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Mazda5 Suspension



  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    The question is not directed at me, but what the heck!
    I test drove the 06 and I decided not to buy it. It felt that the engine struggled all the time. Accelerating on a freeway ramp took long. It stayed in the 3rd gear a long time and the engine screamed.
    I test drove the 09 and I can't wait to buy one. It was quieter and it seemed to be at ease. Accelerating on the same ramp was quiet and swift (I was very surprised).
  • I know the 08 has resonance chambers to reduce road noise and I think the suspension issues have been corrected (so they say). Not sure if the engine is any stronger- 2.3 liter in the 06. We have a Sport addition which has a manual, which resolves the under power issue nicely. Depends if you want all the bells and whistles as far as electronics go (and leather seating). I do like the changes in the rear tail lights and the front grill is a bit more sharper looking. We're trying to move to an 09 to resolve the problems we've had with the suspension in our 06, but not sure if Mazda will come through there. The tire wear issue may still be a problem, but not sure. We get an average of 23,000 miles per set of tires, though I'm hoping our new Michelins will last longer. They have lightened the interior materials colors, so its not all black on black. That's all I can tell you.
  • Not really apart from what you have highlighted already, BUT the ride feels more smoother/refined, plus it seems that they corrected some of the little things that were overseen in the 06 as it has been also highlighted earlier.

    One silly example is: my 08 6-CD player has now a pause option, very useful. Another one: the sliding doors now have an extra pillar/door support/stopper on the top corner. Silly, but I'm sure that reduces wear and vibration in the long run...

    MPG is a little bit better but not drastic change, I guess it was some fine-tuning done. The 08 gets an extra MPG in average (yes, one, but better than nothing :D)

    Driving dynamics, well they are Mazda and 5MT, enough said. But feel very equal though.

    Now, note that if you really need TC and DSC as many people have complained, 2010 is the one for you:

    Alright allright, off-topic, they are gonna come and get us :D
  • agb1agb1 Posts: 1
    I am having the flexing/thumping noises from my 2007 Mazda 5 now that it's cold. I found the 208 technical bullentin that applies to 2006-2007. Here is the link. I already called my dealer; our Mazda 5 is still under warranty and I'm going to bring this with me to make the process easier.

    This Tch Bullentin is Called:


    13 pages of tech bulletin. Hope this helps my fellow Mazda 5 owners. I like this car, so I hope the noisy suspension can be addressed.

    Good Driving.....
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    This TSB has been mentioned here a few times. I hope it works for yours - it didn't work for ours. Twice.
  • My three year warranty has expired, however, prior to it expiring I called Mazda Canada and asked if the extended warranty covered the "existing" bushing issue and I was told NO. So if you are thinking of buying it to cover the costs of replacing the defective bushings you are out of luck. :surprise:
  • Hi,i also have the clunking noise coming from the rear of the car.I decided the other day to ride in the back seat while my wife drove.It is really loud back there and i also thought it may be the shocks but when i checked them i nthen saw the reason for the noise.The front bushing on the rear trailing link is completely destroyed and when you go over a bump the metal part of the arm hits the underside of the car causing a loud clunk.So,i thought that i could simply replace the bushing to solve the problem.Called up the local dealer and they sent me a parts picture of the link and the bushing was shown as a seperate part.So i was really happy that i didn't have to buy the link with the bushing which is a couple of hundred dollars.I called the dealer back and they told me that yes the part is seperate and it has a part number and would be only around 30 dollars.But it will not be avaliable to purchace for a couple of months.Then i found out that the ford escort has the same suspension parts.i will have to check with ford to see if the bushing can be purchased.In the mean time does anyone know if there is an aftermarket bushing avaliable?
  • Hi,
    Can you tell us what year your Mazda5 is.
  • Yes-
    It's a 2006. They lubricated the bushings with white lithium grease and since then it's been quiet. Winter is coming up though and that's usually when we hear it.
  • Hi,my car is a 2006.
  • The noise is now back (cold temps this week). I'm taking the vehicle in next week to have the bushing lubricated with silicone grease instead this time. I've read that silicone grease works better, I've also read that there are after market bushing made for the Mazda 5 that are teflon lined and may solve the problem-- not sure though. We had ordered an 2010 Mazda 5 to replace, but it doesn't look like we'll go through with the purchase since we haven't been able to sell our present vehicle and doubt a trade-in would be high enough to make it feasible. Good luck. Let's just hope everyone learns from our misfortune.
  • Has anyone had a response from Mazda re: suspension? I think most peoples initial response to the suspension issue is that the tires are bad. So it take 40,000 miles until consumers start to realize that it is actually the car that is causing the tire wear problem. Mazda acted oblivious to the problem when I spoke with them.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Mazda has never admitted that the tires may wear irregularly or wear out prematurely. There is a separate section for tire issues. Having said that, as soon as I had signed on the dotted line when I purchased my '06, my salesperson told me to drive on these tires for a year and dump them. The service manager disagrees with that statement - no matter, I only use these times 1/2 of the year, but I will change them to Michelin's or other performance tires when the time comes.
    Mazda has never denied that they have a suspension (crunch, squeal, etc) issue with the bushings, to me at least. Some dealerships will tell you the noise is "normal", not sure what they are driving, or from what planet they're from, but it is not normal, and the issue with my car is not from my tires because the noise is present when I change out to the winter tires. Just my humble opinion. :shades:
  • Thanks for the TSB agb1. I decided to replace the front stabilizer bushings first since they were only 10 bucks and change per bushing at the dealer since Bap-Geon did not carry the bushings. I already was anticipating the lower control arm replacement at 68 dollars and change at Bap-Geon (dealer price was almost 200 each). Got all the tools ready including the recommended "white grease" which I use Penzoil 705 Multi-Purpose White Grease.
    Disassembly was pretty straightforward. Using 14mm socket, once the transverse member is removed, this will be the working area. It may be tight but it is doable. Just be patient. The only mod to the procedure is that you will have to loosen the lower connecting rod of the stabilizer bar. This is due to the rubber opening of the new rubber bushing which is on the side vice the bottom.
    Applied the 705 grease to the inside, slid it in the bar by pushing the bar lightly upward while pushing in the bottom section of the bushing. Don't worry about the torque settings since it is almost impossible to get a torque wrench in there. I'm assuming the torque specs were in place during actual assembly (engine, trans, steering assembly were still out)
    Follow the rest of the procedures and you won't here that grunt for a long time. I noticed a bead of shiny rubber in a few spots inside the old bushings. I'll try to attach pics. The new bushings had some sort of wooven ply on the inside. I've read in another forum that these are 4th generation bushings for MZ5. Good Luck!
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Thanks for the information - Can you tell me what the part number is for the 4th generation bushings?
  • Part # CC29-34-156C
    Description 020G6BUSH,STABI
    List Price $10.95/each at dealership
  • "What I do not get, is how come these problems did not surface earlier? This vehicle is new (in 06) for this market, but existed for many years in other markets. "
    I must have been away when this post was made, but the problem with the bushings has been in existence with Mazda for many years. Just read through some of the postings on the Protege forum. I can't locate the exact forum I was on (was on many though) and the problem went on and on and on...
  • Rear bushings have not been annoying so let's hope it stays that way. It should be easier to swap just from the look of the sway bar location.
  • castg1castg1 Posts: 34
    It's my 2nd winter since the bushing was replaced.front and rear,.under the TSB. We have had a series of cold temperatures (-30 celcius).. so far no suspension crunch noise. I'm still not decided if I will grease it before next winter or wait it out to find out when it will 'squeak/crunch' again.
  • Same problem has gradually appeared over the last several months on our 2008 model. We live in Hawaii, so I know low temps aren't the cause.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Sigh... In colder temperatures it probably shows up acutely and faster but nevertheless it continues on. How many times have you had your bushings replaced?
    I hate to jinx myself (I never talk about my car or washing machine because something will go wrong soon after) but I haven't experienced any further noise since the last "fix"of the front and rear bushings so maybe they got it right.
  • The last fix has worked- so far. We'll have to see next Winter. There was a TSB for the bushings and Mazda has "redesigned" them once again. The design is different from the last ones. I had the dealership's service department show me the new bushings before they installed. Have to take them at their word. :) In the future, we're having them done by a local shop since the warranty has expired.
  • Our 2006 Mazda 5 has a squeaky driver's seat. Has anyone experienced similar, and have you found a solution? I'm trying to avoid taking it to an auto interior shop and would like to fix it myself. I've heard there is a spray lubricant on the market that dries once applied. If anyone has tried this, I'd love to hear (no pun intended) if it has worked. Afraid some lubricants would damage the foam in the seat (petrol based, which has solvents).
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Thanks for the update. Can you supply the bushing parts numbers?
  • Funny you should mention the squeaky seat. Mine (07) has it also. It started during this winter (along with the usual suspension squeak) and I can't track down exactly where it's coming from. I have checked the seat bolts and lubed all the tracks with white lithium grease and slid the seat back and forth for 5 minutes to make sure it got spread around but yet the squeak is still there, and only on the drivers seat.

    I'm not going to worry about it too much because we're hoping to get rid of this car during the summer anyway. This was our first and will be our last Mazda.

    Suggestions anybody?
  • slurpslurp Posts: 8
    Good morning from Winnipeg . I had our 2007 Mazda 5's front and rear bushing replaced for the third time two days ago. The service manager assured me that this time they have the problem licked. He explained that an engineer from Mazda Canada visited the dealership and showed them a new "Mazda engineered process""for fixing the bushing issue. Apparently the bushings are channeled before installation to allow for more lubricant to be retained and prevent them form drying out.
    The service rep told me they are also performing this new procedure on Mazda 3's and MazdaSpeed 3's that have similar issues. I hope that this does cure the problem because I do not want to be stuck spending $400.00 every spring once the car's warranty expires.
  • Hello from Calgary.
    Today took our Mazda5 2008 for routine oil change and brought printed TSB for the squeaking bushings issue. There was no resistance. They asked for the TSB, took it to technician, and told me that parts will be ordered and replaced under warranty. I asked why TSB was not issued again for models that came after 2006, since it's a reoccurring issue. On that I was told to contact Mazda Canada head office. I think this is what people should do. As consumers we have voice and it looks like it's only heard when it's loud.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I would encourage you to contact Mazda Canada and I would suggest that you use the contact form as a record of your communication for future reference, if needed. Provided that your dealership made the repairs to your vehicle, I am not sure that Mazda Canada will do anything else for you.
    If your dealership did not fix your vehicle according to the TSB or refused to fix it, then you will be assigned to an investigator and your complaint is recorded.
    One can only hope that with enough people complaining they might pay attention, however, as with another car manufacturer, it took a very long time to get anyone's attention, including the safety watchdogs. ;)
  • Been looking for a good forum to share all the issues this car (2006) has and finally found one.

    I've had the rear bushings issue for the last two winters...was told it was normal in extreme low temps...since when is 32F extreme!? They offered to lube.

    I'm on my second pair of tires, the first set lasted about 17K miles, now the new set seems to be holding up better.

    Just replaced the rear shocks on the car, car now has over 36K miles (out of warranty). The car was undriveable as the shocks went...makes me wonder if the tires, bushings and all are related to cheap rear shocks.

    Otherwise the car is good. :lemon: Now that I'm out of warranty can't wait to see what goes next..."value engineering" is dangerous.
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