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Hummer H2



  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
    Nope. Where, I don't see it.
  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
    Thanks. has a clip of him
    driving the sut, it might show him getting out, i have dial up so didn't download it. Edmunds has 115 character limit so can't post direct link. Bob probably sat in one in IN, so you can ask him how it felt. Or you can go to paragon, I think thats the event, and test drive one off road.
  • jrosoffjrosoff Posts: 10
    It is interesting to read the posts of H1 owners, bashing the H2. I had a 95 wagon back about 6 years ago. It was the baddest "truck" around! However, being in south Florida, I did not take advantage of its true capabilities and it was not meant for a daily driver. The reasons are obvious and do not need to be pointed out. But the H2! This thing screams Hummer. And from what I have read, will be a capable off roader and still be refined enough to be more than a capable on roader. Perfect.

    I have my reserved spot on my local dealer's list and am driving my wife crazy with my excitement. Is it July yet?
  • ktowheelsktowheels Posts: 31
    I couldn't agree more. H1 owners have the most capable off road vehicle out there. With this said, I would never want one because most of my driving in in the city and that is one of the most uncomfortable things 100k can buy. The H2 is Hummer's way of taking all of the complaints about Hummer's not being practical and smashing the rest of the competition. I think that this is far and away the best SUV out there for the overall use that 99.9% of prospective buyers are going to use an SUV for.
    Just wish they'd hurry it up and get some out there for us to test drive. :)
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    H2 has a 44 foot turning radius and it is wider than your average pickup, so no compact car parking, limited parallel parking, maybe trouble with some covered parking overhead clearance. All this and it has 6 fewer cubic feet of cargo space than an Isuzu Trooper which is 9 inches narrower turns in 38 feet and is 2500 lb. lighter than the HummerH2, plus you can buy two or three Troopers for the cost of one H2.
  • jrosoffjrosoff Posts: 10
    as a matter of fact have five. I will admit, I would not want an H2 in NYC for example, but in south FL this thing will kick @ss. (Well hopefully it will, as I have yet to drive it never mind sit in it).

    Do you guys believe the hype about selling 10-15K over invoice as soon as it comes out? I am locked into MSRP and might just consider selling mine if this rumor turns true. Wait a couple of months and get one under MSRP - seems like a good deal to me.
  • ktowheelsktowheels Posts: 31
    To even compare a trooper with the H2 is missing the point. Soccer mom vehicles should not be part of the real SUV world. I doubt that a Trooper could complete the Rubicon as the H2 has. If you need to carry cargo with the H2; put it on top or tow it; or take the secondary vehicle in your house.
  • they are??? Hmmmmm, not to my knowledge, but then again I've run my Trooper on trails that Humvees can't access because of their track width. Humvees are the modern day ‘look-at-me’ cars. If you have to put down a Trooper, I just have to ask you if you have ever been off-road and how insecure are you. Have you ever been off-road? How insecure are you? Humvees come in good stock condition for tackling the off-road trails, but they do have their drawbacks. When one looks at the price and could easily spend half of the price of an H2 on buying a reliable vehicle, upgrade it with a lift, tires, and lockers for an even more capable vehicle than an H2, it just doesn’t seem very smart. The H2 is definitely designed towards the ‘look-at-me’ crowd’. ‘nuf said.
  • jrosoffjrosoff Posts: 10
    I am sure the Trooper is great for what you use it for and what you paid for it, but should not be compared to a beast like the Hummer.

    Hummer owners might like the attention their "beasts" earn them, but insecure? Come on!
    You must be kidding. It is always interesting to me that the "have-nots" always call those who "have" insecure. Lets be honest, if you had the means would you get a Trooper or a Hummer? A mustang or a 911? Lets drop the insecure thing right now, otherwise you are going to have a few more boards to hit (Porsche owners, Ferrari owners, Lambo owners, Bentley owners, etc.)

    The only emotion on this board might be a hint of jealousy from such trooper owners. There is no reason to be, just go out and get an H2 of your own. If it comes out, on target, at $50K, its only $14K more than your isuzu. Further, you will not need to add a single mod to it. Climb on the Hummer band wagon, we assure you, you will not be disappointed.
  • I fully support the Hummer and the H2. The original was definitely a fully capable vehicle with 16 inches of clearance and dual torsen diffs. It was awesome off-road, except for the dang width. Width is a problem where I go, so no, I won't be buying one. The H2 only has 9 inches of clearance at the diffs, and no front LSD or locker, as I understand it. Sure, the rear has a locker, but what about the front. Crawl ratio of only 33??? Troopers come with a crawl ratio of about 30 and aftermarket can be had to bump that up 50%. Not much of a difference, and I won't be considering the H2 as a super-off-road vehicle any time soon, at least not in stock form.

    'The only emotion on this board might be a hint of jealousy from such trooper owners.'

    Yes I love the original Hummer, but the H2, no. Is it worth 50k??? Will it even be selling at that price, or will dealers mark it up??? It's not worth it in this Trooper owners opinion. I can easily add dual lockers, a 3 inch suspension lift, 3 inches of body lift, winches, and large tires to my Trooper and still be well under the price of an H2, with much more capability.

    When H2 supporters must make false claims of "Troopers are hunks of junk", or poor attempts of name calling like "Joe Isuzu" it just shows an insecurity flaw in those personalities. I just call them as I see them. I fully support driving what you want, whether you use it's capabilities or not, but when you have to resort to false claims and name calling, it just shows insecurity.

    "Lets be honest, if you had the means would you get a Trooper or a Hummer?"

    Trooper, definitely not an H2.

    "A mustang or a 911?"

    Camaro modified before a 911
  • ktowheelsktowheels Posts: 31
    Yes, I have been off-roading. I owned a 4x4 Ford Exploder. Some of the day hikes I used to go on with my dad were day hikes only if you went off road to get there. As for insecure; sorry, I'm polar opposite of that.
    My brother owned a Trooper for three years and had more problems than I had with the Exploder; very hard to top Ford's incompetence!
    The main reason I dislike the Trooper is that it is a little light on the overall build quality. The engine is worthless for towing anything of substance as well as being very incapable of highway passing.
    I think that the H1 is impractical; too wide for Dallas. The H2 is more of what the original concept of an SUV should be.
    The Trooper isn't even a top ten in SUV capability.
  • I'm sorry for your brother, but characterizing one make/model of vehicle by one experience is definitely not the way to determine whether a product is a hunk of junk or not. I know mine definitely isn’t, as I have had no troubles with it after 7 years and 85,000 miles. Are you sure they are a little light on the overall build quality??? Have you seen Paisan's, another Trooper owner, website? He has his Trooper very well airborne in a video there, and his is holding up very well. Not too many owners would agree with your assessment. Then again what do owners know? They only drive the vehicle.

    top ten in SUV capability??? by what standard?

    Land Rover

    Why don't the Europeans use Humvees??? Why do they go about using unimogs and mercedes and land rovers? I highly doubt that the H1 makes the top ten in SUV capability either.

    I have no problems passing on the highway, but since I don't tow, just climb from 2000 to 11000 feet, I wouldn’t know about your towing claim.

    I'm glad you're a polar opposite of insecure. For a second there I thought I was reading unsubstantiated slander :-)
  • jrosoffjrosoff Posts: 10
    You are right, the name calling is unnecessary. I have been to too many boards where that is all it has become.

    Enjoy your Trooper, we will enjoy the H2 (hopefully soon).

    Back to the H2:
    I have a contract with my local dealer stating I will be able to get the H2 at MSRP or below. I imagine the dealers are happy to lock up sales at MSRP two months before the actual H2 is released. I do however, believe that once released they will not be selling at $50K or whatever MSRP and buyers at that time will be paying a premium.

    Do any of you think that the lawsuits that continue with Chrysler will delay the release? Further, do you think their argument holds enough water to pose an issue(the grill of the H2 looks to much like the Jeep products)?
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    Troopers have an awesome reliability record compared with Ford or GM and especially Chrysler/Jeep.

    Troopers called Jackaroo in Austrailia win almost all of the off road races, especially the longer more difficult ones, and they do it at 140MPH!

    My Trooper nicely tows 4000# regularily without need of added cooling or other gismos needed by most other SUVs. Sure, Trooper cannot compare to a H2 or Full Size GM for towing, but Trooper can tow a good amount and when you are not towing you can still do things like park in regular parking spots, accellerate faster than those heavy full size SUVs and Troopers are fun to drive, unlike a full size dually that must be like driving a delivery van.

    Trooper has a much better power to weight ratio and smaller more efficient tires than H2 so it will be a lot more peppy to drive.

    With its incedible 6700# weight I cannot imagine H2 will handle much better than a Dually pickup. Sure you can blast through the trails and widen them with all the weight and power, but if your H2 gets stuck your buddies with lighter SUVs will probably have a hard time to pull you out. So even though the H2 comes with some offroad ability its weight will require more self reliance to get unstuck, imagine trying to dig your H2 out with a shovel, how will you reach all the way under its width?

    Best to leave the Hummers H1 and H2 to the radio stations and military.
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    I am very sad that with 2002 being the last year for the Trooper that H2 is not more of a daily driver oriented vehicle. It should at least have the Duramax diesel so it can get 30% better MPG than the gasoline engine.
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    I too would take a trooper over an H1 any day. The H1 is a monstrosity, in addition to being horribly unreliable and impractical. The H2 will likely be of GMs meager quality. My '01 Duramax pick-up is pure junk, worst excuse for a truck I have ever owned. Good to know the H2 will be built on the same chassis. The H2 will remain way to big for most trails. I also get a kick out of this Rubicon capable assertion. So how many of the by-passes did they take, how about all of them. If they did it stock they would have to bypass the good stuff and likely airlift the carcass out, but just like the Jeep Liberty, it made it, yeah right bub.

    If the dealers start getting 15k over a 50k sticker you would be WAY better off in the more capable Mercedes G500 for ~$73k. I will be doing Rubicon this summer in my G-wagen. The only mods I have done are a two inch spring lift and 33" tires. My truck comes with full lockers, super tough diffs and axles. Stuff no Hummer, H1 or H2, can dream of touching.

    Speaking of Troopers and passing, don't they come with 210hp sixes? Does the H1 have 210hp, nope. An old trooper is a pretty solid machine, though for the best off-road performance it needs a solid front axle, another thing Hummer lack.

    On the military front, the Mercedes G is now being used by both the Marines and Army Rangers. The best in our military apprear to have chosen the best, sorry Hummer fans your truck didn't make the cut.
  • G-wagen

    that's the real deal
  • ktowheelsktowheels Posts: 31
    The H2 is size comparable to the Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade. I imagine that it did not do well on the narrow aspects of the Rubicon. I origanaly wanted the G and was excited at it "officially" coming to the states. I test drove my neighbor's G and loved it; until the Texas winds started blowing me all over the road. I will concede to the fact that if you want reliability; the H1 isn't exactly top choice. If I do decide to get the H2, it will not be until the six month bug fix is complete.
    SUV owners have got to be the most loyal and stubborn people when it comes to their vehicles. I love my Tahoe; but I'm always looking for that next upgrade. ;)
    You guys know anything about the new Range Rover? Another Ford disaster?
    Also, I hate jeeps, but I have to admit that if you really want to go off road; a supped up jeep is better than almost anything else out there.
  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
    The G, Land Cruiser, Unimog, Rovers, others are being used by the military and others. But the most used vehicle is still the Humvee.

    "Troopers called Jackaroo...they do it at 140MPH!" I bet they're not stock straight from the dealer troopers.

    Don't think the suit will delay launch. DC wanted AMG to stop production until after a verdict is reached in the Dec. trail, but the court in IN decided a short while ago that AMG can continue to make them and sell them.
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    I wanted to go with an American made SUV next time I buy one. I always drive my Troopers at least 200K, so there is still time for a better product to be introduced.

    I am certain that H2 is not the one for me, it is smaller than the Trooper in inside cargo space and can only hold seats for 6. My Trooper with an added 3rd row seat has room with certified seat belts for 8 if three of them are kids.

    I hope Isuzu introduces an updated Astro/Safari medium sized van with 8 inches of clearance and rear locker and AWD and an inline diesel (narrow engine for foot room and easier maintenance from one side) with some hybrid assist for better fuel economy. It would not be an off road monster but with MPG in the mid to upper 20's and the ability to tow 4000# with the whole family aboard it would suit me. The Freightliner van is too panel vanish for me but it has the right idea, decent MPG lots of space inside and durabiltiy.
  • ktowheelsktowheels Posts: 31
    If you want american made and the space; you might want to check out the Suburban Z71. My wife and I thought it was a decent alternative if you have a family.
    After getting to see the H2 up close I wasn't as overwhelmed by the dimensions. The wheelbase is more suburban and the dimensions are more tahoe.
    The Vortec 6.0; while a powerful monster of an engine, gets typical SUV mileage 15mpg city and 20mpg highway.
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    Isn't the H2 substantially wider than the Tahoe/Suburban? I think they added some boxed sections to the side of the frame to support the extra girth.

    h1vc.... I don't follow your logic. The Hummer is the most the Ford Taurus is the most used rental car, in either case it says nothing about what the BEST vehicle is. We all know how well our government spends tax dollars. Just because they buy Hummers does not make them good vehicles. The Hummers best feature is a substantial payload, better than a G for sure. It does not mean they go more places. The articles written by military personel regarding the G in the service, have illustrated that for 90% of the needed tasks the G is better. It is certainly more durable.

    That brings me to Jeep. Yes they can be built into formidable machines, sometimes even reliable ones. In doing so you lose all real road drivability.

    The new Rover is pretty neat. It offers a spectacular V8 from BMW and a five speed auto, nice stuff. It is all independant suspension now though. They are shooting for the mall crowd. Though I have read it still does do well off the road.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    Some say that the Hummer is the most capable off road vehicle, no way, the Mogg rules.

    I have a 406 and it is one inch shorter wheelbase than my Porsche, it has an extremely short turning radius, it weighs 9,000lbs and it can carry 9,000lbs in its bed, in fact it could carry a Hummer in its back, front and rear pto, front and rear hydraulic pto, air over hydraulic brakes, portal axles, 23 forward, 8 reverse, 6IL MB diesel, frame thickness 1/2 inch, an incredible 4,000 to 1 maximun reduction, with over 50 years in production definitely not a fly by nigth, in the following link you can see some Moggers having fun, some good videos, keep in mind that most of this Moggs are around 30 years old and all the mechanicals are standart, not like Jeeps or other brands that have after market axles, transmissions, engines etc, pure Mogg.


  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    While the Mog may be the ultimate off-roader, it is far from a roadworthy transport. They are loud, slow and cramped, much more so than a Hummer. I think as we discuss the H2, we need to mainly consider trucks that can be driven daily. I think that is how potential buyers will look at it. I would also guess that as a whole, most H2 owners will not be doing a lot of hard core off-roading. The truck will be better than most off the shelf 4x4s. It will be a more practical daily driver than the H1. This is the focus, not conquering Rubicon.

    IF the prices get jacked to the 60-65k range, buyers would be well advised to look at trucks like the new RR or MB G500. Both are far superior vehicles but, they are smaller inside. If the truck stays at ~$50k it is kind of in its own niche. More capable than an Escalade or Navigator with the rugged Hummer look. Still IMO a 50k Chevy truck is a bit of a joke. GM has no clue how to compete with the foriegners at this price. Look for cheap materials, weak build quality and huge profit margins.
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    H1 & H2 probably will be owned by people who have another vehicle to drive daily. That makes the price of ownership effectively higher H1 or H2 + Civic.

    Since GM owns Hummer and cotrols Isuzu.
    Since Isuzu is retireing its top of the line Trooper.
    Since Hummer is in need of a practical daily drive vehicle with good quality and easy to park.

    Hummer H3 could be a rebadged Isuzu Troooper with a Hummer looking hood and grill. They could finally offer it with the 3L diesel to get 25/30 MPG city/hwy. It would have all the interior cargo space of the H2 and be a practical daily drive also. Hummer could also borrow some of the ideas from the "would have been" next Trooper prototype the GBX. The GBX could be made Hummer very easily.

    Hummer would get a lot of Trooper owners to buy and a lot of people who try out the H1 and H2 might see the practicality of the H3 instead of having to go buy a Ford or Jeep. I could get an update to my Trooper that would be reguarded as an American car.

    Thank You

    If anyone on this discusion has a way to send this idea to Hummer, it is a genuine really good idea that I think they should definately look into.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    First of all I know I am off topic with the Unimog but any topic just dedicated to the Mogg or Hummer dies for lack of readership, they are so rare and owners so few.

    Having said that, I agree and dissagree with you about the Mogg being a crampy, slow and noisy vehicle, the old vehicles were certainly so but I like it, and all Moggers do, it is cozy and conveys adventure, maybe that is what sets the Unimog apart all other vehicles, it was designed strictly for off the road use, the limited hwy capability is just an extra bonus. Once you sit in a Mogg is like seating on a tractor, by instinct your mind wanders to the outdoor, the mind quickly searches for a spot with holes, mudd, dirt roads and the like, the hwy is of no interest, other than going into town and show off.

    The Hummer surprinsingly as wide as it is, it barely has room for two in the front, seating a world apart.

    The new Unimogs are driver friendly, meaning they are confortable as any other vehicle in its class and maybe more, althoug speed is not a forte, but it never will, too many gears and reduction.

    A link to the new Unimog.

  • ktowheelsktowheels Posts: 31
    I like your idea about the H3. Current rumor on the H3 set for late 2003 release is that it will be smaller and more efficient; more than likely built on the trailblazer platform. I am kind of skeptical of that platform, but time will tell on how well AM General does with this project. While GM does have a heavy hand in the H2, this vehicle will have the same hummer build quality. (laugh it up) The main problem with Hummer's have never revolved around structure. They are double reinforced to be able to go over a land mine and keep the passengers alive and well. A guy I worked with in the telecom world a couple years back was in Desert Storm and said that the trany and engine could not take all the sand. They had to change personal so that a mechanic was in them or nearby at all times. I believe that the strong area of the H2 will come from the Vortec Engine and AM General overbuild.
    I never want to be in an accident, but I would rather be in a Hummer than a G or a RR. We can leave the Mog out of that comparison because if I could choose any vehicle to get through traffic it would be an M-1Abrahms. :)
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    You are seriously under estimating the build of the G, if you would rather crash a Hummer. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger though, nearly everybody under estimates the G! I have been underneath both the H1 and the G. The G is FAR better built. It uses heavier gauge steel, more and better bracing, it is no lightweight at over 5500lbs. Without hesitation I would take the G, rest assured that the company that invented crash testing made the Gwagen very stout.

    I know Thor8, I have a warm spot for my Mog too! But I am 6'3" and the Mog is cramped. I agree that I wouldn't subject myself to an H1 cockpit, that is a terrible layout.

    I disagree on the H2 being a second vehicle. I bet you are right on the H1, it is just too much for daily use. The H2 at $50k is far from exotic territory. I bet at least 75% of them will be daily drivers.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    After reading your profile I remember you, I was preaching to the choir.

    I am 6,2 something (and starting to shrink) and I know what you mean, but look at the good side, with the long legs it is easier to climb into the Mogg.

    Been reading the Mogg mail lately?
    Bernardo Westphal from Venezuela wrote, you get your wife used to the diesel smell and fumes in your Mogg by adding diesel fuel to your after shave, increase the dose dayly until desired effect is achieved.

    Can't remember name wrote, Paste your picture in the front of your Mogg and park facing front door, with time wife will like your Mogg because she will conect the two of you, needless to say if wife don't like you scheme will backfire.

    Another one, Buy Mogg before you get married in that way precedent will be set, Mogg things after that will be less difficult.

    Have a good one,

    P.S. Remember the differential lock? To change the seal it is not nescesary to split the axle, dismantle king pin and pull axle.
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