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Pontiac Grand Am Security Passlock Problems



  • Tim,
    You really need a service manual for your vehicle. It will enable you to locate your BCM, if you have one, and will show the wiring for your particular vehicle. Go to message #599 and click on the link at the bottom of the message.
  • Does anyone know where the BCM is located on this car? I'm troubleshooting and my Chilton's doesn't even mention it anywhere.

    Thanks -Tim
  • malbolsmalbols Posts: 19
    not sure if you can use this . .
    I did find out you have a PASSLOCK 1 system though .
  • mcleffmcleff Posts: 2
    All of those grand am owners are having same problems we've had with our 2003 Saturn L200. Generally this happens when my husband tries to start the car, but it has happened to me also. Usually it means a 15-20 minute wait before it will start, but yesterday it was an hour and a half. In fact, I was calling for a tow when I tried one more time and it started. Does anyone know of a way to disable this damn thing?
  • This is the first I've heard of this problem existing on Saturns, but I'm not surprised. Before going any further, you might try reading all the posts mentioned in post #599. That may give you a clue of how to bypass the problem, but the best thing I can advise is to get hold of a service manual for your particular vehicle, and follow the wiring of the security system. Then post any wiring diagrams that show the hall effect switches in the ignition system on this forum. We will then try to figure a way to bypass your particular vehicle. It would also be helpful if you post the pages from your owner's manual regarding the security system.

    Many of us here have successfully bypassed or disabled the security system on our Grand Ams and Aleros. I'm sure a similar fix could be used on Saturns of models which are similar, and around the same vintage.

    Dick B.
  • I agree with you! Customer Service was a big joke. I am so excited to write I finally traded in my piece of junk 99 Grand Am. I had so many problems with it in the past 3 years. I would never go anywhere in it because I never knew when it would not start. I had the passlock disconnected but still had problems with it starting! I had to have it towed to trade it in because it would not start. Oh well-Good luck to everyone and thank God I no longer own a Pontiac!
  • hey I was having the same problem so I did what you said and the fp finally got some voltage now my question is should I hook the fp relay back up or not
  • I bought an 01 Grand AM GT & the owner had lost the keyless remote to the vehicle. I have attempted to order a replacement online at a couple of places, giving my VIN #, and have been told that it appears I may require an older type remote that came on early models of 2001 grand am and they refer me to GM dealer. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  • My advise...
    Get a shop manual for your vehicle. This will have the part number of the Remote that you will need for your vehicle. Then go to a junk yard and buy a couple of GM remotes of that model. Replace the batteries, and then take them with you to a Chevrolet Dealer. They will charge you $25.00 to program your vehicle to accept the remotes. (The Pontiac dealer will charge you $40 for the same service.)
  • We want to Thank you for putting this on this web-site. This helped our son out tremendously. He had the same problem with his 2003 Grand Am, last night. So, I check around on the internet this morning & found this site. I found your answer about the security system on his car. We went by the instructions and within 10 mins. his car started, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you again.
    Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!
  • :confuse: Hello.. New here,
    I don't have a problem with the car cranking, or the security light on or flashing. But my factory alarm just started going off by itself setting in the yard two days ago. The keyless remote wont turn it off, so i have to get in the car and turn the ignition in the on position before it will turn off. Then again yesterday it did it again, So i thought if i disconnected the battery cable, The computer might reset itself, to no a vale two hours later it did it again. After i turn the ignition on and back off again, Then the remote will work, I've checked the door latch buttons"door ajar" their ok the dome lights turn off when supposed to. It doesn't have a remote starter.
    Any help or Info would be thankful
  • I didn't know GM had Factory Alarm systems. They must have started putting them in on the newer models. At any rate, on a 2005, you should be able to get it fixed by the dealer, hopefully under warranty.
  • I was have a problem like everyone on here with my pass lock system. My security light was coming on every so often. The problem was starting to get worse. I could not figure it out. I tried changing ignition keys but that did not work. I did not realize the answer in my case was so easy. I had my cell phone charger pulled in to my cigarette lighter and realized the security light was coming on ever since I plugged it in. I just left my charger plugged in all the time because it was easier. Once I unplugged the charger the light came on once right after but then never came on again. I still use my charger but only as needed now. So far so good. It has been 2 months since it last went on.
  • Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting information on this problem.

    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE and all the associated problems (squeaking interior, brake problems, infamous leaking coolant gasket, and blinking security light).

    I do have a quick question regarding remote starters. Reading some previous posts, a remote starter shouldn't experience the passlock issue. However, I have had 2 different remote starters on this car and both have occasionally received the blinking security light when using the remote starter. After 10 minutes, I can start the car fine. Current starter is made by CompuSTAR.

    Do you think the resistor fix will still work for me? Could it be something else causing this problem (bad BCM, Ignition Lock Cylinder)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • A remote starter does not necessarily mean you won't have problems with the security system. It depends on the remote starter. You should have better luck taking your question to the installer who sold you your remote starter. They could tell you if they installed a bypass resistor in your system. Even then, you could experience problems if there is corrosion in any of the connectors on your Body Control Module, or you have a defective BCM.
  • Hey guys, I know that this isn't the right thread for this but it seems to be the most viewed and I have been trying to get this question answered. It seems that another common problem with these grand ams (besides windows, side mirror, blinkers, etc.) is the sunroof going. It used to get stuck about and inch from being closed and i just had to apply some pressure and hit the button again and it would go down. I would really like to completely fix this, but if nobody knows how, can I at least get it to close all the way? Thanks for your help....
  • Some things, you just take to the dealer to have fixed. A sunroof can be fixed at any GM dealer... it doesn't have to be a Pontiac dealer (thank goodness) The Chevrolet dealer will do it for you, at about 25% less cost. Same holds true of windows, and side mirrors. There is nothing special about the blinkers. It's straight forward electrical troubleshooting. Its either the wiring, the blinker module, bulbs, or switches. Get a Shop Manual and have at it.
  • Oh, well I fixed the windows and the mirror myself as well as the blinkers (it was just the hazard switch). I was just wondering if there was an easy fix for this as well. They were going to charge me $90 +parts for my blinkers because "it would take at least an hour" when I did it myself in 2 minutes for $20. I'm sick of these people taking advantage of everyone and I'm doing everything that I possibly can on my own. Wasn't sure if anyone knew who the problem could be...
  • illadelf, You are fantastic! I don't think I could even diagonse the blinker problem down to the hazard switch in two minutes, much less remove it, take it to the parts shop, return home, and re-install it. As a matter of fact, I don't think I could find an auto parts supplier that could sell me a hazard switch for a specific year Grand Am in that amount of time.

    Remember, any auto repair shop has to make a bit of profit for their work, and an hour to diagnose and repair is not unreasonable. On the other hand, $90/hour is outrageous, even though I know that most shops, (even my local bicycle shop) work at about that rate. $55/hour would seem reasonable to me, and I would gladly pay it. That's what my hometown auto mechanic charges, and I have yet to complain about his work.

    Dealers have a habit of charging an outrageous hourly rate, and in my mind, it isn't justified, mainly because the mechanics working on the vehicles aren't that savvy. Show me a mechanic that has a degree in mechanical engineering, and a minor in electronics, and I'll agree that his expertise is worth that much. That said, that person should be able to do the repair in half the time, so you still shouldn't have to pay but , maybe, $55 for labor plus parts.
  • ja33ja33 Posts: 23
    At 36,000 miles my 2001 Olds Alero started having passlock starting problems. At first it was every other month and then after 2 years it happened with every other turn of the key. Since I am not the least bit mechanically inclined, I tried any and all procedures suggested on the internet except cutting wires, or installing a new switch. Eight months ago I decided to clean the grooves on my ignition key with a squirt of 3 in 1 oil. THE CAR STARTED RIGHT UP. I did it again for the next 3 days to gain little confidence in the procedure. THE ALERO CONTINUES TO START EVERY TIME

    Now once a month I oil the key, push it in and out of the switch slowly a couple times. When starting the car, do not jam the key in quickly and turn. Take your time. It seems to be a very sensitive switch, and needs a little TLC to prevent dirt build up. Try it. A little 3 in 1 oil squirt might save you a $500 repair bill. I told my GM dealer mechanic about this solution. He said "Yeah, it might work"

    Other Olds Alero have tried this and it really works. Let me know if you try and it solves your starting security problem.
  • lsuzilsuzi Posts: 1
    Thank you! Fix took me about 45 wanted $600 to fix. The resistor cost 99 cents. Senior citizen on fixed income. Thanks again for your help, Mr. Berger! :)
  • ok so i have a 04 ga gt v6 and since the day i got it the drivers window didn't work. (bought new :lemon: ) and now the lights ( headlights and tail lights flicker ) mostly when it is off but does sometimes do it when running not as much took it to the dealership they claimed they fixed it one week later the same thing started happening i found that if i take out the head lamps fuse and one next to it it will stop but i have to do that every time i go somewhere so i can get home is that a pass lock issue??? bcm??? i think the dealership put a new bcm in ill check on that and idk what to do i cant afford a new car and i dont wanna take my fuses out 4 tiems a day its just a hassle :shades: thanks a bunch u can email me also if u know the problem the faster fixed the better
  • If you took it to the dealer while it was in warranty, and they didn't fix it, bring it back to the dealer, along with the original work order. They will have to fix it under warranty.
    It sounds like you have enough knowledge about automobile wiring to have figured out that taking the headlamp fuse out will keep your battery from running down. I would think you can troubleshoot this problem yourself, and find the short in your system if you purchase a shop manual. At any rate, your inquiry does not belong in this thread. Try searching for something to do with headlights not turning off. Oh, and by the way, Try to use correct grammar. It really helps us to understand your problem if we can decipher what you are trying to say.
  • I did check all of these wires and didnt find anything (used volt meter) and my ?? is could the pass lock issue be the cause of flickering headlamps??? and i checked the dealer invoice and they say they reset my bcm and charged me a good bit to do so should i cut the passlock wire and would that help??and by the way i didnt come to this forum b/c i thought it was exactly my problem i came because i thought it might help me solve my problem or at least point me in the right direction thanks for the help guys.
  • I wouldn't think the passlock issue would cause any headlight problems. Yes, both are controlled by the BCM, but they are entirely separate parts of the programming. The more likely suspect would be anything related to Daytime Running Lights. There is a relay associated with Daytime Running Lights which may be the problem, but without a service manual, it would be hard to trace down the cause.
  • I have had my car at 3 different shops and towed 5 times within a month. My car will not start, wants to turn over, everytime i had my car towed to a shop it would start right up!!! they never could find a thing wrong with it, till i had it towed again yesterday morning to pep boys, which the time before put a new ignation in and switch and charged me over 400.00 for nothing, as it did not fix my problem. pepboys said this time my car would not start, and they could find the problem now, they told me it was the security system that i had to get it towed to the dealership, when the car go to the dealership they were able to start it!!! the man spent over 4 hours on my car and could not find a thing wrong with my car!!! in which he did not charge me a dime. So what i have heard now is i need to go get a new key made at the dealership for about 40.00, here is a web page that had info on it about this pass key, i am hoping this works as i have a daughter i take to work by 7am then me and my 2 yr old grandson waste 20 min in store before i take him to school, between my paying for my towing, taxi cabs service etc this is so killing me!!! hope this helps and i am going to try the key and keep my fingers crossed!!
  • ccsmileybear,
    I do not believe you need a new key. This thread deals with Pontiac security systems which have the resistor and switches as part of the ignition switch. If your vehicle is between 1999 and 2003, it's likely you don't have a system which relies on a circuit in the ignition key. What year and model is your pontiac?

    1. When the car won't start, is the "SECURITY" light flashing?
    2. After you do the 10-12 minute relearn process, does the "SECURITY" light go out?
    3. Has your "SECURITY" light ever come on solid and stayed on after the vehicle has been running for at least a minute or so?

    You can probably find the solution to your problem in one of the following messages in this thread:
    #50 (be sure to click on the links and view the pictures)
    #394 (follow the link marked "Grand Am Passlock Security Fix")

    There are descriptions of many people's problems in many of the other posts, but if you read just these few messages, and read them thoroughly, you will have the answer to all but 0.01% of the Passlock problems.

    And then, there is my usual suggestion:
    Get a genuine Service Manual for your particular vehicle
    My suggestion is to get an Online Manual from the following source:
  • Hi, my car is a pontiac grand am, i went and got the manual out of my car, and read in there about the passlock, also after doing research it does show where you need to get a new key, which makes sense. i am going to try that first and hopefully that works. if not i am going to trade off my car, after reading this post what a nightmare and i do not want to have to worry if my car will start every time i shut it off!!
  • ooops 2002 pont gran am
  • 2002 Pontiac Grand Am does not use a special key. I did the modification as shown in this link:
    2002 Grand Am Passlock Mod

    I have never had the passlock problem since.

    DO NOT PAY ANYONE MORE THAN $2.50 FOR A NEW KEY. In my 2002 Grand Am SE, I use cheap keys made at the Home Depot key counter. Many GM cars need the special keys, but not this model. Another way to check if you need one of the electronic keys is to look at the side of your ignition key, near the bottom of the black coating, and see if there is a "+" stamped on the key. If not, then your key is good as long as it will allow you to turn the ignition switch.

    Dick B.
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