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2014 Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoPosts: 65,295
    edited March 2014

    @northsoph said:
    Looking to purchase a 2014 Toyota Highlander in the next couple of days. Can anyone provide pricing on the LE Plus and the XLE. Looking to purchase in MA.

    There are pricing tools here at Edmunds -

    You should be able to get TMV (True Market Value) of the model you are looking for in your zip code and use that as a starting point for discussions and negotiations with your local dealers.


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  • stgmotustgmotu Posts: 2

    I just purchased a new 2014 Highlander XLE FWD for 34,500 +ttl! Had mats, running boards, tint, remote engine start, and mud guards. It did have over 1,100 miles on it.

    MSRP ~ $38,800 OTD ~$37,200

  • stgmotustgmotu Posts: 2

    Purchased my XLE 3/26 in Denton, TX

  • randyokrandyok Posts: 1

    On 3/31 finalized purchase on Creme Brulee/Ivory, AWD Highlander XLE with carpet set and lifetime power-train warranty from a KC, Kansas dealership. Final price with all fees, taxes, delivery, etc. right at $38,000. We live in OK but there were only two AWD Highlanders of any color or trim available in the entire Gulf States region (TX, LA, AR, OK). So we had to go out of Gulf States region to get one and it was almost impossible to find that color combination in the XLE AWD anywhere in the States and none in production schedule. And this lot had to trade to get it.

  • Has anyone seen a 2014 AWD Limited Platinum pkg? Can't seem to find any in CT.

  • pete_hpete_h Posts: 1

    Looking to purchase the following:

    • XLE - AWD
    • Rear Bumper Protector
    • 4 Season Floor Mat Pkg
    • Towing Hitch w/ Wiring
    • Mudguards (don't these come as 'standard'?)
    • Tonneau Cargo Cover
    • Rail Cross Bars

    Total quoted price for the above OTD is: $40,400 ($37,700 for car configured as above + taxes and fees). Thoughts?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    I don't see the mudguards, cargo cover and cross bars on our Build Your Own link, but I come up with $37,480 for the TMV, so the dealer is right in the ballpark.

    You may be able to grind some more bucks off if you have the energy and patience, or you can try a buying program like our Price Promise if you have a participating dealer in your area.

    Or just do the deal and start enjoying the new ride!

  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51

    jommy, wondering who was salesperson you dealt with at Serra ?

  • rs1234rs1234 Posts: 1

    2014 Toyota Highlander LTD AWD, Selling Price $38670 (using Costco member pricing), car came pre-installed with body side molding valued at $209, added $309 for clear plate application, $399 for theft protection (i didn't want this, so they also subtracted it out above the line and is reflected in the $38670 price), $289 for 5 yr windshield replacement and windshield protection coat, $123.75 cargo liner, $406.25 for cross bar kit, $157 for front window tint, $499 dealer handling = $40851. Add 5% tax and title = $42,901 Out the Door. Also ended up with carpet floor and cargo mats as well that were in the car when delivered. Purchased near Denver, CO.

  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51

    The post by jonny is fabricated. Live close to the dealer and no way be able to buy Highlander for that price. Plus person never responded to request for a name.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited May 2014

    Just because someone posts and doesn't return doesn't mean they are making stuff up. Who knows - it could have been one of those deals where the dealer needed another sale or two to hit a bonus number, meaning they make more money just "dumping" a vehicle instead of holding out for top dollar.

  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51

    No way for that to happen. Each dealer may have one or two Highlanders on the lot at most. Some dealers have nada. So if you think they will sell their only one vehicle for 3K under sticker price you can't see the forest from the trees.

  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51

    Steve, you sound like a trusting soul I wish I was. However I went to Serra of Farmington and found no 2014 Highlanders available. I think when we think someone is posting B.S. they should be called out.

  • jommyjommy Posts: 3
    edited May 2014
    The sale persons name is David Y [non-permissible content removed] ! He is the internet manager at serra Farmington mi. I deal with him all through emails and step in with his price quote and signed the papers in 40 minutes . Need to wait for 2 days to get my highlander becAse the color spec need to find out for them and got in 3 days . Am happy with my purchase 37400 otd . Try to do financing approved from credit union before you stepped in to the showroom . The best apr getting from community financial credit union ( I got mine 1.74 apr) where TFS is 4 apr for me ) . Try to do the price quote shopping before you hitting to any specific store !!!! That too do your quote request thru internet with internet managers !! All the best for the new purchase !! Nn
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Thanks Jommy - we frown on posting last names so I edited your post. I'd ask you go go post a photo of your Highlander over in Reader's Rides (or in here) but I do like to think most people can be trusted. B)

  • stone19stone19 Posts: 28

    Potentially considering the Highlander Limited to replace our 5 year old Lexus RX, is getting 3k off the sticker a possibility? Seems like inventories are a bit tight. What's the consensus for getting invoice pricing? If I can't then I'd likely hold off for a while until supply increases and there are more deals to be had.

  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52

    got quote from Southern CA for XLE FWD, Blizzard + Almond+floor mats for $34,400+tax+dmv. Then I asked to add running boards & mud guards, quote changed to $35,000+tax+dmv. Is it ok ?? but as I added running boards I have to wait 6 weeks to order. if not I can get the car today without running boards for $34,400

  • jkipsterjkipster Los AngelesPosts: 199

    @kvn1 said:
    got quote from Southern CA for XLE FWD, Blizzard + Almond+floor mats for $34,400+tax+dmv. Then I asked to add running boards & mud guards, quote changed to $35,000+tax+dmv. Is it ok ?? but as I added running boards I have to wait 6 weeks to order. if not I can get the car today without running boards for $34,400

    Which dealership is that from?

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  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52

    Is it good deal or not ???

  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52

    OK, finalized deal, XLE, Blizzard+Almond+Running boards+mud guards+floor mats, MSRP is $38,153. Got it for $35,000 + Tax+DMV+$80 doc fee. So, I got $3,153 off MSRP. No trade in, I got loan from School First credit union bank 1.99% for 60 months

  • kzevokzevo Posts: 45
    Please let me know the residual and MF for XLE and Limited AWD for 10k 36months. As well as any incentives in the VA area. Thank you!
  • stone19stone19 Posts: 28

    Just agreed to a Limited Platinum Blizzard Pearl $45,070 sticker for 42,000 in central NJ.

  • daveb22daveb22 Posts: 19

    Just finalized a deal on a 2014 Highlander XLE AWD with carpeted floor mats, MSRP $38,585 ($37,500 Base Price + $225 Floor Mats + $860 destination charge). Purchased it for $34,626 plus tax, DMV, and $75 doc fee in upstate NY. So I basically got $3,959 off MSRP.

    Had to order the vehicle for the color combination I wanted so it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get which is not a big deal for me. Got internet pricing from several dealers within the 100 mile radius that I was willing to travel and nobody else was able to come close to this price. Very happy with the deal I got.

  • Bought saturday may 17 2014
    toyota highlander 2014 (41 miles)
    blizzard pearl paint
    black leather interior

    37,500 base price

    • 0.00 (FE) 50 state emissions
    • 395.00 (PC) Special color
    • 129.00 (3Y) rear bumper protector
    • 225.00 carpeted floot mates and cargo mat
    • 350.00 crossbars
    • 699.00 two inch tow receiver installed (no wiring)

    + 860.00 delivery processing and handling fee

    40,158.00 window sticker

    _sales price 37,350.89 (7.5% off window sticker)_
    +25 state of illinois electronic title fee
    + 166.27 documentary service fee
    + 15.00 Cook Co IL tax
    + 196.00 state of IL new plates and registration
    + 2721.81 7.25% DuPage Co. State of Illinois tax (garaged in Dupage Co)

    - 0.00 trade in

    40, 474.97 out the door (no financing. paid cash. ugh. gulp. will hold 10+ yrs)

    All info above 110% true accurate & correct.
    How did i do ?
    The SilverBack

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    You had me worried for a second about that $860 processing and handling fee, but that's what most of us call "destination" and it is what it is.

    I'm confused about the Blizzard Pearl - I've seen that color cost more somewhere (Prius V?) but there's no charge for it when I spec out your Highlander here. Sometimes we miss stuff though.

    Before all your extras, it looks like you beat TMV by a thousand bucks. Done good. B)

    Congrats. Great color too.

  • stever, on that link you provide, blizzard pearl color $ add on in "exterior section"

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Ah, thanks, I was just mousing over the color swatch and didn't notice the special paint code in the options.

    Maybe you can post a pic sometime?

  • I bought a hard to find Platinum in the colors I wanted for a little more than 3,000 under the MSRP price of 44,900...I bought for 41,800 and just loving this vehicle....folks, word to the wise, if you can afford it get the Driver Technology package at the very least. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

  • jommyjommy Posts: 3

    2014 highlander xle awd otd 37400. super duper deal... serra Toyota Michigan.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320

    Congrats! Nice looking rig.


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