found a dealer that was willing to give me a fair deal. His offer... $250 over invoice. I thought that was pretty fair until he said $29,450. My calculations show that a 4WD LT w/Running Boards only should be closer to $28,500 (invoice)? Is my price accurate? What do you think of the $29,450? I am going to buy Saturday morning and I am planning on offering $28,800. Is this a fair offer? My biggest concern is that there are additonal costs that the dealer incurs in the sale of this car and that my offer would be a slap in the face. Any advice?
  • childs57childs57 Posts: 15
    it sounds as if you know what you want as far as options go on your Trailblazer, so it is easy to get MSRP and invoice prices. Edmunds,,, or will all give you MSRP and invoice price on both base vehicle and options. These figures should all be the same on each site.

    The dealer does not buy the vehicle from GM at invoice; you have to take into account holdback and what GM calls wholesale financial reserve (floorplan fee),which are both reimbursed to dealer by GM. So, even at invoice price, dealer would make money on the deal.

    However, the dealer has to make an appropriate profit to pay the bills and stay in business. Thus, an offer of 5% over dealer cost is usually fair for both you and the dealer. Dealer cost is usually Invoice-holdback-WFR-any rebates; keep in mind that figuring the actual dealer cost is darn near impossible, but the above formula should get you close.

    Another helpful site for figuring what you should offer the dealer on a new vehicle is They have an Excel spreadsheet there that you can download that will take you step-by-step through all of these figures and come up with a fair offer price.

    Good luck...I think your original offer of $250.00 over invoice sounds like a good deal.
  • akajoeakajoe Posts: 69
    I don't think the air suspension bladders should discharge that much over night. There will be some discharge because there are no perfect seals, and no perfect control valves. However, I don't believe the time constant on the discharge rate should be on the order of one evening or even a day. It should at least be a couple of days to weeks. This way, under general use, you'd never notice because everytime you drive, it resets the pressure to nominal value. And if you drive at least once a week, you'd never notice the air discharging and it would be "virtually" always fully charged.

    On my Bravada, I have not ever noticed the pumps running after I start the car (I use the car practically every day). There are times when I go an entire weekend without using the car, and it doesn't discharge enough to cause the compressors to kick in on startup. Usually the only time there is any activity is when I go into a curve sharply that causes the body to roll, or when more than the usual number of people get into the car.

    I agree that if the compressor were to run every day, likely it is being over worked for it's designed duty cycle and will prematurely wear out. It is easy to imagine the pump having been designed for height adjustments that take care of discharge whenever the adjustments are made, and that is all. Heck, even basketballs last en entire season without having to refill.
  • domino9domino9 Posts: 8
    Picked up a new Sage Green 4wd LTZ TB this morning in Sacramento CA. There's only about 4 so far in northern CA, and only a few LTZs. Got it for about 4% over. Could've got one even cheaper if I was willing to bend on color, but I wasn't. Tried Priceline first, and while I was very happy with their service, I didn't end up using them since no dealers with that color responded to their request. The TB only had 3 miles when I picked it up. Best car-buying experience I've ever had by using the internet.
  • jdoggiejdoggie Posts: 3
    Just an FYI for those of you looking to buy/lease soon... I went to the GMC site a couple of weeks ago and requested info on the Envoy, Yukon, Denali and Tahoe (all the same form)and today received a thank you email with a personalized link offering a $500 off certificate for GM vehicles with delivery to be taken between 7/19 and 10/1. I don't know if these go to everybody, or what you have to request, but it's worth a try if you're looking to get one soon. It's perfect for me...I already made my deal and will be picking up my Envoy SLT Saturday. This will take my price to below invoice...a very pleasant and unexpected surprise!
  • I just order the running broads(part #12497885) for my GMC ENVOY at a local GM Dealer parts shop. The price they quoted me was 254.95(taxs included)and the shipment will be arriving there Monday. I think this has been said before, going to your local dealer parts department(not the service department) is the best way of picking up the running board if possible. The price for the same part at GMPARTSDIRECT is $246.97, that's only an eight dollar different.

    I'm glad to report that my Envoy with 5500 miles is not showing no more sign of oil loss after my 5000 mile oil change. There must have been some problem with the oil supply from GM?

  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    I'm getting 12.5 MPG after 200 miles, yikes. That's mixed driving and the RPMs never went above 3000, honest. Hopefully this is due to having a brand new engine.
  • saepopesaepope Posts: 1
    I need advice on a rear end ratio. I am purchasing an Envoy next month and I'm not sure which ratios afford what advantages. My habits:
    I don't plan on heavy towing, if any towing at all(you never know).
    I drive many highway and city miles.
    I like having acceleration at my disposal when I want it!!!!
    Is there a large noticable difference between the 3.73 and 4.10? I think my desire for good acceleration rules out the stock 3.53.

    Thanks for any explantion and advice.
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    Since you don't care about gas mileage, get the 4.10
  • jw4gmjw4gm Posts: 27
    saepope.....sounds like 3.73 might be your best bet. I recently got a 4.10 (wanted a 3.73, but that's another story) and I am well pleased. My driving is mostly urban & country. Very little highway. The one observation I'd like to pass along. I checked at 70mph and the engine was turning 2300, which is certainly respectable. This tidbit won't sway a decision, but every little bit helps. I only have 200 miles, so I have no feel for gas mileage yet. Good luck and I will be reading other answers.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    In case anyone was curious about 3rd party extended warranties, I just checked into extended warranties from a couple of third party suppliers: Warranty Gold and Warranty Direct. I got the following prices. Quotes based on a 2002 GMC Envoy with 250 miles on the odometer. Your quotes may vary - also note that some run specials on occasion which could lead to significant savings. From initial pricing comparison, it looks like Warranty Gold wins out.


    Term Miles Price
    5 Years 75000 $904
    5 Years 100000 $1054
    5 Years 150000 $1504
    6 Years 60000 $754
    6 Years 72000 $954
    6 Years 100000 $1104
    7 Years 70000 $1004
    7 Years 100000 $1154

    Coverage Benefits Include:
    60 Day Preview Period
    Can be Used in U.S. and/or Canada
    Repairs Paid by Visa/Mastercard
    Your Choice of Reputable Repair Facility
    Sign & Drive Roadside Assistance
    Convenient Payment Plan
    Prices do not reflect unpublished discounts.
    Call now for current specials.


    --- 2002 GMC Envoy
    --- 250 Miles
    Terms: Diamond Platinum
    $50 Deductible $50 Deductible

    3 Years 45000 Miles $600.00 N/A
    4 Years 60000 Miles $725.00 N/A
    5 Years 75000 Miles $1,100.00 $975.00
    5 Years 100000 Miles $1,250.00 $1,175.00
    5 Years 150000 Miles $1,875.00 $1,725.00
    6 Years 60000 Miles $975.00 $900.00
    6 Years 72000 Miles $1,100.00 $1,000.00
    6 Years 100000 Miles $1,300.00 $1,225.00
    7 Years 70000 Miles $1,100.00 $1,025.00
    7 Years 85000 Miles $1,250.00 N/A
    7 Years 100000 Miles $1,350.00 $1,275.00

    Zero Deductible Add $75.00 Add $50.00
  • fletch45fletch45 Posts: 72
    Mine gets 14-15 with AC on and strictly local driving. Took a 300+ mile road trip with 200mi on the clock, interstate @ 75 w/AC on was 19+ mpg, and that was right out of the box. I haven't seen much change in mileage since the day I drove it home (about 2000 miles). My Trailblazer has the 3.73 gears. If your's doesn't improve a bit, I would mention it to your service dept, but I wouldn't look for any record-breaking mileage either.

    Saepope...I would not get 4.10s unless you are planning on quite a bit of towing. The tires on these models are a lot smaller diameter than the full size pickups (which lowers the effective gear ratio), and from experience I can tell you that 4.10s were a step lower than needed on my 2000 Silverado, since I didn't do much towing.
    jim f
  • bjp5bjp5 Posts: 3
    Hi Guys:

    I've learned more in the last couple of hours reading your advice and comments than a week at the dealerships.

    I could go either way between Envoy Or TB. I could get a TB quicker with what I want and was about to make a deal when I noticed that TB does not have the self/leveling air suspension. For trailering up to 4000 lbs, is there an advantage to the air suspension? Is it fairly trouble free? Will the standard shocks on the chevy keep the rear from sinking alot? GM has 3 different vehicles that are basically the same but TB does not offer the air suspension. Why???

    I will order either the 3.73 or 4.10 instead of the stock 3.42. I had a Tahoe and I loved it but wished I had the lower ratio. Any thoughts?
  • imototoimototo Posts: 22
    Thanks, fly guy and Steve. I never knew all that was out there. Obviously, I'm going to have to spend some time reading.

    It's been 16 years since I bought a new car.... and I wouldn't be now if a stupid girl hadn't rear-ended me (not another car on the street, go figure). My "old" car is now a "totalled" (but I still can drive it) Old -top Cutlass and I feel like the bride at the altar with buying this new Bravada. Everything has changed so much! So please forgive the ignorance.

    Now, here is my latest dilemma. I've seen posts regarding maintaining a good relationship with the dealer. Well, I bought the new Bravada 40 miles away and about 1 1/2 hours drive-time...yeah, there was a reason. But obviously, I don't want to drive all the way up there for service and if I have major problems, I couldn't leave it overnight....... There are 2 other Old dealers here in town. Do you think I would get satisfactory service from them even though I didn't buy the car from them? How about resolution of problems, God forbid, if they arise? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  • I finally got my Envoy a week ago after waiting 11 weeks for it to be built to order. I got it at the GMO employee price through my brother. It is a fully loaded SLT (Professional towing with 4.10, sunroof and engine block heater. I didn’t want running boards).

    During the break in period, I pretty much followed the guidelines but did go up to 65 for very short periods on the freeway. Almost all my driving was country and freeway and I averaged 20.1 mpg for the first 540 miles. I suspect this may go down a little now that I will step on it a bit more to accelerate and drive a steady 70 on the freeway.

    Hambone7 - 12.5 mpg is a lot different than what I got. You either drove it a lot different or have a problem and should see the dealer.

    Saepope - I think you would be happy with either the 4.10 or 3.73. There is no doubt the 4.10 will give the best acceleration. The 4.10 is a must for heavy towing and would allow for light towing in drive instead of third as recommended. For towing a mid weight trailer (which I have at 3,000 lbs) you should tow in 3rd gear. At 70 mph this means the engine will be turning at about 3,500 rpm. A 3.73 rear end would lower that to 3,200 rpm and be a little easier on the engine and still provide adequate power.

    So far I have no complaints about this vehicle. My wife and I love it and are delighted with all the bells and whistles.
  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    Before you purchase a 3rd party Warranty, I suggest you go to the Town hall "Warranty" section and scroll down to the WG and the other 3rd party Warranty posts. Your best bet is a GMWarranty....they are "negotiable" and if yoiu EMail several GM dealers in your area for a quote on exactly what you are looking will get several different prices...Try it!! Be very cautious before you purchase a 3rd party warranty.
    Even the Edmunds Host of that section will give you the same advice....that the Factory warranty is your best bet for "NO Hassle" service.
    Hope this reaches you in time!!!
    P.S. They are always "always" running "Specials"!!!Be Cautious!!!!Sometimes, spending a few dollars more can save you money in the long haul.
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