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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems

jim97501jim97501 Posts: 2
edited July 2017 in Volkswagen
I bought this car in Aug02 and have put 55K miles on it. Great car though a little expensive to maintain. Here's the problem. A/C quit and I noted the auto climate control panel was blank. Started checking other things and found the following did not function: garage door opener on visor; cruise control (though dash indicator light is on); steering wheel controls for stereo system (dash control for stereo works fine). I checked fuses and all are fine. I have gone to my foreign car mechanic who does all my service and they have no clue. The VW dealer has no clue. There must be a common denominator here but no one can figure it out. HELP! Thanks!


  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I know you said you checked the fuses, but check fuse #5 again (with an ohm-meter - not just a visual check). Much of the stuff that has died, if not all, is tied into fuse #5.

    A short sometimes develops in the Homelink system (the garage door opener in the visor) and that blows the fuse, taking the other stuff with it.

    If that fuse is verifiably okay, then I might suspect the CCM (comfort control module).
  • jim97501jim97501 Posts: 2
    THANKS! You were right...the fuse was not broken but tested poorly. I replaced it and everything works. Really appreciate the time you took to reply to my problem!
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Glad I could help! I would still suspect that the fuse blew because of the homelink. Keep that in mind if it becomes a repetitive issue.
  • Thank you Altair4 and Jim97501. I just had this very problem this morning with the AC, homelink and steering wheel controls. Thanks to you guys I will have airconditioning on my drive home (I'm in Las Vegas, it reached 105 today, my car has been sitting in the hot sun all day long. I really can't express how valuable your info is!) Darn that fuse #5.
  • vw27278vw27278 Posts: 29
    I've been hard pressed to find a solution to my problem and it looks like you may have found it. A month ago, my homelink stopped working, all the controls (including horn) stopped functioning on my sterring wheel, including the backlighting on the controls. I'll check fuse # 5 tonight and post a follow-up.

  • vw27278vw27278 Posts: 29
    Ok, I replaced the fuse #5 but kept my eye on it while turning on the ignition and poof, it blew again. Changed it to a 15 amp fuse w/ the same problem. Does it sound like the CCM, or should I just unhook the homelink and try again?

    Any responses are greatly appreciated.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Before I messed with the CCM (pulling the carpet, etc), I would disconnect the Homelink and see what happens.
  • vw27278vw27278 Posts: 29
    I had it in the shop yesterday and it was the homelink transmitter that was shorting out and blowing fuse # 5. So it ended up costing me $180 to have it disconnected. the cost was $800.00 to have a new part installed, so I passed. Go figure. And yes, avoid getting the homelink option.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    While I'm glad you got a definitive answer, I'm sorry it cost so much to disconnect the Homelink. Do you how they did it?
  • vw27278vw27278 Posts: 29
    To disconnect it, I think they just took the screw out which holds the visor onto the roof, and then disconnected something in there. But, I'm not totally sure. I would've done it myself if I knew how. I just didn't want to cause further electrical problems.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    If you are in need of a replacement and want something that looks OEM, consider this:

    It's a garage door opener that replaces the blank switch plate in the center stack. I don't have one (heh, I don't even have a garage!) but it looks pretty nice.

  • nickb28nickb28 Posts: 1
    Thanks to everyone on this thread for their experiences. I have the exact same problem with my 2003 Passat. The car has 54,000 miles on it. My mechanic replaced fuse #5 which then blew 2 days later. I replaced it myself and it blew again. I'm going to assume it's the Homelink causing the short. Has anyone seen anything else besides the Homelink that I should be looking at?
  • Me again. Ja, I replaced fuse #5 and it held out for a good month. Then this morning POOF. Out again. I tried replacing the fuse again (just for the sake of A/C) but this time, no luck. I'm going to try the homelink disconnect solution. I'll keep you posted.
  • I have a 1997 TDI with 52,000 mile. Recently my headlights, fan and wipers keep going out. It doesn't matter weather the head light switch is on or just on the daytime running light setting. The marker lights stay on. Everything works when I start the car but then they go after awhile. If I shut the car off they will go back on but then will go back out again. The lights seem to slightly dim down before they go out.
  • Hello,

    Need to replace electrical portion only (not the lock portion).

    Can it be done by removing the knee bolster for access to the contacts'(back)side of the switch? Or, do I have to pull airbag, strg. wheel, multifunction stalk, etc?

  • Hi- I have an older, but still great 1995 Passat GLX. Yesterday, the red dash board light icon was activated, indicating that the rear trunk or a car door was open. However, neither was the case! Further, I then noticed that when I tried to open and/or close the door lock with my key, only the front driver's side door would respond, instead of all doors locking or unlocking. Finally, I also noticed that the car clock was re-set to 12:00 each time I turned on the ignition. Any ideas?? A fuse issue as in other electrical problems or is it more sinister? THANKS.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 848
    When clock was resetting in my 97 Passat it was because the battery was weak.
    If I were you I would check it.

  • Hi Kryss & to any one else who read about my '95 Passat electrical problem:

    First, thanks for your reply! Shortly after I wrote in, I ended up looking at my fuse box and discovered that fuse #21 was blown. According to my Passat manual, fuse #21 controls the dash lights, among other things, but is silent regarding the rear trunk lid. I replaced the fuse and all the problems I experienced were solved. I should have checked my fuses first, even before I browsed here. Even so, it is somewhat strange that the red icon dash light would shine when fuse #21 supposedly controls that circuit. The lesson for me & anyone else having an electrical problem: check your fuse box first!!!
  • Hi all. '02 Passat, 65K miles. Key remotes inoperable. Dealer replaces batteries, concludes keys not communicating with comfort control module.

    Drive home, park. 2 hours later, car won't start with master keys or valet key. Door locks, windows, interior lights and trunk release inoperable. Battery is connected and powered; stereo, a/c, exterior lights, wipers all work.

    Fuses appear ok; pulled and reinserted each. Lifted carpet and found no visible evidence of water damage or residue in or around the CCM.

    Any comments on these issues or reliability of CCM in general appreciated.
  • the same thing happened to my 2002 passat...the problem was leakage into the passenger side where the ccm is located. the leakage was due to drain clogs under battery, totalling wetting and distroying the pollen (?) filter and causing the flaw. They did replace the ccm and all worked fine after that...same same issue with drainage problems for passat
  • dp5010dp5010 Posts: 11
    Has this been resolved. I have a 2002 W* with 55000 trouble free miles until yesterday. My problem is similar, only worse:
    I have an electrical “Bug” with the following symptoms:
    1. Fuel gauge does not work (i.e. indicates “empty”) and as a result the trip computer “Miles to Empty” does not function
    2. Power seats work but the memories do not function.
    3. Radio works but does not turn off with the key
    4. No indication of Audio system status in the top of Driver Display
    5. Neither key-fob remotes function.
    6. Power door locks do not work.
    7. Power windows do not work.
    8. Power mirrors do not work.
    9. No Air-Conditioning.
    10. No Temperature input to Auto A/C (Indicates °C not °F)
    11. Trip Odometer in Speedometer doesn’t work (resets itself)
    12. Trunk Release does not work (fuel door release does function).
    13. Main dashboard lights work but all auxiliary lights (center console, radio, door switches, steering wheel lights, etc.) do not work.
    14. Auto-Transmission works but when it is placed in manual, transmission doesn’t shift on command.
    15. Horn doesn’t work.
    16. Clock doesn’t keep time
    17. Interior lights do not come on with door opening
    18. Dashboard gauges all go to zero (Intermittent Problem-two occurrences, lasting seconds)
    19. Car fails to Start
    Items have failed in sequence over three days.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I'd say your CCM is wet and possibly your TCU, too. Both located under the carpeting...
  • dp5010dp5010 Posts: 11
    Note that this problem has been resolved. The CCM was completely burned out. This was caused by the Fuel Control Module located in a well in the trunk under the spare tire. When the car was detailed, the detailer got water in the trunk and flooded the Fuel Control Module. This caused all item to fail.

    The detailer ended up paying the $1400 repair bill.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Wow! Glad the detailer took responsibility without a hassle (right?). Thanks for letting us know - altair nailed it.
  • are they under the front drivers side or the rear drivers' side?? thanks
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
  • thnks...but can u clarify ..passenger or drivers side??...when my passenger side flooded...I was told the ccm was fried and maybe the trans module???? its a passat GLX 6 cylinder 2002 w/ triponic trans. My friend just drove and said noticed when slow down to seems to down-shift the last two gears before stopping.. I now notice as well..the down-shift is very noticeable...maybe it has always been there, just didn't know it. If I do a hard stop...I don't feel the downshift. Is this normal?? or is there something wrong with my transmission? any suggestions???? to a) PASSANGER OR DRIVER SIDE FOR CCM AND TM and b)does the noticeable down shift while final slow down to stop mean something is wrong with my transmission or tm. My dealership was not too helpful.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I believe the CCM is on the driver's side and TCU is on the the passenger's side (assuming your vehicle is LHD).
  • Hi, Have a 2000 1.8l turbo Passat. There seems to be an interminttent fault. Indicators, wipers, headlights seem to drop out. Checked the fuses and seem to be no problems. Iknow we have an aircon problem, the bearings are just about had it so need to get serviced, however we are driving with the aircon off so should not be a problem. Help!!! :cry:
  • I'm sorry if this seems like a dumb question to ask but I wanted to take a stab at checking the fuse to my radio. How exactly do I do that (i opened the panel but the numbers didnt correspond to my little example card). Then, how do I go about fixing a fuse? Thanks for any tips. As a female, I'm tired of getting ripped off each time I go to the mechanic and I would like to take a stab at it myself first.
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