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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    It sounds like you may have a problem - I have a 2004 A4 1.8TQ with 6-speed and use prem. fuel (the others take away performance). My gas mileage is great I get 24.5 and I drive a 50/50 mix higway/city. On long trips I get in the mid 30's
  • I just bought a 2005 S4 and am starting to hear some knocking noise coming from the left rear sid of the car when I go over bumps. I can't seem to find anything loose in the trunk causing the noise leaving me to believe that it has to be coming from the suspension. Does anyone here have the same problem? Thanks.
  • balubalu Posts: 1
    AUDI A4 SE 1.8 1995

    The heater always delivers hot air even when the electronic selector is set to its lowest settings. The engine temperature always reads normal. Without opening the windows, how can I fix this problem?
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    I recently bought a 2005 Audi A4 1.8. My friend loved it so much so, that we test drove an used A4 today for him. We found it to be a great deal (the person is in desperate need to buy a home). The negotiated price is at $16,000 (private seller). 2002 A4 1.8 Quattro with ESP Control,

    5 manual

    Silver/Silver Leatherette interior(I know, this sucks!)

    Cold Weather package

    Sport Suspension package, 17" tires

    Xenon Lights

    Heated front and back seats

    Tinted windows

    Bose system (6 front CDs)

    56,000 Miles


    Sunroof (power)

    No power seats

    Power windows

    Security System


    Well, my friend would like get this car, but he wants to know if you guys know of any good third party extended warranty companies that are reputable. He does not want to buy this car without some sort of warranty, as he is afraid that something might go wrong with it in the future. And by reading on this post, the 2002 seems to run into some mechanicals problems.


    Do you guys advise to get an extended warranty? How much do they cost? and do you know a good company?


    Thanks to all in advance
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Stop by the Extended Warranties topic in Smart Shopper.

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  • Hi,


    I had the same issue with the odometer LED's not lighting. It still works, and I actually can see the mileage (increment up) when the sun is shining just right and wearing polarized sunglasses. Nonetheless, I was told I had to replace the whole cluster. Was wondering if you had resolved this issue by another means.
  • I have a 1997 2.8L audi A4 standard with about 115 000 kms not miles on it. Im having issues when i change gears it kinda jolts when reving between 2800 and 3700. Its almost as if u feel the power then it goes limp then there is another jolt........... as soon as u stop accelerating and are just keeping up speed its fine tho. I have no idea where to look for the problem and i was wondering if anyone has come accross this problem or would know what the hell to look for. its been regularily services and the oil is changed every 5000 km i dont know wether it would be a loose sensor or somthing? If u can help me that would be awsome
  • usherusher Posts: 1
    i just got my oil pump done and now that i gota fix my turbo whats up with that.
  • 2002 A4 Avant.


    Portland, Maine. Last night as I was driving on a quiet side street, I heard a loud pop inside the car. My rear window just spontaneously and completely shattered. It was cold and light snow (no freezing ice) and the rear defogger was on. I was only a few blocks from my house and made it there as the window started to collapse into the car. Local dealer had not heard of this problem. Will have glass in by Tuesday, but seemed skeptical about warranty replacement. Thanks for your post - I'm printing and bringing it to the dealer.
  • I've heard of a few 2002 A4 Avants that had the rear window shatter. I think it's a combination of the construction of the glass along with changes in temperature (and possibly barometric pressure). I haven't heard any 2003+ Avants encountering this problem.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 214
    I don't know about the Audi (haven't checked our owner's manual close enough), but many cars have an automatic cutoff on the rear defroster after a certain period of time. If left on too long, the high heat of the defrosting coil against the glass with cold temperatures outside can set up intense strains in the glass (a poor conductor) due to the uneven temperature distribution. This does on occasion cause the glass to shatter.
  • pod1pod1 Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Audi A4 station wagon and have experienced a series of problems with plastic bits and pieces falling off from under the car. The first was the lower half of the front bumper which came off about 4 weeks after buying the car and the dealer wanted 1500 to fix. The latest problems were the plastic heat shield under the engine that came off while driving (slowly - fortunately) and the rear wheel-well lining that came loose. Interestingly, when we took the car in to Audi to have these last two things checked, the service manager was on the phone with another Audi owner whose engine cover had broken and needed to be replaced before it fell off. What I would like to know is if this is just bad luck or is this a common problem with the car?
  • sgldsgld Posts: 1
    I have experienced some of the same problems. The front bumper came off the first winter because it caught on a lump of snow when I was parking the car. This cost a fortune to fix. Then the heat shield cracked and was hanging down. The dealer told me it was because I hit something on the road and was therefore my responsibility. They wanted $450 to fix it. Does anybody know if there is a way to find out how often this happens? The dealers are not going to tell us.
  • How to access Avant fender brake light bulb?
  • ad01ad01 Posts: 2
    Has anyone been successful at getting Audi to help with sludge problem in their engine? My low oil pressure light came on the other day and I had my car towed into the dealership on advice from the dealer. I have an A4 01 1.8T and the service department states that I need to at least replace the oil pump. They have denied me for the extended warranty stating that I did not follow oil changing recommendations. They are disputing one gap that happened over 20K miles ago. Since that oil change 20K miles ago I have not had any problem until now. I am wondering if anybody has been successful with Audi on this “extended” warranty. Corporate has been no help to me so far.
  • jamminjammin Posts: 1
    Well, here is a weird problem. The Passenger Headlight was out, replace it, and now both low beam headlights don't work. Checked the fuses, they are fine, checked the bulbs, they are good. Any idea how both low beams would be out? Is this a computer glitch?


    The car is a 1999 Audi A4 2.8


    Thanks for any help
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    Isn't it required on these newer models to let the turbo cool down so that the bearings don't seaze? I always let my turbo cool down.
  • To schugws by schugws

    Remove tele communication sleeve. 'Multiple bulb fixture assembly' then accessable
  • jmnjmn Posts: 1
    I am currently in the middle of dealing with the "sludge problem". Up to this point I've never had any complaints about the audi or the a4. This is my 2nd. But recently had the oil light come on and checked the oil and found no problems. Towed the car to the dealer. The notified me of the sludge problem which I had not heard anything about. They ended up replacing the oil pump and turbo on their dime which was nice. Drove it out of their parking lot, got about 3 miles and the check engine light came on again. Brought it back and they said the cam adjuster electrical component went and was completely coincidental and not under the warranty. Found this awful suspicious and brought it to an independent audi guy here in denver. He checked the component and found it working fine but then described to me that the cam shaft tensioner uses both the computer and oil pressure to function. His diagnosis is that the oil screen in the tensioner is clogged and will need to be replaced. So, to anyone who has this problem, there are many aspects of the car where this problem can manifest itself. Beware.
  • Goodluck with the sludge problem. The same thing happened to my wife's A4 and they ended up replacing the whole engine, which sounds great, but we have had nothing but problems since then and now the car is out of warranty. The Audi mechanic claims that once they do switch engines sensor and computer related parts go out about 90% of the time and these are not covered if you are past your warranty, even though they replaced our engine for free.
  • That's why I worked on a deal to trade in my '02 A4 3.0 on a '04 A4 1.8T Ultrasport. It wasn't due to sludge, but the best anyone can guess is that the oil pump failed and the sensor also failed (I had no warning indicator show up). The failure caused a valve to stick and then drop causing a cam lobe to wear flat. The loose metal fragments surged through the entire engine core causing lots of gouge marks.


    I had extended warranty, but the fine print stated that the failed part will be replaced with a similar used part of equal or less mileage. My car had 83,400 miles on it, so it wasn't too difficult to find a used engine with less miles.


    They were able to get a used 3.0 engine, but I had too many unknowns about it. I didn't know where it came from. It was probably from a wreck, but I don't know how long the engine has been sitting in a salvage yard. I don't know how it was treated in the previous car... and many other unknowns.


    On top of this, I've gone through a lot of system failures: 2 failed ignition coils, 3 catalytic converters, 1 headlight washer pump, 1 windshield wiper motor, 2 interior HVAC fan motors, and others. I can summarize the problems I've experienced as having purchased an early build of a new model design (built 08/01).


    Fortunately, the A4s of late have been extremely well built and reliable (enough to get Consumer Reports "recommended" marking). When the old A4 was without problems, the driving experience was outstanding (the reason why I bought it in the first place). Now with a newer A4, I'm hoping for a longer run of reliability than before.
  • Hi, I live in MA. I have a 2002 A4 Avant. About a year after I bought the car, I was driving down the highway in a rainstorm ( it was not particularly cold out) and I also heard a loud pop and my rear window shattered and fell in. I was about 2 hours from my home. I had to have the car towed back to my Audi dealership. They also denied that they had ever heard of this happening. I had to have my insurance pay for it.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    I just bought the 2005 A4 1.8 6M. I trully love the car, but I can stand the seat belt chime. Does anyone here knows how to deactive or override the system to stop the chimming noise.


    Please help!!! its driving me and my wife crazy...we can't even have the car in a full stop, just sitting without having the seatbelt on.


    Thanks gang,


  • Yes, there are other 2005 owners who are complaining about this. Simply take it to the dealer. They will hook up their VAG-COM computer and set the option to have it turned off. They can also do some other settings that are worth it (auto door lock at 8mph, windows up/down via keyfob, and others).
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    Thanks Cyberpmg. I did not know that the dealer would do that. Do they charge? or they will do it out of courtesy? Since I only have 512 miles, do I need to wait until my first scheduled service (5,000 miles) ?


    Thanks again, you saved my ears!!!


  • gsnoddygsnoddy Posts: 14
    I'm helping a friend who has an 2002 A4 that she says has given her tons of problems. I'm not aware of the specifics, but it sounds like she has had almost weekly or monthly issues that have required it being back to the dealer. Currently has about 62K miles (I believe).


    Can anyone point me to a location where recall notices are posted for this car? If she's had it to the dealer so often, it definately sounds like a lemon to me, but I also understand it has some miles on it....


    Appreciate any responses...
  • You don't need to wait for the first scheduled service. Simply take it in, and they should fix you up at no cost. Now, some dealers may not be willing to do this (adjusting factory settings), but most are willing to help. While you're at it, ask about the auto door lock feature (locks at 8 mph) and being able to open/close your windows using your remote key fob.


    Best of luck!


  • Audi has only a few items of recall on the A4. First, the ignition coils should be replaced with an updated version (as 2002 and 2003 models did experience ignition coil failures). If the A4 has the 1.8T engine, there's been a notice to have the engine serviced with synthetic oil instead of regular oil (to reduce oil sludge). Any other item would be listed as a Technical Service Bulletin which isn't normally viewable by the public (meant for service technicians).


    Sounds like she may have an early build of the 2002 model. There does seem to be a situation where people who bought an early built 2002 model have encountered a lot of problems. It's not that uncommon for autobuilders to experience some problems during the first year of a new model design. 2002 was the first year of the redesign of the A4 (B6).


    I had an early built 2002 A4 that also had a lot of problems. It was built in August of 2001. The build date can be found on a sticker placed on the inside door opening (driver's door, I think). Mine had 2 failed ignition coils, 3 failed catalytic converters, a failed headlight washer pump motor, a failed windshield wiper arm motor, and many other items. I had one of the thickest service record files on the B6 A4 at my dealer.


    The final straw was a catastrophic engine failure that required an engine replacement. Something happened (possible oil pump failure and sensor failure) that caused a valve to stick, then wear down a cam lobe. The metal fragments from the wearing down of the cam lobe surged through the engine causing lots of nicks and gouges around the camshafts, pistons, and cylinders. I had 83,400 miles on it, but I had extended warranty. What had happened to me was viewed as extremely rare and unusual.


    The warranty stated that the replacement engine should be a used engine (not new or rebuilt). Since I had no history on the replacement engine, I worked a deal to trade it in and get a Certified Pre-Owned 2004 A4 1.8T with the Ultrasport package.


    I've heard very strong reliability from 2003 and 2004 A4 owners, so it looks like Audi was able to correct the problems that were encountered from the early 2002 builds.


    Since her A4 is beyond the OEM warranty (ended at 50K miles), there's nothing that can be done about declaring it a lemon (usually only happens during first year of ownership and low miles - check local state laws for more info).


    I understand the frustration she's going through. Hope this helps!
  • Count your blessings. Purchased my '98 A4 1.8T new and have adored it. Three days ago the engine seized, seconds after I exited a very high-speed expressway. Audi says it's a result of oil sludge buildup, but won't pay for a new engine because I've changed the oil as recommended in the Owner's Manual (7500 mi intervals), but not the Maintenance Booklet (5000 mi intervals for that engine only). During the 3-yr warranty period when I had service performed exclusively at the dealer, the mechanics never once used the Maint. Booklet to document service. So I never looked at it after the first time, and completely forgot that it said anything different than the Owner's Manual about oil change intervals. (The OM says change the oil at 7500 miles intervals, and consult the Maint Booklet for more detailed info about maintenance. It doesn't say to check the Maint Booklet for info specific to my engine. Nor does it say, anywhere in the manual, that some information may not be accurate for some vehicles.) Audi concedes that this is the only instance in which the Owner's Manual is not accurate for all varieties of A4, but they still say it's my fault.

    They apparently sent a letter to owners in August 2004 about this problem, but I did not receive it. (The letter also referenced the Owner's Manual, not the Maintenance Booklet.) And I had the car in for service at the dealer last month, and nobody mentioned this potentially fatal problem (although they did mention some other recall issues that came up recently, which of course they didn't have time to fix unless I could leave the car with them for a week before Christmas). If I'd known, I would have done whatever necessary to resolve the problem before destroying the engine, and fought about the cost later. As it is, I'm looking at many thousands of dollars for a rebuilt engine (a new one would cost more than the car is worth).

    The dealer told me they've had six or seven "oil sludge victims" come in so far, and I'm the first one for whom Audi has denied the extended warranty coverage.

    I'm outraged, frustrated, frightened (by what could have happened on the freeway), and grief-stricken because I really love this car!
  • Oh, yes, I forgot to no time did the oil pressure light or the check engine light come on. They both came on when the engine seized, but not before.
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