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Honda Accord Accessories



  • baboonusbaboonus Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if Honda factory stereo's have RCA connectors to hook up an amplifier. I have a 2002 Accord with the single Cd/ cassette head unit. I'm interested in hooking up a amp and upgrading the speakers without changing the head unit.

  • martye320martye320 Posts: 45
    Pay CASH and everything is cheap. I paid a bit over a hundred bucks. But then I've gotten 4 cars there and referred a good crowd. =)
  • martye320martye320 Posts: 45
    I had my system done at Al and Ed's Autosound, which is a chain that I do not recommend. However, that's beside the point. My first install had the original single CD head unit and I put in two Precision Power amps (one for speakers and one for subs). I did not get an EQ or change the head unit. However, the controls were screwy...either as a result of tech not knowing what he's doing, or it just doesn't work that way with the Honda Head unit bass treble knobs. I changed the head unit to Alpine and used my old alpine changer. The honda changer and head unit is in a box practically brand new!

    I then got a PPI eq added when I did the head unit. It sounds fine, except the fade still doesn't work correctly on the head unit itself. ?? who knows. who cares right? use the EQ. NOW the sounds are much better.

    If I could do it all over again... I'd leave the original speakers, get one 8" sub or one 10". I have two JL Audio 10" right now and it's too much. Find a good spot for the subs and get a band pass box. Oh, the amps fit under the seats. Don't let anyone tell you they don't. there's quite a bit of room there. And by the way, most tweeters out there will fit in the spot where the original tweeters are in the front near the windshield. Don't get suckered into getting them drilled on the door panels like I did. They fit!!! The first tech was just a lazy jerk and wanted to go home and not do my car right. Oh, use monster cable. get the heaviest gauge as possible. You'll appreciate it later.
  • dcfelladcfella Posts: 31
    What's a good front strut bar to get and do they make a significant difference? Also, any links to good websites i can get one would be appreciated.
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    I am thinking about getting a trailer hitch installed on my 97 accord and put a hitch style bike rack, anyone has any recommendations?

  • junkss00junkss00 Posts: 3
    Did you happen to see what brand the stock stereo was when you replaced?
  • baf879baf879 Posts: 6
    Stock stereo for Honda is made by Alpine.... I'm pretty sure of this unless someone knows better?
  • junkss00junkss00 Posts: 3
    I would think it's alpine too sine all the previous hondas used alpine. Bu 2001 v6 model's 6 disc stereo has a very similar design layout as the acura's (I forgot which model), except it doesn't say Bose on the Honda. I wanted to upgrade to a better system, but if it's a bose, it would be waste to remove it. I would just probable get some speaker which is from Pioneer, and some amps.
  • apurushapurush Posts: 10
    I have about 55K miles and it looks like I need new tires. Any advice on what to buy? Also, if I go in for a 215/65-R15 instead of 205/65-R15 (just a little more wide), what are the pros and cons to it?

  • vbadervbader Posts: 1
    Thinking of getting a moonroof visor for my 2002 accord coupe. The clips that hold it in place extend down into the moonroof opening. Anybody else feel like this might interfere with getting a good seal and maybe getting a leak? Anybody out there who has the moonroof visor notice any problems?
  • davied99davied99 Posts: 16
    I just bought a used 1997 Accord Value Edition. The car did not come with an alarm feature, and I'll like to install a passive security system. Has anyone had experience with getting either an aftermarket or an official Honda security system installed? Any recommendations? Thanks.
  • I hav'nt done much with my Accord but still i can bet that its best of all as i gave new look to my car's interior,get done by,to believe that just come 'n peep into it.
  • maggieotmaggieot Posts: 2
    Thanks for the websites listed in post 8! I looked at them and they had the pricing and purchase options for '98 accords and newer, but not anything older.
    Prior to purchasing my '97 accord, the dealer assured me that I could get the remote keyless entry installed on the vehicle - is that not true?
    Please let me know! Thanks!
  • thanks for the url,, too! My question is, do they work for valuepackage model? If they do, what is the best way to have them installed? It is probably not a good idea to do it from the dealer, right? Thanks!!!
  • stantontstantont Posts: 148
    I care very little about the styling of my car as long as it doesn't look positively ugly. In fact, a stealth car is pretty attractive to me. But I care a lot about how it drives. I've got a gold 2001 Accord Ex v6 (pretty stealthy - I can't find it in a large parking lot because it looks like every other midsize metallic gold car out there). It isn't really fast, but is very responsive, quiet, refined. The steering feel is very precise, but stock handling had a bit too much understeer. It turns out Neuspeed markets a rear sway bar kit for the Accord that matches the dimensions of the Acura TL Type S rear bar, and gives similar handling balance (both cars use the same front bar). Final grip is a bit less than the Type S because of the 15 inch wheels, but the change in handling is still quite dramatic. The swap involved 6 bolts and took less than an hour. The change in ride is almost undetectable except over really nasty one-wheel potholes, and it is invisible from outside the car.

    My probable next change will be tires, after the original MXV4 Plus Michelins wear out. What tires have people tried, with what results?
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    and it's the best $150 I've ever spent. Not only is the car more responsive at all engine speeds but it emits a nasty growl above 3500rpm. You should see the bewildered looks people give as they watch my bland silver Accord V6 fly by growling in a manner that doesn't fit the look of the car. Another bonus is that the gas mileage has improved by 2.5mpg since I installed it. Best of all, it doesn't void the warranty.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    th83, Which Intake have you added? I have a cold air intake system as well as well as rear section mufflers. Mine is a 2000 Coupe EX V6.
  • msurgeon2msurgeon2 Posts: 12
    I just bought a 2002 LX and had keyless remote added before buying. Taking delivery I asked the salesman how to open the trunk with the remote. He said that option would have to be added at the service dept. cost unknown to him (I'm sure). Can this be added with after market? Anyone know what Honda would charge for this? I don't understand Honda. Even my 1996 Saturn trunk opened with the keyless remote.
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    I just added a basic intake with K&N filter but it has given me a good bit more power and gas mileage. I should have gotten an AEM cold air system like you but I was worried it would void my warranty.

    I also want to add an exhaust eventually but I'm not sure. Do the aftermarket cat-back exhaust systems retain dual mufflers or are they just one?
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    th83, The aftermarket cat-back or just mufflers retain the dual mufflers. I have Comptech rear section stainless steel mufflers, dual of course.
  • goatboy12goatboy12 Posts: 2
    i've just recently bought a 2002 accord lx. since i've bought the car i changed the wheels to nitto 450 performance tires i LOVE them they stick like glue and handle very well in the rain the tire size is as follows p215/55/16. wrapped around a set of zenetti's 16in rims. the rims are 7.5 in. and the offset is 1 in. what this does is it gives the car a wider stance (rim width and overall wheel) the car still have the same factory ride for little expense and the car looks sharp! you'll still have a lot of meat between the road and the car if you hit a bad hole and don't bend the rim.
  • goatboy12goatboy12 Posts: 2
    they are relatively the same the features are usually starterkill,zone coverage, trunk release, and of course keyless entry. not to scratch up that beautiful paint job. i recommend the clifford alarm system. there are multiple levels for this alarm, so make sure the dealer you get them from explains the difference.(the list is to long to post). yes it will do factory doorlocks.and if you want trunk release then you will have to add a selenoid to do this feature. then have it added to your alarm system. you can also add remote start,automatic window rollup and a bunch of other features as long as you can dream it it can be done. MAKE SURE THE PERSON THAT INSTALLS THIS SYSTEM IS A QUALIFIED CLIFFORD DEALER. if not don't come crying to me cause i told you so!!! good luck and you should be happy after this install.
  • pitt3pitt3 Posts: 4
    I'm going to bleed the brakes of my 2000 V6 coupe. Is there anything special I need to know about Honda"s? Can I use regular DOT fluid and the "pump" the petal method like I do on other cars?
  • fastdog1fastdog1 Posts: 19
    You will get a small amount of rust where the metal clips rub against the paint. I have one on my 95 and it's not bad after 7 years. I would consider normal wear and tear. Good Luck
  • Anyone have any good stealth aftermarket performance ideas for a EX 4cyl.
  • elkoelko Posts: 4
    does anybody know if the cd player out of a 2002 lx will fit in a 2000 lx,both are sedans if that matters,i want to put the cassette in the 02 and the cd in the 00.i realize we could make em fit either way,but can we do it without any major hassle$,thanks
  • I have a 2002 Accord EX I would like to put seat covers on. All manufacturers I have talked to say the bottom portion of the rear seat must be removed to put on the cover. Has anyone done this? Is it difficult?

  • To the author of post #106 (th83),

    What intake did you put on it??

  • 2002 Accord LX:
    I would like to add Keyless Entry on my Accord LX. Any ideas how much it should be? Any good sources? I am willing to install it myself in case it's not too demanding.

    2002 Accord Value Pack:

    I would like to add power locks in the front since I want keyless entry in the front. I have also been considering to add power window to the drivers side?

    Any suggestions???

    Your help will be really appreciated.

  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    Sorry about the delayed response. A friend of mine owns a store that sells all kinds of performance parts so I got it from him. I'm not sure what brand it is but it's a short-ram with a reusable filter(I think it was a Ractive filter, but I'm not sure). It was $120+installation and it makes the car sound great.
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