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Honda Accord Accessories



  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    Is this necessary after installing an intake? A friend of mine heard that you have to reset your computer whenever you make a modification that affects the air/fuel mix. Is this true? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    is helpful, but not necessary. the car will eventually readjust itself.. if you remember to reset it, then great. if not, don't worry.

    and as an aside, make sure any aftermarket intakes you get are CARB legal. i know AEM intakes are made to factory specs so you won't fail any emissions tests etc... which is why they're so popular. mine's great. you gain a few extra horses, a touch better gas mileage and great sound. (can't wait to transfer it to my '02 accord coupe that i just bought..had it on my '00).
  • I just paid $130 to have a minor 3 inch dent removed from my car door by Dent Wizard. Do you think I paid too much? Also, besides the door guards, that go along the edges of the door, is there a horizontal rubber strip or something I can have installed on the length of my doors to keep others from denting my car that's not too tacky?
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    $130's a little more than normal, it seems to me. but it's not ridiculously high. I just had a dent removed from my front fender for a $100, it probably wasn't even a inch long.

    I guess you have a coupe? I don't know of any horizontal guards you can put on to protect against dings.
  • I have searched my owners manual and although it provides operating instructions for the CD/AM/FM stereo, it doesn't provide technical stereo information. Does anyone know more technical information regarding the stereo for the 2000 V6, Accord, i.e., wattage, etc.?
  • Hey does anyone have good websites for parts for my accord? I saw the 3 at the beginning of the discussion, but I am looking for more!!!!
  • I'm thinking about buying a 2000 Accord EX V6 and was wondering if there are any really good, cheap upgrades that are worth it. I have no experience so I would need things installed. So, are there upgrades (less that $500) that would make a big difference in handling, acceleration, and/or suspension? I really don't want to spend $300 to increase power by 7hp.

  • One more thing, about the stereo. One, si there a subwolfer in the EX V6 6 speaker model? Also, does anyone know the internals of the stereo? I'd like to hook my MP3 player (w/RCA jacks) to the stereo. Is this easy and or possible? I would use the cassette adapter but it doesn't have a tape player and a direct connect would have better sound.

  • asm0721asm0721 Posts: 13
    Anybody install a remote start in an 2003 Accord yet?? I just took delivery of mine this weekend and would like to get one installed...have any issues? anything I should look out for??
  • Has anyone tinted the windows of their Accord? I have heard warnings and horror stories related to tinting due to the fact that the rear window is used as an antenna. Any advice?

    Also, has anyone upgraded their sound system? I am looking to make a moderately cheap upgrade (under $500) and am looking for suggestions.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Use the "Go to" feature at the top of the page to go to post #30. There are a few posts concerning tinting beginning there.
  • krillinkrillin Posts: 27
    Has anyone installed these on the '03 Accord? If so, are they the 9006ST ones?
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    there's also some discussion about this in the coupe forum, i believe... i didn't have a problem during the 5 months i had it on my old coupe. i'll be putting it on my new coupe shortly.

    my only problem with it was on the coupes there is a dot matrix pattern that the tint won't stick to, so it has to stop short of it. but on the 4doors that isn't an issue.
  • storm11storm11 Posts: 38
    Can anyone recommend fog/driving lights that mount nicely in the lower openings on an '02 EX V6? I believe Hella is probably on of the better brands for "throw" on the beam, spread on the beam and intensity. I also believe that have a few that have dimensions narrow enough to fit in this opening. The slits are only about 2" between each one. Any thoughts from anyone who has done the installation and what they used would be appreciated.
  • axjimaxjim Posts: 2
    Can you tell me the width of rim of 98-02 accord ex?
  • Greetings,

    I am a new EX L 4 cylinder (eternal blue) owner. I would like to know has anyone had Honda foglights installed onto their vehicles? I am asking because the manual says you can't have them due to the "external temperature module" that's on the EX-L's and EX V6's.

    Please advise....

  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    i had the OEM foglights on my '00 accord coupe EX. bought them from an aftermarket place (most likely listed in earlier posts) and had them installed by a local place that does installations/body work/painting. you save almost $200 in installation fees by not using a dealership to install them on top of saving $50+ by buying aftermarket.

    In the almost 2 years i had them on my car i never had any problems with external temperature etc, and the light output was satisfactory for me. i'm sure that hella and philips etc. might have a brighter beam, but i was pleased with the OEM ones. probably one of the best non engine/suspension mods i put on my car. (the roads are kinda dark where i live).

    can't wait to have the money to drop on a new set for my '02 coupe.
  • JevonJevon Posts: 1
    I just finished Installing mine. I have a 2001 LX and they came black. I ordered a set for 85.00 a piece from A&H motorsport. it took me about 35 mins to install. All you have to do is remove the screws under the car and slide forward. Then remove old clips. When you replace with the new ones just snap them in place.
  • amingaming Posts: 119
    Fog lights can be installed together with temp indicator. There was a post earlier by someone who said they had no problems getting them installed...probably by dealer.
  • Thanks you all for the info....
    The dealers are charging an arm and a leg for the lights and install.

    Maybe I will order from for a decent price.
  • Folks,
    I'm a bit confused with the temp sensor/external temp module comments regarding fog lights. Can you clarify?

    Also, to avoid any other existing wiring and/or sensors, why can't the fogs be wired directly to the positive terminal on the battery, through a relay and to the switch, with a fuse in between. I mounted two sets of Bosch lamps on two different vehicles this way a while back and aside from an occasional blown fuse (maybe three times in ten years), it worked well. It also provides independent control over the lamps from existing parking/head lights. Any thoughts?
  • amingaming Posts: 119
    here is the installation intructions for the fog lights. You might be able to get your questions answered by reading the file.


  • magicomagico Posts: 40
    A co-worker of mine just purchased a 03 Honda Accord EX V6 coupe and did not like the rims that came with the car and bought new rims and tires and looking to sell the old ones. does anyone know what he could get for them? We are in CT.
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    the most obvious and well-known place is:

    lots of people have bought from them, myself included.

    there is also, and if you go to, they generally have some really good deals b/c you're getting a group of people to buy car parts in bulk basically.

  • magicomagico Posts: 40
    He is looking to sell the tires and rims.
  • Try eBay.
  • magicomagico Posts: 40
    He was thinking of that. He paid $1300 for his new ones. Any idea what he should ask for the old ones?
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
  • rayvn ,

    Please give me a email to [email protected], but is it possible to put it on my 03 accord LX?

  • I installed Silverstars on my 03Accord. Instead of putting 9006s for low beam, I modified the 9005s a little bit and replaced the OEM 9006(low beams)with 9005 Silverstars. Big difference.
    Why 9005? 700 lumens difference.
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