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Chevrolet Impala Lighting/Electrical Problems



  • I am in the same position that you are right now! I have different dealers tellign me different things and contradicting one another! I am ready to pull my hair out! I have put over $450 into it allready and still be stranded all the time until the car decides it wants to start...I have a 2000 Impala and I used to love the I am still trying to get peopel to listen to me and get this problem fixed...if you get any usefull information I woudl appreciate it. GOOD LUCK!!!
  • I removed the BCM/clustr fuse and as I expected the car wouldn't start, and everything electrical quit working. But it did not help when I put the fuse back end after 36hrs car wouldn't start and had to be jumped. Any more suggestions? :sick:
  • Well I found out the solution to the problem today by taking it to the dealer and spending almost $700 on parts and labor. turns out it was the Ignition switch and the ignition lock cyclinder the whole thing was bad...I recommend if you can do the work yourself woudl be your best bet because they soaked me for 4 hours of labor at $79 an hour plus parts which are way more exspensive at the dealer!! So far so good..I will repost if anythign arises but if it does I may just loose my mind! Any other problems with the car besides the not starting?
  • I just went through what you have with the turn signals and mine did the exact same thing and I took it to the dealer and they were so familiar with this problem I hardly had to explain is the hazard switch..the turn signals and hazards run off the same switch its really a pretty cheap fix! The switch itself was only $35 as far as labor goes I am not sure because I had other stuff done but I hope this helps!
  • I am depressed after reading about so many others having similar problems as we are with the electrical system. My questions for those who have been there and done that are:

    1. Is a GM dealer the only one who can install and program a Body Control Module (BCM)?
    2. Should we just get the ignition switch and BCM done at the same time since one seems to mess up the other?

    A brief history of our issues with the beloved 2001 Impala with 85K on it:
    --Two weeks ago, the car won't start, although radio works, fan works, etc. Took battery cable off for a minute, reconnected, and car started fine with everything working.
    --A few days later, battery light comes on and AC isn't cooling, stop by Advance Auto Parts, they say battery and alternator are fine. Pulling out of their parking lot, none of the dash board gauges work. Stop for gas, restart the car, and everything is working fine again.
    --A few days later, we take car in for service, and our mechanic cannot find anything wrong using the diagnostic computer. Being the good guy that he is, he only charged us $20 for their efforts.
    --This week, several more incidents of the car not starting, and the battery cable trick is taking longer and more repetitions for it to work.

    Today we figured we should bite the bullet and go to a dealer, but after reading many of these posts, I get the feeling that some of them do not know what the root problem is. Money doesn't grow on trees here, so I do not want to end up trying this and that only to solve the problem after spending a grand.

    Any advice, comments, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • I can tell you from expereience I know exactly how you feel! I went through this for 3 months dealing with what everyone called a bad battery cable and finally paid to have them replaced and to no avail was still in the same spot.....I had the battery tested on top of it, the altenator, and the starter and had 2 different garages fighting with each other on what they thought the problem was and they were both still wrong! I finally had no choice but to take it to the dealer and the place I took it too they do the diagnostics on it and waived the fee for it if I had the work done there...once hey determine what it is you can check around and see if someone else is quailified to do the work.The Bcm if you have to replace it which I didn't has to be reprogrammed...the dealer also told me that the problems will not get better they will jsut get worse and eventually it will quit all together and I believe them on that because I went from having problems once or twice a month to at least 5 times a day!
  • I have no problems with the car except after setting for 2 days the battery will be completly dead, so something is draining the battery and I can't figure it out. I tried removeing the BCM fuse, but it still would be dead after 2 days! I'm looseing my mind. Please Help!! :sick:
  • tcaintcain Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 impala ls with 95k miles and this morning the wife calls and says the the service ,track and battery light are on.took it to wal-mart to get battery and alternator checked and they said the battery was croded.they cleaned it and no more problem .I hop this helps some else.We really like the car no other problem except left front wheel bearing which i changed myself.
  • ok here is the deal I went to put a system in my 2002 this morning (I have a stock radio I’m using a line out converter, if that makes a difference)anyway I go to start the car but the only thing that happened was my cluster went on it lit up and showed me how much gas I had and the message center was on but my voltage wasn’t showing anything I couldn’t lock or unlock my doors (using the power lock) also I couldn’t unlock my trunk keep in mind my car is in ACC at this point also I could put it in gear without pushing in the brake. I have no clue what this could be I checked all fuses and they were ok.i also checked the codes and nothing showed up.and yes the battery is fully charged.
  • Recently, my 2003, with 70,000 miles, impala hasn't been starting properly. The engine won't turn over, and if it does, it quits right after she starts. Then after a few more cranks of the key she's up and running no problem. This also doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make me worry. Also, from time to time the impala will act like someone has activated the unlock/lock buttons on the keyfob. It could be that i'm bumping the buttons as i get in/out of the car, but that seems unlikely.

    Does this sounds like the dreaded BCM or does GM have another way of taking my money?
  • Hey, One year ago I had the similar problem with my Impala. I would charge the battery, and drive it around my little German town of Vilseck, park it back in to the carport, and the next morning the car battery would be dead. I took it to the opel dealership in Amberg, GE. I spoke with Mike about the problem. It took him a week to get to the bottom of the problem. My amp went out and was causing a short. I don't know how, I am a Soldier not a subject matter expert (SME) on cars. I have not had one single problem with the battery going dead since.
  • I have a 2000 Chevy Impala, I will drive the car for about four or five days back and forth to work. I can get out of the car, lock the doors using the fob, or the in car button, and go out to start the car again and everything works, but the car will not start, i.e. the engine will not turn over. I let it set for a few days and hit the fob button to get in the car to start it and it will just magically start. I think it is in the security system somewhere, but who know with today cars? If this sounds familiar please let me know what you have done to fix it.
  • scar4scar4 Posts: 1
    I have an 06 2LT that has a problem with the interior courtesy lights ( dome lights ) when the door is opened the lights under the dash come on, but the dome light, the lights under the mirror, and the door panel lights won't come on. I have tried to turn them on using the dimmer switch on the dash, but it won't turn them on either. You can turn them all on manually and they work by pushing the buttons on the dome light, and mirror lights, but they won't work by opening the door. Is this a common problem or is something turned off somewhere? Its just odd that none of them work when you open the door. I have checked the fuse and it is ok. Any suggestions?
  • tcaintcain Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 impala LS 100k miles and just started haveing this problem where the service engine soon battery and then securty light come on .the radio locks out.i just unhook the battery and its fine for a while .some times the track light comes on when its doing this but not every time. what could it be?
  • I recently purchased a 2000 Impala Base. The AC/Heater fans only work on level #5. I assume that the control is bad. Is replacing the control hard to do yourself? I also am having the turn signal problem (not working). Is that something that could be replaced at the same time since the dash would be taken apart too, or is that an even bigger project? Any ideas or assistance would be great.
  • Here's a stupid question - I recently bought a used 2000 Impala. I went to take groceries out of the trunk last night but the light inside the trunk was out, leaving me to fumble in the dark. This afternoon I practically crawled into the trunk trying to find the trunk light so I could replace the bulb - but I couldn't find it...where is it located?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I've never replaced this on the Impala, but I did replace the similar component on my '89 Celica. If you want to do it yourself, I'd suggest going to a you-pull-it parts place, finding a used Impala there, and try taking it apart first. Better to make mistakes on the donor vehicle than your own, and if you run into a stumbling block halfway through you won't have to redo everything to drive the car again until you can fix it later. Granted you won't have any guarantee that A) the donor part will work, or B) if that's even your problem, but at least you're less apt to have done any more damage to your vehicle that way!

    I did this on my Celica and got a used part, which cost maybe $40, and of course didn't work. I eventually opted for a new controller for $400; I could live without AC, but the heater didn't work - driving without heat for even a little while is torture! At least by the time I broke down and bought the new part I was very confident in my ability to install the part and had all the necessary tools and such at hand.
  • My ignition switch is starting to stick in the lock position. I can jingle it and move the key to start the car. Chevrolet quoted beteen $350-450 to replace the switch and recode the key. Has anyone gone through this? Can I replace the switch myself?
  • hi, just wondering if you got your problem fixed.We are going through that right now, the key locked, so we went to a junkyard and bought the key ignition switch, put it on myself,and it turns, but the car just won't turn on,the lights and everything work but car won't turn on. Do you have any advice, or anything you were able to figure out from your car.
  • kmo89kmo89 Posts: 3
    when the car reads that it is dark outside (and the dash lights activate in a different mode), the dash lights are very very faint. At night, I cannot read my speedometer, tachometer or fuel gauge. This is ONLY at dark, though. The radio and other instrument panel related lights are also very faint.
  • I had a local mechanic install a new cylinder lock and switch and then he reset the passlock 2 system.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I'm sure you've already tried this, but you can vary the light level by turning the headlight switch on the dash. It's possible yours has been turned down, and simply needs to be turned the other direction to bring the level back to normal.

    On the other hand, the other day the display on my DIC got stuck in the "nighttime" setting during the day, and didn't reset until I shut off and restarted the not saying you couldn't have some other gremlin causing the problem.
  • hi, thanx alot for the info. we finally got it fixed last night. turns out it's the key that needs to get programmed. luckily a mechanic was generous enough to tell me that was the cause.he says mechanics usually make you take the car to them, but that's not necessary, so what I did was call a locksmith, he charged 100 bucks but he came over last night and had the car on in no time.i appreciate you replying to my question.thankyou.
  • If you find out I would like to know. I have a 2000 Impala and I swear that there are ghosts in my car. I have taken to the dealership and of course the car doesn't act up for them...Scary going down a highway at 120 km and your lights start flashing and the dashboard starts saying there is a door open and the locks start locking and unlocking. I do the same...I have the battery unhooked and then its fine for awhile.
  • yes, I know exactly what you're talking about.You see, the thing about these cars is that they all run based on the radio,all electrical wires are connected to the radio.I changed my radio, I bought a 40 dollar radio at walmart and put it on, so if you feel that your radio is somewhat messed up, then I suggest you change it, if you know it's a good radio then just check the wiring, but thats definitly what it is.If you have anymore questions let me know.
  • Here is a series of dumb essential statements about our beloved pieces of junk! My battery has been draining almost over night but I pull the radio fuse and it seems to slow the drain down. I think I'm having BCM problems beacause my heated seats quit working and after 20 mins or so of diving the security,battery and service lights scroll through the window on the dash. I don't have problems with the car not running and I can shut it off and start it again no problem but when the warning lights come on the headlights flash on and off until I pull the switch on manually then I just hear a clicking sound from somewhere behind the glove box.
    Now! does anyone know the right BCM for an LS fully loaded is it the police one or other(part # please!!) also can a used one be re-programed and finally WHERE THE H*#@ IS IT IN THE CAR?
    Thanks for listening to the rants of yet another Impala sufferer!
  • emx72emx72 Posts: 3
    I had the exact problem as you had, the radio was draining the battery, so just like you I pulled the fuse, than I noticed that the dash was also draining the battery, so I put a switch for the dash, still something else also drained the battery. So my electrian mechanic replaced my bcm for a USED one for $120, and it solved all the problem. I hope this helps you.
  • If your impala is an 06 there is a little round knob you can turn clockwise which should fix your problem. It's left of the steering wheel between the trunk release and trac. control button.
  • My 06 Impala has an intermittant Buzz/Blink sound coming from the driver side speaker. I have taken it to the dealership approximately 20 times to get it repaired. They have replaced lots of technical parts attempting to solve the problem but the problem continues. Often, before the Buzz/Blink sound happens, there is no Blink/Blink sound when the turn signal is activated.

    There is no logical pattern to the occurance of the noise. It happens as often as twice per week or one per month. It is not effected by driving conditions or driving habits. It just does it when it wants.

    The dealership has contacted a team of engeniers in Detroit for assistance but have come up with no results.

    I should probably mention the radio is a Boss Premium Sound Package.

    Any ideas? This is a very irritating problem.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    My nephew's 2LT with the 3.5L and basic radio has pretty much lost his chime sound. His sounds like a muted bell being rung and may be the same sound you're hearing intermittently. I don't know if he has sought service yet but I'll check with him and follow-up.
    Just curious, have you had problems with your Bose system previously? The Bose systems had a bad hiss (mine included) that was MOSTLY fixed by swapping out the amp in the trunk. I'd be curious to hear any experiences with your Bose system.

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