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    ...lets VOCUS on the Proteges?

    Just kidding Paul (was that joke okay?)

    Meade...why are you ignoring me? I respond to your tire post and not even 1 pithy retort. I'm really disappointed. You gradeschool...we used to say that if you continued to pick on someone it was because you had a crush on them. That true Meadeball? (That oughta kabosh the Paul-bashing)

    Smile everyone...lets rediscover our senses of humor, especially Meade and Paul, and get back to our normal friendly banter and exchange of truely useful info on our beloved Proteges!


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    since easily before summer... It was that long... I posted in the smaller rooms, just not the main Protege one.
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    but it turned out that 240 of them were about the jetta.

    BTW, K-mart now sells a pro oil filter for $1.99. The construction looks the same as others I have seen and used.
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    I love Paul. I always have. Since the day I met him, those big, soft eyes ... that cute little face ...

    ARRGGGHHHHHHH!!!! (Puke, puke, vomit)

    Now you guys just stop, you silly savages!!!

    Pete -- I didn't have a retort to your tire post because it was very explanatory, subjective and informative. I'm still teetering back and forth about what to do -- I can't find a local source for Yokohama; the only way I could find to get my tires locally was to special order them through Tire America (er, Sears) for $93 each. They're only $61 each through TireRack -- but I don't get all the free goodies. The only other tires I've been able to find locally for the 2000 ES are those Kumho Ecsta 712s (questionable M+S rating, and noisy) and Michelin Pilots (very, very expensive), both from Merchant's. I think Goodyear sells the Eagle RSA in my size, but it too is pricey and I've heard some negative comments about them.

    I'm really at a loss for what to do. Anybody got any suggestions? Is there a tire I've overlooked? BTW, I'm looking for an all-season touring tire -- or maybe performance tire -- but I want it to be all-season. Here in Virginia, we don't get enough snow to warrant separate winter tires. I also want a quiet ride and a tire that does well in rain. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, and I'd rather be able to purchase them from a local shop so I can get free rotation, mounting & balancing, etc.

    Fowler -- Another advantage of being older and having more expensive hobbies is that you sometimes get to enjoy your friends' expensive hobbies. A friend of mine has a 34-foot sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay and I am fortunate enough to be invited for a sail every so often. I went to sailing camp when I was 12, and let me say I agree -- there is nothing like the silence and beauty of wind power. I don't understand why so many people are drawn to these power boats that cost upward of $800 to fill up for a weekend's jaunt -- once you get out on the water, what's the hurry? I want it to last forever!

    One of my favorite memories is a night sail back across the Bay from Cape Charles on Virginia's Eastern Shore -- about 10 years ago -- we were heeled over and running a good 8 to 10 knots the whole way on three- to four-foot waves, and we were leaving that little trail of phosphorescent algae in our wake like a trail of stars on the water. The moon was out. Good Lord, I really did experience heaven during that three-hour sail. Nothing like it.

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    newcar31: Thanks!


    Off topic:
    VW has been moving upmarket for years. Peich made it very clear that he wanted VW to compete with Mercedes (luxury) and sister brand Audi to compete with BMW (sport luxury). They are leaving a lot of buyers behind, but gaining sales overall. Only time will tell if it was the right move.
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    Do you think I could get it with a metal "loop" type oil filter wrench?

    I've been advised that I should have a pro do the first change, but I guess I'm jsut stubborn.

    Also, any truth to what the manual say? That you need a "special wrench" for the filter?
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    I have never had an experience like that, but it is fun whenever I have been able to sail at night. Nothing like a sky full of stars, the darkness when out on the water, and the sound of the rigging and the lapping of the water on the hull against almost absolute quiet. Just to keep this on topic, I would say sailing a keelboat is like driving in my Millenia (nice but a little slower), while windsurfing is more like driving in the Protege (more excitement).

    I don't know what I would compare Paul's driving to. Maybe ice sailing as I hear folks reach absolutely ludicrous speed on those things!
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    Never been compared to ice sailing before. :) Have been told more than once that I fly like a bat out of hell though. :)

    You know I noticed something. It seems I am talking about my car more over here than in the Jetta topic. Weird. Anyway, just thought I would mention that.

    Meade, I just almost wet my pants laughing at your previous post. Too funny. :)

    Gas odor: I never noticed any kind of gas odor in the 2001 Protege when I had it. Well, maybe a little tiny bit if I walked around the back of the car while it was still cold and just started. But never anything inside the cabin or anything. Don't know what it could be. You should be ok taking it to the dealer though, and having them look at it.
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    After shutting my AC down a lot recently and driving either with the windows open or setting my system to take in fresh air, I have come to the conclusion that this world stinks! Well, at least while driving down clogged city streets and highways. It seems all I smelled was gas and exhaust fumes! Finally determined that having the AC on was a good alternative, especially with the gas prices down so low. Saw it under a dollar yesterday. I can now zoom zoom without guilt!
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    Meade: Have you checked into Goodyear GT tires? We have them on our 93 Civic and they seem to be a pretty balanced tire. The Michelins are expensive but they will last a long time. My 99 Accord had Michelins and at 38,000 miles they still had about 50% of their life left.
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    I know, I live in the city and the air outside does stink. Maybe the Protege needs like one of those pollen/particulate filters to filter the air coming from outside in through the ventilation system. They really work.

    Gas here is going currently for 1.27 in the cheap places (that's premium, which I have to use now). That's not too bad though. I must admit though, I miss paying close to $1 a gallon (something like 1.05 here) for gas. :(
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    I had the Eagle GTII tires on my '92 LX for a while, great when new...positively SUCKMO (technical term) after 15k miles on them. Decent grip, low noise but the rain handling was awful.

    If I was looking for a more overall tire I'd have to say the Pirelli P6000 (I was very happy with my P600's and the P6000 is supposed to be a huge step up), or possibly the Yokohama Avid T4. My boss just put the Avid's on his Integra and just raves about them. I don't have a lot of info on them other than that but they did score pretty highly on Tirerack's feedback rating.

    I personally can't wait to get the S-03's on my car...205/55WR15 size ends up being less than 2% different in revolutions per mile, and if I go with the RE730's they are less than 1% different.

    To Zoom or not to Zoom....that is the question.

    Regards and hope this helped.

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    Hey all, I have been reading some of your posts and it seems like you all enjoy your rides. That is good to hear. I am currently checking out the '02 Protege LX. Is it worth the extra bills to get the ES model? I drove the LX last night. I like the car but, the suspension seemed a little firm, not absorbing some of the bumps. Well, it does not help that the road here in Detroit are crap! Does the ES have a better ride? The dealer tells me no and that they all have the same suspension. How do you all like the ride?
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    suspension is a bit more firm than the LX, but if you are ok with that, it's much more rewarding.
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    i dunno about the states, but here, i believe the suspension is the same in both. i opted for an ES w/ GT pckg. it looks so good! fog lights, spoiler, sunroof, 4 disc, 16" alloys and a whole buncha other stuff! no side air bags in canadian pros though (guess they think canadians drive better than americans?! haha) i'd pick the ES, but, it's your choice...
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    Fish, I'd go over to the US Mazda site ( and compare the 2 there. In terms of suspension, the ES owners here will tell you there there is a difference, but I've never read of there being one.

    What you do get for sure is 4 wheel disc-brakes and a standard spoiler. Not too sure what else in the States. We can't even get side-air bags here in Canada. :(

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    You beat me to it by a minute! LOL at the airbag comment!!
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    The 5 lug setup on the '01 and later ES is a more robust suspension and is very much prefered to the 4 lug system. Any racers that ran 99 & 00 Proteges all upgraded to the 5 lug system that was std on the Familia Sport 20.

    Trust is different!
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    ..1 for duh, 0 for pf! hahaha
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    Pete ... The Yokohama AVID T4s are the tires I want! But there's no local dealer; Sears can order them for $93 a tire. Tire Rack has 'em for $61, but then I don't get the free rotation, mounting & balancing, valve stems etc. That's my dilemma!

    Gas Prices ... You guys are gonna think I'm lying, but the price war here in Richmond continues. Yesterday, on the way home from work, I filled up with Amoco regular (87 octane) for 95.9 cents per gallon. The Exxon across the street had regular for 97.9. The cheap gas stations have regular for as low as 89.9 right now, but I don't put junk in my Protege!

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    I heard that gas stations in one region use fuel from the same suppliers, so it doesn't matter the brand name. A friend told me that, but I think he's full of crap. I noticed for a fact that my last four cars (Bonneville, the 2 Proteges, and my current Jetta 1.8T) run differently on different kinds of gas. Some brands last longer, others go right out the tailpipe it seems. Usually, I fuel with Hess gas (a cheaper brand here in Maryland), and it lasts pretty well. Also, so does Chevron (in the Pro and Jetta). Amoco went through both, and Crown made the Protege suck down a 1/2 tank in 100 miles (cheap!).
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    Except for a reference from Paul, I notice ALL OF YOU steered WAY AROUND that reference to Paul in my first post today. Guess I crossed a line there. No one thought it was funny? It was supposed to be.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.

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    For some reason my Protege loves CITGO gas. I used to regard CITGO as a cheap gas, but then I learned that CITGO is one of the top sellers of aviation fuel to the commercial airlines. Turns out their street product ain't bad either.

    I don't know what it is about Amoco. My car tends to get less gas mileage with it. (I had to stop there yesterday because my light had been on for 30 some miles and my needle was BELOW "E.") Here are my top 4 picks, in order of preference:

    (1) CITGO
    (2) CHEVRON
    (3) EXXON
    (4) TEXACO

    Uh-oh. Have we started a new discussion? I won't be able to respond much, because I have a lot of work to finish today and we're off Monday (Veterans Day). Can you guys keep the topic running until I get back Tuesday?


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    My dad says that the difference between cheap gas and expensive gas has something to do with the quality of the refining process, and the level of detergent in the gas. Don't know if this is true or not, but he used to work for Standard Oil/BP, so I sort of trust him on that one. I usually by Shell or Mobil/Exxon gas. The "el cheapo" places are usually only save me a penny or two, so for me its not worth it.

    Meade-I'm jealous of your gas prices; I paid 1.42 the other day....for REGULAR. Granted, it was in an expensive area, but the prices in gas here in MD varies by as much as 12 to 14 cents between areas.
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    After looking around at web sites and in brochures, I'm not sure there is any suspension setting differences between es and lx. However, the es comes with bigger wheels (16" vs. 15") and lower profile tires. All other things being equal, this should give the es a firmer ride with better turn-in and better grip. After having driven both back to back, I'd say that this is in fact the case. I happen to like a firmer ride. I also appreciate the 4 wheel discs, so I'd personally go with the es. I'd suggest testing out both, back to back, to see which you prefer.

    By the way, I don't think you'd save all that much money in purchasing an lx and replacing the stock wheels and tires to match the 16's on the es. Plus you wouldn't have the 4 wheel discs and other cosmetic changes.
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    here, gas is $0.569 Cdn / L. That's cheap for around here...for fun, i converted the L to Gal and the Cdn to US. i guess we're paying $1.35 US / Gal! sheesh...guess it's not that cheap after all, if some of u are paying less than $1 US / gal!!
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    Thanks guys for the input.

    vocus: All I know is that when I lived out in San Diego a few years ago, I use to drive by this one paticular gas supplier and I would see 4 different gas companies filling up their tankers from the one supplier. One of the news stations out there did a report and it was true. The companies would add their own additives to the fuel to set it apart from the others. Maybe it is just in California. I do not know if they do that in other parts of the country.
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    One difference is that the ES has heavier front and rear stabilizer bars. Read that in a review somewhere on Edmund's. If you thought the LX was too harsh a ride you probably won't like the ES. I've never driven the other two trim levels BUT have read numerous posts here (the last 7 or 8 months)alluding to the fact that ES has a stiffer ride. I wouldn't have it any other way. Love my ES. 4 wheel disc brake vs. front discs and rear drums. For my preferences it was a no brainer.
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    It sucks that we pay so much for gas here in Calgary. Alberta is one of the top gas producing provinces in Canada. Yet we still pay so much! Dang gas taxes.
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    Another comment on this is that some people prefer the styling on the LX. For instance, the white gauges on the ES did not appeal at all to me. I do like the spoiler however. Not a big deal though.
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    I know those prices vary here in Maryland for gas. Around Lanham where I work, the price for premium is $1.50+ a gallon. I stopped in Glen Burnie on the way home (a little north of here), and paid $1.27 for premium (it was Citgo). I also notice the further north you go (towards Baltimore), the cheaper the gas gets. In Baltimore itself, regular is going for like $1.35 a gallon or so. I couldn't tell you what premium goes for, because I don't get it there.

    Texaco ran crappy in my Protege ES the one time I used it (I was almost out). I never used it again to find out if it changed or not. Usually, if the gas runs out quickly, I don't get it again. That's a sign of cheap gas. Also, if you start the car and see water tricking outta the tailpipe, change gas IMMEDIATELY. That means the gas in the car has water in it (my mother's mechanic told me that years ago, and I never forgot it).
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    You have to realize not that many people in this chat room (only Larry, you, and me have known each other THAT long) understand we have known each other for like 2 years almost. And also, the Host might find that post offensive in the beginning. Be careful. :)
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    Hey folks--

    Geez, I guess I shouldn't bury my questions at the end of a long email. I'm looking for good Mazda dealers in the Washington DC Metro area that offer the S-plan AND will take care of me and my Pro once I get the dang thing. Any help?

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    I'll try to answer. I bought my car at Russell Mazda, which is Catonsville up near Baltimore. Good experience, and only an hour or so from the DC area. Heritiage Mazda in Timonium (north of Baltimore seemed ok as well when I looked). I think there is one in College Park (College Park Mazda)which is near the DC area. which I didn't go to, stay away from Darcars in Silver Spring, pushy salespeople. Rosenthal in Va I had a bad experience as well. I just got my car serviced at Rockville Mazda/VW/Olds, and had a good service experience, not sure what buying a car is like there.
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    I just checked out how much my '01 LX 2.0 is worth today with the Canadian Black Book:

    Low: $12,944.00 High: $14,044.00

    That's with 10k km and no moonroof and no automatic.
    Quite a hit if you ask me.

    For an '01 Honda Civic (4 door) LX 5sp w/ 10k km:
    Low: $15,244.00 High: $16,344.00

    That includes air, but no group option package.
    I'd like to do a comparison of what they both cost initally, but I'm too lazy right now.

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    Civics are known to hold their value very well, Proteges are not. I found out firsthand. I got $11,500 for my 2001 with 19,400 or so miles on it. The MSRP of the car new (8 months prior) was $18,545. It was loaded with everything except CD changer and alarm system. Quite a hit if you ask me.
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    I am sorry, I mean to answer your question back before I got yelled at. :) Sorry.

    I bought my first 1999 Protege DX at Russel Mazda, and it was ok. I had a very nice dealer experience at Schafer & Strominger Mazda in Towson, Md. (about an hour from DC as well). It's pretty good there, and they also took the S Plan. Service wasn't too bad either. Check them out. Whatever you do, DO NOT go to Darcars Mazda in College Park. I had a huge argument with someone there about my 2001 Protege when I took it in for service. They suck major rear.
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    Was my point exactly Vocus.
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    Well those who know me even a little, know I'm a detail "freak". I'm always striving to keep my pair of 2000 PRO-ES's looking show room new. If you have similar aspirations for your Mazda's, here is a great place to compare paint protectants! These guys are "average joe's" trying to compare waxes and polymer products in a fair and unbiased way. Before you spend 10 bucks at AutoZone or K-Mart for wax check this site out. BTW, those of us whom live in the colder climates, NOW is the time to give your Protege's a good wax job before the snow starts flying!


    P.S. I personally use KLASSE it is very verrrry easy to use and lasts much longer than carnauba wax. You must order KLASSE over the internet, however my next choice, which is available at Pep Boys and sometimes K-Mart is Prestone Bullet Wax. Bullet Wax is also a polymer product. Very long lasting.

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    I've been through Detroit. The roads there do s***. I suspect it's all a plot by the "Big Three" to increase turn-over of the vehicles in the area. I'd personally go with the softer suspension and the higher-profile tires. One will help prevent damage to your back side. The other will help protect your rims from those killer potholes (or pits)!

    Theoretically, you could get and ES and -1 your tires to get a softer ride, but that'd be a waste.

    I live in Cincinnati, where only some of the roads are that bad. Between the two, I'd go for an ES but for that spoiler stuck on the rear!

    What I'd really go for now though is a bright yellow P5. The decision will be more muddled next year when the RX-8 and 6 come out, unless they make a turbo an option in the P5. :) Sigh, too many options, too little money (and parking space, plus my wife would be very, very upset with me).
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    If the ES came optional without the spoiler it's an option I'd have gladly paid for. If I wasn't planning on trading at end of loan I'd bring it to a body shop and have it removed, holes filled and repainted. Its the one thing I really dislike. Clearly me and mazdafun are in a distinct minority!
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    In the past several days I have seen a fair number of posts that either predict what the host might think or worry what the host might do.

    Please forgive me if I seem to be feeling a little on the spot here, but I just wanted to point out that none of those posts have been correct.

    Thanks, and please carry on! :-)

    Sedans Message Board
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    Sporin--Those band style filter wrenches work, but they don't work very well when the filter is really tight. Get a Lisle "import car oil filter wrench" Get the 2 1/2 to 3 1/8 size wrench. It works with a 3/8 drive ratchet with a 4 inch extension. Trust me, this tool will work the best to get off tight oil filters. The tool is about $8 and it is the best oil filter wrench you can get for your car. The owner's manual is a crock of crap. Special tool? Only to get the filter off for the first oil change. After that, you can use your hand. They just want you to come into the dealer.

    Vocus--water coming out of your tailpipe is no big deal. There is water vapor in spent gasoline exhaust gases no matter what brand of gas you use.

    Larry--I'm in MN so I waxed my car 2 weeks ago thinking it was going to snow soon. Since then, it's been in the 60's and 70's. Weird for MN.
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    That was a good one pat ;)
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
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    Just like the SNL character, I'm dying to know if you are male or female.

    That could be the basis of the prediction fiasco...hehehe.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Oh, it's not a secret - and I AIN'T the SNL person!
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    Meade and Sporin:
    I never sailed on the Bay, my last boat was an O'Day 25, which I sailed on inland Smith Mountain Lake, in Virginia. Racing was the real fun and the yacht club had plenty of those. I singlehanded mostly and coming in after dark in high wind trying to get into a slip was exciting, too. If a little scary, I can't swim. A 25 footer should be crewed by at least two.

    Most of the small cars that have leather seats the leather is very stiff, poor quality. I think they get it from slaughter houses. That's where most leather products, such as wallets and belts come from.

    I have an '01 LX 2.0 and a stiff ride was my main complaint after a testdrive. The first car I testdrove the tires were out of balance. The second one was much better, but definately not a soft ride. You feel a sharp jolt over patches.

    After it got 2000 miles on it I noticed that the struts had softened up a good bit. You also get use to it and in normal driving find yourself steering to avoid most of the holes and patches.

    The disk-drum brakes are pretty good. I can't tell the difference between my former Honda Odyssey's 4-wheel discs and the Protegé's disc/drums most of the time. It stops right now.

    Haven't checked fuel economy lately, but have noticed that the fuel guage doesn't drop as quickly as when the car was newer. So it must be better. My trips are mostly the same routes and destinations. Will know in a week or two, going on a long trip to Virginia, will be round-trip in one day -- 460 miles.

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    Gas here in Toronto is 56.9. Not that it matters, because the PRO doesn`t chug too much. Btw, have you seen the Honda Civic commerical when the young guy in the Civic makes fun of the man pumping gas in his SUV? Pretty funny...

    Did not have anything to say, but since everyone is posting a lot in thelast few days, don`t wanna be left out.
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    Be real, reaaaal quiet. I'm gonna whisper it very, verrry softly so Pat_Host can't hear this....quiet now. Pat is a.......... woman.
    Please don't tell anyone I told ya!

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