Honda Accord Quality Control Issues



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    I wrote off VW not because I got a lemon; every manufacturer will make one occasionally. I wrote them off because their attitude towards customer service was abysmal. I'm not talking about the dealer here, they did try to fix the problems, and did go to bat for me the first (of 3!) times the fuse box failed slightly out of warranty. The other problems; VWoA just refused to provide any assistance. It's companies like them that helped create a need for Lemon laws.

    From reading here on TH, it seems VW's attitude towards the customer hasn't changed much in 20 years. Hopefully, the expansion of the basic warranty to 4yrs/48K (if true) is a sign they are changing their ways.
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    I noticed that the problems that I experienced with my 98 Accord Coupe are still evident today.
    In 6 months after taking delivery of a new 98 accord v-6 coupe, I had 3 sets of brake rotors, 3 fuel sending units and each time I was stuck without transportaion while the car was in the ship for several days at a time. This was my first Honda purchase and unfortunately was my last. My friends have had good luck from their Hondas. My Mom hated her 4 door 4-cyl V-Tec Accord after totalling her Cressida so I bought her a Lexus ES300 that she has loved for 3 1/2 years. Has been absolutely Flawless. I think the Honda is sort of a sacred cow to some folks. Doesn't matter how bad things are, they still love them.
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    Hope isellhondas reads your post thoroughly. He sells Hondas and also is the resident expert when it comes to quality assurance problems.

    I guess what he is now telling us is that the VW plant in Mexico is on equal terms with the Honda plant in Ohio as far as quality. Let's hope not Honda Accord owners.

    The Lexus ES300 is one of the best built cars in the world according to the JP Powers Survey for customer satisfaction. It is sort of unfair to compare it to a Honda Accord. It is like comparing a filet mignon to a cube steak.
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    10 year power train warranty that VW offers is a lot better than the 3 year power train warranty that Honda offers.

    When is Honda going to offer a 5 year 50K power train warranty?

    By the way isellhondas, I wonder how hard it was for the Mexican workers at the VW plant to learn German? Maybe the German electrical blueprints are given the Mexican VW workers problems?
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    I for one would be able to put a little more credence in your posts if you got the name of the organization you keep referring to correct; it is JD Power, D not P, no s

    I should have a kid as nice as fleegle, no one ever bought me a Lexus.
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    I just hate it when people put words in my mouth. PLEASE don't do this.

    Please show us where I said the VW plant in Mexico was equal to the Honda plant in Ohio?

    And I really don't have any response to the poster with all of the problems. My 99 V-6 Coupe has 39,000 miles. Original brakes and fuel sending unit.

    Three sets of rotors in six months?? I think we are looking at an abusive driver. I don't care what the make of car is.

    Anselmo..the best warranty is the one you don't have to use. VW went to the long warranty because they HAD to! It was a (smart)marketing move in an attempt to regain some confidence in a troublesome product. Funny, I'm told it doesn't transfer to new owners. The stuff that fails the most only has a 24K 2 year warranty.
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    <<Three sets of rotors in six months?? I think we are looking at an abusive driver. I don't care what the make of car is.>>

    Even an abusive driver couldn't go through three sets of rotors in 6 months, sounds like something else wrong with the brakes like maybe the calipers causing this.

    Sounds like the service dept. was incompetent. They should have checked everything instead of just replacing bad rotors and also given a rental car.

    <<the best warranty is the one you don't have to use>>

    I agree 100%. My 99 CRV is the only vehicle I've owned that I did not have to take it in even once for any kind of problem during the warranty period. 45000 miles, owned it for 2 1/2 years and NO problems.
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    VW = very worst never heard that one, bought a late 70s Rabbit new, it was a POS from the word go, I don't care to deal with VWoA anymore - now have a 2000 Civic hatch and its great, change the oil & blow dust off the battery just what I wanted ! I like to read isell posts, they seem accurate & he's in the business not me. Rob in Houston
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    There is no comparison. Honda rules supreme regarding quality of vehicles. isellhondas posts are interesting at times but sometimes they are slanted to what Honda promotes. I guess I would be that way also if I worked for Honda.

    Keeping an open mind to all issues is the key here. Contributions that help other Honda owners is always helpful. Most can see between the lines regarding the feasibility of many of the posts.
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    Currently, I have 38K on my 1999 Honda Accord EX V-6 which has run flawless up until last week. First of all, I have been very fussy when it comes to servicing the vehicle. Have been following the owners manual to the letter and change the oil every three months or 3K.

    The problem is every time I hit 45 mph, it seems my transmission is laboring to get into the next gear. This is not going up a hill but on straight highway driving.

    Had the 30K maintenance service actually around 28K. Planning on making an appointment tomorrow to have the transmission looked at. After reading posts here and in Honda Problems Part II, I think I should have the transmission checked out.

    I have only had a few problems since I bought my Accord new. There was a rattle in the sunroof as well as a defective fuel sending unit.
    Honda covered both repairs under warranty.

    This is my second Honda and I tend to like the quality that Honda exemplifies. Hope its not my transmission and only something minor next week.
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    I don't see how you can summarily conclude that 3 warped rotors is necessarily tied to bad driving habits. There are other factors that cause rotors to warp repeatedly. Obviously, you lack a little in the technical department.

    Your attitude is so reflective of Honda customer service in general - "no, its not our product, but rather your driving habits". I agree sometimes people's driving habits are the problem, but not all the time.
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    isellhondas probably knows how to sell Hondas but to find fault without knowing the facts is typical of any salesman. Excellent salesmanship but limited technical knowledge.

    I have read in other posts about problems with other Honda Accord brakes which were similar. But you know what will be said, "sure their will be isolated problems".
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    In a former life I managed a large auto center.

    And I've been involved wiith auto related businesses all of my life.

    For a driver to go through THREE sets of rotors in a short time is USUALLY the result of very hard, abusive driving. Any mechanic/technician will agree with me on that.

    Having said is, indeed *possible* that something else contributed to the problem. Sticking calipers would be the first suspect although this would be highly unusual in a almost new car no matter what make.

    And...yes, lugwrench, you are correct. There will always be isolated problems.

    Forums such as this one are, of course, the most common place to hear of these problems.
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    My first posting here. My third Honda after 2 fine vehicles, this is one I can't wait to get rid of. It was back to the dealer 5 times and even Honda's technical team was involved over engine performance: it hesitates, stumbles, and is unpredictable in the lower RPM range. Why can't they fix it??? What's worse is that Honda has not been very helpful--I expected better treatment. They are unwilling to replace components that could cause the problem. The end result is that the vehicle STILL runs poorly and will never be properly repaired as nothing gets replaced. I'm so disgusted with this car and Honda that I don't think I'll buy another Honda. If anyone would tell me that I'd dislike a Honda so much, I'd have never believed it.
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    What year is your Accord and what engine do you have? Is it the I-4 or V-6 Accord? I would suggest that you document each trip to the Honda dealership. If your state has a lemon law, you have legal course for a buyback.

    Otherwise, I would contact an attorney who can advise you on what your rights are as a consumer.
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    Kiplingers magazine just had an article about lemon laws in their Sept. 2001 issue.

    Read it and document your trips to the dealer and save ALL paperwork.

    It sure sounds like you have a lemon. All makers put out cars with hard-to-fix problems, i.e. lemons. I agree that it might seem more unusual or troublesome when it's a Honda, but they're not immune. I think it's standard operating procedure for all manufacturers to be less than helpfull with problems like this. That's why the lemon laws came about.

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    I guess this is one of those rare vehicles that has problems. I feel for this person and hope Honda buys back the vehicle.
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    Honda America has had a hard time with the Lemon Laws in New York State. Attorney General McCall goes strickly by as the law is written.

    Hope you get the satisification you deserve from Honda.
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    I did read it and I'm sure you thoroughly enjoyed hearing of a troublesome Honda!

    Must have made your day!

    Actually it sounds like the owner should try a different dealer. a problem like that shouldn't be that hard to track down and fix.
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    No isellhondas, I do not like seeing anyone experience the problems the poor Honda buyer had!
    Typical from you--you really know how to hurt a guy that has experienced difficult problems with his Accord.

    The old adage probably still holds true, " once a salesman makes the final sale, he could care less about the customer". Passing him off on a different dealer is what I expected from you.
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    I think you should volunteer to work on that bad Honda yourself.

    Think this might make your image better for some of these people?
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    I doubt it! Probably would volunteer only to take his coffee break sooner?
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    When I read that poster's tale of woe I just knew you would be along with a post of your own, to me, making sure I read it.

    For those who may not be aware, lugwrench delights in anything that may be negative toward Hondas.

    My point was, o sarcastic one, that the problem described shouldn't be all that hard to diagnose.

    I would speak directly to the Service Manager of that dealership or worst case, try a different dealer.

    As far as your "old adage"...that's sure one I haden't heard before!
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    I have to wonder why somebody who owns a Toyota posts on the Honda and VW problem boards. Do you own a Honda or VW as well? If not why do you bother. You seem pretty negative towards vehicles you don't own. Why don't you let the people who own them talk about them. I see nothing wrong with the advice isell gave to go to another dealer obviously the people where he has been taking it aren't giving him satisfaction, what is wrong with going somewhere else?
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    Just so you know, I also own a Honda Accord. If the dealer and Honda regional didn't help the poor guy with his problem, how would another dealer? I call that passing the buck.

    Once again, when someone constantly exaggerates his point, it gets pretty sickening. There are problems with Accords and certain components that keep failing. Take a look at the posts on the other Honda boards at Edmunds and you will see a trend.

    As far as VW quality concerns, I think I will create a post as VW Quality Assurance Issues as a new topic and you will see all the posts. Once again, I am entitled to my own opinion.

    As far as being negative, I do have the right to post here since I do own an Accord as well as a Toyota. Come to think of it, anyone can post here if they please.
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    My dealer informed me that my transmission had to be replaced with a Honda re manufactured one. I got sick to my stomach when he told me this. In addition, I will have to pay for the transmission since it is out of warranty!

    Has anyone else here had to have the transmission replaced on a their Accord? I guess my next step is to call Honda America and explain my situation.
    The dealer emphatically stated the car was out of warranty.

    Unfortunately, I am still making payments for a car that I cannot drive. Total quote was over $4985.00 plus tax!
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    RBRUEHL: I just had the transmission replaced (under warranty!) in my '00 V6 3 weeks ago but the problem has not been fixed. They've been working on the car for over a year now, replacing torque converters and the ECM, and finally the tranny. She's back in the shop again since the tranny replacement did absolutely NO GOOD, they're grasping for straws, trying to figure out what's wrong with the car. I will be contacting a higher authority later this week to pursue the lemon law.
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    rbruehl & amers3: I have a '98 Accord LX v-6 coupe with 68,000 miles on it and I am in the process of getting the transmission replaced on it as well (along with some other things). Total retail cost for the remanufactured unit was $5990 but it seems like American Honda will help if the car has been maintained on a regular basis at Honda dealerships. It is up to the Regional District Manager and/or American Honda's Customer Relations rep to make the call on if they can help you out with out-of-warranty repairs . . .
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    There is a difference between opinion and constant negativity, you definitely fall into the latter category. Of course people post with problems here....that's why these forums exist. A very respected Honda mechanic who posts on Edmund's often recommends going to another dealer if you're not getting satisfaction from the first, seems pretty logical to me. But because isell recommends it, you jump down his throat. And since you own an Accord why don't you share some details about it, and all the problems you've had.
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    If Honda's technical team was involved like the post indicated, why would going to another dealer help? I would assume that Honda's technical team was called in by the Regional Office or National Office regarding the car's problem.

    Going to another dealership wouldn't help would it? Wouldn't the same Honda technical team be called in at the new dealership also? It seemly doesn't make sense going to another dealership does it? Most likely you didn't read the man's post regarding his problem and how it has progressed. Instead, you were out to defend isellhondas because I contradicted his inane answer to the problem. This surely doesn't help the mans problem does it!

    Logic dictates that it has gone beyond the dealership's problem. I suggest you read the posters problem first before defending isellhondas ridiculous suggestion.
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    I own a 2000 Accord SE and am new to the board. Have been reading the various posts listed here and I have to agree with lugwrench.

    A new dealership could not solve a problem if the Honda Team was called in at the first dealership.
    Had a similar problem with my car's suspension. Fortunately the Honda Support Team corrected the problem after numerous attempts at the dealership.
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    I guess I missed the part about a "team" working on it. If this is the case, I agree but I'm surprised they couldn't find and fix the problem.

    Some problems can be VERY hard to pin down but it's not rocket science either.

    And, thanks for your support, carguy.

    lugwrench doesn't just pick on Hondas. he has now started another forum addressing VW problems.

    Mr. gloom and doom....
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    To be called Mr. Gloom and Doom is another insult that I had to laugh off. isellhondas has been a "Mark" ever since he started posting his replies. Ironically, many of them he doesn't read completely before offering or expounding his philosophy regarding Honda Accords.

    Yes, I did start the VW Quality Control Issues posts mainly as a result what happened to a close friend of mine. He bought a new 2001 VW turbo that was recently bought back by VW. He had nothing but problems from day one and VW couldn't correct numerous problems that were both major and minor. Decided to start the new topic since I had to pick him up at the VW dealership on numerous occasions.

    isellhondas wouldn't care since it is a VW. He has made personal comments regarding VW's that have been less than flattering in his posts right here. Now and then, you have to look between the lines when he comments.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    VW's are not on my list of cars I like. Anybody who has been around these forums for any time knows that.

    Still, lots of people are happy with the ones they own.

    It would be nice to see lugwrench start a forum about a car that he actually likes instead of constantly trying to find fault.
  • lokkilokki Member Posts: 1,200
    or a Sienna van....? Toyotas are known for their reliability...

    (Although I personally owned Honda products for 15 straight years, I would never suggest that someone own a car they feel the need to complain about as Lugwrench does)
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    Who is complaining? I just want Honda to build their cars better like they use to in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Their quality has digressed since 1998.

    OK, how about a Toyota Quality Control Issue Forum? Since I own a Toyota as well as a HONDA, I am assured that there are quality issues also plaguing Toyota.
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    And I would like to have the waistline and hair I had back in the late '80s and early 90s. You may have noble desires but this is the real world. Go buy a GM, Chrysler or Ford and then come back and talk about quality. You will thank whatever deity you believe in for the "digressed" quality of Honda. Still leaps and bounds above the majority.

    And why didn't you let your friend start the VW topic, since it was his car or is it your goal to educate the world?
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    Fortunately, I have the waistline and hair that I had back in the late 80's and early 90's. Some of us take care of ourselves.

    Since my friend doesn't post on edmunds, he asked me to create the topic. Hope that is ok with you carguy62. Wouldn't want to ruffle anyones feathers.

    As far as educating the world, it is the people that post that do the educating. Once again, these personal attacks are just laughed off. It would be nice if people stuck to the issues in this forum.
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    While it might be difficult to warp 3 sets of rotors in 6 months, it's still possible. If you hold down the brakes with all your might every time you're at a complete stop, won't that mess 'em up pretty quickly? I know some people who actually do this. Also, it's really easy to warp the rotors if you over-tighten the lugnuts, even just a little bit.
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    You are the one making personal attacks. I tried to lighten things up, so what do you do? You imply that I don't take care of myself. What does that have to do with anything that has been discussed? You opened the door, I will step in.
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    Hey, I own a Y2k SE too! I though it was a great value for the $$$. Just curious, what kind of suspension problems did you have? No problems like that here, although I did have the front windshield weatherstripping replaced under warranty recently.
  • frag235frag235 Member Posts: 81
    Can't we all just get along? :)
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    I started this forum to discuss Honda Accord Quality Control Issues. Let's refrain from the personal attacks and stick to the issues.

    This forum should focus on Honda Quality Control Issues. So gentlemen, let's stick to the issues.
    Posts are welcome from everyone and opinions may be diverse. Some people have Quality Control Issues that they would like to discuss such as the latest posts regarding the V-6 transmission failures.
  • paulo3paulo3 Member Posts: 113
    frag235 made a good statement. Why can't we all get along and discuss posts in an intelligent manner.
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    I noticed that there has been a number of posts regarding the failure of the Accord V-6 transmission. My question is, why is there such a big price difference in getting it replaced? Does this include the torque converter?

    How long does it take to have the transmission replaced at the dealership?
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    being lumped together with lugwrench. Unlike him I do not make personal attacks. I stick to the topic. I own a Honda , I don't even believe he owns one.
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    For your information, I do own a 1997 Honda Accord EX sedan. You have a lot of nerve calling me a liar but this is what I sort of expected from you.

    By the way, I do like not being lumped with you as a problem. I will stick to the issues as long as you conduct yourself in a civil manner.
  • paulo3paulo3 Member Posts: 113
    Both you gentlemen need to chill out. Let's make this a fun forum and please refrain from the personal attacks.
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    I just purchased my 2001 ES VL and after about 90 miles I love it (I am sure I will after 90,000 as well).

    My question is on keeping the leather nice. A few spots seem a bit "rougher" than others - like in the "ripples" of the back seat (where it is not pulled taught).

    1. Is this a problem I should bring to the dealer's attention or is this is just an "all leather is like that" issue (I have never had it before on a car).

    2. Any suggestions on what to use to keep the leather clean and nice?

  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    One of the best leather care products on the market is Lexol. Check out the following site for more information:

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