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Road Trip!



  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 56,184
    Back home, driving here is different from in the Ohio Valley and whatever they call the area to the south (Tennessee Valley? Upper South?). I'd find driving around Cinci or Indy or Louisville, people go 15-20 over on the highway and similar in town. Back here, a 25 mph residential street will see 40 mph traffic, a 45 mph wide arterial will see either 35 or 60, and a 60 mph highway will see 59 or 80. I think I might have tooted the horn once on the whole trip, while here I ended up doing it thrice in an hour (cut off twice - both out of state vehicles, which is par for the course, and trying to wake up a Lexus RX going 15 in a 30).
  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,348
    I did a day trip to Anchorage (Eagle River) with the kids today. Took the Forester (2013), which I just picked up from a friend we let borrow it in early August. It was a good trip, speeds steady at around 65, roads mostly clear, and a crazy blizzard-style snow storm through Wasilla and into Eagle River at around noon as we approached our destination.
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