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Mazda5 Suspension



  • tejasm5tejasm5 Posts: 1
    Our 2006 Mazda5 has developed the same problem. First, it was a metallic crunching noise from the right front. Dealer replaced the bushings and control arm, and everything seemed perfect. Later, some noise returned, and it's been back to the dealer several times. They swear everything is normal, but we're experiencing the same handling problems you describe. Every little bump, or roads with high crowns to them, causes the car to over-react, which makes it feel very unstable and unsafe.

    We have figured out one small issue with noise. We have an aftermarked Mazda "bra" on the front of the car. When the car hits a bump (even at 15mph), the right front tire hits the fender and undoes one snap on the bra. This makes a loud metallic crunching noise, like a can being crushed. I wonder if the shocks/struts have gone bad, causing the front to dip more than it should, causing the tire to rub the body.
  • bman9bman9 Posts: 5
    Like tejams5, I've read comments from a lot of folks who mention a crunching noise from the front right of the car. In the first 6 months of owning my 2007 Mazda5 Sport, I had a noise I would describe as a "squeaking" that increased in frequency with speed. It was most noticeable at low speeds, but it didn't seem to be prompted by steering input, braking. It was a mystery. It ultimately went away - and I never had it looked at by the Dealer. I'm now wondering if I should get the same "bushing and control arm" repair you had.

    I'm interested in what repairs other people have had for this same front right noise issue.

    With respect to the unstable twitching of the car when going over a bump at speed, I've been paying more attention when it happens. It feels like it's the rear suspension causing the problem. It rebounds too quickly or bounces up and down immediately after the bump, which prompts the need to quickly correct the steering. In my mind, this is the most serious issue - as there appears to be a safety risk.
  • bman9bman9 Posts: 5
    I will be reviewing this issue with my Dealer - and will inquire about front struts and rear shocks. Thank you.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Just to piggy back a little. I have gotten all four shocks/struts replaced by Mazda. Replacing the front struts made a huge difference in ride, handling and overall feel. The rear however, although still fairly new and not leaking feel very weak. When going over a dip at a speed of about 35-40mph the rear seems to bounce a bit to much for my liking. I was wondering if anyone here knows if Mazda3 rear shocks fit our MZ5s? If so, I am going to be looking for an aftermarket GAS shock replacement rather then the OEM soft HYDRAULIC shock. Gas shocks tend to be a bit stiffer and provide a better sporty, handling feel IMO, and since no one I know makes one specific to MZ5s, then I want to see if a MZ3 will be a direct fit.
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    Quick question in regards to suspension - are those issues still present in 09?
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Regretfully I am now amongst the many who have to yet again take my Mazda5 in for creaking, very audible noise from the rear suspension - perhaps even new shock ( ;) but I'm sure its the same old thing).
    TSB below (13 pages)

    I was pretty sure I had read somewhere that a Class Action Suit was in the thinking stages. After reading other forums, it seems that the time is right for such as stand. Mazda (aka Ford) don't think they need any bailout, right now :shades: but I suspect that consumers are a lot less tolerant of inferior workmanship and of being lead around the block by idiotic statements like " oh that's normal noise" or "we can't duplicate the issue" or any other lame excuse. It is the consumer who loses in the end with time wasted in dealing with problems that have not been resolved for a long, long time and presented itself in other Mazda vehicles (Protege) before the Mazda5 came on the scene in late 2005. It just can't be that hard to fix.
    For myself, this is the last Mazda I will every own, not that I won't ever be caught with a lemon from another manufacturer, but I know there will be fewer to chose from later on.
  • drgnldy9drgnldy9 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006. I bought it with about 18000 miles. I have had it in to the dealer for a/c failure, door lock problems and the clunking suspension noise which has gotten progressively worse! They have replaced springs, bushings, arms etc. and nothing really helped. The last time they said a bolt was missing. I'm not a mechanic but the missing bolt was probably a symptom, not a cause. I took it to a local independent mechanic who said it looked to him like a manufacturing defect I live in AZ, so it's sure not related to cold! Now it's out of warranty, so I would sure go for a class action.
    I'm definitely not happy with this vehicle.
  • Forget the cold weather! I have a 2008 Mazda5 that sounds like an old squeaky sofa. I can't find a TSB that applies to this model. Anyone know of one?
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    This is all I could find for now. I subscribe (for free) to MyCarStats and receive notificiations regularly for my Mazda5. 234359.html
    NHTSA Item Number: 10023313
    Service Bulletin #: 0102206
    Replacement #:
    Vehicle/Equipment Make: MAZDA
    Vehicle/Eqipment Model: MAZDA5
    Model Year: 2008
    Mfg Component Code: 021000 SUSPENSION:FRONT
    Date of Bulletin: 2007-09-07
    Date Added: 2007-11-14
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Could it be possible to post the detailed TSB instructions? The component code and the summary above do not seem to make sense, especially for suspension noise.

    Here is the latest TSB I know of, but does not apply to 08+:

  • bman9bman9 Posts: 5
    Thanks, Trishr1 for posting the link to this Mazda5 bulletin. Very, very helpful for those of us with noisy 2007 Mazda5s.

    Much appreciated.
  • drb05drb05 Posts: 24
    I had rea suspension noise - sort of grinding whenever I went over a hole or speed breaker. It was quite pronounced in cold weather (canada).

    Dealer tried changed few thingsbut it still persisted.

    I have moved back to US to a hotter west. I haven't noticed that noise any more (or atleast it is very very less pronounced).

    I have 08 car. This wasmy first mazda car. I should say - bit disappointed. as I already had 2 major issues. Signing up for totalcare from mazda as I foresee lot of issues with this car in the future.

  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Thank you for the kind words. I only wish that there were no TSBs but no vehicle is perfect.
    I find it quite astounding that Mazda can't or won't provide customers with a permanent fix.
    One pst mentioned that "new parts" are warranted for a year, but interestingly, my dealership service department differed with that and said 30 days is the maximum. Could it be that various dealerships offer different warranties? Wouldn't make too much sense to me.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Hi all!
    I'm looking at buying Mazda5. I saw a consumer review on edmunds that slammed the vehicle for "wobbling" in the back at high speed on highway. The reviewer claimed the problem exists on Mazda3 and 6 but it is less apparent.
    The reviewer claimed to have tested 3 cars and drove a loaner for a week. Rear occupants experienced car sickness due to the wobbling.

    Anyone experienced this?

    I like this vehicle so much I'm willing to modify it, installing better shocks, stiffer sway bars and so on. I wonder if those will fix it.
  • YES! Mazda continues in '09 to have service bulletins for the same issues from '05-'08. Why? Because it is cheaper for them. Most people do not want to invest the time and energy into pursuing getting what they paid a premium price for in the first place because of the run around and half truths they are met with when they try to honestly resolve their car issues. Why did Mazda go from a 4 year/50K mile to a 3/36K bumper to bumper warranty? Was it because no one was using the 4th year and the other 14K miles for warranty issues? I dont' think so. Was it because they sacrificed quality manufacturing for short term gain? Maybe. Mazda used to have a great reputation for being the car manufacturer that offered affordable luxury extras as standard in quality cars that were a fun driving experience. I would like to see them rebuild that reputation with honor, integrity and high quality standards. Why do manufacturers and dealerships continue to operate from a "lack consciousness?"

    The web of dealership/manufacturer excuses and put-offs, even with their most sincere tones are very frustrating to deal with over and over and over again. Not many people have the time available to continue to take their car to the dealership over and over again to hear these putt-offs, half-truths and best excuses. However, empower yourself. Post car issues on these forums, post them on the Mazda forums, contact the Attorney General's office and Better Business Bureau in your State and simply let them know of your frustrations - even if you don't have a long history of problems. Understand you will be met with form letter responses and directions to an even longer arbitration process but your letter will be on file and when enough letters are on file, people take notice. Visit the following sites:
    and read all of the information all over the sites.

    On the first site, read about the complaint process and learn why manufacturers and dealerships respond with, "we can't duplicate the noise or problem" or "we test drove your car and everything was fine" and many of the other lines we hear. Read about why you can go beyond manufacturer's that insist on arbitration and why it may be more profitable for you to do so - the second site, lemon is offered by a group of lawyers in a small grouping of States and if they take on your case, you don't pay a dime. According to the first site, manufacturers are well aware of many recurrent problems from year to year and do nothing about it. In the long run, if someone chooses to obtain a lawyer and file a case, it is cheaper for them to settle the case before it goes to court. It is even cheaper for them to wait it out knowing that most people grow tired of 800# customer disservice help, being transferred from one service person to the next only to be lost in the miscommunication of the many "helpful" people and repeated visits to dealerships. They know that most people will not choose to find a lawyer and will usually give up and either keep their car and shoulder the burden of problems or sell their "lemon" and buy a new vehicle.

    Is this not what put the auto industry in the precarious position it is now finding itself? People spoke loud and clear with the cars for clunkers - Oops!, I mean clunkers for cars program (mistake intended). Was the message not obvious from the public to the manufacturers? Sell cars at reasonable prices and the public will buy them. The next loud message needs to be about selling quality cars to begin with so that these frustrating, time consuming and expensive car problems can give way to higher quality maintenance. I know I would spend more money on preventive maintenance to keep my car running in tip top shape if I didn't have to be concerned with being nickled and dimed ($50's and $100's) by manufacturer defect problems that ultimately cost me in many ways.

    Yes, please keep posting car issues. It is so helpful to many of us that use these forums to empower ourselves. I am finding issues with my '09 sport manual - car pulls to the right (even after many attempts by the dealership to correct), there are strange noises from the right front passenger's side engine area that have been diagnosed as: water from a/c condenser splashing on exhaust, condenser switch, condenser thermomister, water not draining properly from condenser. Nothing has been done to correct the problem as each time, with each new diagnosis I am told everything is normal and fine. I only hear the noise while the condenser is engaged and the car is moving (best heard between 15-40mph. The noise is not heard in idle. If it were a switch or thermomister, should it not happen all of the time while in idle or at high speeds? I also experienced a high vibration at highway speeds in my '09 sport manual. The left rear side and passenger's seat shook violently. Even though I was told it was "normal" vibration, the dealership did replace two tires. There still is an abnormal vibration at highway speeds although the vibration is less than before the tires were replaced. Even though the dealership insists everthing is within manufacturers specifications and everything is fine, no one will guarantee the alignment and vibration issues will not cause excessive and abnormal tire wear such as has been huge problems with the 2006 models that ended up in Canada and the UK.

    After one alignment done by the dealership (to correct the pulling to the right problem), when I started my car, the car violently rocked side to side and I heard a high pitch whine like a weed whacker noise or a forced air noise. The side to side rocking was during ignition and the high pitched noise lasted for about a minute or two. The car did this two more times that same day (only drove it a total of about 20 miles that day). Dealership told me I must have tried to start the car while it was already running - 3 times?! :lemon:
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I had Ford Freestayle that the dealers turned into a lemon (I've got my money back).
    I know how that feels. It seems to me that less and less atention is given to the expertise of the service departments.
    I think there is a general feeling that cars need ess and less maintenance. A few scripts are good enough to guide anybody through fixing problems. Obviously wrong.
    In the last years I've visited 3 Ford and 3 Mazda dealerships and found the same lack of smart mechanics.
    I have a friend who had Toyota religion all his life. He is stunned to see the same going down hill with his new Sequoia.
    I intend to to buy a new 2010 MZ5 because it is simple enough for me to maintain and fix myself. I have a MZ CX-7 now (lease) that has 20k miles on it. I am disapointed to hear and feel all kinds of vibration and steering noises. ALL apeared after service visits. It's a shame!
  • I have been absent for several months due to serious illness of a family member. To my friends who shared info with me (Petesmazda5, Raceymom, Sofienyc, & Trishr1) I promised an update on success (or lack thereof) in getting my 2007 Mazda 5 repaired. So, pull up a chair, pop in a Joe Nichols CD ("My Old Friend The Blues"), speakers turned up, and read on...
    Inner tire treadwear: my problems started with this issue. At 5K miles, after the tires were rotated, I noticed inner tread wear on all 4 tires. After the rotation, could hear tire noise because they were cupped out. At 8K miles, one of the service writers finally responded to my insistence to get this checked. She made a call, at 11K , my Toyos tires were replaced with Kumhos' (warranty).
    Next, enter the crunch/pop noise in the front suspension. It was cold weather as some of you mentioned when it happened on your vehicles. After several "not duplicated this visit" comments, a Master Tech observed loose play in the tie rod ends. They replaced the rack unit and the strut bushings. Problem solved for now.
    Also experienced popping noise in the rear suspension. A beefed up Ford(?) part was ordered and installed with new bushings. On the way home, every little bump and dip in the road produced a loud clanging in the rear.Returned car to dealer (you'll love this) the tech had installed the parts incorrectly. Parts reinstalled, noise now gone.
    The tire wear issue is still evident. 2 more tires were put on (warranty), refused to put on 4, even though all were worn inner tread. By the way, between 8K and 11K, the car alignment was checked, slightly high on camber (positive). For whatever reason, the alignment was outsourced to an independent garage. I spoke with the tech who explained to me that the Mazda 3's , 5's & 6's had no camber adustment, and that they ran a positive camber that made them very responsive in steering, but produced INNER tread wear. He said that adjusting the toe-in could "tweak it" a little. (Just passing on what an independent said, I'm sure a Mazda tech will argue that one). So, at this point, how many of you have had your Mazda 5 issues satisfactorily resolved?

    Maybe I will see some of you if there is another "Cash for Clunkers" promotion. Until then, report every issue-call your state attorney general's office if nothing is resolved, and please keep me posted.
    Thanks ...
  • My wife and I own a Mazda 5 that has been serviced several times for suspension issues. The dealership has tried to repair the problem, but it comes back every Winter and sometimes in the Summer. We've been so unhappy with the vehicle that we were trying to trade-in for an 09, but after reading entries here- I'm not so sure. We tried sending a letter to Mazda USA corporate offices, but got some young guy in Customer Service that took his orders from the regional technician. The guy even went so far as to say we either accept one of two solutions or Mazda would drop our review- which we took as a threat. So now we're sending a registered letter to his boss, the head of Customer Service & Quality Assurance (Mr. Yasuo Kunita). You can google for the corporate address. We like the vehicle, but I'll be damned if I'll accept that Mazda won't do anything to address the problem and fix it right (if they can). I'm doubtful that we'll ever buy another Mazda, but frankly, Toyota is having quality issues too (now that their number 1). Left to either buy a Ford Fusion or a Honda I guess. We've spoken to a lawyer friend, but he takes 33% of any settlement, which is only a little less than our present costs with our trade-in. Speaking of trade-in, I've never been given a lower trade-in value before. Mazda will only offer the least amount on the trade-in, even though the value of the vehicle has certainly been affected by this defect in design. Go figure!
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Hey I'm just curious. Is this problem the squealing people complain about?
    I saw that TSB with detailed instructions on how to fix it. I'm waiting to buy a new MZ5, so I thought I may have the same problem.
    If I will, I will probably not go to the dealer the second time, since they applied the Mazda fix and did not work. I would find an independent mechanic and fix it for good with 3rd party parts. I may end up having a better vehicle. Better shocks the least.
    Mazda fix may be good, but execution often lacks at these dealerships, especially for warranty repairs. They get paid no matter what.
    The rubber bushings can be adapted from another vehicle and thus you can experiment. I will assume the problem is with the lithium grease and the way it is applied and also if it is retained or pushed out over time. Some kind of wrapping may help (not pretty).
    And this is all speculation. I'm wondering if any of the mechanics identified what is actually making the noise. I suspect that they just apply the prescribed fix without diagnosing much.
    Sorry for your troubles.
  • The TSB did not address it, or it didn't address the whole problem. Or it worked for a day, a week, and then it was back. We have had ours repaired 2x since the TSB and 5 times in total, only for suspension issues. Nothing has worked to date. Ours is an 06.
  • We have had bushing, sway bars and stabilizer links replaced. This week its the rear struts that have failed. The bushings have been replaced at least twice on both the fronts and rears. We were told that they use a Teflon grease on the bushings, but the parts I've seen on the internet that are designed to address the problem actually have Teflon incorporated into the bushing its self. The vehicle also chews up tires. The first set lasted 23,000 miles. We put Yokohamas (rated for 60,000 miles) on it and they only lasted 23,000 miles. Is this the cost of "zoom zoom?" My wife drives the vehicle daily and her driving is very conservative- no fast starts or stops and she does corners very slowly. I'm starting to wonder if they just took the Mazda 3 under pinnings and added a bigger top to it- thus all the suspension issues and tires (though the tire issue seems to be showing up in CX 7's too).
  • We have started writing letters (certified) detailing our experiences to:
    Mazda USA, Inc.
    7755 Irvine Center Dr.
    Irvine, CA 92618

    We've directed the letters to two people:
    Mr. Yasuo Kunita, Vice President, Customer Service Operations & Quality Assurance, Mazda USA
    Jim O'Sullivan, President, Mazda USA

    Our thinking is to skip the low level employees who are hired to drag out the process and discourage people, and go for the people who have the power and authority to address the issue. If enough people send letters, they'll get tired of dealing with the issue and may be do something about it. They probably have thick skins, but a single drop of water applied hundreds if not thousands of times might work. Even if they don't act, they'll know that their decision not to act is affecting a lot of decent people. Word of mouth advertising works both ways, and Mazda will never reach the level of Honda and Toyota if they don't get serious about quality. Too bad, considering they have everything else right. Nice design, good handling etc. We like the vehicle concept, but the quality issues are out weighing everything else. Mazda's trade-in on the vehicle is really low, so even the company is bailing.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Hmmmm.... I have a CX-7 and no problems with the tires, although at 20k (miles) I'm getting close to having to replace them, but I have to admit that I drive from hell.
    It did have an alignment the same with somebody that complained here. After a few days we saw the car was pulling left and it was hard to keep straight at high speeds.
    All the adjustments were on the spot. The dealer asked Mazda and was told to play with the strut tower adjustments. The car did not drive straight for long long time. It's a 2 year lease so, I didn't care much, but after about a year or so, the problem went away by itself. Go figure.
    I'm thinking they actually have a problem putting the frames together properly consistently. That leads to all kinds of alignment issues.
    I'm starting to get shy of getting a 5 (after waiting for so long). I can put up with issues, but my wife will get really frustrated....
  • I believe that is a good point, not all the owners have problems with their cars, and obviously the ones who don't have are less likely to post in a forum (or you are an enthusiast of course). I own 2 Mazda5s (an 06 and an 08) and possibly I would not have posted here if I would have only owned the 08, is it has had no problems to-date. And yes, with the 06 I've had some recalls and TSBs (1st model, 1st year, not the brightest idea) yet nothing deal breaker. I guess a good testament of that is buying a 2nd one as soon as the facelift (with all the improvements) came out.

    As per Toyota and Honda, just take a look of their latest recalls, good quality? I have my doubts. I actually traded a Honda for my 08, much better experience so far. But anyway, I understand many people's frustrations, no doubt.
  • I realize some people who have experienced these problems live in southern climates and say this is not just a cold weather issue, but I'm curious about what region of the country you're from? We live in a midwest state that has temps that drop to below freezing. The problem doesn't show during the Summer, but give us a cold snap and the noise comes back. It is nice to hear that the 08 is working for you. We'd really like to move to a newer model. Unfortunatly, Mazda has dragged their feet and the discounts offered when our odessey started are no longer in place. We're hopeing that Mazda will honor them, but that has yet to be seen. Over all, the dealer has been good, but the repeated quality issues have not been so pleasant.
  • Mid-Atlantic, it's not as radical as the Midwest (I used to live there) but still get our share of each season. Yes, for the 06 they applied the bushings TSB. Similar case on my side, dealer has been very good. For the 06 issues things have been fixed during the dealer's service (and note that is not the same dealer I bought the 06 from), so that attention has also helped supporting the cause to get the 08.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Letter writing is a really good idea and if enough people do it they may (MAY) do something. In your letter did you ask them for some type of compensation for your time and aggravation?
    I will digress for a moment and relate an experience that I had with Sears - big ticket item (mattress). I had looked at them for over a year - thought long and hard (a good night's sleep is worth it) - found it on sale - told the salesperson that I expected the mattress to be the same as what I had tried - stressed the importance of this etc. Delivered the mattress - they sent the FIRM mattress - totally not was I wanted - slept on it one night - numbness in arms etc. Immediately when back told the salesperson this was the wrong mattress - said they would send the "bed doctor" out. I said No I wanted them to refund my money and get it out. They said No I HAD to sleep on it for 30 days. I said they wouldn't want me in their store after spending 30 days on this bed. I also said (and this is what did it) that I worked in an institution of over 5,000 people who LOVE to hear stories of bad products, be it a mattress or a CAR. 5,000 people tell 10,000 people and I was immediately refunded my money and the bed was gone the next day.
    I thought about putting a sign on my car "yes the noise is from my Mazda5 and they won't fix it" , I thought about wearing a lab coat at work with a message on the back of it how about "Mazda5?, think again!" or "Mazda5 Doom, Doom". I'm sure others can come up with better ones.

    I had my rear bushings "fixed" recently, warranty expiring soon, then had the front done (metal on metal noise) - I was told " that should do it"? I seemed to have heard that before. Ever the optimist, I will wait and see.

    I agree that the vehicle is right for me but if another manufacturer comes up with something similar, my Mazda5 is history, but after the second year of the new vehicle. I had to purchase a vehcile when I bought my Mazda5 so I couldn't wait. I now tell everyone who mentions that they are buying a new car to go to the Forums first. Never mind Phil Edmonston who hasn't written anything negative about this car as far as I can see, nor anyone else in the "car evaluation business" for some odd reason.

    Just came across this advertising:
    Stevensons LLP has brought proceedings against Hyundai Motor Corporation for defects in the sub-frame assembly of 1994 through 2004 model year Sonata automobiles. For more information please click here. I didn't copy the Hyundai but found another one against Ford.
    Below is a settlement against Ford (hmmm Ford-Mazda)

    A class proceeding is a civil law suit where one or more plaintiffs act on behalf of a larger group of persons who have a common interest.

    Further details about class actions are provided in our Frequently Asked Questions section.
    It is often important to act quickly to protect and preserve your rights.

    If you believe you have a potential class action please contact us immediately to review the issues. We can be reached at:
    Stevensons LLP
    Attention: Colin Stevenson

    144 Front Street West, Suite 400
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5J 2L7
    Phone: 416-599-7900
    - or -
    7501 Keele Street, Suite 200
    Vaughan, Ontario
    L4K 1Y2
    Phone: 905-760-2794


    All it takes is one person. :blush:

    A media event or investigation is more likely to help if you can get them interested. Consumer Affairs or like organization perhaps. A letter writing campaign - same day mailings?
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I live in CA (lifornia). Here it takes only 4 times to fix an issue (or just 2 times for a life-threatening issue) to render the vehicle a lemon. No arbitration. Or just more than 30 days in service, non - consecutive.
    Ford had to give me my money back for one of their vehicles that was damaged by dealer's negligence.
    When I had trouble with my Mazda CX-7 not driving straight after the first attempt to fix it, I called Mazda CS. The guy on the phone had a somewhat smug attitude. I told him I am on his side and that I was not confident a second attempt at the problem by this dealer would bring good results. That would bring us very close to a lemon status. His tone changed to "very helpful" on the spot.
    I think everybody should try BBB. They helped me promptly, when Ford refused to talk to me (socialist company with employees that don't care).

    I think Mazda is in a tight spot. Read their history to see that they barely made it here. Also, I think they made a mistake by bringing this vehicle here. They don't sell it in enough numbers to make it economicaly feazable to deal with an unexpected high number of problems. They don't advertize it at all (MZ5). It looks like the company wishes the product did not exist.
    What I do not get, is how come these problems did not surface earlier? This vehicle is new (in 06) for this market, but existed for many years in other markets.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Hey topic here, but I'm looking at maybe buying a used Mazda 5. Are there any big driving differences between the '06 and '08 (ie ride, handling, MPG, cabin noise, etc). I know of all the cosmetic changes..rear AC vents, armrests, etc, but I'm interested if the driving dynamics are really any different, or real-world MPG...thanks.
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