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    i'm getting 475 miles on a tank of gas-- solara V6 5 speed-- oh well-- you make it from 0 to 60 by a half second faster. seriously tho, nice car, that acura-- can't imagine how you keep it at 55 or 60 mph tho.
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    I drive a mix of freeway, city streets and 2 lane country mountain roads with my CL-S and get 25-27 mpg. Considering the performance available (and used), I consider this to be excellent mileage. I have not taken a long highway trip to establish highway mileage, but I expect it to come in around 30 mpg.

    Anyone else have any mileage figures to comment on?

    Larry Homer
    [email protected]
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    Cross the bridges into Solano county and you can find CL Type S's for $300 to $500 over invoice. Use Edmends pricing resources to find your, I found a CL Type S for 27,788.
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    I seldom, if ever, drive only 55 in a so-called 55
    zone, and that is not the CL-S's fault. However, if you find maintaining a legal (or merely a predetermined) speed to be a problem, try using "Cruise Control"! It has convenient controls right there on your steering wheel!

    Seriously, I have been driving mine for three months and have no regrets about trading my 2K M-B C280 on the CL Type S. It is better than the Benz in almost every respect, other than the smoother ride of the M-B.

    Larry Homer
    [email protected]
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    Been driving my dad's 2001 Volvo C70 Convertible! What a sweet ride THAT is! I love it when he goes out of town!

    99 3.0CL
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    I would like to put a CD changer in my 98 CL.Has anyone done this and if so what models work with Acura stock stereo.Is the car prewired and where is the connector located in the trunk.
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    Well, my sister finally did it! Got a new Silver CL-S W/NAV yesterday. One local (Downey Acura) dealer was running a newspaper ad for $3000 of MSRP on all YA425 model CL's. (YA425=CL-P W/NAVi) Called the internet rep at her preferred (closer) dealer, told him about the ad, said can you match it? (I had already negotiated a deal with him on the phone Friday.) He said bring it in, and we did. After talking to a manager, they said they'd prefer to do the same deal on a CL-S w/NAVi, which is what she was leaning toward anyway. So, we took a nice new one (build date 11/00) out on our own for a test for about an hour. Came back, and tried a CL-P, as she was concerned about the stiffer ride in the CL-S. It was noticably firmer/harsher, but the extra power made up for it. :)

    Car came with mud flaps/wheel locks. (They put them on as soon as the car comes in, so you don't have much of a choice.) Didn't really want mud flaps, but with the deal still got them cheap. We saved about $500 over the best email quote I've received in the last 2 months. Just have to go back to get the bra installed sometime this week.

    The finance guy tried "sneaking" in the window etching as a feature, implying it was included. Didn't mention the cost till I asked point-blank. That was the only serious pressure to get us to buy extras.
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    About ready to purchase a non/nav CL Type S, w/splash guards, wheel locks and wing mid January 2001. Does anybody have an idea on the best deal in the Bay Area.
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    Well. I've been gone for just a little while and look what I come back to. Not too happy with this new environment and sign-in problem.

    Anyway, just wanted to pass on how happy I am now that I've been driving in snow with temps. down to zero. Type-S has started fine, everytime. Been pleasantly surprised with the traction on stock tires. Also, no rattles, squeeks...nothing even at zero! This is usually when those things show up. I'm very pleased.

    My only [non-permissible content removed] is with the windshield. Only way to keep it clear of ice, is to keep the heat on defroster at max temp and fan speed. Have not had the problem with the washer nozzels clogging up though like some speculated on last summer.

    Have not had sun roof worked on yet so will wait 'till spring.

    Terry/Ohio/Silver CL-S/6700 miles
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    The other day I parked my 89 Legend Coupe L next to a new CL and immediately saw the design similarities: the thin C pillar, the long stance. Thank God Acura has come back - the last gen CL, although attempting to also follow on the 1st gen Legend Coupe's design cues, came off as stubby, weighted down and uninteresting. I wish though, that they had drawn more creases into the new CL, it would have made it sharp-looking, like the BMW330ci. Honda always excelled at drawing edges and creases, maybe they will make it into the next gen. They also need a better wheel design, the current one doesn't look complementary to the rounded shape of the car. Some flared wheel wells would also look good on the CL. Enjoy your cars - I envy you all!
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    I've been looking for about a month for a CL-S w/o NAVI. The best quote I've gotten is about $1500 over invoice. Anyone have better luck near me?
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    I do like the new design of the CL. Although the resemblance to an Accord coupe maybe a little too much for me.... especially the front-end. I'd prefer a more aggressive front-end. As for the Legend, that last generation styling of it still looks great to me... still a head turner. The Accord coupe should look more conservative since it is the little cousin :D
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    Looking to lease a CL/CL-S In SFLA...
    Anyone found any good deals?
    Also, whats anyone's opinion on CL vs CLS
    and Nav vs Non NAV?
    Any replies appreciated....leasing VERY SOON this weekend. :O)
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    Well, I have been gone since thought I would check in. I have a little under 30000 miles on my 97 call and had my 30000 mile check be the new spark plugs and transmission fluid... but the car seems more responsive than ever.... and shifts much smoother....STILL LOVE THIS CAR...
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    The stereos from Honda/Acura are Alpine unless they have Bose systems. Thus, you need an Alpine unit with the adpater's straightforward...figure out where you want to mount it...I say stick it in your glove if you can, and run the wire to the stereo and connect.
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    Just a thought.... a dirty air filter can reduce both performance and fuel economy... try one and you will see :)) Yup, new spark plugs would certainly give better firings thus burn fuel more efficiently...

    I guess the advice for the lease is too late, but I don't have the NAV on my car since I don't travel to new places with my car that much... not like a traveling salesman (although, I hope that the system would be cheap enough so that they can be put into rentals! Or taxi)
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    Hey All,
    New to this board- just bought a 2001 CL TypeS w/o Navi in New York City. This car is awesome. I paid $28,000 flat for the car- I believe invoice is $28,133.

    It's a great time to purchase here in NYC. I think I could have squeezed another $200, but overall I'm extremely happy with the car
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    Invoice is $27,648. You did beat Edmund's TMV price though. Was it the pimp gold colour? Overall not a bad deal. Patience has its rewards.
  • coramdeocoramdeo Member Posts: 10
    $28,000 was destination included. The only thing I paid on top of that was the 8.25% sales tax and $115 documentation fee.

    I got silver, which was my color of choice, and there's actually one more in the lot right now.

    I asked the sales mgr why he sold me the car below invoice? Simple answer, cars aren't moving, and with the snow we've been getting in the Northeast lately, inventory on the lot gets stale REAL quickly.

    I think I called every dealer in the tri-state area... perhaps a bit obsessive...
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    Then you got a great deal, and silver too, which is supposed to be the most sought after colour. Congrats. BTW, obsessive behavour is one of the prerequisites for owning a CL-S :)
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    I got a great deal that am happy with to, cl-s silver with spoiler and sunroof visor for $28100.
    am from jersey, just about 30 minutes from new York. this thing really moves to!!! threes a track I took it to early in january....the tats say 0-60 in 6.4 I say 6.2 and as far as comparing to the 300is, I blew one away last friday...have fun and drive
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    two BMWs (325 and 525) while on the right hand lane going up a 45 degrees road (that's about a quarter mile long up) especially when they were about ten car lengths ahead.... those poor souls did not know how to drive uphill :)) A stock Integra LS would be gasping for air going up this hill.
  • coramdeocoramdeo Member Posts: 10
    Is that $28,100 everything included (except tax of course) or is that not including the destination charge. Also, what dealer did you go to?
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    Im want to purchase actually lease the cl-s preferably w/ said you bought yours in nyc..i live in brooklyn..i would like to know which dealership you went to in nyc..and if you have any pointers for everyone else i want to get the best possible lease price, w/o down payment..what do you think..get back to me or e-mail me @ "[email protected]" thanks alot!
  • coramdeocoramdeo Member Posts: 10
    Hey There,
    The dealer I went to is Acura of Brooklyn- I dealt directly with the Sales Mgr- his name is Danny Lennard. He was a good enough guy, I really didn't need too much from him so it's hard for me to evaluate.

    I paid for mine in full up-front, no leasing, financing, etc. I'm not sure what kind of deal you would get if you want to lease, there shouldn't be too much difference but I can't say for sure.

    Best of luck. This car is fantastic- no other car will give you this much bang for the buck.

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    My local(Poughkeepsie) Acura dealer quoted $26,700 for a base CL. At first I believed it to be a great price. But after reviewing the recent posts, it seems he's asking for too much. The only options I require are the spoiler and wheel-locks. I estimated that you paid about 1.65% over invoice for your CL Type-S(w/ spoiler and visor). Using the same formula, do you believe its possible to get a base CL for $25,928, about $421 over invoice? Or would the dealer laugh in my face? =)
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    I just got back from a 1200 mile road trip to test out my brand new 2001. I believe I got a very good deal on the car, and I must say the first impressions I am left with after spending a few days on the road are great. What I love:
    - the pickup. it's amazing that a car as heavy as this one (all the gadgets add pounds fast) can take off like it does.
    - the ultra-quiet climate control. I was in a situation where the outside temperature went from 76 to 18 from the time my trip started until I was home. The inside temperature kept a stable 71 degrees.
    - very good defroster system. The windshield cleared up in no time at all
    - BOSE :-) Nice auto-set feature for radio stations when you drive through unfamiliar places

    A couple of things I would have liked to see improved/added are:

    - the car has all the bells & whistles, but no driving computer ? I'd like to see trip number for 'appr. distance before you run out of gas' and 'average speed', etc.
    - steering wheel should tilt up when ignition turned off. I like to drive with the steering wheel almost between my legs, and I need to tilt the wheel manually in order to get out of the car now
    - the wind noise is a tad too high at illegal highway speeds (> 90 mph)

    Navigation system:
    - once a trip has been calculated, one should be able to 'play' around with the menus and still have the trip planned in memory instead of it needing to recalculate the trip every time
    - a couple of taps on the screen should turn the screen off and simply give voice commands. Sometimes while driving at night I end up turning the navi off because I want to rest my eyes.
    - when moving the cursor around with the joystick in map mode, there should be an indication of how far away from your current location the cursor is.

    - I'd prefer a spoiler w/o lights, since there already is a break light in the rear window. Currently, my original break light has been disabled since I chose the spoiler option.

    Other than that:
    - enough with this foot pedal emergency break. Takes away a lot of the fun ! :)
  • bsanbsan Member Posts: 2
    Does the dealer provide an option to install an engine block heater in the 2001 CL ?
    I forgot to ask them about that when I bought it.
    If not, are there some good aftermarket ones out there that anybody know about ?
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    I am looking to buy a CLS in the next month in the PGH area and wondered if anyone could share quotes for this area? or Ohio or DC.. I would be willing to drive 100-200 miles to get it. It seems they don't move too far off of MSRP around here. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
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    I have just began to look to lease a CL-S the best lease I have been quoted has been 1800 total out of pocket, 368 a month(total including tax)for 42 months, 12,000 mi per year. I was just curious what prices people have been getting for cl-s leases in the NY/NJ area. DOes this sound like a good deal or should I continue to shop around at other acura dealers.
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    I've been shopping around for a cl-s sans nav. for about a month, and haven't come anywhere close to those numbers. What is the residual and APR on that lease? The best I was quoted was 485/mo ($1200 out of pocket)on a 48mo 15kmi/yr lease here in chicago. And thats with a 53% residual which is pretty good. Those numbers includes a tax break since I would be trading in my 2000 Accord exv6 (I'm not upside down, i'm right at the break even point). That is figured off of a $28669 without tax, which seems freaking high. If you guys could let me in on what you're paying in your lease terms that would help me out a bunch. I really like the car, but I don't want to get shafted for being over-zealous. Has anyone heard if acura is planning a subvented lease for the cl-s? I've heard sales have been somewhat sluggish lately.
  • antsmarchnantsmarchn Member Posts: 2
    I will admit that the lease price i got was some sort of a fluke. I went to 2 other dealers and was quoted prices of about 1800 down 420 a month, but then went to another dealer and told them i received a price of 1800 down 375 a month. I guess they really wanted to beat it and came back with the price of 1800 down 368 a month. Just try going to other dealers and making up a low price that you are willing to pay. If the dealer wants your business it will come back with a price that either beats what you said or is as close as possible. My only problem is that this price doesnt include a spoiler, which is something i want, but can't justify for $20 more per month. Hope this helps
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    I had a 2001 CL-S try me in my 2000 Mustang GT last night. Although both cars have 260hp, the American musclecars have more torque and better gearing. I pulled away from him steadily the whole time, although it wasn't exactly a huge trouncing. These new Acuras are the first to actually provide some truly impressive high end power. I might look into one next year. The tangerine paint was a bit loud, tho...
  • coramdeocoramdeo Member Posts: 10
    I'm curious what people are getting for mileage on a Type-S. I drive about half highway, half city and I think I'm getting just over 20 MPG. Shouldn't I be closer to 25?
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    I wouldn't want to drag race a stang or camaro anyway. I chose the Acura because I like combination of performance and luxury. Anyway, the color is not tangerine... it's called pimp daddy gold :) Mine is red though.

    I think that most people would be getting around 23-24 of mixed driving (depending how hard you drive it) Too much stop and no go really hurt your mileage :(
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    I have a S-type am getting a solid 31 MPG at 70+ on hiway. Coramdeo, you may want to get yours checked out. I haven't talked to any owner getting that low of gas milage.

    BSAN - check the owners manuel. You can store preferred trips. You can also modify in flight. After warning of 3 - you took the wrong turns - it will recalulate a new way to destination on it's own. Also, on mine, the night option cuts the glare now fairly well. I prefer a HUD like my old GP had. I sure miss the blacked out cockpit at night.

    Take care and good driving.
  • coramdeocoramdeo Member Posts: 10
    Would the fact that I have less than 500 miles on the car be a factor?
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    Nope... I kept track of my mileage since day one... with the help of a spreadsheet.

    Anyway, it could be that you live in colder climate (near freezing perhaps) where the drop in fuel economy is significant. So you might want to keep track of the time of year ,along with the type of driving that you do, if you really want to know for sure how well your car holds up with the average. Of course, checking your tires might help. People have mentioned about leaving the auto climate control on for better fuel economy.. any truth to that I have not test it out.
  • lwhomerlwhomer Member Posts: 13
    I drive a Type S and it delivers 25-27 mpg in a mixture of 20% city, 25% 2-lane mountain roads and 55% freeway driving. I have yet to take any extended trips, so high-speed mileage is unknown. However, the 31 mpg one poster reported at 70+ mph seems realistic.

    Larry Homer
    [email protected]
  • meacoupa1meacoupa1 Member Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,

    Was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem . . .

    I notice that when I am listening to the radio on the FM that from time to time all stations that I have pre-programmed begin to fade out all of a sudden. Then after a few seconds they will come in again clear, and then fade out again. I'm well within the transmission range of all these stations when I am driving, so it's can't be a distance problem. Wanted to know what this might be before taking it back to the dealership.

    BTW, to CanadianCL---I can understand it when you talk about the poor workmanship in the CL. I should have taken a closer look, but after buying mine, I noticed several instances of things not properly fitting together as well as they had on my Honda. And I do wish there were something that could be done about those sloppy seatbelts
    and how they retract :-)

    Thanks for the advice!
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    As I understand from the manual, your radio reception will be affected by where you are driving. So if you drive downtown, where there are many tall buildings then you might have that problem. As far as the seatbelts, I found that I could nicely retract them if I give them a good tug after unbuckle.... been working nicely for me since, but you might do it with the door open since it tends to block the belt a little... can be annoying for some people.
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    interested in purchasing a new or 2001 demo cl (not "s" type) for the wife. live in metro atlanta area, but willing to travel a few hundred miles for a "deal."

    anyone had any recent experience or found a good, bargain deal?

    thanks for any feedback
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    Sorry to hear you're another victim of the fit/finish gremlins. And yes, those seatbelts are a pain. The problem is not so much the retractors, but that the belts twist the wrong way. I have to twist my arm around to guide the belt all the way back before releasing! And I always thought Honda pays attention to the little things.
  • coramdeocoramdeo Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for all the feedback on mileage. Mine is getting better- I think I'm getting closer to the 25 MPG on the half city/half highway mix.
  • mike331mike331 Member Posts: 6
    meac0up1...i have the same thing in a n.w. sub of chicago, stereo fades in and out.

    seat belts don't retract worth a darn. dealer said that's the way they were meant to be. sure? I have already closed the door on the thing when I get out.
    also, black paint on hood not very tolerant of minor road particles. many small chips in paint after only 10k miles. had 100k on Lincoln that had fewer hood chips than this at 10k.
    overall a nice and quick car... just a few quirks acura should really address now for total buyer satisfaction.
    tires did well in a rough chicago winter..not ideal, but ok.
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    Hi, I'm new to this group but am sold on the CL
    I want the base CL with Spoiler. I believe Dealer invioce is now around $25,550.(No Navi)

    Instead of putting half down and financing,
    should I keep my cash and lease?
    What is the latest greatest lease deal out there?
    I'm totally confused as to what I should do...
    Does anyone out there regret their lease?
    Thankx a lot!
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  • obiwankenobi1obiwankenobi1 Member Posts: 290
    Does anyone talk about the old CL's here anymore? I still have a 99 that I love. I am however trying to sell it (too much car for what I need). It has 29K and I need $29,995 for it to cover my payoff. It is a fully loaded 3.0CL with tinted windows. It is white/parchment.

    Not to say I don't LOVE my CL, but I need something cheaper.
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    I have a Red 99 2.3 CL with the factory radio. When the radio is turned up past a whisper it sounds like crap. It is the worst sounding radio I have every heard in a car. We also have a 97 Accord Special Edition with the same head unit as the CL and it sounds much better. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. We also took it to the dealer and got the head unit replaced but did not seem to help much at all.
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    Obie, I hate to burst your bubble. I have a 99 2.3 CL 5 speed. I bought it for $21,000 in August of 99. It now has 20k miles. They were selling 3.0's for $23,500. Why would anyone pay more than that for a used one? For $30,000 a person could buy one of the 2001 models.
    Hopefully your message has a typo, and you meant $19,995. That would be closer to reality for a 99 3.0 CL. BTW, I haven't done anything other than change oil and rotate tires (and apply some Zaino poilsh). No problems to date, although I think I have a loose trim piece at the top of the door. It seems to buzz a bit when the radio is turned up. I only seem to hear it with the am talk shows, not with music...strange.
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