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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Tom,
    I have heard of some regions charging TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising) to the customer. This is especially evident in the southeast. That is why on KBB you will see various codes listing different prices and rebates.

    Having said that - don't let them pull you into a negotiation over different individual amounts within the "invoice price". You should work from a trusted source price (like Edmunds or other) and negotiate to that invoice price or preferrably below. The TDA is their problem.

    Pricing that you have been given sounds high. I think that you are correct in your assumptions. Try other dealers and, if you really want the HL at this lot, use the other quotes as leverage on this dealer to see if they will drop lower. But be willing to leave - I think that you can get an '05 for that price.

    Good luck,
  • ardaarda Posts: 2
    I am in the midst of negotiating for a FWD Limited 05 Highlander. I got prices little less than Edmunds' TMV for my region (northern CA). TMV price is quite a bit higher than the invoice price, and I was wondering how reliable the TMV is. Is there anybody who bought a highlander couple hundred dollars below invoice in northern CA?
  • Well after running around I was able to get gold HL.
    2004 4cyl, AWD, w/o 3rd seat, FE, QO, TO, MG, RL, CF, All weather floor mats and window etching.
    MSRP 27,347
    Invoice $24,654 before rebate.
    Price before taxes and DMV $23,464.00
    Edmunds TMV $23,880.00
    and got 3.9% financing.
  • john, I've visit about 3 toyota dealers but I'AM CONFUSED ABOUT GETTING 2WD OR AWD I'am from ny and some people have told me 2wd is good ,I ALSO WANT 4CYL.HERE ARE THE PRICES I GOT SO FAR,
      2WD 22,500
      4WD 23,800

       2WD 21,500 0% FINANCE
       2WD 20,495 ? " "


  • I did test drive 2wd last Thursday. To me AWD drives the same way. I got AWD because it was the only 2004, 4cyl dealer had.

    Like I said in my previous posts, I was able to get dealer down to $22,000 for 2wd with QO, RL, and MG packages (MSRP 25,590, TMV $22,300).

    I looked around on the web. Any dealer that has 4cyl AWD, TOW package is part of it, so AWD are little more money.

    To get 2WD or AWD it is up to you. If you can afford, get AWD. It should have better resale value.
  • I am in NC. I am looking to get a HL 2 wheel drive 4 cylinder, just the basic stuff, power windows, locks. what lease pmt am I looking at for a 48 mth 12k per year 0 down lease, I was quoted $350 pm by one dealer. please help

    will I get a lower pmt on a 2004 or 2005. there is a 1k cash rebate on 04
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    That seems kinda high for a lease. See my post #1061 for what I paid for pretty much the same thing you're looking for. Having good credit my payment is $377/mo. for 60 mos.
  • I seem to agree. Were you upside down on your trade in. any down pmt. My credit is good too.around 710.

    what was your total financing.

    how do u like the car, I am looking at the CRV and HL
  • For anyone considering buying a new Highlander- please please read some of the comments under the 'problems' discussions. Quite a few of us have had significant problems with hesitation and surging in the transmission/engine system. At the very least, be sure to thoroughly test drive the specific vehicle you are going to buy before you drive it off the lot. I am the owner of a beautiful new V6 HL that is quiet, powerful and very very unpleasant to drive.
  • I am looking to buy a HL base AWD model. I did some research on the Internet before going to the dealer, I found that there are difference on Invoice on differnt website.
    So, I went two different NY toyota Dealer Last monday, got a price quote on 4-Door 4x4 V6 SUV w/ 3rd seat. with option FE EH LF RL AG and floor mat.
    I had first Quote for this car for 26,429 + Tax + DMV. Which is 90 dollars below invoice price.
    Then I went to second dealer, the others sale gave me a hard which I had walked away so quickly. He's quoted at 30k at the beginning which he must thought that I would negotiate.

    Guys, Is it a good price for this car.
    4x4 V6 SUV w/ 3rd seat. option FE EH LF RL AG.
    26429.00 before tax. Is there any rebate going on this car.
  • newhl1newhl1 Posts: 4
    Planning to buy a highlander this weekend.

    Looking for FWD V6. The invoice price comes to

    Did anybody recently got a HL in San Diego area.
    Any input on the price u paid and the dealer. I also like to know what kind of APR I can get from Toyota
  • cesarcesar Posts: 2

    PLEASE HELP.......
  • dawneedawnee Posts: 59
    Went to dealership today to drive HL to be sure I liked it. Was telling salesman things I really wanted and when I mentioned a sunroof he said if I found an HL that did not have the sunroof that could be put in aftermarket and that they did it all the time. They may do it all the time but I have heard horror stories, even in this day and time, of aftermarket accessories like a sunroof never working as well as the original. Anyone have any experience with this, good or bad?

    Next thing is I have seen on some websites that there is an accessory of electrochromatic mirror with compass & outside temp gauge for the '04 HL but I don't see this listed anywhere on Edmunds. Can anyone tell me if this is an option or maybe it is standard in one of the packages and I am missing it.

    Also the salesman told me he could price me an '05 cheaper than an '04, even though '04 had a $1,000 rebate, which sounded really wrong to me especially since he would be pricing a base model V6 FWD '05 with a app pkg, running lights, fog lights, pwr driver seat, mats and tow pkg, any thoughts from anyone out there about this?? Of course, maybe it was because he said they pretty much only had Limited '04's but I would think they would still want to get rid of those to make way for their '05's and so they would be willing to negotiate down more than normal on those Ltd '04's. Best I can tell the cheapest Ltd they have, invoice wise, is $28,775. Is it feasible to think they would come down even $1,000 below invoice since it is an '04? Or is that just ridiculous??

    Sorry this is lengthy, just wanted the opinion of some people who have bought from Toyo dealers as my last vehicle purchase was from GM and their negotiations are quite different, just like now their rebates are sizeably more than Toyos.

    All opinions and input appreciated. Thanks
  • brunnabrunna Posts: 53
    I'm so sorry it took me this long to get back on the board! My V6 4x4 gets about 20-21 around town - not bad! The third seat is a godsend (I have 3 young boys and a dog). This is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned because it does, and is, so many different things all at once. My adjectives to describe it: comfortable, roomy, fast, reliable, spacious, safe, fun-to-drive, quiet, sensible (a Lexus on a beer budget) and more! Two speeding tickets in 4 months will tell you how hard the V6 is to stay out of on a regular basis. My wife steals the keys every chance she gets - and we love her 2003 Odyssey. Good luck and email me if you have further questions you'd like me to answer.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Hi cesar,
    For questions not related to the actual purchase experience, you'll want to talk to owners in our Toyota Highlander discussion to get their feedback.

    Roving Host & Future Vehicles Host


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  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    TRy shoppers board. This is for Prices paid and buying experience.
  • dawneedawnee Posts: 59
    Where is "shoppers board"?
  • I am offered a 05 V6 4WD HL 27600 in Boston area. Is this a decent offer?
  • mas23mas23 Posts: 38
    I got a similar response from a salesman in the Chicago area. He said the price will be the same for a 04 or 05 HL (200 below invoice) but the 04 have a $1000 rebate and 05 have $500 (this is the first time I heard about a rebate on the 05). He told me about the 05 because the options that I wanted (sunroof and side airbags) were hard to find on the remaining 04. I will probably go see him this weekend and get something in writing.
  • Dawnee/Mas23:
    Rebates changed for effective today for a few regions (Chicago one of them). The low interest rates were withdrawn with the cash incentives for the '04s going from $750 to $1000 and the introduction of the cash incentive for the '05s.

    You will need to make the decision to go with the '04 or the '05 (price and ability to get desired configuration driving your decision). Logic does seem to side with the thought that the better position for the lower price is to go with the '05s. Having seen invoices for both, the information counters that line of thought. Having said that, dealers are paying $$ for the '04s to continue to sit. Hence, edge price wise to the '04 for better negotiation, but not much. After trying to get the '04 I wanted, the dealership has had a difficult time negotiating a trade. The '05 Ltd version/AWD I am after comes with the VV (Value Package) which combines the sunroof and the stereo upgrade, saving some $$ on the invoice price which makes it about dead even with the pricing on an '04. I had hoped to get a deal closed by the deadline of the low apr offering. Am now waiting for the '05s.

    So, simply go for the better deal. And yes, I agree with you that it is better to have the options you desire already installed versus having them done post production, especially the sunroof.
  • kichankichan Posts: 28
    I saw an '01 4x4 Highlander listed for $16,999. Does anyone know if that is a good price? Haven't been to the dealer yet, but I just noticed that it isn't a certified vehicle (was leased with one owner). I checked the carfax and everything is ok, but I'm just a little leery about the fact that it isn't certified, and the warranty has just expired. If anyone has any experience or advice on purchasing a non-certified, I'd really appreciate it.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Check out forum "Real world trade-in" in Smart Shopper, ask for Terry. Make sure you give all the details: model, options, color, location, etc.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That would be here: Real-World Trade-In Values

    tidester, host
  • kichankichan Posts: 28
    Thank you to all. I have posted my message for Terry and am awaiting his reply.
  • I am looking at getting a HL 05 fin for 72 months, I was offered plat. warr. for $1800.00 it is 100k 84 months, including oil maintence, tyres, gap insurance etc. is it worth getting it. what is the best price I can expect to pay for it
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    How do you post the link like that?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    [A href="">link</A] is the format, but substitute < and > for the end brackets.

    Of course Tides programmed his own custom program for quick links to forum discussions :-)

    Steve, Host
  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    Just purchased a new '05 HL, 4cyl,auto,power seat,privicy glass,tow-package(heavy duty cooling),roof rack, Silver/gray int. Drive out $24900.00. It's hard to tell Toyota invoice but appeared to be about $750 below invoice?
    Just what we wanted, the 4cyl. is smooth and enough power for our needs. Just hope it gets
    expected mpg stated on sticker.
  • dawneedawnee Posts: 59
    So how do you think the 4 cyl compared with 6 cyl? I have driven the 6 cyl but not the 4 was just wondering if you think it has pretty good power. I don't need any towing capabilities but with the gas prices the 4 cyl mpg is more appealing.
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