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  • I replaced the speakers in my 98 accord last month. The sound is MUCH better. Go to and select your make/model. They will list each speaker that will fit your car. EZ fit speakers will replace the factory speakers with no modifications. Some will fit with minor modifications.

    I went to Circuit City and they tried to sell me a high end speaker (Infinity Reference). I then called Crutchfield and they told me that unless I was upgrading the radio as well, the speakers would sound like crap because there was not enough power to drive the Infinity's. That was the best phone call I made. Crutchfield recommended speakers that were much cheaper and they sound great, especially when listening to CD's. The highs are much more clear and there's more bass.

    I have the 6 1/2" Polk GXR6 in front & Alpine 6939S 6x9 in rear. Crutchfield gives you detailed installation instructions and wiring harnesses so all you have to do is plug them in, no wire splicing needed. I bought a door removing tool from crutchfield too for the front doors. Total was a little over $200 and well worth it. Took me maybe and hour to install.
  • myha03.... which remote starter did you install?
  • Hello,

    I am looking to buy Honda Accord LX, talked to few dealers. There is this one dealer in chicagoland who is willing to sell the car much below invoice(approximately 600$ less), I have not visited them yet. But the dealer who are close to my house claim that he is selling the damaged car after being fixed. The advertisement does not exclusive say it is Brand New Honda, it only says 2003 Honda(that is the difference that other dealers pointed out).
    If any one has any idea with this kind of situation, please shed some light.
    I appreciate that.

  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289

    I wouldn't buy the car, it is definately damaged. Just think about it, otherwise why a dealer sell a 2003 Accord for $600 under invoice? I've seen this before. Once I went with a friend who saw a great deal for a maxima in the paper, I think it was like a $1K under invoice. I had my doubts about the ad, he didn't. We drove a hour to get to the dealer just to find out it was a damaged car that had been fixed. The other problem was that he wouldn't even show us the car, he wanted us to buy it sight unseen.

    I think it would be wise to just spend the extra $1K to $2K and buy a car you know doesn't have any body damage. Chances are the accord for $600 under invoice has had some paint work and possibly some metal work done to it.
  • or at least major work is pretty easy to find... all the body panels have VIN tags on them. Trunk, bumpers, fenders, doors, hood, etc.

    Of course, the dealer near you could be trying to convince you to buy from him. Why not call the dealer in Chicagoland, and ask him some questions? First, find out how much you can get it locally, then figure out how much you actually may save, then call them and find out, there may be a higher doc fee, or some other fee that they charge. I would get everything in writing before I take a long trip to save a few hundred dollars.. especially since they could be eaten up quickly by "window etching", or other mop and glo products.

  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    tblazer, yeah, all panels have vin labels on them, but a car can still have body damage repaired and the VIN labels would still be on it, such as if a dent occured and they used bondo to fill it and paint it over. The original VIN label would still be there. Personally, ads like that are typically too good to be true, therefore I would stay away.
  • Hi All,
    I am waiting to have the metal look dash kit installed on my car and was wondering if anybody has gotten it yet installed. If you have a pic of how it looks, I would love to see it. I am debating on if I really feel like waiting for it since I am getting use to it. Thank you in advance. BTW...I am getting the windows tinted on this Tuesday, so if anybody wants to see how it looks, I will send a pic after it is done. Just let me know.

  • but bondo would be relatively easy to find, as would the matching overspray on the inside of the body panel.

    All that aside, I would assume that they would have to disclose this information if asked, just like you have to disclose any previous damage over $500. They probably would be willing to give it to you in writing. The reason I say this is because it is an LX, which is the "get em in, knock em out" trim line for the Accords, so if they got 'em, why not? I have seen them advertised locally here for a few hundred below invoice. Screamer ads, of course, but that is what is being referred to anyway.

    I bought my car $800 less about 30miles away from my closest dealer, mainly because they were a bigger dealer, and were willing to sell the car cheaper. It was the same car the previous dealer would have sold me since it was the only local 5MT in the area.

  • Check my post in "Interior trim options on 2003 Accord" Sorry, no picture, but you can see it on CollegeHillsHonda website, or Honda's own site.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    tblazer, Bondo is not easy for everyone to find nor is overspray. I can figure out easily if a car was bondo'd, but I know most of friend's can't see where on a body panel bondo is. That's why I end up going with everyone to look at used cars and sometimes new cars.

    You are right, the dealer is supposed to tell you what has been repaired and how in writing if you ask for it. But I know in NJ, the dealer doesn't have to tell you if you don't ask.

    Getting back to the point, why would anyone buy a brand new car if it has body damage? I know I wouldn't even if it was $2K off, even if the dealer did disclose in writing what was repaired and painted. In my opinion, it's just not worth it. Even though, the Accord LX is a "get em in, knock em out" car, they still want to make money on it, and they should be able to sell the 2003 especially, for a profit. That means, if a dealer is selling a 2003 Accord for $600 under invoice, it has problems.
  • Hey Buddy,
    Thanks for the heads up on your post earlier. I am going to go ahead and just have them install it on Thursday since I already paid for it. I am really looking forward to seeing how the windows look with the tint. I get it done on Tuesday, hopefully it will look good!!!

  • Has anyone installed any of the audio options for the '03 Accord? In looking at Collge Hills Honda, it does not seem too much work to install a cassette player in the Accord, but I'm a little uneasy about taking apart my two month old car. My dealer will install the unit for about $80, and I'm thinking that it's a fair deal.
  • that is pretty fair. be aware that the flip-up pocket will no longer be there anymore, and instead you will have a din sized slot below the tape player. just an FYI.
  • for an 03 EX V6 sedan? What would you do to improve the appearance of this car (buy a Passat?..only kidding!!) I like my car, inside and out, but Im wondering what accessories are worthwhile. Bra? Chrome tailpipe extensions? Mud flaps? Spoiler? Wind deflector for sunroof? I don't want to spend a fortune, and I don't want anything too gaudy. Any thoughts, opinions?
  • Definitely mud flaps ... they seem to "lower" the car down.

    I also like the decklid spoiler. saw a Graphite Pearl EX V6 with the decklid spoiler and it was sweet. Took away some of the "frowning" of the rear end.
  • Are these accessories that should be purchased from the dealer, or is there some other less expensive aftermarket source, and what about installation? Any idea what this will cost?
  • Mud flaps can be done by you as long as you get the directions and have a screwdriver. They are bout $80 on I would have the spoiler installed at the dealer but you can also buy the spoiler at for $269 whereas the dealer will want $400. You will have to pay for the installation but it shouldn't be enough of offset the savings by buying the parts yourself. I would get all genuine Honda parts but that's just me .. I am a little picky.
  • I noticed on a different post that you own a Coupe. You think the flaps and spoiler will look good on a sedan as well? I will check out the website you suggested.

    I looked at the Coupe too by the way. The dealer had only 4-cylinder models. My son and I took one out and it flew around the corners...nice car. But my family did not want a 2-door vehicle...since for the last 11 years I have been forcing them to squeeze into an MX-3 GS coupe (not the primary family car..but now completely out of the question since kids have grown...they have a tendency to do that...

    Anyway, dealer said the 6-cylinder coupe was a "rare" car meant only for "enthusiasts" and they would get only one or two a year. I suspect he said that because he didn't have any.

    Anyway, thanks for your help and enjoy your car. I am very happy with my automatic sedan. If I want to shift I can still borrow the MX3 GS from my daughter!!
  • you are welcome.

    I saw a gray sedan yesterday with the mud flaps and rear decklid spoiler and it was VERY nice. I think the mud flaps are a necessity for fashion as well as function but the spoiler is up to your personal tastes. Have you been to to build your own Accord? You can add most of the accessories and it will show you a picture that'll give you an idea of how your car will look.

    As for the V6 being rare .. the 6-speed will be but the automatic V6 should be pretty common. They are all over the place here. We had a much harder time finding a 4 cylinder 5-speed than we would have an automatic V6 or 4 cylinder.
  • Thanks so much, anonymous, for making me aware of this website. I just ordered the mudflaps and also some touchup paint (hope I never need it). I will wait a bit on the spoiler. I'd kinda like to see one up close in person before buying. Maybe I'll cruise back over to the dealer to see if they have any outfitted that way.

    Yes, it was the 6-speed V-6 that the dealer indicated was rare. I have yet to see another 03 Accord in my town..but I'm sure that will change.
  • They are popping up all over the place here. Mostly sedans and a couple of coupes.
  • amingaming Posts: 119
    Wanted to email you but can't see your email on your user profile. Anyways, just test drove a silver EX V6 with silver Metal Trim Kit. Just loved it. Goes really well with the black interior. Wasn't cheap looking at all. Wife had reservations before she saw it. Changed her mind after she saw it. Can't get enough of this car. 5th test drive so far.
  • Youll like it :). Actually, you'll LOVE it. Mine's Graphite Pearl (ok..gray) with gray leather interior, silver metal interior trim kit. Actually, matches up quite well with the gray winter skies in Maine... Best feature this time of year?? HEATED SEATS.
  • hello everyone. if you have the metal interior trim, have you thought of installing the burl wood add-ons on some selected non-metal parts ?

    while the brushed metal in the ex-l looks contemporary and sophisticated, i'm thinking if wood can somehow blend with the metal to provide some warmth to the interior (m-benz supposedly did this successfuly in the new sl).

    saw today at a dealership, installed on an ex-leather, the $180 "interior trim kit" from and (unfortunately this car had the birdseye wood trim, not the metal trim). url is

    if you'll look at the picture, one of the major pieces, an approximately 1.5 inch band of wood, runs along the "ridge" of the dashboard (top edge of glove box door has that ridge) from one end to the other. a piece that goes under the a/c switches bridges the left and right bands.

    in addition, this band of wood (shaped like a boomerang) continues on to cover the left and right lips of the shifter console a la acura tl.

    will appreciate knowing any experience/opinion you might have on this risky if not kooky idea.


  • 5 test drives? They are gonna start charging you pretty soon :)
  • this post is off-topic but just wanted to share my lanier honda experience with you, knowing you dealt with them.

    well, visited them today (above metal/wood mix post of mine talks about a car in their showroom) and i had the same "sell extremely high" (new car) and "buy extremely low" (trade) experience.

    the silver DEMO ex-v6 coupe i was looking at was offered to me for $4k over invoice (and it had 2k miles) and their trade offer was likewise laughable.

    i was there on an off-chance that they'd extend their business month til today, as they did the 3.49% apr. this not being the case probably explains the indifferent pricing they offered.

    enjoying your new coupe, i assume. it's emerging as a great enthusiast car.
  • I think I remember seeing that coupe. Was it the one with all of the spoilers on it and the 17" wheels?

    Their offer to us was ludicrous. I will NEVER step foot in there to buy a car again but their service coupons are good and they had some nice accessories in their showroom. We are going to try and find a meatier shift knob for ours.

    And yes, we love it. It's getting smoother and smoother as the miles go by. Can't help but get a case of green eyes when I see my significant other driving it. But I love my SI and I do have a key to it so he better watch out or it might go missing one morning :)
  • i know what you're referring to. that's a new unit, i believe, and the demo i tested was parked behind. just had the spoiler.

    you're right about their service coupons - great deals. and the accessory store is stacked with goodies tho expensive (they're selling the $180 trim kit for $250).

    i also found that the 2.9% promo they advertised last weekend was dealer's own buy-down of honda's national apr promo. the 0.5% differential roughly equals only $150-$200 in apr discount, which can be no discount if same is added to car's price. it's a good attention-getter though, isn't it?
  • That 2.9 got my attention (any discount is a discount) but their prices are so high it's easy to see how they can afford to buy down the rate. Don't know what those guys are thinking. But alls well that ends well. We ended up buying from a guy who we worked with when I needed another SI. He knows we don't play those games so their first offer was only $500 off what we wanted to pay. They knocked off the extra $500 and everybody was happy. We might have been able to get a slightly better deal but we are happy with it. Our Civic had suspension mods, exhaust, and intake and we still got "good" trade according to kbb. Got the new car for what works out to be 1-2% over invoice. Given that we couldn't find a 5-speed EX-L at the time and other dealers were talking MSRP ... we are happy.
  • storm11storm11 Posts: 38
    Hi folks,
    I am wiring Hella fog lights onto my '02 EX V6 tomorrow morning. I have worked the logistics on switches, mounts, connections, etc. The one area I'm not sure about at this point is getting the two wires needed for the switch from the engine bay through the firewall and to the switch. I have integrated the switch into the blank dash panel next to the cruise control button, but everything is connected and sealed so well on this car, I'm not sure how to create the route for the wires to this spot.

    I would appreciate it if anyone with experience in this area can provide suggestions on the easiest and most effective way of doing this.

    Thanks much.
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