Honda Accord Quality Control Issues



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    I have used the Lexol for my dashboard and think it is the best product I have ever used. Recommend it highly to all.
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    Mine is a 2001 Accord 4-cyl. EX 5-speed. It's been back 5 times and Honda's factory technical support team was involved. The dealer tells me that there is nothing more that he can do. Honda's rep has a solution for me: trade the car in on another Honda and they'll give me a small rebate! Wow--I lose big $ and someone else gets the problem! This is my 3rd Honda--the first 2 were excellent. By the way, I'm on my 2nd defective hydraulic clutch assembly and must return to have it replaced again as even the replacement is defective. Fortunately this is a known, documented problem. Tell me, should I ever buy another Honda after incompetent service (they can't fix it) and this type of factory customer support?

    By the way, I'm an engineer and have suggested replacing the ECU and various sensors until the problem disappears. (This is a valid trouble-shooting/repair method for problems that are otherwise not easily identified.) They refused as this would be a "repair attempt" and after 3 repair attempts the customer has grounds to enact the Lemon Law. Nice huh? That's their way around the Lemon Law! So, needless to say, even though I planned to be a life-long Honda guy, I'm no longer a Honda fan. Should I consider another Honda after this? Let me know your thoughts!
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    Of course, there are always two sides to every story. But assuming your problems are real and assuming a team of experts can't fix the problem, if I were in your shoes I probably wouldn't buy another Honda.

    But what would you buy in that case that has a better record of reliability?

    I guess I'm puzzled since I've never heard of a problem that couldn't eventually be tracked down and fixed.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you take the vehicle in and the dealer says "Gee I don't know what's wrong", then that is a repair attempt. Document everything.....and I mean everything. Get a lawyer and threaten a lawsuit, my understanding is that they will pay your attorney fees if it's covered under the lemon law. Sounds like you have a pretty good case since they've had it 5 times.
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    I would definitely hire an attorney to help you with your problem. Once Honda receives a letter from a lawyer, they will be more receptive to your problems.

    I am pretty sure a lawyer can help you regarding your problems with Honda and your car. To me, you have enough material to file "a lemon law" suit.

    You probably just got a bad Honda Accord and I can sympathize with your plight.
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    Definitely, hire an attorney and have him pursue the case. You definitely sound as if you have a lemon.
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    Hire a lawyer that specializes in Lemon Law claims. If you are going to buy a new car again after the claim is settled, personally I would seek another brand of auto.

    The dealer is suppose to provide warranty work and if they can't fix the problem, I would hesitate to buy the same brand. Nothing worse than bringing a new car back to a dealership numerous times and not getting it fixed.
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    Does anyone know how long it takes for a Honda Rep. to come to your Dealer to look at the car?
    My dealer is telling me the Rep will be there in mid to late Sept. to look at my car for the paint defect!!!!!!
    Sounds pretty screwed up to me!!!
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    If anyone can answer your question, isellhondas can. He works for a Honda dealership selling cars and handing out advice at times here.
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    When you need isellhondas he isn't around. If anyone would know about the Honda Rep., it would be isellhondas. He is the "resident" Honda expert on the board. Hope I wasn't misquoted?

    He would be the person to ask.
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    You are always such a nice guy...

    Actually, I have no idea since I've never been involved with this. you might want to ask someone who works in service.

    In the six years I've been here I am aware of no visits by a Honda Rep to our Service Dept although it's certainly possible the've been here?

    I don't know if these guys do perodic visits or of they come when called.
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    Do prospective buyers of the V6 Accord ask you anything about the infamous tranny problem when they are condsidering buying one? Have you seen buyers automatically eliminate the V6 because they have heard of the potential problems?
    With all the negativity(founded or not) with this tranny, a certain percentage of buyers will shy away regardless of the accuracy of the information. This is not good, especially for the private party that wants to sell.
    So even if the sky isn't falling, the perception it is can be just as influential on resale value.
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    I have talked to other Honda owners and the word on the street is to stay away from the Accord V-6. One reason---THE TRANSMISSION. The car is a beautiful looking car whether it be the coupe or sedan but the transmission is trouble.

    Honda has trouble with the transmission and if there are enough complaints, the NHSTA will force a recall. Honda should just bite the bullet and repair free of charge all V-6 transmissions like they did with the balancer shaft seal problem.

    Read the postings regarding the transmission at Edmunds or any of the other Honda boards. It is an alarming trend to say the least.
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    it took the east coast rep over 2 months to get to me. no one could "find" him. he was *VERY* unhelpful. apparently he's the *ONLY* rep on the east coast. whatever. now i'm working on the presidential level and they have to get that rep's side of the story. guess what? it'll be 2 months since i've heard from them as of september 3. i'm writing another letter this week.

    hope you're not on the east coast, and have a better rep than i did.
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    It is pretty hard to believe that Honda has only one representative to cover the East coast? With the Accord being the #1 car sold in America, you would think Honda would have better support staff.
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    I find that odd you have never met a Honda Rep. I had to deal with one before (very arrogant). It appeared that he knew every salesman at the dealership. As I understand, they visit dealerships every month. Generally speaking, they are unhelpful corporate flunkies who lack any form of customer service skills. They expect you to beg for their mercy. These guys are the reason why Honda and other car companies often end up wasting their insurance companies money on litigation (they P.O. the customer and then find a statement of claim).
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    I have never once, ever had a potential customer ask me about problems with V-6 transmissions.

    Frankly, these "problems" are for the most part tremendously overblown. I, for one am totally sick and tired of defending this issue. The VAST majority of owners will never have a problem.

    But, hey, if a buyer decides to buy something else out of fear, that's the way it's going to be!

    Hondamonda, of course, I have met Honda Reps. they have been from the sales side and not service. All of them have been very friendly and down to earth people.
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    Tranny problems on the V6, when and what problems occur on the V-6 transmission. I have owned two manual 4 Accords before and I never had a problem. One of them had well over 120,000 miles. I just upgraded to the EX V6, bought it last November, have not driven it much only 2200 miles. I haven't had any problems but I am concerned since next weekend I am going to drive a few hundred miles and attend a wedding. I would hate to have problems brew up during this trip. Anyone out there that can enlighten me. Thanks
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    i've got a 2001 V6 EX too...i wouldn't worry about any problems arising just by driving a few hundred miles. I drove over 1000 miles last week going and i'vedriven from baltimore to NYC, with no problems at all.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    How people can get scared. My 1999 V-6 coupe has been flawless and I would drive it to New York tomorrow. It's getting ready to turn 40,000 miles.

    Chances are overwhelming that you will NEVER have a problem! Of course, anything CAN happen I suppose...
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    Just picked up my 1998 Honda Accord EX-6 today with a new remanufactured transmission at 38728 miles. Did test drive the car and it seems to be fine for now. Honda did pay for the transmission and I had to pay for the installation. That is what we agreed upon and in addition, I have a 5 year 60K warranty on the new transmission.

    As far as being an isolated case, it isn't. The service manager told me that other V-6 transmissions have been replaced and I was fortunate that Honda agreed to pick up the cost.
    Guess maybe it is because I purchased my last four Hondas at the same dealership?

    I will say that the car now drives and shifts as smooth as silk. Hope I do not have any more problems knock on wood!
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    RAVYN: Regarding the Honda Rep, I have one coming to look at my car on Thursday. I'm on the east coast as well and I wasn't sure what to expect from the meeting. Will he be able to give me the detailed technical explanantions that I need? I've asked to speak with the engineer at the Techline who has diagnosed my '00 V-6 's problem as "NORMAL", but my service guys are not allowed to give me a way to reach him. That irritates me because the service team is unable to explain to me the details of the situation with my car (they don't know anything), yet they can't help me by getting me in touch with someone who would be able to explain it. The Honda regional customer relations has been NO help at all here, so I'm hoping that the Honda Rep will show me true customer service...
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    Was the Honda Rep. involved in getting your transmission replaced?
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    gtlloo: Yes, you can drive your car to the wedding. Please try to keep these transmission problems in perspective. You own a wonderful car with 2000 miles on it and you're worried about driving a weekend trip!!!!

    I have a V6 Accord and use it for a several hundred mile business trip every 2 weeks. I never worry about it, and have never had my Accord fail me (I'm up to 54,000 miles).

    I'm starting to sound like Isell's parrot, but some balance needs to be maintained. And, no, I don't sell Hondas.
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    ...for those of you with tranny failures. Well, questions, actually. At what mileage did it fail? What were your driving habits? Did you ever have the thing serviced (i.e., tranny fluid replacement)?

    I don't sell Hondas either, but I just have a feeling that if these tranny problems were really so widespread, those that DO sell Hondas wouldn't be selling quite so many!
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    Is this so called transmission "problem" actually a failure? The way people are talking it's like the car stops running. You've got a poor guy scared to death to drive his car to a wedding. Even if he has the "problem" I think the car will still be driveable. FWIW My '01 V6 performed just fine in the time I had it.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,254
    ...was on a 1979 Newport, with about 230,000 miles on it. But even it gave plenty of notice. It started bucking and carrying on, and finally died one day on a hill about 1/4 mile from home. Turns out it was really low on fluid, so I put more in. I thought I just had a leak somewhere, but then a few weeks later, it finally died completely. It started bucking again, and then finally acted like it was in neutral, no matter what gear I tried to select.

    As for the guy scared to drive the car to the wedding, I'd say don't worry about it. Especially if you've only got 2000 miles on the car! Most cars, even under severe driving conditions, shouldn't need a tranny fluid service for about 25-30,000 miles. As long as you have the tranny serviced regularly, you should be fine for a long, long time.
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    hmmm...yours is a completely different problem from mine, yet you sound like you're getting the same runaround. if you get the same guy i did (email me for his name) you probably won't get much help. i also highly doubt you'll get detailed tech info from him. he seemed more like a glorified salesman to me who had a 'holier than thou' attitude from the getgo. everything is "normal" to them..god forbid they have to admit to a mistake. but again, different problem, maybe you'll have better luck. i hope so...

    p.s. sorry to sound so negative about it, but i will be the first to admit to being jaded by honda customer service as it will be a year in september since i started dealing with them and nothing has been resolved.
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    I have read numerous postings at regarding Accord V-6 transmission failures. In addition, I have read the topics here in Edmunds are there is definitely a problem.

    The V-6 transmission is troublesome and is no where as reliable as the 4 cylinder model. Sounds like an engineering problem on Hondas part.
  • fritz1224fritz1224 Member Posts: 398
    The worry is there. They read the last few posts and paranoia sets in. Got 24k on my v6 and shifts as smooth as silk. But still got the esp, at 925 bucks. Wish I hadn't felt the need, but can't deny the reality.
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    I am not debating whether there is a problem, I am asking if it is a catastrophic failure which causes the vehicle to no longer operate, or is it a problem such as hestitation etc. that isn't normal. You imply a catastrophic failure. Let's hear from someone who experienced it.
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    My transmission failed at 38728 miles where it actually had to be towed in on a flatbed to my Honda dealer. The "clunk sound" started around 37K when I put the car in reverse. It got noticeably louder as time progressed. Then I started noticed a hesitation between gears when accelerating. It was a feeling like it would not go into gear.

    I had the 30K service where the transmission fluid was changed and there were no problems at that time. Actually, I have followed all service recommendations on the last 4 Hondas I have owned to the letter. Furthermore, I do not abuse my cars and they are only used to go back and forth to work and on vacations. I have a 17 mile highway commute to work each day on the interstate.

    Getting back to the failure, it just stopped shifting into gear and it felt that it was only in neutral. AAA was called and car was towed into the dealership.

    I have been a loyal Honda owner and I can't complain about the service at the Honda dealership where I purchase my vehicles. The transmission has been replaced and so far the car shifts as smooth as silk.

    Truthfully, I don't think I would have bought the V-6 Accord if I knew I was going to have a transmission failure. Once my car is paid off, I will trade it in on an Accord EX 4 cylinder. I love Honda products but I would hesitate to ever buy a V-6 Accord again until they correct the transmission problem.
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience. That's what I was looking for. Maybe for the next generation they will solve this problem.
  • gtlloogtlloo Member Posts: 8
    Thanks to all who replied and for sharing their Honda experiences. Like I said I have owned two Accord 4 cyl with manual tranny and had no problems. This is my first V6 and I am hesitant after reading all the failure messages. However, I am going to buck up and drive down to that wedding. Just wished Honda made a V6 with the manual tranny, now wouldn't that be fun.
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    Rbruehl. What year Ex is yours?
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    1998 Honda Accord EX-V6
  • paulo3paulo3 Member Posts: 113
    What was the exact amount Honda paid for your transmission replacement? What was your share?
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    Thank you for sharing your experience regarding your V-6 transmission woes. Unfortunately, your problem is very common to the other various posts here at Edmunds.

    Hope the new tranny lasts you a long time.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    But this problem is NOT "very common" like you seem to think it is and always tell people it is.

    Like anything...things CAN happen. Glad it was fixed!
  • timadamstimadams Member Posts: 294
    "very common to the other various posts here at Edmunds."

    That may be true, but that doesn't mean very common among all V6 Accord owners. One cannot look at Edmunds posts as representative of all car owners.
  • paulo3paulo3 Member Posts: 113
    Honda does have a problem with its V-6 transmission otherwise there wouldn't be the amount of failures. The board has many cases documented in its archives.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    Of course, you are correct. Nobody talks about the millions of cars without problems. The internet is a great forum for the isolated problems to be discussed and amplified.

    Misery always loves company too...
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    I have read a lot of the different boards and equate the V-6 transmission to problematic. Even Consumer Reports gave the once stellar transmission a half orange circle after many years of being an orange full circle in its auto issue.

    It is the readers that own the vehicle that are reporting the problems. Let's face it, the V-6 transmission is not as reliable as the I-4's.
  • timadamstimadams Member Posts: 294
    "It is the readers that own the vehicle that are reporting the problems. Let's face it, the V-6 transmission is not as reliable as the I-4's."

    I will assume that both of these statements are true. Although I have seen no concrete stats that prove or disprove that the V6 tranny is less reliable than the I-4, it probably is. Even so, the posts on here have some people frightened to buy a V6 Accord or even drive their V6 Accord on a few hundred mile trip. Even if the V6 tranny is less reliable than the I-4, is the problem so widespread and common that people should not drive their cars or buy one? I don't think so.

    Have the instances of faulty transmissions repeated ad nauseum here made people listen and feel extra-hard for problems with their own car, in essense creating a "problem" where none would have ever been identified before? Absolutely.

    I certainly have sympathy for anyone having a genuine problem, but I think it has been overblown. I recognize, however, that I would feel differently if my car had been one of the few that had the problem.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,254
    Well, if they give the V-6 tranny a half-red circle instead of an all-red circle, that means it certainly is less reliable. So instead of "much better than average", it's merely "better than average". Oh, the humanity!!

    Ok, now I do have a question. Is the tranny that bolts up behind the V-6 the same unit that bolts up behind the I-4? Or maybe the same unit, but with a different bell housing/bolt pattern? If that's the case, I could certainly see it not holding up quite as well with the increased torque and hp of the V-6. If that's the case though, I'm sure they took it into consideration to make the unit durable enough that it will still last a long, long time with proper care and maintenance. That's not to say there aren't some bum ones out there...I'm sure there are. Every car maker, no matter what their reputation, is bound to make a mistake from time to time.
  • rbruehlrbruehl Member Posts: 85
    I resent that statement that isellhondas made emphatically. My transmission failed because it was defective and I have not been the only customer at my dealership that has experienced the same problem. The dealership's service manager informed me that Honda has been trying to resolve the problem since 1998. He also informed me that it has happened in all model years of the V-6 Accord and is not an isolated issue due to a defective part.

    Honda was good enough to replace my transmission and to date it has worked flawlessly. It has been only less than a month and only time will tell how will it holds up. Yes, isellhondas, I was miserable but I didn't want to see anyone else go through the same problem that I encountered with an automobile that I am still paying on!
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    What it means is that the V-6 transmission is not up to snuff with the I-4 transmission which had a history of complete orange circles. Considering Honda sells a heck of a lot more I-4's than V-6's, the report indicates how troublesome the V-6 tranny really is!

    Rbruehl: isellhondas is a salesman so you have to understand where he is coming from. I don't think he was out to offend you. He is one of those that believes the V-6 transmission failures are isolated and not as widespread as others have reported. Hope your car's problem is now corrected.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    Has nothing to do with the way I honestly feel.

    The V-6 transmission problems are few and far between.

    My "Misery loves Company" comment was poorly placed and lugwrench is correct, it was not made to offend.

    I do think we would all agree that a lot of dirty laundry does get aired in forums such as this and a certain "me too" mentality exists.

    rbuehi, I know your problem was real and I didn't mean to be insensitive. I'm sure it will be fine now.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    You'd really have to know the percentage of failures to come to any conclusion about a "defect".

    For instance, I always knew that Saabs like to blow their head gaskets (prior 900 series to this one) but never knew the percentages. Finally found the number on was an 8% failure rate, which is horrendous.

    I seriously doubt the V-6 transmission failure rate is anything like that....and even at 8% Saab never did anything about it.

    Saab is a small player, but 8% of all Accords dying like that...well, they'd be littering the highways.
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    Isn't Honda pretty particular in hiding this kind of information from the public? Come to think about it, most manufacturers do not provide this type of information for fear of not selling that particular model.

    I believe Consumer Reports magazine has around 33,000 subscribers that answer their yearly poll.
    Powers survey would probably be more representative since most automotive companies consider their findings "the gospel".
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