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Chevrolet Impala Transmission Problems



  • Well I guess I am joining the not so exclusive club - the Chevy transmission failure club! Impala turned on us today w/o much notice - surging & then no power. Limped to Chevy dealer in Okomos, MI. w/ diagnostic & complete rehaul/replace/rebuilt for the tune of $4K! We are sitting at 73,000 miles & does not make sense to invest that kind of $$ w/ all the other potential failures I have read about on this forum.
    So it sounds like a class action lawsuit is in order for all of us vs GM . . . . Who's in?? And GM wonders why Obama had to bail them out.
    Miserable in Michigan w/ my Chevy lemon :-(
  • kul85skul85s Posts: 1
    i also have have a 2007 impala ss i purchased the car from a dealer the car was 15000.00 and i offered 10.000.00 cash they said no way 2 months later i get a call from them saying they would accept my money i thought that was strange a few months later i see why ttrans starting acting funny and i am a transmisson tech so it happens to everyone i pulled the tranny and noticed it was just rebuilt by dealer what i come to notice is that first of all vehicle gets way to hot and the exhaust runs right over the trans not smart and noticed 2nd clutch burnt and support housing rings are plastic bad design so i droped the engine temp by 10 degrees heat rapped the exhaust replaced rings and seals in the 4th cluch and pressure boost valve and tourque converter for around 400.00 good luck to all ss owners
  • I have the same problem on my impala. Did replacing the solenoids work?
  • dee222dee222 Posts: 1
    Ask them to check the Throttle Body. I have had the same exact thing happen to me. Good Luck
  • hello, i would like to get some info on what tools i would need to change a gear/shift cable on a 2003 chevy impala. please respond to my email at [email protected] thank you very much--Rob
  • I experienced a similar problem, but was while in overdrive then down shifting to passing gear and back up or down again. It started out sporadically, shifting like it had a shift kit installed. I would pull over and turn the car off for a minute or so. (making sure key was in the off position and not on accessory and dome light and radio quit playing), fire it back up and problem would go away for a day or two. Then it started progressively getting worse and more annoying. Took it to a trans shop and problem was a one of the servos/solenoids. He replaced it and at that problem went away. The repair was done for around $400.00.
  • 2004 impala trans would slip then hard hit starting out. Used a kit to replace some springs and spacer in accumulator in trans, and it fixed the problem.
    Transco SK 4t65 E shift kit.
  • Everyone who has the Pressure Control Solenoid issue, please make sure you don't have too much transmission fluid -- it will cause the transmission to get clunky and give off the Pressure Control Solenoid code (GM even issued a TSB on it). If there is any possibility more fluid was added, suck some out and try driving it. If it still clunks, suck a little more out. There is likely nothing wrong with the solenoid.

    Twice, mechanics have put too much fluid in and it caused clunking. Both times I fixed it by sucking a little out. My original 4T65E 2001 transmission now has 176,000 miles on it and is still going strong.

    I used a car wash vacuum and aquarium tubing to suck some out the first time. Since then, I have purchased an oil extractor pump which I also use to change the transmission fluid. 
  • Everyone who has the Pressure Control Solenoid issue, please make sure you don't have too much transmission fluid -- it will cause the transmission to get clunky and give off the Pressure Control Solenoid code (GM even issued a TSB on it). If there is any possibility more fluid was added, suck some out and try driving it. If it still clunks, suck a little more out. There is likely nothing wrong with the solenoid. DO NOT RELY ON A MECHANIC TO CHECK FLUID LEVEL. THEY HAVE TO WARM IT UP PROPERLY FIRST AND VERY FEW WILL TAKE THE TIME TO DO THAT.

    Twice, mechanics have put too much fluid in and it caused clunking. Both times I fixed it by sucking a little out. My original 4T65E 2001 transmission now has 176,000 miles on it and is still going strong.

    I used a car wash vacuum and aquarium tubing to suck some out the first time. Since then, I have purchased an oil extractor pump which I also use to change the transmission fluid. 
  • Bought this car almost 2.5 years ago and began experiencing some surging in the transmission recently. Took it to the local GM Dealer and had them run test since I was nearing the end of my warranty and wanted it taken care of since i knew there was a transmission issue. As expected no codes popped up so they had a kid drive the thing around couldn't replicate. So instead of addressing the issue they tried to sell me more transmission services (flush, etc.) insisting this was the issue. Turns out according to Service Bulletin 10023432 this problem is well documented. Now three months later I am out of warranty and looking at a $4,000 dollar fix. How convenient for GM and the dealership, right. You would think GM certified techs would look at bulletins but why do it for free when you can tell the customer he is crazy and charged him 4,000 in a few months.
  • I have a question, I have the 2008 impala and the trans slips everyday.
    It started at like 10,000 miles, do you think a trans filter and maybe putting in that Royal Purple fluid would help.

  • my 08 impala with the 3.9 L is a fantastic car, but at about 100k, transmission started slamming during shifts. GM dealer could not find problem and no codes showing. I took it to a shop that has contracts with several police depts. for transmissions. I described the problem, he said valve body. $2100 repair and worked fine. Now at 124k, transmission seems like it is slipping, and at low speeds with very little throttle, I can feel shudder. Would be nice if GM had good transmissions. I have had almost all GMs since 1960's and almost all have had transmission problems at under 100k, but engines have lasted into high 300k miles. but the few Fords I had had good transmissions but the engines did not last (last owned a Ford in 1995). This year bought my wife a Nissan Versa Sedan with CVT, transmission code at 52k, replace whole transmission under warranty with no questions, problems or hassles. Maybe I need to start looking at other than GMs.

  • Besides the Transmission problems, both front hubs have been replaced, the left one twice for bearings and the right for bad ABS/Traction Wheel Sensor and the Rack & Pinion has been replaced. I have done most of my repairs on past cars/trucks myself and every vehicle I have had has made it well past 300k on the engines, but the rest of the quality on this Impala is going down hill.

  • I just happen across this post while trying to troubleshoot why my computer control system(tells me about my oil life, tire pressure, etc.) is not working. I have a 2004 Impala and I about fell out of my chair reading some of these posts. This sounds just like the stories that I have been telling my mechanic for months. He tells me he can't figure it out w/o codes, so the next time my car died while I was going 65 mph, I had AutoZone print the codes read before the check engine light went off. Still no luck fixing it though. The trans(was replaced w/ a rebuild) problem jerking when I take off, car not starting and then just mysteriously starting, electrical system malfunctioning. When I first noticed a problem the car's RPMs would fluctuate and sometimes the gas would control itself. My mechanic replaced the throttle body and MAF sensor and it seemed to work perfectly. However it did not fix the other issues. The check engine light still comes on and will go off after I shut off the car and sometimes a couple of days later.
    I am very disappointed hearing that so many people are having the same problem with their Impala. In the past I had faith in General Motors.
    I will be contacting them and will repost.

  • My 2007 Impala has just hit 102,000 miles, and the transmission is displaying the same behaviors many of you have posted here, with the lurching and clunking from 1-2, and the neutral type clutching/loss of power from there on up. This car has had every standard maintenance and oil changes performed at dealerships, and is mostly highway miles, so I certainly expected more out of her before having these types of issues. From those of you who have found a resolution, was it the clutch? or Solenoid? and where did you take your vehicle to have your issue resolved? Just hoping to get some insight before I get screwed on repair bills :(

  • mr06lsmr06ls Posts: 2

    STAY AWAY FROM GM! my 2006 impala with only 79k i bought new and have kept up all maintenance on and was lady driven has a bad transmission and i contacted gm customer service directly and told them that a transmission with less than 80k should fail especially since i have done all required maintenance considering im now out of warranty. i was then told that in order for gm to "help" me i would have to take the car into the dealer and have the problem diagnosed. at first i was told the diagnostic fee was $139....after going back and forth with gm customer service i got them to waive the fee. so i limp the car over to the dealer only to be told that the diagnostic scanner showed 3rd gear having a problem but in order to be able to tell me EXACTLY what the problem is, they want to charge $860 just to tell me what needs to be replaced. so if i was paying for this they would expect $139+$860 which equals $1000 JUST TO TELL ME WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! I CONTACTED THESE CUSTOMER SERVICE SCHMUCKS ON HERE THAT SAY "SEND ME AN EMAIL WE'LL TRY TO HELP YOU" AND GM SAYS THEY'RE WILLING TO PAY FOR ONE HOUR OF LABOR AS A COURTESY! GEE WHIZ HOW NICE OF THEM! I PAID $23K FOR A BASE IMPALA (RIP OFF BUT I NEEDED A CAR SO DEALER SHAFTED ME) that has taken a dump at under 80k miles! CHEVY SUX AND SO DOES GM! ill be spreading this along BTW

  • jclucthjclucth Posts: 1

    I am currently having problems with my 2004 impala transmission. It slips two to three times every time I'm driving up a hill. I've been having this problem for a while now, especially since I moved to Atlanta. I know I have about a good year or so before it goes out completely. I was thinking about getting a used transmission put in my vehicle, until I called around and realize the part and labor for this transaction was too expensive. Especially since my vehicle is ten years old. However, my vehicle only has 80,000 miles on it. I was thinking about maybe getting the old fluids flush and replacing them with new fluids. This transaction will only run me a few hundred bucks at the most which is much cheaper than getting a new, rebuilt, or used transmission. Would anyone mine sharing with me there past experience of getting there fluids flush? Did it help or at least minimize the transmission slips when driving your vehicle?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490

    By "slips" do you mean the car stops moving and the engine races away, or are you suggesting more of a hesitation and jerkiness?

  • just to let you know what i found . i lowered the tranny down and pulled the side cover off that faces the left front wheel and i replaced the presure control solenoid . and while i was in there i replaced the torque convertor bandwith solenoid just because these go bad often also but the problem was the pc solenoid , it now works great and i have no problems

  • Same problem, '07 SS. Slips then grabs.Started about 2 months ago around 72K. My local dealership claims to know nothing about Impala Transmission problems. Told me to just watch to see if gets any worse. The worst thing is not knowing. Sounds like the actual problem is uncertain. Do I just drop 4K for a new trans? Drove beaters most of my life and finally bought a car I thought would give me ten years of reliable service so I could do a little traveling. Now I hate to go more than 50 miles from home because I don't know when it might fail.

  • 2006_impalaltz2006_impalaltz Posts: 1
    edited August 2014
    Wow all the complaints about this car!! You would think that by now there would be a recall on the transmissions; I regret it everyday that I traded my 1998 Lexus LS 400 In for a G.eneral M.istake vehicle; My lexus was golden to me with over 379.000 miles on it it was finally taking its toll on mother pearl I strongly believe that I could have gotten another 150.000 miles out of it but with how I travel it wouldn't have taken long to reach that so December 28 of 2013 I traded it in on this 06 crapala ltz I now own and I am absolutely disgusted!! with this car I should have done my research on it before purchasing it, but of course i was to late for that I started after that's of course after all the problems it started to give me two weeks into having the car, First I noticed a low idle and vibrations after the car had warmed up I take it back to the dealership they look it over and say there's nothing wrong with it so I asked the if they could do a tune up to see if that would help; they agreed still low idle and vibrations then I take it back to check it again cause the problem still there...this time they find a bad front passenger lower engine mount, so now that had to be replaced, about three days after that I started noticing from a dead stop when I would go to take off it felt as tho there were banana peals or oil on my tires with a slight slip that started at 92.000 mile I now have 100.000 miles and its all the time now I've almost been in two accidents from this, I've noticed when turning to the left it's worse, not to mention they have already replaced the throttle body, both lower control arms, driver side hub, unlock switch, & rear window regulator, the transmissions shutter is driving me crazy I hate!! this car with a passion now there needs to be a class action suite filed with so many people haven the same issues on any given day with this car, the dealership fixed everything else but they will not address the transmission problem I will absolutely never purchase another GM Vehicle NEVER!!!! and will not recommend them either I should have kept my Lexus :(...
  • Wow! I thought it was just my 05 Impla! I purchased the car with 40k miles on it in 07. The car's transmission seemed to slip between 1st & 2nd gears about a year ago. This mainly occurred while at a stop light. I had the transmission flushed and the filter replaced and now with 160k miles it slips or shifts really hard in all gears. This is the 1st car I've had that does this. I was told that I could have the transmission rebuilt but it will occur over and over again, that GM has had "issues" with this model's transmission. I really enjoy the car over all, but the I'm afaid to go any real distance with it fearing the transmission will just fall out of the car! My wife just purchased a new car 3 weeks ago and she really wanted to get an Impla but with the issues we've had, we purchased a VW. I still use the Impla as my daily driver, but wonder how much longer the transmission will last. And an very odd thing happened this morning when I went to leave this morning for work, my car wouldn't start. Light came on just fine, was in park, steering wheel was locked, but the car wouldn't turn over. Thinking it was the battery I had planned on jumping it when I got home. So when I got home today I tried it again and got the same results. I had to push the car about 25' so I could get it to where I could jump it. I tried to start it one last time and the car turned over just fine....odd. I took the car in to get the battery tested at a local auto parts store and the battery tested just fine! I'm totally stumped! And so was the guy at the auto parts store who's been working on cars for 30 years. Not too sure that I'm going to purchase another GM. This was the first GM I've purchased. Sad.

  • I've had my '09 Impala a couple years and it's been a really nice car. It has 108,000 miles on it. However, just a week ago the transmission started slipping... engine revs and only slowly moves forward and within just a couple of miles I completely lost it... car would not move forward or backward. Managed to get it to the GM dealer and was told I need a new tranny... between that & another fix to keep the check engine light from coming on I'm looking at $4,000.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello willedriver,

    I'm sorry to hear of the transmission concerns you're experiencing on your Impala. Can you please provide us with your VIN and the name of the dealership you're working with via private message? This will allow us to look into some possible options with the involved dealer. I look forward to your message and working with you.

    Marlea W.
    GM Customer Care
  • sosadtobadsosadtobad Posts: 1
    edited December 2014
    Looks like I made a big mistake. Just bought a used 2010 Impala with 87,671 on 10/16/14. Just two months later transmission went out of gear while driving. Acted like it went into Neutral. No codes. Pulled over, car would not engage in any gear. Checked for tranny fluid, turned car off, waited 30 seconds or so, turned back on and trans went into gear. Pulled away, shifted fine. Problem repeated two more times during the 1/4 mile I had been from my home. Car now has been towed to shop, waiting for the bad news.

    How can any company have so many potentially life threatening issues with a product they sell and not take action to repair, return or compensate their customers. One customer or a million, we still all have names and not just a VIN. I bought this car from Chevy dealer in the Chicago Suburbs and I thought I was buying a good car along with their good reputation.
  • Hi all. New to this site, so please forgive me if this topic has already been covered. There are 16 pages of discussion... just really don't have time to go through each and every post.

    I bought a 2011 Impala in September, 2012. It had 17,000 miles on it. The car has been a SUPER vehicle - it's my daily driver and my work vehicle. Everything about it has been flawless... until last Saturday. Out of nowhere, I was sitting at a stoplight, and when the light turned green I hit the gas and NOTHING. The engine revved, but the transmission had disengaged itself. No warning, no engine light, NOTHING. The only way to get the transmission to engage was to shut down the engine, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then re-start the engine. I turned all accessories off (radio, heat/fan, etc) so I could listen to the noise coming from the engine compartment. A distinct whirring noise. So I took my foot off the gas and allowed it to coast a few feet. When I re-applied the gas, the transmission had disengaged again. Ended up pulling off the road and called AAA. Our local transmission guru looked it over and said it's toast, and he has no idea how it failed - everything is fine - fluid is full, not discolored, no leaks. He has no idea why the transmission just failed all of a sudden, and he's been in business over 35 years. I'm going to have to have a new transmission installed. WTH?!!??? I've owned the car just over two years, it has less than 77,000 miles on it, and the tranny is FRIED???? Someone PLEASE tell me there is a recall or some other method of repair that won't have me broke while still paying off this car!
  • I have a 2006 LT3 with the 3.9 liter. I paged through here and never found the correct solution for the similar problem I am having. My impala is stopped at a stop light, then it turns green, and it is like it is skipping for a moment then goes into gear. It used to just do it when the stop light was located on a hill, now it is doing it on level roads. What did everyone come up with was the official problem? Thanks
  • _kb2seo__kb2seo_ Posts: 1
    edited November 2015
    My Grandfather worked for GM most of his adult life, He had a 64 Impala which was wonderful. I purchased a 2011 impala from ADVENTURE CHEVY, Dalton GA ooOHHH boy! Pop would be really pissed! A few months ago, My wife, driving the car mostly- suddenly had some issue, took it to our local shop we trust, said the car needed a new driver side axle assembly, the CV's were trashed, the hub assemb. shot. Not too bad fixing it- I don't recall the cost- she was mad as a hatter that the car would be doing this kind of crap at 68k. I noticed a humming, like a tire maybe? from the front passenger side on the way to our anniversary trip to tybee Island in Oct. My wife cussing and yelling "this is what started on the other ((&$^)*^$*(*!!!!! well folks, I drove the car the other day to go to get milk, the car sounded like it was falling apart! Hum? I could not drown that noise with a boeing 747 jet engine in my ear! high frequency vibration, the dash was buzzing, I pulled into the local tire shop figuring the tire went south, the guy pulled on the tire, and heard something. He confedently says its a wheel bering /Hub assembly 170.00 later- He takes it down the road and immediately returned with this odd ball look- HUM STILL THERE- but he showed me the hub assembly- it was toast- REALLY CHEVY? 75k and the hubs are falling apart?? My 2001 Jeep wrangler is 390,000 miles on the original EVERYTHING!!!! I understand that the car is out of warranty already, what's the plan? 3 years, 30 yards, Have good sneakers? I need to get the jeep off regular commute detail, was counting on the Impala, looks like this one is due for the Lion's den I guess. I'm being told by the local shop the bearing in the trans is shot, the axle moves around more than an inch in there. Called 2 places, as soon as i said 2011 Impala- BOTH told me to replace the whole thing with a rebuilt Jasper trans- 3-4000 bucks? I'M STILL PAYING OFF THE FRIGGING HUNK OF GARBAGE! Thanks a whole lot- Union Built is best my [non-permissible content removed]! My dad and grandpop, both worked in Linden NJ plant. they were so proud of those cars. where was this crap built? Pakistan between bomb runs?and to think, both Dad and pop- cussed me out for buying a nissan and a Mitsubishi- Never had an issue with either.
  • pup_99kpup_99k Posts: 3
    I have a 02 impala, 68800 miles on it. A couple weeks ago I noticed the fuel message drop off sharply, less than 20mpg. Started looking runs over and noticed on the interstate I was running 3000 plus on the tach. I don't remember it being that high before. Took the care to the local dealer and they said it's not shifting into fourth because the catalytic converter is speed up, 800  bucks later they tell me it's running great and ready to be picked up. First drive sites it's still the same rpm on the interstate, but now if you give it gas to pass it down shifts and the rpms go up over 5 grand. I only let them change the car because the car is still under a extended warranty and I didn't want to give them a excuse not to cover future repairs if it didn't fix anything. Can any buddy tell me if I am right in thinking that I am only in third gear running 70mph at 30000 rpm?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    edited April 2016
    Do you have an overdrive lockout button "OD/off"? If so, press it, and it the car downshifts and rpm goes up, then you were in overdrive. There should also be a light on the dash when you press that switch to "off". If you don't have that option, then you just have to count the shifts from a stoplight.

    So you have a 4-speed automatic, and should count 3 shifts total.

  • pup_99kpup_99k Posts: 3
    I only see two, is third to fourth as noticeable as the first two.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    It can be subtle---how about the overdrive switch test?
  • pup_99kpup_99k Posts: 3
    No switch on this one
  • melcolemelcole Posts: 2
    Hello all. Another Impala complaint. I have seen multiple posts about the issue I am having with my 2011 Sudan. I have owned the car for six months and have had it to the gm dealer four times. For the same problem. While driving down the road about every two to three thousand miles my car tells me to service stabilizer track, engine power is reduced. My car kills on me going down the road. The GM dealer has replaced both warrantied parts the throttle body and the gas peddle parts. They told me they have done all they can do to resolve the issue. I know these cars are known for this problem. It is out on the Bulletin. But I would think after having it serviced the problem would be resolved. Some one earlier mentioned a class action lawsuit. How many people are out thousands of dollars and stuck in loans with a car they can't drive because GM made bad parts that created a problem where there is no solution!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    The problem is fixable. The dealer just doesn't know how I suspect. This is not to say that the problem is EASY to track down. The Stabiltrak doesn't actually exist as a single system. There are many separate components that can activate this problem. Each one has to be checked.
  • melcolemelcole Posts: 2
    So when theses parts come up on the Bulliten for being bad parts, simply replacing them doesn't salve the problem? IF the GM dealer doesn't know how to fix it and wants to start charging me for guessing who can I turn to? This car is a death trap.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    You need to find a better technician. A real pro can figure this out. I'm sure the bulletin suggestions fix some of the cars, but it's not any one thing causing the problem---and that's the problem. Stabiltrak isn't any one thing--it exists all over the car. It's a network.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,164

    You need to find a better technician. A real pro can figure this out. I'm sure the bulletin suggestions fix some of the cars, but it's not any one thing causing the problem---and that's the problem. Stabiltrak isn't any one thing--it exists all over the car. It's a network.

    That's correct, the problem is for the last generation there has been constant pressure to not reward technicians for learning how to diagnose problems with the kinds of tools and routines that you have seen demonstrated in the other thread. While we were learning ever more complicated systems, tooling and routines our thanks was praise for toy tools like CarMD, google diagnostics etc. and that was on top of having to bear every other manor of disrespect imaginable. Today, techs that can make normal work of diagnosing the advanced robotics in today's cars are few and far between and even now there is still pressure to drive them(us) out of the service bays. I feel sorry for vehicle owners who can't get a problem like this solved efficiently but that's only going to get worse for them because we have to try and be successful and take the high road while we are being criticized for every time someone thinks they find an answer with Google, whether it is correct or not.

  • I have an 08 impala LS 3.5 gas. And when I'm driving the rpm will drop slowly once I hit 2-3 gear(automatic) around 35-50 mph. If I let go of the gas and push it back down to speed up again it will speed up but shortly after, it starts to drop again...I replaced the fuel pump but its still dropping rpm when I gas it.... any ideas?
  • 2014 Impala LTZ 3.8 V6. Have experienced possible transmission issues. Driving along, slow down for traffic, then accelerate. engine bogs down, then popping noise, almost like the old engines with points. Had this the other day. Slowed for traffic, switched lanes and accelerated, almost stalled, popping, slow acceleration. This is an intermittent problem. Took car in for service this morning. Told them about what I experienced. Tech: This is normal. When you slow down the transmission fluid has to catch up to the valves. When you accelerate rapidly the fluid has to reverse and the transmission can't adjust that fast.

    I didn't fall off the turnip wagon yesterday. I asked him why this is just starting at 28,750 miles. If what you said is true, it would have been going on since I bought the car new. No answer. So, what do you all think? Anyone else have this problem?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Might be the TPS, but you'll have to pull it and check the values with a meter. Just a guess. The TPS is like a potentiometer of sorts (electro-mechanical transducer).

  • Thanks. I may try that. I just don't think they even wanted to mess with it.Are the values on the TPS?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    They differ, but as you move the TPS the voltages should vary. Actual specs would have to be looked up.
  • radtad67radtad67 Posts: 5
    I changed my filter and fluid yesterday on my 2004 3400 piece of [non-permissible content removed] impala. My magnet was covered in not shavings....but CHUNKS OF METAL!!!! I'm pissed. I can' keep buying a damn car every few years. I bought the car 6 years ago with 67,000. It know has 110,000. I don' drive much cause I'm disabled and the car is perfect for me to get in and out. This is [non-permissible content removed] the GM is just sitting there taking our money on their asses doing nothing about this. I bought this from a GM dealer. So it' been sold twice. I wish I could upload the picture of those chunks....everyone would [non-permissible content removed]!!!! I DID IT ...LOOK EVERYONE!!!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Gee, what a mess. I can't quite make out what part(s) disintegrated though. Pretty catastrophic failure there.

    110K is somewhat premature but it's not out of the question for an automatic to fail "in that range"--but that's the early end of the spectrum for most cars. You'd expect 150K out of it.
  • radtad67radtad67 Posts: 5
  • Fulldraw66Fulldraw66 IowaPosts: 1
    2001 impala. Blew all the tranny fluid out. Was told the pressure valve was plugged. All I find is pressure control solenoid. Anybody know what this is and ever heard of it
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Usually blowing out fluid is an overheat problem. So who told you this?
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