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    I wish I COULD sell it for $19,995, but I still owe $20,700 on the vehicle. It is what it is. I am not in a big rush to sell it, but will if I can.

    Not one call yet! Sad thing is, in the Auto Trader, mine is the cheapest 99 3.0CL for sale! I guess everyone else is buried like me!

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    Has anyone purchased the custom fit dealer car cover? $219 MSRP. I assume it's breathable and waterproof? any feedback is appreciated. Does it fit like "they" say it will?

    Got a 2001 CL Type S (San Marino Red) and lovin it! I think I busted a rear speaker though. :-( anybody else did that? I wonder if it's under warranty? Anybody know. Thanks
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    I bought the cover for mine. It fits great. The fabric is breathable and waterproof. Comes with both lock and storage bag.
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    I'd be interested to know how much hp they put to the wheels, stock. I mean totally stock, factory intake, rims/tires, exhuast, etc.
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    While snowbound in PA, the car bug bit me mighty hard. Attracted to the CL and have learned much from previous postings thanks to your input. Was wondering if those who purchased a CL considered other vehicles? If so, what steered you toward the CL?

    And then the more difficult question (at least for me), what factors entered in to your decision for choosing CL-P or CL-S? Convenience? Comfort? Ride? Power? Appearance?

    I live in Southeast PA close to Allentown & Reading. Anyone recommend an Acura dealer?

    Thanks much for your help and opinions.
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    you'll have a quicker response if you go to
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    Anyone have a problem maintaining constant temp with "97 Cl? The fan is always on and when the heater is on, the temp gets too hot for the setting it is set on. I then dial back down to get the heat to shut off and the A/C comes on. It is never just status quo, I am constantly adjusting it. Any suggestions?
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    Picked up my new 3.2CL a few months ago. The manual says the gas tank is 17 gallons. But when the fuel light comes on, the car consistently only takes on about 13 to 13.5 gallons. The fuel gauage also reads E. Is there really a reserve of 3.5 to 4 gallons? That's hard to believe. How much reserve does everyone else experience? Thanks ---- Jeff
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    I guess you could test out that theory if you have a cell phone... then you could call Acura's TLC to fill up your gas :)
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    I dumped my 99 3.0 CL today. I had a chance to get a 1990 BMW M3 with only 18,900 miles on it for $10,000 (13,500 after I buried the loss...but still WELL worth it!).

    You guys have been great to chat with!

    I'll keep in touch!

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    Anybody recently have a good experience with a Minnesota Acura dealer??-- looking to buy a new CL.
    Willing to drive (Wisconsin, Iowa?) if there's a dealer selling anywhere near 500-600 over invoice.
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    Just wanted to say that I'm looking for a second car to take some of the commuting burden off of my Type S. However, the competition out there just doesn't seem to be offering the same "bang for the buck." I come away from most test drives very unimpressed!

    I keep running into issues like:
    1. The front seats aren't as comfortable as the Type s.
    2. The auto transmission doesn't have the sport shift.
    3. The warrany is only 2 years long (come on VW!)
    4. Why do I have to spend over $40K to get all of the equipment that comes standard on my Type S?

    Anyone else find a car that equals the Acura, without buying 2 of the same car?
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    I suppose you would want something a little cheaper than the CL. I'd say it is not easy to find something as well-equipped as the CL or TL for the money. Not saying that they are perfect cars, but I hope more luxury car companies could add more standard features.

    If you dare to consider a Cadillac Catera or a Lincoln LS then you have a good price package comparison with the CL/TL. Yes, they would be a little more expensive, but you might be able to get a better deal on those domestics.

    As for getting something a little cheaper then I'd say any well-equipped Camry, Maxima, Accord, 300M would do just fine. BTW, Chrysler has autostick on the LH cars.
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    My wife and I just picked up our 2001 CL on March 10th. We had a great experience at Tustin Acura in CA. We got it for less than $400.00 over invoice(sorry Minnesota). I'm not used to having any problems with Honda products but This CL has a few. It's black on black and there are a lot of scratches on the paint. The Nav system didn't work the way I had seen it before and I found out that I have an old disc. The SRS light stays on continuously on the instrument panel. I'm taking it back for the scratches the light and the disc. The dealer told me the car had been on the lot since May, 2000. Unfortunately, I didn't find out until I noticed the disc problem. I'm confident the dealer will remedy my problems when I bring it back to them. If not..... I'll be back.
  • sundance_goldsundance_gold Member Posts: 19
    I agree that the car is not perfect but the value-for-the-dollar is excellent!
    Went to the dealer to have a fog light and wipers replaced yesterday. All were free of charge. One more reason to buy an Acura.
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    I've received a good quote for the CL-S, just a couple hundred over invoice. But the dealer is not willing to negotiate on the spoiler and is charging full MSRP for it. Now shouldn't this, my only option, be negotiable? Thanks.
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    Honda's packaging is probably works well for the potential buyers and for Honda. The more options that you have to purchase, the more expensive it is for the manufacturers to keep track and install. Anyway, I am happy that we still have enough choices in cars to complicate our life :)

    Hmmmm... charging full price for the spoiler??? Forget them. Find another dealer or buy a good aftermarket spoiler for significantly less. One of the thing you might want to have is the all-weather mat. I just love having that.
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    I bought a 01 CL-S in October and love it. Except for the rattle in the moonroof. It has rattled from day one and my dealer does not seem to be know what to do about it. I have had back to the dealer twice for lubrication. (the last time for special "NSX grease") Fortunately it does not rattle with the cover closed, but with spring coming I would like to be able to open the cover. The rattle seems to get worse when it is warm outside. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I love everything else about the car, I have been getting a consistant 27MPG. My dad has a new Lincoln LS (V8) he thinks he can take me. I would love to run it against him.
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    I've read that earlier 2001 CL models and some Accords have that same problem. It should be fixed by a good dealer and apparently yours is not. You might want to scroll through the posts to get some answer.... maybe from another website as stated in some older posts.
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    Is anyone aware of any current lease deals on the CR-S? I am interested in a 36mo lease, 12K miles/yr, and no more than $2K out of pocket. I am not sure what kind of payment I may be able to negotiate on a CL-S. The only option I would want to add is a spoiler.
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    I just bought a 01 CL-S last week. I have a question about the car I had. When I stop on a red light, idle for a while, my car will jerk slightly and the engine will work just like turning to rest mode ( from the engine sound I heard ). Is this normal? Does anyone with CL type S have this situation?
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    try turning off your A/C
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    I just brought my new 2001 Acura CL into the dealership to have the windshield replaced. The Acura person described the problem as "rippling" in the windshield. I drove off in a loaner CL that had the same problem. Then I talked to a friend that has an identical CL and he said it was the anti-reflective coating!?! Has anyone else noticed the rippling? I notice it on the passenger side when I am in the driver's seat. I also notice it when I walk up to my car (10-15 away) and look at the windshield area from an angle. Straight lines are distorted.
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    I am the new owner of a 2001 Honda Accord V6 Coupe. Quite a few people in the accord message boards are trashing the car, especially the paint quality. My Honda is the Nighthawk Black Pearl. Now I know that black is a lot of maintenance, but that's okay because I love it. I wanted to know what Acura owner's experiences are with this or any other quality issues.

    I had a 92 Integra with 107,000 miles on it and the car looked brand new! I had my Integra for 7 years then sold it for a Ford Explorer. What an idiot I was. I'm so happy to be back in the Honda family again!! There is no comparison.

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    I have the same problem with my 2 week old cl, type s. I was going to give it a while to break in before I talk to the dealer about the surging problem. I also would like to know from long time owners if the problem persists. In response to #203; it does it without the a/c on.
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    Yup, I did experienced that problem... either turning off the A/C or stepping on the brake a little harder during stops. A few people noticed this, but I think most of them are ok with it.... you might want to try acura fans website... older messages here.
  • obiwankenobi1obiwankenobi1 Member Posts: 290
    You all know that I loved my 99 Acura CL. We all admit that there was some fit & finish problems, but not that big of a deal, right?

    Now that I own a 1990 BMW M3, I have to admit, I am a little upset with the CL now. For an 11 year old car, this vehicle has no rattles and is flush in all the door handles, trunk, etc. What gives? It is sad that Honda/Acura can't do better. I will probably buy German cars from now on (if I have the money!). The quality is just that much better.

    Oh well, just thought I would point that out!
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    Yes, I see your point obi.... in two different forum topics. Good for you. I question a comparison between a relative high volume vehicle (CL/Accord) to a low volume vehicle (M3). Not only that, you are comparing your samples (2 cars). Anyway, you are happy with your BMW... that's what counts.
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    Since there are two open CL forums, I'll ask this question in both...Does anyone have any info on the 2002 CL-S (Changes from 2001) and when they expect to be available?
  • johns1johns1 Member Posts: 4
    that you left the Acura family. I am afraid to say but your M3 will spend more time in the shop than your CL ever would. Enjoy the car anyway.
  • obiwankenobi1obiwankenobi1 Member Posts: 290
    Not to be rude, but there is this big misconception going around that Honda's have better maintenamce then BMW's. Everyone I have talked to who owns BMW's agree that there have been no problems with their cars through ownership. The only thing is that maintenance costs MORE!

    I wouldn't say Honda's are more reliable, they are just cheaper to fix. I can tell you that the motor in my BMW is built better than ANY Honda I have owned!

    No offense. Just stating my case!

  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    from what I gathered.... not much will be changed for 02 CL. However, there will be lots of changeds for 02 TL. They test things first on the TL and make it better on the CL... :)
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    Having owned Hondas and an Acura as well as BMW 3 series and now BMW 7 series I have to agree with you. No question the BMW is more reliable over all and holds together better over the long run. Especially if subjected to more then moderate use (12-15,000 miles/yr). My company uses both Accords and Acuras and BMW's. Simply comparing the service records of the models over the past 5 years the edge goes to BMW over Acura in terms of repairs and complaints. After 50,000 miles, from that point on the Acura's require far more repairs compared to BMW's. As far as costs Acura's aren't exactly cheap to repair either.
  • obiwankenobi1obiwankenobi1 Member Posts: 290
    I'll just have to monitor how much time my Bimmer spends in the shop and weigh that against how much time my CL and Integra spent in the shop.

    I am sure that maintenance will be more expensive, but I am ok with that.

    Plus, in 4 years when this thing is paid off, I will probably get another Honda and just drive the BMW on the weekends.

    That is unless another sweet deal comes along and bites me in the [non-permissible content removed] like the M3 did! :)

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    I am looking into buying a 2001CL. I'm wondering what everybody's experience has been with fitting adults into the back seats. I am going from a UV to a coupe and must admit a bit worried. When I test drove it this weekend the salesman and another adult were in the back seats and it didn't seam to tight. what are your experiences?
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    Hi all:

    We are having a great discussions at the club events forum. If you own a CL in Canada and would like to join us, you are most welcomed. We are thinking about having some getting togethers in at least Toronto and possibly Montreal.
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  • meacoupa1meacoupa1 Member Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    I was reading these messages, and want to comment on a similar problem. I have a CLS, that, when I come up to a traffic light, the engine sometimes will "surge" for a second. Interesting thing is that the tachometer does not move when this happens. It's like I have the brake depressed but the car still wants to move some. Is this what the others are experencing?
  • obiwankenobi1obiwankenobi1 Member Posts: 290
    I have the same problem with my 1990 BMW M3. I was told it is a vacuum leak, but that I can fix it when I get around to it. Basically, it means the engine and computer on the car are out of alignment, and the engine is surging trying to catch up with the computer.

    Or maybe I am just an idiot and don't know what I am talking about. BMW's and Acura's are two entirely different cars, so who knows!

    I know MY car has a vacuum leak! :)

    1990 BMW M3 Alpinweiss
  • gto2050gto2050 Member Posts: 2
    This seems to be a natural phenomena with this car. All the owners I have talked to have experienced it. It appears to be the engine adjusting for an increased load on the system by either the alternator or A/C. I don't even notice it anymore.
  • sundance_goldsundance_gold Member Posts: 19
    We have a 2001-CL Type S that will be 1 Year old in May. WE LOVE THIS CAR!!

    We have seen all sorts of thing develop on this car but we have been very good about maintenance and every time I go to the dealer for service, they fix whatever issue it is (free of charge).

    There was a service bulletin last summer for the sunroof. Our service manager told us they essentially put a wedge into the sunroof linkage to make it seal better. It took care of the problem; however, it has started again--to a much lower degree. I do notice, too that it squeeks when the rubber or the paint around the lip of the sunroof gets dirty. However, if I clean the rubber and the paint around the sunroof, the squeek goes away. WHO KNOWS!!!

    About the engine surging, yes we've noticed this to some extent, too. But you can also hear the AC pump (or whatever that thing is) come on when you feel that surge. I have also started noticing a slight noice--coming from the engine compartment--when I have the car in gear, foot on the brake, and the AC pump comes on. It sounds almost like a "heat shield" vibration I used to have in my '88 Nissan. Thats on the list for the next servcice appointment.

    I am also noticing a metallic "ting" sound coming from the dashboard (I'm assuming the CD player) when I step on the gas. It sounds exactly like the "spring" noise the CD player makes when you load discs. But I'm also noticing more "squat" in the rear of the car now (didn't notice it at all when it was new) so I'm going to have the dealer check the rear suspension and also ask them if that squat could be causing the CD player to have to adjust itself inside the dashboard--or if there is something loose in there. (I hear this "ting" with even a very slight forward movement now---not just heavy acceleration.
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    I love this car never driven anything like it. I dont believe in comparisons. The BMW is a nice car in its own right and so is some other car in its class just like people we have different kinds of car for different kinds of people...

    The question is : I know that the type S has a fighter wishbone suspension.. but I am hearing some irritating minor rattling that I think emanates from my right door and the Moon roof lid when I have it open ..normally hear it when I ride really irregular pavement ..we have a lot of those in this land .
    Can anyone tell me if they exprience this this normal ? otherwise the ride and resopnse is superb.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    On surging: I noticed it on a demo that I took on an extended test drive and also on mine initially after I bought it. The car doesn't move and I don't even think the tach needle moves. I'd be sitting at a red light and all of a sudden I'd hear the engine rev up a bit for a split second. At first I thought the edge of my right foot had slipped off the brake pedal and pressed on the gas. But that wasn't the case. However, I don't notice it anymore. Maybe I have just gotten accustomed to it.

    Anand8: that minor rattle could be coming from the front passenger seat and the rattle from the roof could be from the sunshade. I've stopped trying to figure out where all these rattles are coming from. That is the biggest gripe I've got with this car -- all sorts of rattles and squeaks that will come on seemingly randomly and disappear just as randomly. BTW, what is a "fighter" suspension?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273
    Just leased a 2001 CL Type S. Turned in my award winning 99 Chrysler 300M Motor Trend Car of the Year!! LOL.... Just got the car on Wednesday and am looking forward to sharing experiences with other owners here. The only thing I wasn't to keen on is the fact that the moonroof does not open all the way. Why didn't they make it open outside the car if it wouldn't slide all the way back?

    Anyway, I KNOW this car will NOT be back to the dealer as many times as my award winning one!

  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    Sorry, but the "surging" issue has been addressed many posts before.

    I guess he meant "tighter". Yup, I do experience some squeaks when driving over bad pavements at slow speeds.... yeah, strange that it cannot be heard at highway speed. Anyway, I think mine is due to the backseat leather rubbing against the molding.

    fastdriver - congrats, now you have a faster car, but the moonroof design is inherent. I think that open on the inside makes the car looks cleaner and not like the Integra..... perhaps the TL/CL are nearly identical that making sliding moonroof outside does not make economical sense for Honda.
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    Several people have written about upgrades for the GTP, such as pulleys, etc... Has anyone modified their CL-S. Looking for any suggestions. I recently purchased an AEM cold air intake. I should be getting it early next week. They claim that it is a 15HP increase to the wheels. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I will race a buddy of mine w/ a '96 Impala before and after we put it on just to have a comparison. I also hear the the Comptech headers are pretty impressive, but I don't want to void my warranty. I don't want to do anything major. Thanks for any suggestions.
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161

    that being said, it's hard to say what you want to do with your car so that it won't look so gawdy ( I only tint my car.... really need it around here). You might want to get more feedbacks from those guys at they are a bunch of nuts, but they seem to know what to do with their CLs.

    BTW, the CL is large for a coupe, but still nimble for its size.

  • juiceyjuicey Member Posts: 7
    Has anyone looked into putting side molding on their CL?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    I know! That was the first thing I noticed too! I was already picturing door dings!


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