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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • I have a 2003 Passat and noticed that recently (last week or so) that it didn't start quite as promptly as it used to. Nothing drastic, just a hint of hesitation as it started. A couple of days ago, it seemed like it struggled a little more than that, but it still started, and I drove to work (about 30 mins). When I got there, I turned the car off, and tried to start it again to see how it was. No problem; started fine.
    Anyway, I just went away for three days and the car sat there until tonight when I tried to start it and it barely turned over and it won't start at all. I haven't replaced this battery so it's 5+ years old. Does it sound like the symptoms of a battery that has just reached the end of its road, or something more sinister?
    The 2003 Passat doesn't have a battery warning light does it? I don't see one, and no light was coming on last week when the troubles started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • About a month ago, my drivers side rear door electronic lock stopped working - all of the others work with the remote control as well as the drivers master switch - but this one doesn't. Took the door apart and replaced the electronic door latch - that wasn't the problem. Not certain why just one door would stop working - any suggestions?
  • We recently bought a 98 passat, last week my wife was driving home from work and she lost all blinkers.
    I pulled out the hazzard blinker switch in the dash and reinstalled it and now the blinkers are working again, but then yesterday she noticed that her tail lights are not working.
    I have checked the fuses and they are good but there is no power to them, I plan to next check the relay but the Chiltons manual does not give info. on which one it is.
    Any ideas?
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I'm shootin' in the dark here (pun intended), but you might want to check the brake light switch on the brake pedal arm, under the dash. There was a recall on this for some model years, dunno if yours is one of them.
  • No tail lights, or no brake lights?
    For no tail lights, turn headlights on and see if any of the other running lights or marker lights are working. If they are, you may just have 2 bad bulbs. If non of the tail, running or marker lights are working, check fuse with test light to verify power is going through both sides of the fuse. Next step is to verify light switch is sending power to each cicuit.
    Your taillights are not on the same circuit as your hazard and brake lights. Unlikely it is the brake light switch.
    If brake lights are not working. Depress brake pedal with heavy object and check fuses and at least one bulb socket for power. If they check no power, check brake light switch for power it, and going through it while pedal is depressed.
  • Check the wiring in the accordian looking rubber between the door and the pilllar. I had the same problem and spent 3 hrs and $60 bucks to replace the locking mechanism, and it works for 1 day. Looked at the wiring and there were broken and frayed wires.

    Good luck - hope this works.
  • I experienced the same problem with my 2002 Passat. The hazard relay switch was the culprit. This switch operates the turn & hazard signals. A dealership in OH wanted $132 to replace it. We ordered the part from the Internet for $26. It was pretty simple to replace.
  • I need help with a 2002 Passat W-8 with all wheel drive and all of the other goodies. I have problem with ingnition locks alarm door locks windows. The dealership just replaced the igniton and the comfort control module and still noting. We need a good idea to what else it could be. Thanks for annyone's input.
  • I just got off of the phone with the dealership and I think that I have a big problem with the electrical system. They have replaced comfort control module and the ignition switch and tried to start it up and still nothing even with the diagnostic tools of the dealership. I need something that I may suggest to them that will help. No door locks work, dose not start, alarm dose not work, windows do not work, and they have no idea what it is. Dose anyone have any tips.

    Someone who neeeeeds help.
  • i have similar problems to others with my passat-remote c/l,electric windows and int lights all out of action problem is i checked my ccm under pass. side footwell[uk] and everything is bone dry in fact brand new.dont want to buy 1 if its not the prob.thanks for any help
  • The windshield wipers on my 99 Passat work fine when they are turned on (slow, fast, int., etc.) they also have full range of motion. However, when I turn the wiper switch to the off position the blades do not store in the down position...they store in the middle of the windshield instead. Everything is tightened down, the blade arms do not need adjusted, and they do operate correctly when on. I have read on other forums that 1. there is a bad ground 2. the wiper motor needs replaced 3. there is a cam inside the housing that needs to be bent back into its correct location. Has anybody else had this problem? If so what was the solution?

    thank you =)
  • ramsoramso Posts: 1
    Hi . .
    New here . .Good site. My Passat is a 2001 sedan manual 1.8T with 124.000 on the clock.
    I have electrical probs. Started with a blown fuse for power windows. Now have no power to sunroof, cant use remote door lock, cant use any windows, no internal lights.
    When i take key out of ignition, both indicator lights on dash flash, when I take out the 10 amp window fuse, they stop . .!
    I can drive the car, but cant use windows . .
    Anyone got any ideas, Think its a mechanics job.
  • Hi, I have a 99 VW Passat and am experiencing electric problems. The only window that works is the driver's, all 3 others don't work. The door locking system is not working, as well as the alarm. The last issue I found is that I can't open the gas cap door, since the button doesn't work. Is there a way to open the gas cap without using the button? Also, any idea on how to fix all these electric problems? Thanks!
  • My Driver door open signal came on after the doors locked. It went off when I got on the highway and it started back five minutes later with all the bells and whistles. Does this have anything to do with the with my remote key access? This problem started after the panic button was pushed on the remote key access. Help.
  • I have a 2001 Passat. The battery was 6 months old - bought it at Pep Boys - car wouldn't start one day. VW said not to use their battery but a VW battery, so they put in a new battery. Starts OK, but when I apply the brake the dashboard lights and the headlights flicker. Also, when I start out and the automatic door locks lock, the dashboard lights flicker off and then come back on, but dimmer.

    Don't want to spend thousands on repair at VW looking for a wire. They said it was not the alternator and that I just needed a new battery, but these problems still occur. Anyone else have this problem and have you had it repaired, if so what did they do?
  • sd73sd73 Posts: 5
    Hey - Did you ever get answer to your post? I have the same Passat. My (driver's side) Door Ajar light and annoying beeeeeep just started going off for no reason last night and still is doing it today - while I'm driving, with the doors shut/locked... didn't hit the panic button though, that's the only difference. Dont remember doing anything to cause it actually...
  • Hi everyone! I have a 98 Passat and an electrical problem to go along with it. My windows go down all by themselves, even at night and when the car is sitting in a parking lot. My doors try locking themselves while I am driving too. I tried pulling each fuse to take power from the doors, but none of the fuses seem to be for my windows. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    If I were you, the first thing I'd check is to see if the CCM (comfort control module) is wet/corroded. The CCM is located under the carpet under the right front passenger's footwell. Passats have a known isuse with water intrusion into the passenger compartment from clogged water drains in the air plenum under the hood (the area where the battery sits). The water gets in through the ventilation intake. GL!
  • 08 Passat Turbo, element antenna.
    window tinted on sides and back winshield with Llumar ATR 30 film.

    My radio, especially AM band, has bad reception and pitch noise especially when turning and putting/moving foot from brake. I suspected there is poor connection between the radio and antenna. Dealer checked twice and said the tint is possibly causing the problem since their test found no problem with radio itself. I checked on the web and found it's possible.

    Now assume the tint is the culprit, how can I fix this? I can't figure it out on the back glass which is the defroster and which is the antenna among the many grid of thin lines. The tint shop does not have much better knowledge on this part and it would be worse if they mess this up.
  • Hi,
    I was just wondering if you found out what is wrong with your car I have all those same problems plus my sunroof opens on it's own while driving, super fun here in Canada!!! My back drivers side window doesn't go down, my gas cover doesn't open my trunk button doesn't work, my doors do not lock and cruise control doesn't work. I have to pull really hard on the gas cover to make it open, I am sure I am going to break it soon. I have changed many fuses and the comfort control module under the drivers seat ($1000) later still nothing. Any suggestions???
  • i had the same problem, but i did not have any tint. i would even happen when using the cd player. VW had to replace my radio.
  • slvmartslvmart Posts: 1
    you have a b5 platform VW while I have a 1997 VW Passat TDI, which is called a B4. On my vintage Passat this was typically a problem with the wiring that ran between the chassis and the doors. The wires would fatigue and break causing the windows, and potentially other items, to stop working.
  • viejachulaviejachula Posts: 4
    Boy! My husband's going to kill me!!

    I just purchased a used Passat, and my phone charger stopped working when I plugged it into either the front or back outlet. I thought it was the charger, ruled that out. I purchased new fuses, and attempted to go thru the fuse box with my owner manual in hand, to see where the fuse was for the plug outlet. I saw that the fuses in the car were all apparently good, but there were fuses in places where the book did not list them, and other fuses missing from places that the book said they should be.

    Without checking with my husband, I foolishly proceeded to go fuse by fuse, with the manual, and removed fuses from the car, and put them where the manual said they should be. Problem! Now my car won't start! Worse, yet, is that I did this on both left and right fuse boxes, but at least I didn't touch those under the hood.

    Now, I called my husband and told him, and I don't even know where to start to correct the mess I've created! Shame on me for trying to do something I know nothing about.

    Any ideas what to do now to fix this?

    Go ahead and chastise me, I fully understand!!
  • veedub4veedub4 Posts: 4
    I know how you can take power away from your windows, but then your doors will not lock with the key you will have to do it manually and your alarm system will not activate. If you open the doors, on the back ones there is a little rubber casing you can take it off and there will be two wire connectors. The big one which is usually black is the one you want to take off. This will take away the power fromthe door locks and the windows. The smaller one under it is for your speakers. You can leave that one in. I have a problem similar to this. When I lock my rear passenger door, the car will not recognize that it is locked. It makes the beep in the trunk, but eventually the alarm will go off. Also, when it is locked all of the dome lights blink, so I ended up just disconnecting the power for that door besides the speaker.
  • veedub4veedub4 Posts: 4
    I have a 1998 Volkswagen Passat Vr6. When I lock my doors using the key from the outside, it locks and makes the little beep. I noticed though that once I lock it, the dome lights start blinking and eventually the alarm will go off. I checked all of the wires that are in that litlte rubber boot thing you can see when you open the door, and they appear to be fine. I cant figure out what it is, so i currently have everything but the speaker in that door disconnected. I have heard that if you have an aftermarket stereo (which i do) that it may cause problems with your alarm system. I dont think this is the problem because I have always had it, and it never used to do this. Any help or suggestions? Thanks. -matt
  • veedub4veedub4 Posts: 4
    the gas lines on volkswagens tend to freeze easily. go to your local gas station and buy a bottle of i thinkits called heat. or heet. something like that. you pour it in your gas tank, adn it will unfreeze it and if thats the problem it should start right up.
  • homeallhomeall Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 Passat with the same problem. My turn signals would internittently stop working. I bought the relay switch but can't figure out how to remove the old one to replace it. Any ideas?
  • oreilly79oreilly79 Posts: 3
    New!!!! Yippy!
    Need some help with my issues before I burn the beautiful Passat.I bought the car about 3 months ago and ever since I got it my gas mileage is horrible. At times in the city when I'm leaving a light, 6mpg and a the most I've gotten from a full tank has been 250 miles.Then it blew fuse # 14 that thanks to this forum was able to fix and find out what the hell it was. (Thank you all) Now from time to time the alarm goes off while I'm still sitting in it. None of that is a problem I think if I fix my gas mileage and try to get some better performance from it since it is also very slow and has no power. Is there anything that can be done or can anyone tell me some to do? :confuse:
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You're not really telling us enough information to help you out. What is your MPG when you calculate by hand (Total Miles driven divided Total Gallons Used)?

    Miles on a full tank is kind of meaningless....what constitutes a "full tank" for you? When the fuel light/chime comes on? WHen the MFA reads zero miles left? When the tank has been run dry? For example, in my '03, gallons used in these three conditions would be 12.25, 14 and 16.4. That would equate to 20.41, 17.85, or 15.24 mpg.

    Gotta say, though, that stop and go city driving is hard on mileage in a 1.8T Passat, especially if you hit the gas hard.

    Regarding power - heat soak might be part of your problem. Could also be a leak in the vacuum lines, your diverter valve could be bad - the list goes on.

    The alarm going off - well, could be your comfort control module is bad. I've never had this issue so I can't really help you on that.

    Have you pulled the codes on the cars from the OBDII at your local auto parts store? You can usually find some place that will let you do this for free - like Advance Auto Parts. Post up what you find and that may give more clues to get you help.
  • oreilly79oreilly79 Posts: 3
    Well sorry, but i'm new to this forum and son't know what to write or ask. My tank is about 16.5 gallons and all it would last is max 250 miles. I do drive alot in the city and I get crappy MPG. I recently had it scanned and it came back the temp sensor (P0116) and the boost sensor (P1557). City MPG is around 12-15MPG and highway 21-25 MPG driving it easy due to the gas comsupmtion. When the fuel light comes on, I usually have traveled around 200-210 miles and have about an extra 20-30 more to go before it runs out. Never driven it dry so I wouldn't know what would be the total on the full tank. Don't know how to get those numbers you're asking me for or you are relating them to sorry. About the alarm, I've read it could be the CCU located under the passanger side seat witch i'll check in these days. If there is anything else you would like to know that can be of help, let me know. Thank you anyways for your answer.

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