2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    hey frog_kiss-
    i live in Atlanta and am looking to buy '07 EXL V6 this week and wanted to ask where you ended up buying from. am considering Ed Voyles and Honda Carland. sounds like you got a great deal.
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    Thanks rgb. So how much(I presume you did) below invoice do you think you got the car for?

    What kind of trim do u have. I'm guessing that you have the EX Sedan AT in which case you seem to have got a great deal.
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    Leased a Honda Accord SE w/ V6 for $0 down $313 a month. Includes taxes and fees. 3 years /36,000 miles. Dealer eating first months payment.
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    No prob. Good job on your efforts!
  • yellowpeasyellowpeas Member Posts: 5
    Btw, what is an administrative fee??
  • mrkcrwlymrkcrwly Member Posts: 19
    An administrative fee's only purpose is that you do not have to pay state tax on that portion since it is a service and not a product (at least in MO). But it should not effect what you have to pay for a car. All that matters is what the total the dealer charges you before TTL. The size of the administrative fee should have no effect on an OTD price.
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    Hi I live in NJ and would like to buy this car. I am not a good negotiator and would like to do most nego online with dealers before I go in. Any advice on how to start this process would be appreciated.
  • joeyc1joeyc1 Member Posts: 2
    Hi I took your advice and emailed dealers thru Honda web site. Can you email me what dealer you used in the end. I am also in NJ [email protected]
  • frog_kissfrog_kiss Member Posts: 7
    Hennessy Honda Of Woodstock.
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    I do not know exactly how much the invoice for dealer added options (tint, mud guard, wheel lock, pin stripe) is. The real cost of destination charge is also unknown. Invoice for EX auto listed in edmunds is $21043 without destination charge. Maybe the timing (end of quarter, end of year) was critical.
  • rhard49rhard49 Member Posts: 226
    I just picked up my 2007 EX V6 Sedan. The lease was based on a cost of 23,611.38. Less then the cost I paid for my 04 EXL Coupe during the end of model year Honda clearance sale 2 and a half years ago.
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    Really used this forum a lot prior to making a purchase, so I definitely wanted to let people know our local dealer is quoting Invoice less 3% on a Accord V6 Sedan with navi. From there: Your internet Sale Price for the 2007 Honda Accord EX-L w/ Navigation is $26,459+tax/dmv (ca. title).

    This wasn't their 1st price, but after I pushed back (via the phone), they moved quickly downward. The dealer is SouthBay Honda in Los Gatos, Ca (the Capital Honda dealer didn't like it, but also would match it). It appears Honda is willing to sell these at cost to move them. Great for us!
  • hirenmhirenm Member Posts: 7
    Just wanted to let you guys know that I was getting the above trim for 25700 + TTL from Continental Honda in Chicago region. The sales person was willing to hold the quote for me till end of day 01/02/2007. However my wife wanted a Toyota Camry so did not buy the accord.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Member Posts: 702
    $25700 is a good price if OTD ... if not shop around.
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Member Posts: 231
    That's the car and the price i was looking for in nj. could u please post the name of the dealer, location, price brakedown, etc (all the details) in this web site please, thanks. I live in NJ too
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    I'm also interested in an SE (4cyl, sedan, auto)
    Open Road's internet price was $18,482 (not incl destination). When I went there, they played games and gave me terrible pricing. They wouldnt give it to me for less than $19,999 despite it being the last day of the year, supposedly since the car wasnt on the lot. it was all a load of cr*p and i don't recommend Open Road Honda at all. Forget the volume they sell, do yourself a favor and don't buy from there. Hidden fees, freight, etc. Don't do it. :mad: :mad:

    Take their quote and go somewhere else. I'm getting better deals elsewhere; I'll let you know where I purchase.
  • andysdandysd Member Posts: 87
    Sorry, Benjamin, I didn't see your post until just now. I agree with all your points, but I believe the new model will blow us away. Here's a new decision point - V6 or 4? In all the discussions close to this subject, no one mentions the extra weight on the front affecting handling. A car mag did comment on it once. I very rarely use max power so am inclined to the 4.

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    OK, just got the car and decided to post the price (for reference to some and to get feedback on the deal)
    Price includes LoJack and "premium package"- cargo tray, improved alarm, something like that. I definitely wasn't in the market for any of it but I didn't think LoJack was too bad of a thing to have.
    Anyway, enough rambling...
    Monthly: 319
    "Agreed upon value": 26053

    Judging by one of the recent posts "$25700 is a good price if OTD", I probably could have pushed harder but oh well :)

    Please let me know what you think.
    Ok, and this was from Galpin Honda, LA area
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    If your happy with it thats all tht matters, I don't believe there any way someone would get that car for 25700 out the door with navi. I just paid 23611 not otd without nav, one of the lowest prices I've seen mentioned, and the nav is a 1800 dealer invoice. I think you got a good deal. Enjoy
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    With the payment mentioned it's not a cash deal, so who knows how much initial down and/or trade status.
  • rhard49rhard49 Member Posts: 226
    true my payment was 324.92 on a 36 month lease sign and drive with everything rolled in and the non navi is almost 2k less.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    You are quite welcome. I hope you are able to match the prices that are being posted in here. Best of luck and keep us posted!
  • jetfishjetfish Member Posts: 15
    I stay in PA. The dealer give me (as a cash buyer with no trade in) quotation of $19600 plus tax/title. Is this price good?
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114

    No, that's not a good price. Although I'm in NJ, I was getting prices of around $18900-$19100 including destination. So thats car + destination (595), only.
  • jetfishjetfish Member Posts: 15
    Oh, this price sounds great. When did you get the quotation? I I got my quotation in this week. And what is your OTD price?
  • jetfishjetfish Member Posts: 15
    Hi Saleem, thank u for sharing with me the info..
    I got quotations from a few NJ dealers such as Open Rd. There quotations are also around $19500 including the delivery. I don't know where you get the better deal:)
  • nanmonanmo Member Posts: 1
    Hi, Can you please email me the name of the Honda dealership with the sales person name in Dallas/Fortworth area. I am also looking for 2007 Accord EXL V6 and would like to try my luck in getting the same deal as you got.

    Will appreciate your quick reply.

  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    I got an internet quote from Open Road on 1/3/07 for the
    2007 Accord SE Sedan 4cyl AT
    $18,482 plus everything (plus destination tax etc) was my quote, valid until 1/6/07.
    DCH Academy originally wouldnt beat it, but said they would. Planet Honda then beat THAT (but sounded a little sketch). Planet came to 18.3K
  • jetfishjetfish Member Posts: 15
    Hello Saleem,

    Thank u very much for sharing the info. I got $18,498 from DCH but the others are much higher than what you got. I mentioned about you and the price you got...The salespeople said they can help get your price but they need to know the name of your sales person in order to convince their managers. I wonder if you could email me your saleperson's name (for DCH, Planet and Open Road) at jetfish2006 at hotmail dot com . Thank you very much:) Have a nice weekend..
  • mrkcrwlymrkcrwly Member Posts: 19
    Noticed that Edmunds listed the Accord as having $750 in marketing support until 2-5-07. Will this effect pricing or was it in effect previously also?
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    Dealers have told me they newly have $750 off from the manufacturer for January. I've seen prices fall to $1000 under invoice... maybe a bit more if you get lucky and show competing quotes.

    I don't suggest this for you other NJ ppl, but Metro Honda in Jersey City will beat a written quote by *AT LEAST* $500 according to them (Michelle @ Metro Honda). So if you have $18,482 internet quote from Open Road or something, you might get 500 lower.

    But even on the phone, TWO reps were going around in circles about simple questions like what their doc fee was, the guy was like " a couple hundred dollars i think" then when i asked again he was like "mayb2 250 or something like that" when i asked again he was like "did you want to come in to buy a car?" and even the other rep, Michelle, said she didnt have that info. So... make your own conclusions.
  • jetfishjetfish Member Posts: 15
    got $18200 from Open Road finally.. Their doc fees are 290 stated on on the quotation.. I also got $18700 from a dealer in PA but her doc fees are < $170.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    Well done, jetfish!!! Although their doc fee is high, that's a very good price.

    Like I noted before, Open Road gave me a very good quote too, and I had been there like 3-4 times with the same salesperson, and he said he'd give me an excellent price. In the end, because the car wasnt on the lot, they started f*cking with me and were saying $19,999 NOT incl destination for the SE. So I yelled and walked out the door. I had a very bad experience with them. Best of luck, others I'm sure have been happy with them.
  • pdebonopdebono Member Posts: 2
    I'm planning to buy a new car sometime this year. My current car is running fine but is 12 years old. 2007 is the time to get a new one. I need a mid sized 4 door sedan. I will be driving this car for the next 10 years or so. I want something that is going to be super reliable that will retain as high a resale value as possible 10 years down the road. The most obvious choices would be an Accord or Camry. I don't trust any of the American models and don't think that Hyundai is quite there on quality yet or their Sonata might be a good choice.

    Either a Camry or an Accord should fit the bill but I am strongly leaning towards the Accord. Camry is redesigned this year which means that it will be hard to find a discount and all of the bugs in the new design haven't been worked out yet. Styling isn't that big a deal to me. Accord is the last year of the current design. Everyone knows that the 2008s will be more modern so I figure that Honda will have a harder time unloading the 2007s. A 2007 Accord 4cyl SE Auto would fit my needs quite nicely. I would consider a leftover 2006 EX 4cyl Auto but can&#146;t find any.

    My question is when will be the best time to buy? Should I wait until mid year or early fall or buy sometime soon. I'm reading of a $750 dealer incentive available right now that might make now a good time. Then again as the year goes by the dealer may be even more willing to lower prices.

    I live in the Houston, TX area if this means anything.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Well, buying now is probably a good idea since the $750 just came out. Waiting may get you more incentive money (although I wouldn't count on much over $1,000) but it'll also leave you with a car that'll look new for only a few months before the new models (2008) come out, and the later you wait, the quicker your car becomes the "old model."

    Still, if you don't mind the "old model" status, some GREAT deals will certainly be had around August and September of this year, better prices than we see right now.

    It's your call, but for me, I'd shop now. SE Accords appear to be going for $19k-$20k, quite a deal on a very-well-equipped car.

    Also, if you want a little reassurance in buying a 5-year old design, read the FEB 07 issue of Car and Driver - the Accord 4-cyl SE came in first out of six similarly priced vehicles. The 4-cyl Camry came in 5th. Not bad for the five-year-old Honda.
  • alamocityalamocity Member Posts: 680
    I would definitely check into the Accords now as they are offering some great deals, at least at Gunn Honda here in San Antonio is. If interested I can email me and I can give the name of someone you can talk with.
  • mrkcrwlymrkcrwly Member Posts: 19

    The next generation Accord Coupe has been revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. Will this effect sales and therefore pricing of 07's?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Until more details are released (engine power, fuel economy, pricing, avail. features) I don't think the concept car will have much bearing on what else is going on, mainly because fewer people see the concept than the actual car. I'd guess that of shoppers buying an Accord Coupe in the month of Feb, maybe 1 in 6 will see these concept photos.
  • spursfan2007spursfan2007 Member Posts: 17
    Those pictures are nice...I went to the detroit auto show web site and it looks nice...Im Gonna wait till its been out for a year or so before i bUy one tho.
  • spursfan2007spursfan2007 Member Posts: 17
    I got some good quotes in San antonio too. I know gunn sold one to my sister for a good price.
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Member Posts: 218
    It'll probably come down to a lot of folks like me, on the fence waiting to see what they come out with, then decide is the new pricing worth the new features. You'd have to figure it will resemble the new Altima & Camry technology wise, (bluetooth, mp3, 6 sp auto, more powerful sound system and engine - perhaps between a 20 to 30 hp increase). The new car will probably mirror their msrp's as well.
  • spursfan2007spursfan2007 Member Posts: 17
    not to mention the rumors of AWD and a 4cyl turbo
  • pdebonopdebono Member Posts: 2
    I went to test drive an 2007 I4 Auto Accord SE today. While I was at the dealer I noticed that they have several 2006 Accord LXs and EXs left over. All are 6cyl and therefore priced higher. It looks like I can get a 07 SE Auto I4 for somewhere between 18700 and 19300 but what are fair prices for 06 leftovers?

    I'm probably choosing between the 07 SE and one of the following:
    06 LX Auto 6cyl
    06 EX Auto 6cyl
    06 EXL Auto 6cyl

    I haven't found any recent postings for 06 leftovers so I'm not sure what a fair prices would be for them.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    06 LX Auto 6cyl
    06 EX Auto 6cyl
    06 EXL Auto 6cyl

    Just a reminder - there is no EXL V6 - the EX V6 comes with what comes in the EX-L trim on 4-cylinder models (leather, premium trim, heated seats, Auto Climate Control, etc..), so you are left with LX V6 and EX V6 (EX V6 is the loaded model).

    You shouldn't pay over $23k for the loaded 2006 EX-V6 (In Sepetember 2006 people were paying approx $24k for the EXV6). I am not sure about the LX V6.

    The 2007 SE I4 price you have is actually very good if it includes all destination/fees.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    2007 SE I4 AT:
    18700 is an unbelievable price if it includes destination ($595), so I doubt it does?
    19300 should definitely include destination... i'd say $19000 is a commendable price including destination.

    I'm not too sure about '06 pricing. I'd expect at least $1000 less than a similar 07 model, but that's just me. Because it doesnt really matter when you buy it (buying an 06 in 2007 instead of 2005), because when you sell it, people will just see it as an 06 with low mileage. So *shrug* best of luck with the 06's
  • mrkcrwlymrkcrwly Member Posts: 19
    "19300 should definitely include destination... "

    That price appears to be about $788 below invoice (assuming $20088 with destination.) Are assuming everything except TTL? i.e. Does this take into account the admin fee and some of the $750 marketing support?

    I am trying to negotiate for a Accord Sedan EX-L 4cy Auto. Invoice with destination is 23,166. Best price so far was 22,900 (total with admin but not TTL) last Saturday Jan 6. They would not acknowledge the $750.

    Dealers around here (KC) don't offer a price (except a high one)they just ask what will you pay. Internet departments are bogus as they just call and use the same tactics as when you show up cold. I guess I need to set a price a go from dealer to dealer asking if they will accept. If not raise it a try again????

    What would be a reasonable offer for a $23,166 invoice Accord? $22,300 including admin. but no tax, title, license???? Should we except to get any of the $750 in "Marketing Support"?
  • lauren123lauren123 Member Posts: 1
    I was quoted $22,000 not including destination fees/ taxes ect. for a 2007 with everything except nagivation system. Is this a good price?
  • spursfan2007spursfan2007 Member Posts: 17
    i got a quote for 22,997 exl 4cyl auto 4door and a
    quote for a 22,859 for an exl v6 2dr....dont know if want 2 more doors or the v6 more...and these are car prices incl. dest...both are 07...and they say brand new.
  • njguy24njguy24 Member Posts: 1
    I am seriously looking to move pretty quickly on an Accord EX-L 4 cylinder automatic. Anyone have any interesting quotes from any of the central NJ dealers on this model? I am kinda in dire need and was hoping for some quick guidance. Thanks!!! :)
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