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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Alternator would not be my guess. It appears to be charging the battery when running. The problem is you have all these things discharging the battery.

    Have you had this car in for repairs? You need to give me clues as to what you've done to address this. My first guess on the waring lights you mentioned was a bad ground somewhere. But electrical stuff isn't really my forte...
  • Thanks.
    I've had it in lots of times for repeated elec stuff, especially all those warning messages -- check engine, check, brakes, check ABS, sheck fluids, end of the world coming -- been driving me nuts.
    Taking it in tomorrow...will post outcome.
    again, thanks a lot.
  • yesimsyesims Posts: 2
    Last week I realized that the passenger side DRL wasn't working, nor the low beam when I turned on the lights . I thought it was a bulb problem and replaced the bulb (the one I took out looked OK) but the problem continued. I then checked the fuses but they looked ok too. Although when I was searching for answers one suggestion I read was to use a multimeter, should be for the fuses just in case I couldn't see it blown. BTW, the wires look fine but I didn't test if there is any flow. I have to get the multimeter... Any ideas? Oh, I forgot to mention we have a 2000 SW and my husband is ready to get rid of it, as just last month we spent $300 :mad: to have an oxygen sensor replaced ...
  • dbrownleedbrownlee Posts: 2
    While driving [mind you, very quick acceleration through a turn into speeding traffic], the electric windows stopped working and the interior dome lights would not turn on... The engine operated as usual.
    The car was driven like this for 15 miles, or so, then parked and turned off. The windows were closed using the key in the outside of the door. After about 25 minutes the car was turned on but would not start. The control lights light up but the ingnition does not engage. No click or buzz. Nothing. The battery is good. The radio goes on. The clock is on. Headlights work. Fuses are okay, though there are a quite a few empty spaces. Though the windows can be operated from the outside with the key, the sunroof will not close with the key or from the inside...
    Oh yeah. There has been a brake fault beeper goiing off since about a month ago, though the brake operation is okay- perhaps the abs system is not working quite right...

    In older cars, I would have expected the "solenoid" was out, but even that would click with the surge of electricity through the ignition to the starter motor. What's going on? Is there a reset switch somewhere? Has anyone got a loaner? :sick: :confuse:
  • iowavwiowavw Posts: 2
    We have been having the same problem with our passat for almost 6 months. We took it in, but due to the problem being intermitant they couldn't pin point it because it started every time for the mechanic. We spent 200 dollars getting the starter cleaned along with a new solenoid and other small parts. Anyway, again today it didn't start twice, but worked inbetween. My mechanic is checking it out and he thinks it may have to do with an electric glitch in the security system (even though we don't have one they still have strange connection failures). We'll see, I'll let you know, but it sounds like we have the exact same issue.
  • stephkaestephkae Posts: 1
    2003 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 T

    My car has been running great. I stopped to get gas,paid, then it wouldn't start. It would barely even click when turning over. I got it jumped and drove home(about 10 miles) Tried to start it right after I got home, and it won't work again. Just a little bit of clicking. I have had no problems at all starting or anything until now. Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Time for a new battery.
  • It started with the lock sometimes working and not via the remote control on key or the unlock button on the drivers side. Then It quit working. Then the window also refused to work...either by electronic..or manually pushing buttons. This is on passenger rear window. I want to take it in...but dealership isn't even giving me an I dea of what it may be...musch less cost...only that they will have to do diagnostic and see what happens.....alot of help LOL. Any ideas???
  • 95passat95passat Posts: 5
    Check the fuses!!!! And even if your fuse looks OK, replace it. Problem solved. VTY, 1995Passat
  • petaupetau Posts: 1
    Mine is having the same problems. It started when my window fell off track, took aport the door to fix it, and my windows or interior lights and stuff didn't work. I removed a relay that diabled the security system, and it started, windows still didn't work, but my car started. a few months later, it won't start at all. It starts in the mornings, or when it's cool outside, or jumped. I checked the battry. I have heard from a few people that it could be the throttle positioning sensor (TPS) but as it is expensive, I haven't had the chance to try that yet. Let me know if you find out anythign from your mechanic.
  • delsmomdelsmom Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Passat, and I am having similar problems. We have just replaced the battery and we can't start it sometimes. When we can't start it the windows won't open either, and its like the car alarm arms itself.

    If I pull out the 3 fuses that have to do with the locks and windows, and put them back in it starts again.

    I don't know if this could be possible, but I think that our remote has just gone through the washer one to many times and making my car crazy. I am putting the only key that has a battery away and seeing if its consistently starting.

    I will also try replacing those 3 fuses today.
  • jimram3jimram3 Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone! I have a 99 Passat V6. Every time I press my brake pedal for more than two seconds the tach needle drops to 0 and the oil light starts blinking. Not to mention that "darn chiming" That comes with the oil light. Please Help. :confuse:
  • bobnu75bobnu75 Posts: 21
    I have a 2001.5 Passat with the manual a/c unit and the background lights on the controls don't work. A/C works fine, lights on the A/C and recirculate buttons work, all other lights on the panel (radio) work. Is there a separate fuse for these or is it a bulb in the unit?
  • ph_zimph_zim Posts: 2
    Gina - did you ever get your headlight problem fixed? I've got a very similar problem with my '03 Passat: headlights are very dim but the brights are working just fine.

  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    There is a separate bulb that backlights that area. It's not an uncommon problem.

    Google this: Climate control bulb replacement Passat Information-base

    You might find instructions there.

    Part # is N-017-751-2.
  • bobnu75bobnu75 Posts: 21
    Thanks - you rock.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I know. :blush:
  • Hi,

    The radio on my 2002 Passat stops working - I have pulled the fuse out and put it back and then it's fine. This has happened 3 or 4 times. I've now mentioned it to the dealer and they say the radio should be replaced.
    I've read this issue a lot on Jetta forums as well.
    My question is - does anyone know how long I can just put the fuse in/out and keep it working? Do I really need to replace the radio?

    Any advise is appreciated.
  • Hi,

    Anyone have any idea how to deal with the following codes which come up on my 99 VW Passat?

    P1602 18010 Power Supply (B+) Terminal 30 Low Voltage
    P1606 18014 Rough Road Spec Engine Torque ABS-ECU Electrical Malfunction

    Here's some background.

    I've had a longstanding issue with my ABS Brake Module. The light first went on in October of 2006. The dealership wanted to replace the module and pump for closs to $2k which was probably a 3rd of the value of the car so I said no to that and found out about a bunch of companies that recondition/remanufacture ABS Brake Modules.

    The one I dealt with was in Florida ( For $179 they recondition the ABS Brake Module. With some pictures and elbow grease I managed to get the module off and sent it in and when I got it back it worked. Light went off. All was fine until a few months ago. Took the car to a mechanic who had me replace my alternator and battery to eliminate those as factors. (Thanks!) With those "factors" eliminated he had no idea what to do. I decided to take advantage of the warranty on the work performed on the ABS Brake Module and sent it back to Flordia.

    This time their work didn't get the light to go off. I had the codes pulled and cleared, but the ABS Brake light remains intermittently on.

    The Florida reconditioners say that the codes (P1602 18010, P1606 18014) are soft codes and can be cleared via Vag-Com. (That's 3rd party software for diagnosing VW problems.) That the codes are set in the ECU and not in the ABS. Once the codes are cleared/reset the lights will go out.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Have experience with this kind of problem?

  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    On that P1602, did you disconnect the battery? It sometimes shows up when the battery has been out. You should be able to go to Advance Auto and use their OBDII reader to clear the codes and see if they come back. Itr's free, too. It's possible that code comes up when the ignition switch is going bad, but I'd go with the easy check first.

    Got nothin' on the P1606.
  • No Advance Auto in my area, but I'll give it a try. Spoke with one guy who said maybe it's a power management module issue...

    Thanks for reading and responding!!
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Autozone has the same OBD reader, if they're in your area. Good luck!
  • yellow engine light has just come on....this is the second time it has happened since I bought the car. If I remember correctly the last time it happened was when my CCM fried(flooding of course). Any ideas what the light could mean????...ObTW...I hope those affected (Passat 2002) VW finally admitted problems with the design of the pollin fileter and whole plenum(?) area....which leads to floods in car and subsequent problems. All are to take car in...the drains (under the battery of course) will be repleaced and the area checked with some adjustments. They now recommmend that the drains be checked. The first check and "cleaning" are free. If u have had water damage before (to CCM, TCM....) they will consider reimbursement if u file a claim. Anyway....ideas on yellow engine light?????
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Pull the codes with a free OBDII reader at Autozone, Advance etc and post your codes.
  • Suddenly my 2000 Passat won't start. Batteries and terminals are good. Checked fuses. All lights come on, ding ding on, everything looks ready to go, but when I turn the key, nada. I do notice a new warning light on the right side of speedometer which says EPC. Looked in the manual Electric Power Control. Could be anything from using a wrong key (no)to moisture. Can't get it to the shop to run a system check without towing it. Ugh.any advice on things I can check?
  • Has anyone tried putting some electrical grease on the
    fuses?, this will keep them from corroding, and not
    working, sounds like this may be the problem, because
    pulling them and putting them back in corrects the problem.
  • I recently started to have problems with my 02 Passat. We had the check engine light issue for a while, the dealer worked on it numerous times under warranty. Warranty's up, and now the car's antitheft is acting up. After I lock the car, the usual beep and flash of the turns lights is supposed to happen one time. Now it happens a few times rapidly, and then sporadically for up to 2 hours after locking it, as if there is some kind of short. It happens both with the use of the remote and the master key. Occasionally when i pull the key from the ignition, the doors automatically lock and sets the antitheft. The dealer told me $650 to replace the comfort control module. No other electrical problems as yet. Is there anything I can check on my own or take it somewhere besides the dealer to have it done (they overcharge and keep telling me to do repairs that don't really need to be done)? Granted I'm not great with tools and have yet to actually locate the CCM...i'm familiar with all the problems of flooding. they just fixed the pollin filter seal that had been recalled.
  • I am trying to recharge my phone to the rear socket outlet and I am not getting any juice?

    Any thoughts?

    The rear socket outlet is right behind the armrest.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Have you actually tested the socket with a voltmeter? I ask this because my wife said the said the same thing, but it turned out that the socket and the phone's adapter plug didn't quite agree in size. You had to jiggle it in to get it just so before it would charge.
  • I am new to this, and not sure how the forum works. I am responding to my own message because as far as I can tell no one else has.
    Mine is not just a starting problem. My key will not open locks, or even set off the panic button. Nothing. I took the key to the dealer and had a new battery put in- still nothing. The key does not seem to be communicating with the car. One of the service personel told me I may need to reprogram my key. What? The manual says just hold it down for a second and it will reprogram iteslf!
    Can anyone tell me where or what the EPC light means?
    Any help appreciated.
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