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Honda Accord Accessories



  • bwooster1bwooster1 Posts: 2
    I just installed blue accord emblems.

    Cheapest price was at:

    The rear ones are easy to install, the front ones took around 20 minutes - have to use a very small screwdriver (or an angled one), can't see the screws, so have to guide it by feeling around, etc! But - it can be done.

    The replacement ones have pins and guides - but I had to snap them off, they were not correct for a 1999 Accord. Didn't matter anyway, since the emblem uses glue to hang on.

  • honda007honda007 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have an opinion on body side molding? I just bought a 2001 Accord Coupe, and my dad acts like I made the biggest mistake of my life because I did not buy "body side molding" for the car. I thought about it when I was making the purchase, but the Honda salesman discouraged me -- he felt the body side molding would take away from the "aesthetics" of the car and he felt they wouldn't necessarily protect my car from "door dings". Since the car salesman (whose motivation is to get me to spend as much money on the car as possible) advised against the body side molding, I figured it surely wasn't worth the extra $$$$.
  • erik713erik713 Posts: 14
    I agree with your salesman. The Accord has so many sharp lines and points, and the body molding is rounded. I think it looks out of place on the doors. I've had my car almost 2 months, and I'm hard-pressed to find any dings or anything on the doors. Actually, I do have one teeny tiny ding on the rear side panel, but that wouldn't be protected by the molding anyway. That's my US$.02!

  • honda007honda007 Posts: 2
    Erik -- thanks for your comments. I appreciate your "US $.02"! :-)
  • jbarbuto1jbarbuto1 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if the 1997 Accord Special Edition wheels will fit on a 1998 Accord LX. Dealers are not really sure, but something about an offset is concerning them?
  • drv4fundrv4fun Posts: 16
    My post disappeared but here it is again...

    I installed the indiglo gauges on my 98 lx accord. It took about 2 hrs to remove console, slip gauges and finding the wire to the parking lights. The link that ravyn posted was the same exact place I went to get going to do the install.

    With tinted windows, I've had mine since I got the car 3 yrs ago and no problem/bubbling. Make sure you just go to a reputable place that uses good film. I think they used Llumar film on mine.

    I hope this helps.
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    anyone know anything about "formula one" tint? one of the shops around here that supposedly has a good rep uses that brand. but they also say that the warranty is non-transferrable. so if and when i sell the car, the person after me get screwed if anything goes wrong. is this the norm for tint warranties?

    drv4fun: which kind did you get? normal or reverse?
  • drv4fundrv4fun Posts: 16
    ravyn: I got the normal indiglo gauges and has two colors: blue and green. Got it on ebay.

    Re: Formula1 tint. Heard good stuff about it. Make sure you get the highest grade film (I think its called premium, but I'm not sure). F1 has a lifetime warranty on them that it won't crack or bubble.
  • dcfelladcfella Posts: 31'd your indigos turn out? how long did they take you to install? i FINALLY got mine put on yesterday after having them for well over a month!
  • drv4fundrv4fun Posts: 16
    Hey DC...

    Install took me about 2hrs. I like them a lot. I think it dresses the console so much nicer! How do you like yours?
  • erik713erik713 Posts: 14
    Ok, I know I'm asking a lot, but heregoes. I know you used the online directions from that girl Alicia. Could you post anything that you came across that she doesn't cover, or ways you went about installing them that were different from what she wrote? I'd really like to put them on, but I'm scared of messing up a brand new car and/or voiding the warrantee. Thanks guys!

  • dcfelladcfella Posts: 31
    I love how the gauges's so much better now than it was before!! erik, to be honest i didn't even use the directions from alicia. my cousin owns a motorcycle bike shop and he got this guy at the autobody shop next door to put it on for me for free...the only advice i could tell ya is to definitely disconntect the battery or else the SRS light will come on and SLIDE the new gauges over the needles, don't take the needles off(it will be a big headache if u do me on this!).
  • drv4fundrv4fun Posts: 16
    Erik: Alicia's instructions were pretty good. When I purchased my guagues, it came with some instructions so using that and Alicia's was very helpful.
    Here's what to watch out for: Like DC said, disconnect the battery. Removing the gauge console can be a little hard. I think they glue some parts to the dash. Ease it out so you don't break anything. There's three set of wires you need to remove before you can pull the gauge console out. Don't remove the needles. Slip the gauges into place.
    Find the parking lights wire by the fuse box (I used Alicia's pix to give me an idea where mine was). I wired everything, reconnected the battery to make sure everything was working. I disconnected it again, put everything back in place and I was done.
    I hope that helps!!! Good luck...
  • teman99teman99 Posts: 19
    Hello all. I need some help here. I own a 2001
    Accord EX ( 2 weeks) and the car already has 2 chip marks on the hood from I guess road debry. The car was never prepped correctly and is going in next week for this. To tell you the truth I'm really pissed off about this and need to know where I can get a full nose mask at a good price. Thanks and any help would be appreciated.
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    i posted some sites towards the beginning of the thread:
    ravyn Jun 6, 2001 10:35am
  • Someone please help. I'm having problems with the tint on the rear window. At night there's a glare from the headlights that reflects off the rear defroster. Is it the tint or the workmanship? The dealer installed it.
  • I have a 2000 Accord V-6 LX 2 dr Coupe. I want to
    install an aftermarket 6x9 rear deck speakers. I
    tried a JVC and Kenwood but their magnets touched
    the spring rod that runs across the trunk of the
    car. Has anybody have any luck in installing an
    after market speakers? What kind of speakers were
    they? How did you do it?
  • Anyone have any suggestions for aftermarket exhausts? I'm thinkin about getting one but don't want one that's TOO loud either.
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    the one i've been referred to, and was strongly considering is the Apexi WS (world sport).. had a pretty good price on it, and know of a guy in falls church with a mailorder business going who has some pretty good prices on things. got my bf's aem cai from him. lemme know if you want his email. his customer service is wonderful. =)
  • I'm thinking of installing an aftermarket keyless entry for 2002 LX. Can this somehow void my warranty?
  • Hi! Here's a long post...

    My Accord is the 2000 EX-L. I've found that Honda no longer makes the high quality cars they used to, nor is the customer service, both dealer and headquarters. But that's besides the fact. Here's what's in my toy box (and what I choose not to put in it).

    Before I bought my car, I asked the dealer to take out all the stereo components and give me a better discount! lol I think that Honda's stereo is lame, whether it is low end Alpine or not. I got the dealer to throw in a Honda CD Changer for me and it was installed in the armrest. I guess I don't know why I did it now. I also have the wood face for the dashboard where the a/c and radio controls are, which is the Honda one which I found out was just a piece of cheap plastic and I am ever so glad that I didn't have to pay 130 bucks for it.

    Anyway, I installed an Alpine Head unit with the swing face (the highest model just before you step up to Alpine's AI-Net stuff), my front speakers are MB quarts component, so i got 2 rockin tweeters and crossovers, the rear 6x9s are also MB Quarts 3 way. I have 2 JL Audio 10Ws (10 inch). I have two amps that power my music, both ate Precision Power amps (not the lower end PPI). I have way too much sound for what I wanted. But that's ok because the Precision Power EQs that I finally installed and that made all the difference keeps everything crystal clear so my ears don't burst. best part is everything is hidden, so my friends never expected to hear such good sound. BTW, this is not the best sound but for me, it's just what I wanted since i spend more time in my car than probably in my house!

    I have windows all tinted, with this Titanium tint, I forgot what the company that makes the tint is called. i've used this before on my 97 Acura 3.0CL (which I would never buy again). and it is fine. It does not affect my defrosters or vision from rear window. I love it! (although some officers think differently) the front tint isn't even that dark!

    I also dropped in a K&N filter. I choose not to do the whole intake because I did that on the CL and it sucked. It was loud, annoying, and didn't make a difference in performance enough for me to notice. Plus, the fuel economy went down a lot. It was RS Akimoto intake.

    BTW, i got the headlights from Japan. The aftermarket ones here don't have the good craftsmanship. So I got the original ones they use in Japan, as well as the trunk lid chrome bar.

    I love my car!
  • sounds like you did up some nice stuff there, dude. ya outta post a pic, i'd like to see how it looks with the lights and the chrome kit.

  • Rap,

    I don't have time right now to take scan and post my pix, but I did find a link that u can get an idea from, if u haven't seen clear headlights (although I'm sure it's after market, and not OEM Honda, and yes, there is a quality and look difference).

    for the chrome trunk bar, look under "accessories" BTW, they have better accessories in Asia!
  • i have a 99 accord EX V6.. it got some scratches on the rear bumber.. does anyone know if you get a touch up paint for this model? mine is heather mist color.. i tried the local pepboys, autozone etc..
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    your dealership has it.
  • On my 1995 Accord I have the following modifications:

    1. DC Sports Stainless Steel Header

    2. DC Sports Stainless Catback Exhaust

    3. K&N Filter

    4. Neuspeed upper strut tower bar

    5. Professionally tinted windows

    6. Michelin X-Ones

    7. Honda leather steering wheel cover

    8. Fives Coats of Finish First Polish

    That's it for now. Considered lowering the car but in my climate, it would be asking for trouble in the winter.

  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    what area are you in? i keep wanting to say d.c., but i think it's just your name that keeps throwing me. ;)
  • DC is a brand.
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    yes, i know that. i happen to be from the d.c. area, so when i see his name, i think d.c. area, in addition to company.
  • Anyone install K&N Intake performance kits on their vehicles? It suppose to increase horsepower and gas mileage.
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