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    Mazda Canada sent my dealership the "good will" replacement parts for my rear suspension and lo and behold what did we see in the box? A whole new sway bar assembly! The service manager,parts guys and myself observed that the bushings on this new part are absolutley massive compared to what originally came installed on my vehicle. ( ie. over twice to three times as large in all dimensions!!)We also observed that the sway bar looked slightly larger in diameter. While we were oogling the contents I asked if this part is what is now installed on the redesigned 2012 model. Nobody was sure so we went to the show room and crawled underneath a new M5 and sure enough they look exactly the same. Hmmmmm.
    While I was waiting for the new parts to be installed I also asked if the shock absorbers in the 2012 would fit my 2007 because the Mazda web site in Canada goes to great length to describe how although the 5's suspension is based on the Mazda3 it has been extensively reengineered to accommodate the added mass of the 5. They make specific mention of the redesigned shock absorbers ( better to absorb thermal load from greater mass) and how the bushings and sway bar etc have also been beefed up. At first glance it would appear that the new shocks would fit the older vehicle. I say again hmmmmm. To bad my OEM shocks failed at 53000 km!
    With all this said I must say that I think they may have finally solved my rear suspension issues but I guess time will tell ( We'll see what happens when the temperature drops to -35celcius). The vehicle has not handled this well since my wife and I bought it back in September of 2007. It would appear that Mazda has learned some lessons from the past generation of the 5 and made some much needed improvements. It's to bad that these simple changes could not have been made years sooner when problems first started cropping up.
    Finally I would like to thank the service manager at my dealership for helping me advocate for a real solution to my problem and yes also to Mazda Canada for supplying the replacement parts. I will keep you posted as to how the new parts fair over the next few months.
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    Thanks for the info. Please keep us posted on the results of this fix. If it is a permanent fix, I will buy the part/s and install them myself. Were you able to get a part number on the replacement sway bar kit?
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    The part number I have on my invoice is C2Y6-28-10XA. Interestingly this number was supplied by the Mazda's service rep to my dealership's service manager and can not be found in the parts dept. system yet . I think that because this may be a bit of an experiment on Mazda's part they may want to see if this works before authorizing it for general circulation? Who knows but there you are.
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    Thank you very much slurp...I will keep it handy and see if I can get info on it as well. Please do report back and keep us posted on the outcome of this fix.
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    This is what Impex says about the part number. Perhaps it is from another similar vehicle like Madza3? ;)


    ( OEM part number: C2Y6-28-10XA / C2Y62810XA )

    List Price: $86.94 :: Impex Price: $66.07

    Availability: Typically ships in 1-3 days
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    I also called my buddy at Riverside Mazda and the part number came up on his billing mainframe but when he try to run it on the Mazda ordering/cataloging program it came up as invalid and he couldn't see what vehicle it applied to either. It may be too new yet for the dealers to have info on this part/fix. It could be in the early stages of becoming the official replacement part for the rear suspension noise bulletin. I guess we will have to wait a little longer and check back again. My other question is if and when they release this part, is it going to come complete with bushings, brackets, and perhaps links if the original links do not work??
    Lets keep this thread updated as info becomes available...
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    Like I said in my earlier post after looking underneath a new M5 I'm pretty sure its just the 2012 Mazda5's new and improved part. I didn't mention in my earlier message that the service manager and I looked at the sway bar assembly for a new 2011 Mazda 3 and they were defineately different from the replacement part I recieved. But who knows I suppose anything is possible.
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    We got some rain last week and my rear end started squeaking. I looked up the TSB once again and got the part number from the bulletin (#C243-28-156-C). I called my buddy at Mazda and gave him these part numbers to check if he had them in stock. He told me that they had been superceded to #C243-28-156-D and that he had two in stock, so I picked them up and I noticed that these new updated bushings seem to be a bit harder in consistency and they also have ridges on the inside where they meet the sway bar in contrast to the ones I had on. Hmmm, we will see.
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    Good evening from Winnipeg. I had those particular bushings( ie. 156 - D) installed at the begining of August and they were already starting to squeak when I recieved my new sway bar assembly early last week. I hope yours last longer than my did.
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    I know that I am replying to an older post but have recently developed the same noise you described (clunking) coming from the rear end that sounds like something is loose and knocking the car frame.

    Did you ever find out what that noise was? and were you able to get it fixed?

    Thanks in advance.
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    We will see how long they last. I live in sunny SoCal and the only time they start to squeak is when they get wet like when it rains. After the rain stops it takes about 3-5 days and then they stop squeaking. We will see. Keep us posted on your massive rear sway bar/beefy bushing replacement. Thanks!
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    If I am not mistaken the rear clunking noise relates to a weld spot (knub) that has to be grinded off because it dis-places the seat of the suspension spring. Have it looked at, that should be the fix.
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    New rear sway bar bushings did not work. In fact they are noisier then the old ones.... :mad: back to the drawing board. I love my MZ5 but I really wished Mazda would find a definite and permanent fix for this rear horrid suspension squeak...
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    So I decided to spend another $25 and bought the new "beefier" 2012 Mazda5 rear sway bar bushings and braces. I had to use my dremel to bore out the inner part of the bushing to make it fit, but after a few passes I was able to make it fit nice and snug. Noise is still there.... :mad:

    I also tightened all the bolts in the rear suspension as one dealership had reccomended but...nothing.

    Ahh somebody please find the permanent fix for this... :cry:
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    I think I finally found the culprit to the legendary rear squeak noise while driving slow in uneven surface.

    Its not:

    the control arms
    the sway bar bushings
    or shocks

    Its none other then the upper rubber seat for the spring. The noise comes from the spring rubbing on the rubber seat. I pulled the spring out, cleaned the surface and applied heavy duty white lithium grease from an actual jar with a brush (do not use the weak spray can form it doesnt work) and I applied it generously. Installed the spring back in there and voila! No noise.

    Now... it may not be a permanent fix but it will certainly silence it for while. I may pull it again when it starts doing it again and I plan on wrapping the upper two three coils with heavy duty teflon tape and adding more grease. I hope this certainly cures the issue once and for all. Just thought I'd share for anyone that is interested. ;)
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    I hope this cures the problem as well but I think that what you have found is a problem that over time has been caused by the poor design / specification of the control arms,sway bar bushings and shocks. In my case when the sway bar bushings were replaced the old ones were absolutely deformed and shot.

    I think what was happening, in my situation anyway, was that because the bushings were not holding the sway bar tightly enough, the rear suspension was actually bottoming out over larger bumps (causing the coil springs to fully contact each other) and thus causing the loud "poing" when the spring released in addition to the annoying squeak.

    I'm curious to know why you chose to enlarge the opening of the new bushings as you mentioned in an earlier post. It is my understanding that the sway bar should be held firm and not turn freely inside the bushing or else the excess movement of the sway bar reduces it's effectiveness. Did you try to install the "beefier" bushings "as is" first?

    Since I had the replacement sway bar assembly installed back in September (ie. slightly larger sway bar and beefier bushings...see earlier posts) my Mazda 5 hasn't made a peep from the rear end...yet!! I guess time will tell. Anyway I hope I'm not coming off as preachy because I want the problem solved as much as you do . I just think that Mazda under speced some of the rear suspension components on the 06 - 10 models. It just seems suspicious to me that the 2012 model Mazda 5 has a slightly larger rear sway bar, bigger sway bar bushings and redesigned shocks. Take care davicho.

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    Hello slurp, thanks for chiming in...I have been very relentless in solving this annoying issue and I totally agree that it stems from poor design. Unfortunately for us first gens the issues will remain while the 2nd gens (hopefully) will have them solved.

    At any rate, the reason I bored out the new (2012) style bushings was because they would not fit on the old (2006-2011) style sway bar. The new bushings have a squared hole with a lot more rubber (beefier) around it hence replacing the bigger u-clamps as well. I will assume that the new style rear sway bar has a square notch right where the bushings mount, hence the squared hole on the bushings. While I did bore out the inner hole to fit my sway bar. I did it slowly and a little at a time so that i wouldn't over-bore. Believe me these bushings are on "tight". Well tighter then the old ones. They are so tight that I had to use grease to be able to slide the clamp over them and secure it to the subframe. I dont know if greasing the upper spring seats were the answer or if it was a combination of both...greasing the seats and the beefier bushings, but the noise it completely gone for now...I mean not a single peep. I guess time will tell.
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    I would like to know did you get the answer also. Have you had any other problems with fron tend wearing your front tires. Im going on my third set of tires. i got a 09 mazda 5.
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    What do FE mean? Thanks gang.. :)
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    Had a 2007 touring and now have a 2009. Both started creaking around 44k (of course after warranty). Anyone ever touch base with Mazda about the problem?
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    I dont think Mazda has definate answer or resolution to this issue...however, a lot of MZ5 owners have tried fixings on their own i.e

    -replacing sway bar bushings constantly as soon as they start making noise
    -lubing up exsisting sway bar bushings
    -replacing sway bar bushings with aftermarket ones

    or in my case...I replaced the rear sway bar bushings with the 2nd generation (2012 and up) MZ5 which are way bigger and beefier. I had to do some alterations to make them fit on my 2006 MZ5 but no noise since then. The easier way but also a little more expensive way is to replace the rear sway bar, sway bar bushings, bushing braces with the 2nd generation MZ5 parts. They bolt right up and they are imo bigger, beefier and better.
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    Or an aftermarket bar with poly bushings.

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    Hi david, i bought the mazda 5 2012 sport last week brand new but when i drive over the bump i hear little noise from rear but not sure its from outside or inside the car can u help me? I dont know what rubber seat u talked about is so can u teach me clearly?
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    Hello chi12, welcome. If you just bought a 2012 MZ5 and it is making noise, better take it back to the dealer have them hack at it. My remedy so far was for my first generation MZ5 (2006) in which I used the 2012 rear sway bar bushings and bored them out a little bit to fit my sway bar. I am out of warranty thats why I have to find ways to fix it myself but if it was under warranty I wouldn't monkey with it.
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    Just wondering why people are even trying to replace the bushings when it seems like half of the problem is that the control/stabilizer arms are undersized. I own a Mazda 2006 sport with all these same issues but would like to get it resolved once and for all. Obviously aftermarket is the only way to go for us First-gen's. That being said can anybody recommend THE BEST aftermarket parts for my 5.

    -best replacement control arms (with bushings already installed)
    -best stabilizer bars "
    -best sway bars "
    -best end links
    -best shocks/struts

    I suppose a person could hope that Mazda Canada will do the right thing but I think that ship has come and gone.
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    Slurp, any updates on how your improved sway bar assembly is holding up?

    I'm seriously consider a 2012 Mazda5, but definitely want to know that they've fixed the suspension and tire wear issues of the first generation.

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    I had a lot of problems with my Mazda 5, rear and front suspension. We change the Shocks from and rear, Links rear and front, base mount, stabilizer bar rubbers rear and other parts. I had two mazda but seriously I am changing to other model (honda cr-v and Ford edge). Do not recommend mazda 5.
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    Hi rv1458 sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your question. Well so far so good. No noise, no squeak / crunch from the rear end...nothing. I was worried that the problem would rear itself during the colder winter months here in winnipeg when the bushing material is subjected to extended periods of cold temps but so far so good. Like I said in my earlier posts I am cautiously optimistic that mazda may have solved the problem by swapping in the 2012 parts into my 2007.
    Have you purchased a 2012 yet? I drove one recently and they're pretty nice.
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    Im going back to my dealership for the second time now with the same issue-terrible creaking noises coming from the back suspension.
    It seems to be worse when its warm outside. Ive already spent around $900 to get this fixed but the problem is back. The car is only 4years old with 75k km on it , looks like Mazda produced a defective vehicle and we have to pay for it now.
    I they dont fix it this time I will never buy a Mazda again . very disappointed.
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    Sorry you feel this way about your 5 and although I know that our 5's are not perfect and have a couple weak points (suspension being one) they are great little people haulers with lots of fun and sporty things about them. However, if you are not the type of owner that likes to get their hands dirty a little bit, it could end up being a costly vehicle to maintain. I personally have tried various things in resolving the rear suspension noise issue and I think I almost got it. I am currently running Prothane 19mm rear sway bar bushings as well as aftermarket sway bar links with some white lithium grease on the rear spring upper rubber seats. My next and hopefully final attempt will be to teflon tape the upper coil of the rear springs and teflon tape the upper rubber seat as well, since I am almost positive that this is the main place where the noise comes from...we will see.
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    My 2007 Mazda5 has creaked winter/summer since I picked it up new from my lousy dealer in Whitby, Ontario, Canada (I won't mention the name). They wasted my time trying to fix it and never could. Finally when the car ran out of warranty they said I would have to pay for them to try and fix it with no guarantee that they could fix it. Ever.

    I just consider it a lesson learned on what brand not to buy ever again. I'll sell it this summer and try a company with better engineers. After all, if they can't fix a simple squeak can I trust the air bag to work in an accident?

    Now I'm seeing rust all over the roof which is pathetic since I hand wax my car three times a year, spring, summer, fall so it has good paint protection.

    And no, Mazda Canada was no help whatsoever.

    Sad to say I owned a GM once and it was actually better!
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    own a 2009 m5 with 80000 mile with rear suspension noise. going to replace shocks with koni FSD's and follow advice of lubing rear spring seats and possibly replacing bushings as you suggested, maybe end links. question: any advice at getting a comprehensive service manual for $50 or less? Also considering replacing front/rear springs in the process. any experience with this as to whether it would help (replacing springs)? thank you
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    You can probably find a used or even new shop manual in eBay for about that much. The front springs require a spring compressor to release the tension but the rears are very easy to remove and replace. You'll need a tower and a jack, remove the rear links from the lower control arm and the lower control arm bolt to the knuckle and springs come out. To install reverse the process but use the jack to compress the spring and lower control arm to fit the bolt.
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    thanks. had dealer look at it and the noise was coming from the rear spring seat being worn and the spring isn't sitting exactly where it should and is rubbing the frame (housing) in which it sits. Going to replace the spring seat and clean and grease the area and keep an eye on it. the dealer sprayed some lube on the area and that has gotten rid of the noise but I imagine it will return soon.

    Anyone have any experience with purchasing the DVD repair manuals on ebay? Actual hardcovers on ebay are selling for $150 for the 2009.
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    We drove a Mazda 5 as a rental car a couple of months ago and loved it. We were planning to buy ... until we saw this thread. Are the suspension problems fixed on the 2012's? Replacing bushings and tires due to early wear makes the cost to operate quite high.
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    Our 2009 Mazda 5 has gone through 5 shock absorbers in 47000 km. We tried getting resolution from Mazda Canada, they refused, calling this a "normal wear item".

    Nice car, as long as you don't mind changing your shocks with your oil :(

    Oh yeah, and the "creaking" continues.
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    With 19.5k on the odometer and 20 days or so left on 3/36 warranty we just had a blown driver-side shock replaced. The symptom was clunk noise over bumps. Dealer replaced just the one shock.
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    114K miles, and I finally bought a daily driver because I could not stand the noise from the front - it sounds like the wheels are about to come off. My mechanic replaced bushings, tie rods, etc, and told me "the only thing left to replace is the steering rack." I kept the vehicle for its utility but I can't handle the racket for more than an hour. It will keep me from buying a Mazda again - shame, as the vehicle is otherwise sporty to drive, and nothing has fallen off or broken.
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    After 114k miles, you have a noise that a bad mechanic can't fix ... and you are swearing off mazda for this. Alrighty then.

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    Bought this 2008 Mazda5 GS in March 2012 with 48,000 km (SW Ontario, Canada). I have four small kids and didn't want to go in a minivan or SUV. The car is great and I also wanted a manual transmission which this car has. I knew that Consumer Reports had a black dot for suspension. So, I didn't really care about squeaking from the back or occasional scraping/grating noise from rear suspension that would appear when loaded car went over sped-bumps. However, a week ago the car developed a thumping noise from the front passenger side when going over bigger bumps. It would be nice if it's a front strut and that's all that needs replacement, but after reading postings on this forum thread, it could be many more things...
  • davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    Dont sweat it. It is very likely going to need struts or front sway bar bushing or both...nothing more.
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    So our 2010 makes my 7 year old sick when driving for a long time. Headache on straight roads and vomiting on winding roads. Actually on winding roads i even feel a little dizzy. I thought it was my extra sensitive child and the way the road is, but we rented a Mustang and went on the same roads, drove faster and no sickness on my part.
    I have 32k miles on it. I'll change the shocks in the rear because they are the usual suspect and because of the mileage. Any other suggestions? Are there stronger sway bars out there, for example?
  • davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    Yes replace the rear shocks with (cheapest to more expensive)


    and replace your rear sway bar bushings with Prothane polyurethane bushings. Note: you will have to buy 2012 Mazda5 rear sway bar bushing clamps because the original clamps from 2010 and under are way to small to accommodate the new bigger bushings.

    Prothane Polyurethane Bushings
  • vicenacvicenac Member Posts: 229
    I just changed my rear disks with Raybestos Advanced and inspected the rear suspension for the first time. This is going to be a really easy job.
    The Monroe 5607 seem to cheap, indeed.

    I followed your link to buy the bushings, but it says 04 and 05 Mazda3. I also bought the cabin air filter that says Mazda3 and not compatible witht the 5, although it's the exact same thing.
    I just want to make sure.
    Where do you buy the clamps, medcenter mazda?

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    One more thing: I had the privilege of riding in the very back recently :surprise: and I heard this noise like a hhhhhhhr interrupted by an uu, so like a wow wow. The smoother the road the better you can hear it.
    I used to hear this noise in the back of old Dodge minivans. I always thought they're worn out bearings. I looked for rear bearings for this car with not much luck.
    Any ideas? thanks!
  • davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    The link does say for Mazda3 but those are the exact bushing I installed on my 2006 Mazda5. They are the 19mm Prothane bushings. The clamps you can get from any dealer online or not. Make sure to specify that they are for a 2012 Mazda5 rear sway bar clamps.

    I can't comment nor confirm that the cabin filters are the same for Mazda3, because I have always bought them as Mazda5 filters....sorry.

    Lastly, I have heard from a few owners about rear wheel hub and bearing noise in which they had to get replaced, so you may have that as well. It could also be un-even worn tires partly due to weak shocks.
  • vicenacvicenac Member Posts: 229
    I found KYBs on Amazon. Bilstein does not make shocks for the 5. I replaced the rear shocks (how easy) and what a difference! I have always had a little trouble keeping this car straight - small corrections all the time - but no more!
    The car is stable, the roads are smoother, the kids read in the back through 300 miles with no issues.
    On the other side I want to respond to a previous post complaining about how thin the shocks look. I was not surprised by the OEM shock - it look beefy enough to me. The new KYB is even thinner. That actually does not matter one bit to the performance of this part. But all the other parts in the rear suspension did seem a little fleemsy to me. The arms are just bent tin. Same parts on Corolla are beefier. So.... I remember some people bought this car in Sport trim new for 15k-That's how you get there.

    Anyway, front shocks are coming in! Happy for now!
  • vicenacvicenac Member Posts: 229
    So after changing the shocks the car is a dream to drive. Time to rotate tires. Costco said there are low and high points on my rear tires.... maybe time for new tires. They said probably the shocks were bad. No kidding!
    I hope the tire wear will even out. I have these tires for 1 year and less then 10k.
    I knew about this possibility before I bought the car but I didn't think it can be this severe and with such $$$ consequences.
    If I would buy another one of these I would change the shocks right away. The expense will amortize by extending the life of the tires.
    My question: will these square tires wear my new shocks prematurely?
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    Well, a pair of Monroe front struts fixed it. It needed the alignment too. It drives really nicely now. Back to standard squeaking from the back or occasional scraping/grating noise from rear suspension (that I don't care much about anyway). Glad this was taken car of!!
  • davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    Replace your rear shocks if you haven't done so already. Our MZ5s love to dine on rear shocks quicker then you think. I also started getting the rear crunch noise and I replaced my rear sway bar bushings with aftermarket urethane bushings as well as beefier aftermarket sway bar links and the noise was still there. I lastly checked my rear shocks which initially I didn't think it would be because they had been replaced about 20K miles ago...well....the noise was actually coming from there. Replaced the rear shocks and now it is silent. Unfortunately rear shock design is weak and they go out very quickly (20K- 40K miles) tops.
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