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  • i have a o3 accord. how did you replace the 9006
    to 9005 .
  • how did you do that 9006 to 9005 plase let me
    know. and the difference of the beams
  • Does anyone know if the Silverstars can be put on an '02 EX V6 too? I heard they work pretty well, but I don't want to blow the wiring/fuses/etc. on the original system.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  • It is not hard to modify the bulb. There are three notches to hold the bulb in place, compare it with 9006s and clip it with a nailcutter. You will know what I mean if you see it. Then if you plug it in the wiring adaptor, it won't fit, there are two rails in 9005 compared to 9006s, use a box cutter to slice it or I used soldering gun to melt it. Make sure you use gloves to prevent contaminating the bulb with oil. It's the whitest halogen based on reviews I read in the forums. Get it at Autozone or Advance Autoparts, they have a buy 1 get one at 1/2 price right now plus rebate. When installing the first one compare the 2 to see what I mean.
    I've done this with my MDX and its been 8 months now no problem.
    Idon't know how to post pics here so..
  • thanks cardingtr i will look in to it. i will go
    to autozone today and see. about how much is for
    the light bulb
  • It is $20 each @ Autozone.
  • thanks cardingtr
  • I own a 2002 Honda Accord Coupe EX-V6 and am looking to upgrade the audio system but want to know:
    1) Which manufacturer makes the AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer? What is the peak power x channel (watts) of the deck?
    2) Which manufacturer makes the 6 speakers? What are the product specs (speaker size, speaker type i.e. 3-way, peak power in watts, etc)?

    If anyone knows the answers above, your help is much appreciated...thanks!!
  • How much will your co-worker to sell 4 wheels and tires?
  • I just got done changing out the front door speakers (6.5") and the rear deck (6x9). The OE speakers are junk. The whole speaker weighs less than a pound. Even the 6x9's. I ended up trimming out the door grille for the speakers and surface mounting the 6.5" up front. The rear speakers are a little simpler. Pop out the grilles, unscrew them, and replace... you will have to modify the wiring, as the OE connectors will not fit.

    Unfortunately, a 120watt system does not work well with the current speaker setup. I guess this weekend I have to run the 4ga out and wire up the amps for the rears at least. Good time to wire up the 12's... =o)

    The OE head unit is a 120 watt system, so I am going to guess that you are getting 30x4 and that is usually peak. Good luck replacing the head unit. You will need either an awesome installer, or you will trash the look of the interior. It's much easier to run high level in's to the amp, and then tap high level outs to the speakers. The head unit is too strangely shaped, and I am going to bet that there is more than just an RF signal going through that large headunit.

    Wish ya luck.
  • magicomagico Posts: 40
    He will take $800 plus the cost to ship them outside of CT.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Buying/selling on the boards is prohibited. Check the Member Agreement for clarification.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    mayzcraze, I believe the stock headunit is a Alpine unit.
  • umyayaumyaya Posts: 123
    Anyone know where I can get the trunk tray cheapest, and will they ship it?
  • You can order the trunk tray from . There prices are pretty good for honda accessories and yes they do deliver. Check it out ! I think there are other sites too but not sure..

  • Their prices are a little better than Collegehill.
  • how do you change the bulbs on these cars? I tried turning the bulb unit towards the unlocked position but it didn't move and I was afraid to break off the piece (so I didn't want to apply too much force.I live in PGH, PA and the temp is cold (thought this might be a factor. Also should i unplug the bulb from the wires leading into the bulb before I remove the burnt out unit from the headlight assembly?
    Any help here would be appreciated!!
  • I want to add new bulbs to my car to make it look cooler. I have a graphite pearl EX V6 and I already replaced the factory headlights with PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs, dramatic improvement without the imitation blue xenon look. I want to replace my turn signal bulbs as well with white/light blue bulbs. In my owners manual if gives the volt/wattage amounts, but how do I correlate that to the proper bulb number as needed to order replacement bulbs? Any ideas? I checked with autozone for bulb numbers and they didnt have them in their database yet. Maybe I will just have to wait. Thanks guys!
  • Bulb numbers are usually found in the owner's manual but if they aren't in there maybe call you local Honda dealer's parts department. They should have it.
  • the front corners are the 3157 dual filiment(may be 3156 check on that) It is the round base w/ two pins sticking out the sides. All the rears are wedge style 1157/56 bulbs. The interior door, trunk, and license plate bulbs are 357? small wedge style bulb. and the interior lights are all the smaller barrel type. I'm still looking for the ones for the map lights... =o)
  • umyayaumyaya Posts: 123
    I'd read way back that someone added higher discharge headlights. Which ones? I don't want anything special looking, just brighter. We have an 02 TL and those bulbs seem brighter. I also read that you had to alter the bulbs to make them fit... I'd rather not mess with that. Are there brighter bulbs I can get that fit as is? And TB, why would you change your interior lights? What does that do?
  • Have remote starter installed for my 2003 Accord.
    I like it so far. It's very convenient.

    Are there any known problems that will require remote starter to be deinstalled? Thanks
  • I'm thinking of replacing the standard Accord radio/cd when I get the car.

    Can anyone please look in their owner's manual and tell me some specs for the radios with the one CD and six CD in dash players?

    FM sensitivity = _________
    example: FM sensitivity = 9.3 dBf

    RMS power = _______
    peak power = _______
    example: 22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels

    Does the radio find stations by genre?
    Does the CD player display the name of the CD? or track? or artist?

    [BTW, are the Honda owner's manuals on line ?]
  • umyayaumyaya Posts: 123
    I have the 6 disc in dash and I wish it displayed the cd and track info! I don't think there's anything I can do to change that though as it is displayed on the NAVI screen... or can I? But in terms of upping the wattage or finding betters speakers I think at some point I might want to do one or the other. The sound isn't bad, but you have to have the trebble almost all the way up, and the bass half-way up too. Seems it should have to be that way I would think. We have the TL-S with the Bose systems and that is the best I've ever driven in... wish they'd put it in mine!
  • I've got an '03 LX. The radio is pretty well integrated into the center console design. Don't know if replacing is possible. Maybe so with some custom faceplate.

    It's pretty basic radio. CD displays only track number, you don't even get a track time display since the cars clock is in the radio display. The radio is NOT RDS, no station info (other than number). MP3 player build in would have been nice. Honda sells one which can install in the consol but they want more than 300 for it... absurd.

  • I have an '03 LX. Anyone know if I could just by the part from a honda dealer and put it on the steering wheel to give the radio controls there (like an EX)?
    If it's the same wiring harness I'd think it possible. Any clue on price of the part?
  • The best thing you can do to improve you sound is change the speakers. That's where the most difference will be.
  • As for the difference in the headlights in your '02 TL and your '03 Accord, the answer is simple, your '02 TL has HID(High Intensity Discharge) and your '03 Accord has halogens(read normal headlights). You can change your Accord headlights to the HID headlight system for a mere 500-800. You can get pretty close by putting in the sylvania silverstars. They are the closest to the "white" light that you can get and are affordable, generally about 20-30 per bulb.

    As for why I changed the interior lights, I like white light in my car, it is softer on my eyes than yellow lights, and I prefer the way it illuminates the interior and matches the gauges instead of giving everything a yellow hue, besides, it only cost me about 30 to do.


    Be careful when you change the speakers. The factory head unit is a 120watt unit which generally means roughly 18watts RMS, and 30 peak. I installed Infinity Reference 6.5" in the front w/ RMS ratings at ~50 and peaks at ~150 and they worked fine. Installed the 6x9 in the rear deck and they sounded like crap. There was not enough power coming off the head unit to power the rear speakers decently since they had an RMS of ~90 and peak of ~180. I was "forced" to install the amps, and while I was at it, ran the 12's too... darn my luck... good excuse, though...

    Funny thing is that all the old speakers in the car together didn't weigh as much as one of the new speakers I installed.

    Just be careful when you "swap out" speakers... many don't fit directly, and need some "customization." Many more 6x9's will not run anywhere near acceptable when they recieve 30w peak power. Most are rated well over 150watts peak.

  • I installed the silverstar bulbs, and was not greatly impressed. While the light is "cleaner," I don't feel it is brighter. Did the PIAA replacements produce much greater light for 3 times the price? Is there any danger to the lens assembly? Installing in 27 degree weather is not to smart, I kind of scraped up my arms as the wheelwell liner did not "give" and is rough.
  • fortunately, you can install higher wattage bulbs. unfortunately, the stock wiring system is rarely capable of handling the higher amperage that the higher wattage bulbs take.

    If you really want a brighter bulb, you should consider the HID systems. They do cost much more(see previous post) but put out much more light than the halogens/xenon bulbs. IMHO, the "cleaner" light output greatly helps visibility both ways... The street "sticks out" more, and you look different from other vehicles on the road(except others w/ white bulbs)..

    Anyway, Enjoy the car, I do. =)

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