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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • I have a 2003 VW Passat wagon. The battery keeps dying. I've noticed that the Odometer and clock stay on all the time. Key removed, car off. Any ideas?
  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    Not positive but I think they are LCD and use minimal power. Unless something is wrong with it.
  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    Did you every get an answer to the battery drain issue? Mine does too.
  • hey same problem do you no where or what to spray?
  • We have a 2004 Passat and the vanity lights as well as the lights for the heat controls in the center console aren't working. We can't find a guide to the fuse box so we're not sure if it is a fuse or something else? Any suggestions?
  • Passats are bad for this..and my mechanic said there is nothing you can do about it..sorry i wish there was
  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    I was reading some more on this. I "HEAR" that you have to use a VW battery, I've read there can be a draw from the radio if the testing tool used to test for....... can't remember....... and the test is not terminated first. The radio then has a higher draw. Also the terminal on the starter solenoid get loose and has to be tightened. try those things and try to get on Alldata website normally reserved for mechanics and dealers.
  • I just fixed this problem on my 1999 Passat, it was the key switch. About $60 at VW or $15 at NAPA parts.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Did both problems start simultaneously?

    There are online directions for replacing the bulb behind the HVAC plate (assuming this is the manual control not the climatronic one). Google "HVAC light Passat" and you'll find those.

    Does your vehicle have the homelink system built into the visor? There is a relationship between that and having the vanity lights go out.

    Does the rest of your electronics work, like the cruise control?

    Post more info and let's see what we can figure out.
  • Thanks altair4! We'll check out your suggestion regarding replacing the bulb. We just recently got the car so it was already a problem we didn't discover when buying it. The dealer said they would fix it but I'd like to have an idea what it entails before bringing it. If it was a simple fix like a fuse or a bulb, we can just take care of it. We do have the homelink but haven't programmed it and so far, everything else is fine.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Ally, are there any other electrical issues? Check your horn and heated seats. There is a known issue with the insulation fraying in some homelink equipped Passats; it is caused by the movement of the visor. You might specifically want to check fuse #4 and #5, too (seems there's some variance in what was used or at least what has been mentioned on the interwebz.
  • a have 2000 passat v6 and i have a problem i dont now where is the windows relay any one now where is the relay
  • Goofy electrical symptoms and no apparent single cause....

    * Battery drains overnight
    * Brake Lights remain on when headlights are on (work normally with headlights off)
    * Alarm goes off randomly (and annoyingly according to my neighbors!)

    Wet environment, but no apparent leaks. Please share your thoughts!
  • I am hoping someone can help. Two days ago my vw had to be jumpstarted due to -26 degree weather. Once started, I had to reset my presets on my radio and the clock in the dash - that seemed to be my only problem. However, both of my remotes for the car aren't working fully. I can start the car, lock all the doors, and unlock only the driver's door. I have tried resetting by using the info in the manual and even brought it to a shop who works with VW's but they had no luck. I was told the tech attached a scan tool but there was no communication to diagnose? I am trying not to bring it to VW, as they are waaay overpriced (and I'm a woman...which makes them think they can charge twice as much) and would appreciate any help with my issue.

    PS....I also noticed that the wipers "swish" the windshield once when the car turns on...not sure if this is related...
  • Update on this issue:

    The tail light problem was caused by a 17-year-old that replaced the bulbs with the wrong type (single element rather than dual element). : )

    The battery drain and random alarm were caused by a shorted control module (computor) that controls the door locks and alarm system. $500 repair. Woof.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 849
    ABS and traction control lights are on.
    Before system shutting itself down the brakes were activating ABS even on dry surface. It made stopping interesting.

    Space under seats seems to be dry so I do not think it is water damage. Could it be ABS sensors being blocked by debris? The car was driven through some deep snow.

  • I can "t get AM radio to come in on my 2010 Passat. Certain areas of New York are fine, bit I get little or no reception around my home in NJ The Dealer put in a new radio with no new results. Any one have this same problem???
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Krzyss - Google "Passat ABS and Traction". You might find some useful info. Personally, I'd suspect that the ABS control module has gone bad. Good news is that it is rebuildable, and you can probably do the R&R yourself. There are multiple rebuilders on the web. But I'd do more diagnostics before committing to that.

    I'd go to an auto parts store that has a free OBD reader to borrow, and see what codes you can pull. Post with what you find.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 849
    I hope it is not ABS control module but dirty/damaged wheel sensor.
    It started after driving through deep snow on unplowed streets.

  • cevacu2005cevacu2005 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    i have another issue on my 01 passat.none of the instrument lights in my car is working(dash lights, dials,power windows buttons,climate control etc.).all other electricals work.what could cause this?i am aware that it could be just a fuse but wich one?
  • edsy22edsy22 Posts: 1
    Hi. I just have the battery drain. Can you be more specific about the "shorted control module "? I'd like to let the mechanic know EXACTLY where to go to save him having to spend time finding out which one to look at.
  • Hi, I have a Y reg (2001) saloon VW Passat (Automatic)

    It’s been very hot in the UK the last few days and I have found condensation on and possibly the inside the dashboard! I have tried to source potential crack in seals to no result!

    The water droplets have now gone, and it seems dry, but, there are no lights coming on the dash. I have checked the other electrics and fuses to find that everything works (lights ok, cd/radio ok, windscreen wipers ok etc..) apart from Windows.

    The engine almost fires up, but does not. I believe the circuit board would engage the two…

    I have noticed that the mileage information has converted to Kilometres! And I have a message reading "Def." Does anyone know what this means?

    I have been advised by a Breakdown service to use rice cakes to absorb the moisture from the inside of the car… Is there anything else I could try before taking the whole dash apart to check the printed circuits!?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • amber792002amber792002 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Did you ever figure out what your problem was? I have a 2004 passat W8 that is doing the same thing. My climate control also would cut in/out, where it shows the outside temp there would be two dases (--).
  • mdpughmdpugh Posts: 3
    There are two comfort control modules. There is one in the front left door panel and the other is located in the trunk. Both of my modules were damaged by excessive water. Once both modules were repalced, my vehicle was fine.
  • dj6888dj6888 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Passat that had AM problems (nearly no reception when the outside temp was 32 or lower). Only took the techs 17 months to fix. There was no solder on the AM antenna cable connector on the antenna module. (It's in the headliner by the 3rd brake light).
    Good luck with this. VW doesn't care about fixing problems and VW American stands behind them.
  • i just changed the driver side window regulator. After changing the regulator, the sunroof, windows, door locks, exterior light and remote will not work. can someone assist me in troubleshooting this matter
  • i just got a 02 passat 4 motion a couple days ago and ive noticed some things with the car....

    1. the heat doesnt work---all the fixings for the heat to work is running fine but there is just not hot air coming out the fans blow hard and everything but no heat...the heated seats work perfectly but no hot air im seeing that it could be a couple things like a clogged hose or faulty heater core but im not sure because everything else works fine...

    2. the radio goes out as volume goes up----ive noticed that on certain volume levels the volume on the monsoon radio would cause it to go out, now the radio would still be lit up but id have to turn it off then back then turn the volume down for it to work now if i didnt turn the volume down wit would play for a couple seconds then cut off again like it was blowing a fuse or something or busting the sound decible level causing it to go into some type of fail safe or something....

    3.none of the streering wheel functions work nor does the horn----now i dont typically use the horn so i didnt notice it at first but i was excited that i had steering whell functions and i noticed those off the bat the cruise control light comes on but doesnt set nor will the volume change if you select a different one one the they all light up when you turn on the headlights at not but still dont function...also turning the wheel does nothing as well, now with the horn i press it to no result but when i lock the door with my actual key you can hear a little horn toot which confuses me why the horn wont work

    now with all this being said everything else work completely fine...everything lights up no fuses are blown windows work sunroof all the locks everything else electrical works fine to my knowledge so any help in how to fix them would be greatly appreciated.....
  • timskitimski Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    did u ever find the prob? my wifes 2003 just started to do the same thing. only when cooled out. thanks
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 849
    It was ABS control module along with bad sensors and half axle detector ring damaging one of the sensors.

    The car is still used by my eldest but it was interesting ordeal.

  • Hi Just got a SEL passat ..
    has dvd but once you start to drive....dvd image stops playing for safety can hear the dvd playing but no image....Can I get around this...
    and can I get a Back up camera for my Passat..

    Live in careteret NJ...can any one recommend a good parts and electric man for this task..
    Back up camera
    Install dvd players on both heads rest.
    and get my in dash monitor to play dvd ...even if in motion
  • What brand/model radio do you have? In most cases there is a way to bypass this feature, it is a safety feature that the manufacturer incorporates into their products to avoid liability for accidents caused by distractions that could otherwise be blamed on their product.
  • Hi dave
    Thanks for your time sound system is does not have
    brand but...I guess that's what it is...I'm going to ask dealer to install
    back up camera...I don't think they are going to bypass that feature..
    Do you know of any good place here in Jersey city area.
  • ellevtellevt Posts: 1
    So my old Honda finally kicked it, and I only had a few days and a few thousand dollars to get a new car. Settled on a 2002 Passat wagon. So far I'm very happy with the car, it runs really well. It just has a couple minor issues I wonder if anyone can help me with.

    1) AC is only moderately cool. Can I get freon to add to the AC system? Is this something I can easily do myself?

    2) Cruise control does not engage. Everything else on the steering wheel works (knock on wood). I will try replacing the fuses. If that doesn't work, what should I try next?

    3) Driver's side front blinker only works sometimes. It's not burnt out, because it does work occasionally. Is this a wiring/ electrical issue? The side one does work, so it's not as much a safety problem, but the fast clicking really annoys me!

    4) The car was rear-ended and has a new hatch. Neither the key nor the remote open the hatch, I can only open it with the inside door button. A minor inconvenience, but if there is an easy fix I'm all ears.

    Other than that, the car is awesome! Thanks for the help.
  • hey guys,
    I have a problem with my car, had this car for almost 4 years and now the tail light doesn't;t work properly. My back up light, and flashers works,.. Only brake lights work and not my lights that you have when your driving at night,,, I changed all the builbs, and cant see whats the problem, :mad:
  • mnmattmnmatt Posts: 5
    edited March 2012
    Hi all. I read through this forum and found it extremely helpful for my problem. My 2002 Passat wagon (left-hand drive) was having the same symptoms as everybody else who has been having CCM problems. Occasionally, after running the car for some time, it wouldn't start again when I shut it off. All the dashboard lights lit, the radio worked, headlights worked, but the ignition wouldn't turn over, interior lights didn't work, windows didn't work, gas cap and hatch wouldn't release, and the doors wouldn't stay locked. I could lock them using the key in the driver's door, but they'd all unlock right away. I've had the car for 7 months, and the problem used to be quite rare. I could leave the car to sit for half an hour, then it would start up and everything would work perfectly. Over the last 3 weeks, the problem started happening more frequently, until it happened every time I shut off the car.

    One thing I noticed was that I could get the car to start again without waiting. I would open and close the back door on the passenger side, or the other back door, or the front passenger door, or even the hatch (using the key). I would also flip a rocker switch that's inside the compartment in the center armrest (I have no clue what this switch does, and I've read the manual cover-to-cover; it's a round switch about three-quarters of an inch diameter, and when the top half is pressed, there's a red light.). None of these things worked 100% of the time, but if I tried enough of them, I could always get the car to start without waiting. That is, it always worked until two days ago, and now the car sits in the garage.

    I haven't yet checked to see if all the drains (plenum, sunroof) are open, but that's on my agenda. What I did do is pull up the carpeting on the left side, examine the wiring, remove the CCM and examine it. I fully expected to encounter standing water, but to my surprise, everything under the carpet is dry. There's no sign of water intrusion at all, at least to my untrained eye.

    Is it possible that the CCM would fail without getting wet? Would it fail all at once, or gradually over time (as the problem happened more and more frequently)? If I take the CCM to a dealer, can they check to see whether it's good or bad? Is it possible the problem could be something else that would cause exactly the same symptoms as a failed CCM?

    Thank you in advance for any help. I debated between buying this car and buying an Audi A6 one model year older, and I'm starting to think I made the wrong choice.
  • hey ,
    I have a problem with my car, had this car for almost 4 years and now the tail light doesn't;t work properly. My back up light, and flashers works,.. Only brake lights work and not my lights that you have when your driving at night,,, I changed all the builbs, and cant see whats the problem,
    ...and then tonight, my dash lights and tail light dont work anymore,, every other lights i have works,,, includint volt gauge,
    Could you please help me if you know something ,

    Thank you
  • fjimenezfjimenez Posts: 7
    Sorry can't help
  • mnmattmnmatt Posts: 5
    Here's an update on the situation.

    About 2 days after I pulled out the CCM, looked at it, and put it back, I decided on a whim to try to start the car. To my complete surprise, it started right up!

    What's more, it's been starting perfectly reliably ever since then. All the things that didn't work before have been working flawlessly. I still hold my breath when I shut off the engine, looking to see whether the interior lights come on, but they have every single time so far.

    I guess just removing the CCM and putting it back must have cleaned an oxidized connector or something. This saved me about $350, which is what the dealer told me a new CCM would cost.

    And the icing on the cake is that I have noticed significantly better gas milage since I R&R'd the CCM. I used to the the fuel warning light coming on after about 240 miles. On the current tank of gas, the light didn't come on until I had about 320 miles. Time will tell if this this improved milage sticks around or the milage diminishes, but for now I'm thrilled with my car.
  • As an installer it would be unethical to recommend by-passing the no playback of video while driving. On your factory unit it may be tricky, anyway. I don't know, I can say the after market units respond well when applying said modification of video play back.

    As for the back-up camera, the unit should have a "video in" RCA or manufacturer style plug for such a thing. It is triggered to send video signal to screen when the car is put into reverse ... so there's that connection as well. However, with factory video in your car, the wiring and connections/triggers should already be in place ... just add the camera, maybe.
  • jcarey12jcarey12 Posts: 2
    I have a Pasat, that is having issues. Occasionally it will not start, when it doesn't start, the power locks don't work, the power windows don't work, and when I take the key out, the radio stays on. There will be times when it works fine for a week, but then randomly won't start. I can always tell when it won't start, because when I open the door, the interior light doesn't turn on. Any suggestions on a solution for this problem?
  • mnmattmnmatt Posts: 5
    It looks like you're suffering from the infamous Comfort Control Module issue. Many others, myself included, have had those same symptoms, which we're able to eventually trace back to the Comfort Control Module. Personally, when pulling up to my kid's school, or the gas station, or anywhere else where it would be possible to leave the car running if I so chose, I'd try to turn on the interior lights. If they worked, I'd go ahead and shut off the engine, confident it would start again. If the lights didn't come on, I'd leave the engine running, since I knew it wouldn't start up again.

    My problem usually resolved itself after the car sat for awhile. The last time, however, it didn't start after sitting for several hours. I'd previously had some luck when I tinkered with the CCM, simply removing it and plugging it back in. After doing that, the problem didn't come back for several weeks. It eventually came back with a vengeance, though. So I ordered a new Comfort Control Module from the dealer ($379.59, tax included, just for the part), and left the car where it was. Four days later I went back to the car, and it still wouldn't start. I removed the old CCM, plugged in the new one, and still nothing. I about lost it. However, having read through this thread in its entirety in the past, I knew that sometimes it's not the CCM, but the wires that go to the CCM. So I started twisting, pulling and kneading wires, and next thing I knew, the car started right up. I drove it home, put the old CCM back in, put the new CCM back in the box, and I haven't had a single problem in the six weeks since then.

    Somewhere farther back in this thread you'll find instructions or a link to another site that has instructions for replacing the CCM. It's located under the carpet in the footwell on the left side (driver's side in the USA) of the front seat. When water leaks into the interior, the CCM (a circuit board) can get wet, or the wiring can get wet. Water wasn't the culprit in my case, at least not that I could tell, but you can also find suggestions for unplugging drain holes in the engine compartment and the sunroof, which when plugged will allow water into your interior.

    If you inspect all the wiring, jiggle it around, whatever, and the problem doesn't go away, or if you see evidence of water on the unit, I'd be happy to sell you my new CCM for less than you can get it for from the dealer. I used it for about 30 minutes before putting the old one back in, so I know it's good. Being an electrical part, the dealer wouldn't let me return it once the package was opened. If you're interested, the part number, which you should check on yours to be sure it's the same one, is 1C0-959-799-C-081. I'd be happy to send you pics of the unit and a copy of the invoice.

    Good luck to you, and if you have any more questions, I'll hopefully be able to answer them.
  • jcarey12jcarey12 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response. I have not been able to start the car for two days now, so I definitely need to check the CCM. How difficult is it to access this part? If you could post the link on how to get to the CCM that would be a great help to me. If I end up needing a new CCM altogether, I will contact you. Thanks again for your help.
  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    I have a 96 Passat. My issue was the battery kept dying. I removed all the fusues and then reinstalled them. Haven't had the problem since. Maybe one was arching and grounding out somehow.
  • mnmattmnmatt Posts: 5
    I know it wasn't a battery problem for me, because all the dashboard lights came on, the headlights worked, and the radio worked, even after several days of the car just sitting unable to start. The power windows, interior light, and power locks did not work, and the ignition would not turn over if I turned the key.

    Here's the site where I learned how to replace the CCM. They have a 1998 Passat, but the CCM and the wires are identical to my 1992 Passat wagon. When I moved the driver's seat all the way back, I could push the carpet back far enough to pull out the large plastic box that holds the CCM, and I can get to the thick bundle of wires alongside the door opening. I still haven't bothered to put it all back together, so I'm driving with a large plastic box on my floor, and the trim strip from the door opening loose. m-for-the-volkswagen-passat/

    I see in one of their photos that the part number on their CCM is slightly different than mine. Mine is 1C0-959-799-C-091, and theirs is 1J0-959-799-K-something (the picture cuts off). If the wiring isn't your problem, make a note of your particular CCM part number.
  • 2003 Passat just changed the window reg clips and now the same problem not windows, remote locks, button locks than unlocks, no cabin lights, gas door, rear hatch lock .

    Did you ever solve yours?
  • Sounds to me like the CCM. Read message #392 and #397 for more symptoms. Message #401 has a link to a site that has instructions for changing the CCM.

    Beware, though. The CCM problem can also be wiring. In my case it was wiring, and just kneading the bundle of wires fixed it for me. Which is why I have a brand-new CCM I'm willing to sell. Contact me of you're interested, but thoroughly check the wires first.
  • timw8timw8 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my Passat right now. What ended up being the problem?
  • Check the ground's in the wire loom leading to the ccm. When you open the bundles of wire, remove the black tape type wrap, and you will definitely see corrosion at the bad joints. I would also check the grounds up on the side wall to the left of your brake pedal.
    Finally, check the operation of your door lock on the driver's side. Make sure the electrical portion is actually letting the car know the door is open. (Otherwise I have had it happen, on a Jetta most recently, where the door lock is the culprit, and the car thinks someone has climbed in without opening, and unlocking the door, then the anti-theft kicks in.)

    Changed numerous Ccm's and respliced many wire looms and most times you can take care of it. Just be careful, and take your time. There are about 70+ wires, spliced down to 30 something, and then down to the ccm plug. So be thorough.

    Good luck guys!
  • hi their my passat is playing up the same way! which fuse box or use checking the one beside drivers door?
    king regards donald
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