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    I took my 01 CL-S to my local Honda dealer and had them install factory Honda Accord coupe side moldings. Cost was $138 installed, the color match is perfect, my car is silver. Had them installed at the crease on the lower side of the door and rear quarters. Looks 100% factory. This was the first thing I did after getting my CL, the moldings have already saved me at least twice from getting dinged.

    Erik V.
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    I don't really care for them since I usually park my car out of the way. The problem with side moldings is that it makes waxing the car more of a hassle. If you ever had wax on those parts then you know what I mean.
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    Thanks for the advice. I also have the silver. I had already done some research. I did look at the Accord Coupe and compared color codes. It is the exact same color. I was thinking that installing them at the crease on the lower side of the door and rear quarters was a bit low. Just a thought. I was afraid that the side molding would take away from the look of the car. Is this the case? I don't guess that you would have a picture to send me?

    I don't really care for them either. I am very particular about where I park my car. I don't even drive it in the rain. I think it will take away from the look of the car, but if I could prevent a dent/chip/scratch, it would be well worth it even if waxing does cause a problem.

    I also work with someone that owns the old CL. It has molding that looks pretty good. Took a few measurements, it will be pretty close. The only problem would be the color. I feel the Accord Coupe would me the way to go.
    Tahnks again
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    Not many new cars have this feature or many people appreciated. Even though this has been around for decades - seen it in a '76 Olds. Maybe the reception would have been better with the powered antenea, but I like the integrated look - you don't have to take care of it !!!
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    I have read several posts from CL owners in regards to the Bose stereo system in the CL. I currently have a Solara with a 200wt JBL system that is outstanding for a factory installed sound system. Just curious what the specs on the CL system and why people say that it is subpar for the car it is installed in.
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    I don't know the power output of the CL-S stereo without looking it up -- maybe 120 watts?
    I compared it to the BOSE system in my previous car, a '95 Maxima, and the Maxima's is way superior in terms of the highs and lows. You can really crank the Maxima's system up without distortion. And if you play a track with a heavy bass, you can literally feel it.
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    great engine for an uninsiring car. Acura should have given the body a little more soul like they did the integra and legend(for its time). The bmw and is300 have an inspiring aura of their own, but the acura CL and TL lack personality. Its too conservative. With that superb engine, they could have made a more spectacular car to get them in the pact with bmw and lexus.
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    I have a 98 CL and a 01 3.2 TL.I like the headlights on the TL.I saw at the auto parts
    store that replacement bulbs for the CL are
    available with a blue tint.Is this a gimmick or are they actually brighter?
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    The styling I can live with. But you would think with the performance it offers and the fact that it is targeting the upscale European imports, Acura would have done a better job with the build quality. The fit and finish and various nagging rattles on the CL-S wouldn't even be acceptable on a garden variety Accord.
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    Just purchased for $28,400 in So CA used my '96 Infinite J30 as trade (70,500) They gave me $10,200 for the J30 was this a deal or did I get taken? Any thoughts on bras, I want to preserve the finish of the car but is a bra realistic for every day use or only on long freeway trips? Regarding after market side moldings, are these epoxyed on or riveted to the body?
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    You can use it for a long period like a month or more, but when the rest of the car begins to look dirty then you should take it off. Basically, remove before every car wash and wax the car well before putting it back on. You'll have to wash the mask as well since it is likely to collect road debris.

    jrent - I am not sure that you got a good trade-in deal. Maybe a thousand more would have been better. You might want to use Edmund's appraisal or KBB next time for future reference. As far as side molding, I've read that some people use the ones for the Accord or bought some custom ones from PepBoys.
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    I just brought my new 2001 Aura CALL into the dealership to have the windshield replaced. The Aura person described the problem as "rippling" in the windshield. I drove off in a loner CALL that had the same problem. Then I talked to a friend that has an identical CALL and he said it was the anti-reflective coating!?! Has anyone else noticed the rippling? I notice it on the passenger side when I am in the driver's seat. I also notice it when I walk up to my car (10-15 away) and look at the windshield area from an angle. Straight lines are distorted.

    By the way, the dealership has replaced the windshield twice. Same problem. They are now suggesting after market glass. Any ideas?
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    The Accord Coupe side molding is epoxyed.
    With my CL-S I got the Acura Bra. Not to crazy about one of the ways that it goes on under the hood. It hooks with these pieces of plastic in a funny way. But, it fits like a glove and looks wonderful. My car has not been driven with out it and never will. It is not a bad idea to wax the covered surfaces at least every other time you clean the car.
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    I bought the new CL type S. I must say a wonderful car. The owner's manual recommends for the break in: avoid hard acceleration and hard breaking for the first 600 mls. Since I drive 70 mls on the highway and with 2000 rpm, I figure this should work out fine. (correct me if I'm wrong). But my gas mileage seems to be lower than Acura advertises. (30 mpg vs the 22 I'm driving) I now have 350 mls on it. Does the mileage improve???? Do I break in the car correct???

    thanks for any response.

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    ...but I'm dropping by to see if any CL owners would be interested in having an Acura CL Owners Club on the Owner's Club Board.

    Let me know if you are interested!

    Owner's Clubs
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    during break-in interval, I think you should try to vary the speed you drive also. Constant and prolonged driving at one time is not recommended in some car's manual. My mpg during break-in got as high as 24mpg, but I did mixed driving. I've been getting over 28mpg for highway only driving. I've posted my mpg in a news and view topic and earlier in this topic.

    Other things to consider, did you use A/C? Did you have windows down? Did you have the moonroof open? How high did you rev the engine?
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    on a rolling launch ie. those 5 - 60 mph runs that C & D likes to time? The reason I find is that the tranny shifts into 2nd too early. It's like as soon as you start to roll the tranny goes into 2nd. And then when you punch the gas the tranny gets confused and hesitate for a split second between 2nd & 1st before it pops back into 1st.
  • phatnastycatphatnastycat Member Posts: 73
    In my experience, that is common for a Honda V6 engine. I noticed with 2 previous Accord V6 engines I had. It's just a slight pause before the car takes off when you punch the gas.
    I now own a Toyota Solara with a V6 and I have not noticed this tendency when i jump on the gas pedal.
    I am curious if you notice the same problem when using the "sport" shift mode?
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Member Posts: 53
    it's the tranny. you can bypass that by moving the shifter all the way back to 1 if you really want to hold 1 that badly.

    it may also be traction control/vsa...when you stomp it and it downshifts to 1, it'll probably kick in 'cuz the wheels are on the verge of slipping.

    so try turning off vsa/tcs.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    using sportshift wouldn't help since ss automatically shift into 2nd. mrdeeeno's suggestion of turning off VSA may work.
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    My passenger side outside mirror stopped rotating down while in reverse--I only have 3700 miles. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this covered under the regular warrenty? Thanks.
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    Is your mirror adjustment switch in the neutral position? I think it only rotates when that switch is in the neutral position. But in any case, it is covered under warranty.
  • wijgwijg Member Posts: 2
    Yeah, I tried the mirror adjustment switch in both the neutral AND right positions and it still would not rotate down when in reverse...tho I found it strange I was still able to ADJUST same mirror with switch. I'll have them look at it when I take it in for my first oil change this week--thanks.
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    i'm not talking about using ss to start on 1, mean moving the shifter all the way back to D1.
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    I knew what you meant. I was actually responding to phatnastycat's suggestion of using the SS for a rolling launch. Your method would hold the tranny in 1st for sure, but I've always hated shifting an auto tranny manually that way -- too easy to overshoot the next gear.
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    A guy at posted a dyno slip of his new TL-S with Comptech headers and a new Cold Air Intake (CAI) ... His dyno slip showed a 30hp increase.

    Keep in mind that MSRP on those parts alone are around $1400+ ... But 38hp at the wheels is pretty damn nice =)

    Dyno Sheet

    It's on the first page. Just keep scrolling down =)

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    I've heard it from someone who has an Acura. There is no free oil change and you have to go to Acura for maintance every 6000-7000 miles. Doesn't sound true... How is it? How much is the maintenance?
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    Actually just free oil for life. I pay for the labour. However this practice varies from dealer to dealer. Haven't taken mine in for service yet so couldn't comment at this time as to quality and cost of service.
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    that the front end of the new 2002 TL-S looks bitchin'. Much better than the CL-S's.
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    At what RPM is the VTEC supposed to do its thing. I have heard both 3800 and 4800. I can definetly hear a difference at 4800. Which is correct. Thanks.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    Nothing happens under 4K with any of Honda's VTECs
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    I thought the warmer weather would lessen the rattles. Well it may be true but not for the sunshade. The darn thing has been rattling something fierce lately. Everything is quiet if I pull it shut but I feel claustaphobic with it closed. I'm sure others have posted about fixes for this problem. Does anyone recall if there is a known cure or a TSB or anything?
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    The weather is not going to fix it. You need to have the dealer fix it. It is extremely common on both Accords and CLs, so the dealer should know how to fix it.
  • charliemikecharliemike Member Posts: 87
    There is definitely a fix. At there are two very cool service people from a good Acura dealer that post on that board. They can tell you the TSB number and what it does.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    Such a nice car, if only it didn't rattle like a damn tool box!
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    So you say 4800 RPM. That is when I notice it. In the forums, everyone says 3800. I have also seen 3800 written somewhere, don't remember. Can anyone clear this up for me.
  • juiceyjuicey Member Posts: 7
    Just read something else. I think I am talking about two different things. I believe that VTEC is 4800 and the air intake thing is 3800. HELP. Just want to make sure that mine is working properly.
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    I am really surprised to read about some of the issues/problems/complaints with the CL, especially being a Honda product. I realize that no car is flawless, but some of these complaints should not be occuring in car in this price range. I can't stand having creaks and rattles in a car.
    An Accord I owned previously had a squeek in the dashboard that I could hear but never quite pinpoint the location of to get it fixed. It bugged the absolute (edited for content) out of me for the 2 years I owned the car. I can tell you the stereo sure got a workout to compensate for the distraction.
    AS much as I love the 260HP engine and the many standard options available in the CL-S, I don't know that for me it is worth it.
    What's up CL-S owners? If you had the option again, would you still buy the car? Perhaps the 2002 will bring about some improvements. Until I hear different, I am leaning towards the 2002 Lexus IS300.
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    i've had my car for a year now (bought back in end of march '00). only 1 rattle which I fixed myself in 2 minutes.

    what other problems are there? the sunroof thing is nothing major, just a design flaw (the thing raises too high so it resonates with the wind, but they have a fix for it).

    that's it.

    and being made in america, it's not bad at all...if you do get an is300 (made in japan), you'll realize listed more major problems (bottom engine covers falling off, doors popping, nasty smell under hard acceleration, etc.) vs any squeak and rattle in the cl-s. and it wasn't isolated cases knew about the engine covers (not major part, just the plastic cover on the bottom...bolts were too tight or something) and doors popping when opened all the way out. i don't know about the smell thing though, but it seemed they ( people) all acknowledged it.

    if you ask for problems in a car, people will give you problems no matter how small, but htat's all they give you. you'll only see that side of a car and thinks it's crap.

    if you ask for praises about a car, they'll give you praises, no matter how small, but that's all they give you. you'll only see that side of the car and think it's godly.

    i have one of the early cl-s's made, no problems at all except for what i mentioned earlier.

    take things you read with a grain of salt, but as with all (except the passport) hondas and toyotas, you can't go wrong.
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    That's a good question. I might look seriously at the 2002 TL-S. But that is really just a CL-S with 2 extra doors (love the front end design though). The Maxima SE would be a definite candidate. Or I may go in a different direction and go for something like a Subaru VDC or a Highlander Limited. As much as I like the design and performance of European cars, I probably would not consider them because of the reliability issue. Bottom line is I still probably would go for the CL-S. I just wish I could have waited for the 2002 model to avoid the first year teething problems. You have to note though that most if not all CL-S problems so far are relatively minor (although annoying)ones such as misfit panels and rattles. No one has reported any mechanical failure.
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Member Posts: 53
    oh, and i had my bumper fixed (it had the film between the body and bumper sticking out.

    and the right side of my hood was lower at the front by a 1/8", which i fixed myself by just unscrewing the "pad" underneath 1/2 turn.

    that's it...all my other body panels and such match up...and i had one of the first ones out.

    the dealer is another story though, so don't get me started on that.
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    All good points. Yes, every car has it's troubles. My Toyota Solara has not been problem free, but when it's 100% it is a fantastic car.
    I take it that most the flaws outlined in this forum will addressed with the 2002 model?
    I have tried to get info on the 2002 CL-S from Acura, but there is no info. I am curious as to what might be new to the 2002 model. I know Honda will make minor changes to tail lights and add/change colors from year to year, and usually make the major body style changes every 3-4 years. Not sure if this is the same with Acura.
    As for the IS300... I am sure it has it's flaws as well. The only reason I am considering it is because of the 4-doors. I like the TL-S, but I can get a better deal on a IS and I like the look of the IS better. Besides the IS, as with the CL are two different kinds of cars.
    Any info on the 2002 CL-S would be appreciated. Also, has anyone seen a CL-S in blue? I have never seen one on a lot before and I am just curious how the car looks in blue. I usually avoid the darker colors, but I do like the color in the brochure.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273
    I have had my CL-S for a month now and not a SINGLE complaint, problem or rattle! I hope it stays that way. Gas mileage for these first 2,100 miles has never averaged less then 21.1. I love driving this car, but I have to slow down so I don't hit my yearly limit of 15,000! ;-))

    If you go to the forum, there is a picture of the new blue. I saw one in FL last week at the dealer in West Palm Beach. Looks sharp.


    PS That forum is a lot more active then this one.
  • phatnastycatphatnastycat Member Posts: 73
    Can you post the link for the pic of the blue CL? I couldn't find it on the site.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    It WASN'T easy, but try this-


  • phatnastycatphatnastycat Member Posts: 73
    I really appreciate that link. I love the blue. I had a blue car ('93 Nissan NX2000) once before. It looked great on the car, but chips and scratches were hard to hide. Since then I have stayed with metallics (golds, silvers and now a pearl white). They seem to hold up well and hide the unavoidable chips and door dings.
    I woul like to see Acura make the pearl white available with the 2002 CL-S like is available with the TL-S. Though that blue will be tempting. I'll have to see which catches me the most.
    Thanks again for the link and info.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    No problem. It does look nice in person. Not sure if both the black and parchment interiors are available with this color or just the black. I think it would look good with the parchment.

    Has your Solara held up ok? Nice car. My aunt has a 99 SLE with all the options except the moonroof. She's in her 80's! LOL.... Only has about 8,000 miles on the car. If you click on my name, I have links to all my pics on the net. Not sure if the Solara is in any of them.

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    Being a previous 1999 Acura 3.0CL owner, I have created a site for my 1990 BMW M3. If anyone wants to take a look at my new "baby" you can see it at:

    Don't worry, I still have lots of respect for Honda/Acura products!


  • phatnastycatphatnastycat Member Posts: 73
    My relationship with my Solara has been love/hate. I had a pulling problem with it for about 2-1/2 years that only recently seems to have been fixed. Outside of that problem, I love everything about the Solara. I'd even consider another one if I knew that it wouldn't be due for a redesign from Toyota during the next 3 years. I always like to get into a lease right at the beginning of car's design cycle. Call it a freakish desire, but I like to have the latest and greatest.
    I think the Solara is one of the best looking cars on the road. It rides great, and has one of the best factory installed stereos out there. The JBL system rocks!!! The Solara SLE is pretty loaded in options and quite a value for the price.
    I consider the Solara the top of the line in Toyota brand auto's, a Lexus with a "T" badge.
    I'd love to see Toyota put an HP boost in the next engine. I have heard 220, but I'd be nice to see 240+. Anyway....
    I think it is great that your Grandmother has one, especially at her age. She must be a young 80 :>)
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    I have 54k miles on my 98 CL and it has been
    flawless except for brakes wearing out.If I could
    change things I would reduce the turning radius,
    make the rear seat drop down for carrying large
    objects,and give it brighter headlights.I have had the oil changed every 3000 miles but am considering switching to synthetic oil and extending my oil change interval to 6000.Is this
    reasonable? I want to see how many miles I can
    squeeze out of this fine car.
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