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Acura CL



  • I am the owner of a '99 accord cpe. It appears that my roof is the same as used in the 2001 Cl. I have also had rattles. It appears to be two problems. 1) The roof rattles, a coat 3m makes a great product for weatherstripping, solves the problem for a few months. 2) The shade rattles. Don' push the shade all the way in. Leave out (a 1/2 inch will do it.) My passengers also say that they hear nothing! But we know it is definitely there.

    [email protected]
  • I want a CL Type-S with stock CL springs and shocks. Does anyone know if these parts bolt up? Ron.
  • Don't take this to the bank, so to speak, but I think the main difference in the suspensions of the Type-S vs. premium model is in the shocks and the rear sway bar (1-mm smaller on the premium). I suspect the biggest difference (ride-wise) between them is in the wheels and tires. The wheels are 7 x 17 inches and the tires are 50 series on the S model and the premium has 16-inch wheels (6-½ inch width?) and 60 series tires. If your aim is to soften up the ride, look to the tires and the shocks. Everything should be a "bolt-on. However, the handling will suffer if you tweak the wheels, tires and suspension.
  • My dealer, Feders in Middletown, N.Y., installed two foam strips onto the shade. This seams to have cured the rattle. Only time will tell if it is "the" cure. Tom.
  • Got my 7500 mile service today and took the chance to complain about he rattle. Like most everybody else on this board, the dealer "lubed" the area and asked me to continually monitor it. They said it was very dry at the seams and the lube should do it. I stopped hearing the rattle when I drove the car home, but we'll see if it lasts.
  • ront8ront8 Posts: 1
    I have been shopping in North jersey for a CL-Prem w/Nav and spoiler. My best price so far is 28.600 plus tax and lic. Anyone in this area had better luck.
  • jandsjands Posts: 1
    I would like to buy a 2001 Acura CL Type S with wheel locks and splash guards (no Nav system) in the San Diego, CA area. Only quote I have is $29,700 (incl dest charge) plus tax and license. Invoice (incl dest charge) is $28128. Is this a good price compared to what you have paid? Thanks for your help.
  • I bought a Type S with Nav. (Northern California) for $31,300 (could have done at least $200 better if I had not had a trade to unload). A non-Nav. Equivalent would be about $29, 300. If you are not trading, I'd try for around $29,000, particularly if you're color-flexible. Good luck!

    Larry Homer
    [email protected]
  • I think Larry got a good price with a trade-in. I purchased a black/black Type S w/ Nav, wheel locks and splash guards in Orange County for $30,500 + tax & license back in September w/o the trade. The Nav is suppose to be a $2,000 option - a really cool toy! This would suggest that a non-nav should be around $28,500. If you wish to drive up to Orange County, I'll be glad to give you the name of my dealer and see if you can get better than $28,500. Good luck!

    [email protected]
  • I have been reading through all the posts made on the new CL...I have had my CL Type-S w/Navi for 5 months now and can't keep my foot out of the throttle. This car not only turns heads but, eats gas!!! Has anyone gotten better than 250 miles to a tank yet??!! Every chance I get I just want to take a cruise to the Keys or just down to South Beach....Does anyone know of any sites or places where you can get any other performance upgrades??? Need to go fasterrrrrr... thanks in advance.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 767
    i'm getting 475 miles on a tank of gas-- solara V6 5 speed-- oh well-- you make it from 0 to 60 by a half second faster. seriously tho, nice car, that acura-- can't imagine how you keep it at 55 or 60 mph tho.
  • I drive a mix of freeway, city streets and 2 lane country mountain roads with my CL-S and get 25-27 mpg. Considering the performance available (and used), I consider this to be excellent mileage. I have not taken a long highway trip to establish highway mileage, but I expect it to come in around 30 mpg.

    Anyone else have any mileage figures to comment on?

    Larry Homer
    [email protected]
  • Cross the bridges into Solano county and you can find CL Type S's for $300 to $500 over invoice. Use Edmends pricing resources to find your, I found a CL Type S for 27,788.
  • I seldom, if ever, drive only 55 in a so-called 55
    zone, and that is not the CL-S's fault. However, if you find maintaining a legal (or merely a predetermined) speed to be a problem, try using "Cruise Control"! It has convenient controls right there on your steering wheel!

    Seriously, I have been driving mine for three months and have no regrets about trading my 2K M-B C280 on the CL Type S. It is better than the Benz in almost every respect, other than the smoother ride of the M-B.

    Larry Homer
    [email protected]
  • Been driving my dad's 2001 Volvo C70 Convertible! What a sweet ride THAT is! I love it when he goes out of town!

    99 3.0CL
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    I would like to put a CD changer in my 98 CL.Has anyone done this and if so what models work with Acura stock stereo.Is the car prewired and where is the connector located in the trunk.
  • markz2kmarkz2k Posts: 112
    Well, my sister finally did it! Got a new Silver CL-S W/NAV yesterday. One local (Downey Acura) dealer was running a newspaper ad for $3000 of MSRP on all YA425 model CL's. (YA425=CL-P W/NAVi) Called the internet rep at her preferred (closer) dealer, told him about the ad, said can you match it? (I had already negotiated a deal with him on the phone Friday.) He said bring it in, and we did. After talking to a manager, they said they'd prefer to do the same deal on a CL-S w/NAVi, which is what she was leaning toward anyway. So, we took a nice new one (build date 11/00) out on our own for a test for about an hour. Came back, and tried a CL-P, as she was concerned about the stiffer ride in the CL-S. It was noticably firmer/harsher, but the extra power made up for it. :)

    Car came with mud flaps/wheel locks. (They put them on as soon as the car comes in, so you don't have much of a choice.) Didn't really want mud flaps, but with the deal still got them cheap. We saved about $500 over the best email quote I've received in the last 2 months. Just have to go back to get the bra installed sometime this week.

    The finance guy tried "sneaking" in the window etching as a feature, implying it was included. Didn't mention the cost till I asked point-blank. That was the only serious pressure to get us to buy extras.
  • About ready to purchase a non/nav CL Type S, w/splash guards, wheel locks and wing mid January 2001. Does anybody have an idea on the best deal in the Bay Area.
  • Well. I've been gone for just a little while and look what I come back to. Not too happy with this new environment and sign-in problem.

    Anyway, just wanted to pass on how happy I am now that I've been driving in snow with temps. down to zero. Type-S has started fine, everytime. Been pleasantly surprised with the traction on stock tires. Also, no rattles, squeeks...nothing even at zero! This is usually when those things show up. I'm very pleased.

    My only [non-permissible content removed] is with the windshield. Only way to keep it clear of ice, is to keep the heat on defroster at max temp and fan speed. Have not had the problem with the washer nozzels clogging up though like some speculated on last summer.

    Have not had sun roof worked on yet so will wait 'till spring.

    Terry/Ohio/Silver CL-S/6700 miles
  • The other day I parked my 89 Legend Coupe L next to a new CL and immediately saw the design similarities: the thin C pillar, the long stance. Thank God Acura has come back - the last gen CL, although attempting to also follow on the 1st gen Legend Coupe's design cues, came off as stubby, weighted down and uninteresting. I wish though, that they had drawn more creases into the new CL, it would have made it sharp-looking, like the BMW330ci. Honda always excelled at drawing edges and creases, maybe they will make it into the next gen. They also need a better wheel design, the current one doesn't look complementary to the rounded shape of the car. Some flared wheel wells would also look good on the CL. Enjoy your cars - I envy you all!
  • I've been looking for about a month for a CL-S w/o NAVI. The best quote I've gotten is about $1500 over invoice. Anyone have better luck near me?
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    I do like the new design of the CL. Although the resemblance to an Accord coupe maybe a little too much for me.... especially the front-end. I'd prefer a more aggressive front-end. As for the Legend, that last generation styling of it still looks great to me... still a head turner. The Accord coupe should look more conservative since it is the little cousin :D
  • Looking to lease a CL/CL-S In SFLA...
    Anyone found any good deals?
    Also, whats anyone's opinion on CL vs CLS
    and Nav vs Non NAV?
    Any replies appreciated....leasing VERY SOON this weekend. :O)
  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    Well, I have been gone since thought I would check in. I have a little under 30000 miles on my 97 call and had my 30000 mile check be the new spark plugs and transmission fluid... but the car seems more responsive than ever.... and shifts much smoother....STILL LOVE THIS CAR...
  • The stereos from Honda/Acura are Alpine unless they have Bose systems. Thus, you need an Alpine unit with the adpater's straightforward...figure out where you want to mount it...I say stick it in your glove if you can, and run the wire to the stereo and connect.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    Just a thought.... a dirty air filter can reduce both performance and fuel economy... try one and you will see :)) Yup, new spark plugs would certainly give better firings thus burn fuel more efficiently...

    I guess the advice for the lease is too late, but I don't have the NAV on my car since I don't travel to new places with my car that much... not like a traveling salesman (although, I hope that the system would be cheap enough so that they can be put into rentals! Or taxi)
  • Hey All,
    New to this board- just bought a 2001 CL TypeS w/o Navi in New York City. This car is awesome. I paid $28,000 flat for the car- I believe invoice is $28,133.

    It's a great time to purchase here in NYC. I think I could have squeezed another $200, but overall I'm extremely happy with the car
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Invoice is $27,648. You did beat Edmund's TMV price though. Was it the pimp gold colour? Overall not a bad deal. Patience has its rewards.
  • Canadiancl,
    $28,000 was destination included. The only thing I paid on top of that was the 8.25% sales tax and $115 documentation fee.

    I got silver, which was my color of choice, and there's actually one more in the lot right now.

    I asked the sales mgr why he sold me the car below invoice? Simple answer, cars aren't moving, and with the snow we've been getting in the Northeast lately, inventory on the lot gets stale REAL quickly.

    I think I called every dealer in the tri-state area... perhaps a bit obsessive...
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Then you got a great deal, and silver too, which is supposed to be the most sought after colour. Congrats. BTW, obsessive behavour is one of the prerequisites for owning a CL-S :)
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