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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vietviet Posts: 847
    The salesmen will likely ask for more when Steffani drives 400+ miles from S. Cali to N. Cali for a test drive and price negotiation. We all know tricks of greedy salesmen. Many of them do not know much about Honda they sell as I do. I came to Okland to talk to the Internet manager for about 30 minutes. He gave me his "wholesale price" to buy back my used Accord. He aso gave me a very high quote for his new Accord. In a week, he sent me an email for follow-up and asked me giving him business. I did not give him any offer but I bought my Accord at other dealer.


    I strongly advise you buying your Accord at a local Honda dealership around LA & Orange County. Do not waste your time, long trip gas & money. There are plenty of Honda dealerships near you. Just shop around. In the brink of recession, those Honda dealers need you more than you need them.
  • Actually purchasing a vehicle from another part of the state is a very common practice now for many brands. It's very popular on Lexus boards. The key is to find a trustworthy dealership and salesperson.

    Considering that there's a good $1200 difference here, I strongly urge Steffani to show her local dealer the price that Grace Honda is offering. Tell them that she is willing to drive the distance to save that $$$ if it becomes necessary.

    I predict that her local dealer will either match or come very close to their price.

    Of course, I too recommend that she stick with a local dealer if possible.
  • :) I am about to buy a new Accord V6 EX-L and have been shopping the price through the internet managers at local dealers in the DC Metro area and using that and the buying club service that my credit union has I've got two dealers offering invoice price.

    I keep asking both dealers what the extra options they've installed on the car and only one will tell me ($500 of appearance package i.e. mud guard, door edge guards, pin stripes and wheel locks) and the other dealer that is matching this first dealership's price will not. Also the first dealer has no processing fee since it's through the buying club.

    Has anyone succeeded in getting below invoice on this car and what is the best way to convince them that I don't want these additional options they've installed - or at least don't want to pay for it?
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Hello, what is the invoice for the 08 accord exl v6 4dr sedan, and also the 08 accord coupe exl 4 cylinder. Thanks in advance.
  • The accord V6 EXL invoice is $25,416, check edmunds for the coupe invoice price.
  • For what it is worth, my dealer e-mailed me today:

    "I did get confirmation from Honda about the special APR today. So I will make sure I follow up with you on Friday when it's announced!"
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I would not waste my time going in to the dealer's place that is not telling you what options he has already installed (if any?), they can be as much as $3000 for chrome wheels, etc. As for the appearance package, pretty much most of them have it umless you catch the car right off the truck. In my case, I did not mind having the splash guard, wheel locks and the trunk tray but did not want to overpay for them. I checked the online retail for the 3 items (about $200) and offered my internet sales manager the same price and we agreed on $210 which I thought was a fair deal. By the way, I will be posting my buying experience this coming Friday, I am just waiting for the dealer to finish installing my rear-view camera. I don't want to speak too soon before I pick the car up from the dealership this Friday. Hopefully I will be satisfied!
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Thank you very much.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Keep in mind that figure does not include destination charge.
  • I am also about to buy a V6 EX L and was looking on this site for some "prices paid". My best quote so far has been invoice + dest. charge ($26051) plus 490 Processing (ridiculous!) plus 7% tax and 21 Title charge....for me $28,419 OTD. I am holding out for 28K OTD.

    The "appearance" package is just iceing for the dealer and should not be paid for. As someone mentioned you can buy it yourself and have it installed for half that.

    I hope to hear some more prices paid on a V6 EX L. I'm in Ga. but may go over to S.C. if I can get a better price there.
  • The buying club I have does not allow the dealers to charge a processing fee - if you belong to a credit union ask and see if they participate with the MVCP program as then you can get invoice and no fee.
  • brintva,

    Based on your link and comment; I called MVCP to find out if either of the two credit unions I belong to are particpating members; interestingly enough, one is and one is not, but because I would use the one not a member for potential financing (lower rate, 4.75 v 5.5) I thought I would be precluded; guy said no, could use financing from either, which I found to be a nice surprise indeed. Not ready to buy today, but glad you posted this info. If I understand it right, this program locates the car, negotiates the selling price at invoice, and gets you connected to the correct dealer, is that correct?
  • Anyone use the Costco Program? If so, how are they pricing compared to invoice?
  • I have gotten nowhere with the dealer that uses Costco pricing, they want me to come in and when I told them that the other buying club I use sells for invoice he told me they can't match that and that would need approval from a manager. I wasn't prepared to go negotiate with that dealer so can't tell you how much it would be over invoice.
  • Glad that I was able to help, I'm not financing through my credit union and am still able to use the MVCP program which is great about this service. The prices on the honda 2008 accord are invoice and on the 2007 accord I think at least $1000 under invoice. There are no savings on the navigation models though.

    The program doesn't locate the car for you, they just put you in touch with a dealer that will honor the program and then it's up to you to call and see if they have the car you want. The price is already negotiated so all you have to do is negotiate the options they want to add on.
  • japsjaps Posts: 29 fees whatsoever
  • I have a quoted price for a 2008 Accord Sedan AT 4 cyl
    $23,325 (Invoice is $23,428)
    $100 in dealer fees
    + Tax and Title
    No other costs

    Should i pull the trigger, or have people gone further under invoice on the 4cyl Accord Sedan
    Thanks for any replies

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    $3 under invoice after including the dealer fees sounds good.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Idiot BOB ROHRMAN. In the dealer I bought my Accord they have 1 Accord LX I4 in the show room. MSRP is $26K. The dealer installed bigger shiny wheels, spoiler and some other stuff. They ask for $36K. The 4 bigger wheels cost some $4K. There may be some young inexperienced buyers will try to bargain for that "idiot" I4.
  • Not bad at all. Depending on your location though, you might be able to push it down a few hundred dollars more.
  • I live in Virginia, maybe I should try closer to the christmas holidays.
  • cat17cat17 Posts: 5
    We looked into the Costco program and were offered $250 off MSRP for a V6 model and $500 off MRSP for the I4. Most of the Dealers around here ADD several thousand dollars in "market adjustment" to the MSRP so maybe the Costco prices are the best to be had. This is in the Seattle area and if anyone has a good Dealer, let me know!
  • I'm looking to buy a 2008 EX-L 4 dr V6 with Nav. I wanted to know list on this and if anyone has a great dealer that works via internet for buying remote. seems like i have seen some prices like 25K and some at 28K for this same car?
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    Go for it. It's a super nice car, if I do not want to say it is a powerful greyhound that loves to jump ahead & run fast but it pretends to be an innocent & dumb deer. I bought one already. I love it better than a $60K BMW or Benz. It has been rated 5 stars in all categories by automobile critics.
  • Please ignore the "negative" influence from the dealers. DO NOT FORGET "You write the paycheck 2 for them, not other way around."

    Honda gives them 3.5% holdback(and volume rebate), which is a very good profit at the first place. Who will win in the end of this game--->YOU. Let's try to delay your purchase for 3 months, I can bet you these dealers have no choice to sell the cars BELOW invoices, otherwise, they will get goverment subsidies...


    Meanwhile, get used car, motocycle for 3 months.... :D
  • Suits me fine, I'm not in the market for the NAV package. Undecided if I'll go with the EX-L 5M or EX-L V6; really want a stick shift. In any event, I can expect or hope to pay invoice, plus destination, tax and registration and no other fees, correct?
  • A salesman told me he would try to get me a Japanese Accord which is a better quality than the American (or where ever) assembled Accord. Uh....has anybody heard this before. And where is the Accord made. My Ridgeline was made in Canada.

  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Edmunds says...

    "Where Built: Japan/Mexico/United States"

    ... so I suppose it's possible but that's the first I heard of it. :confuse:
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    He's telling lies... the only [non-permissible content removed] made Accords tha I've seen were the ones that were delivered during the first week of production (LX, LX-P, EX(very few)), no EXLs, or EXLs w/Nav. After the initial launch, most products come from the Marysville, OH factory. The Accord is not like a BMW. There's no way that you can force Honda to build your factory wherever the customer wants. It's not in a dealer power to tell Honda what to do. Dealer < Corporate Giant. Therefore, don;t trust your dealer! they have allocations, but not the power to decide where it should be built!
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    Japan built - JH... Vins
    US - for common Hondas 1H.... (for Crvs 5J...)
    Mexico - 3CZ....
    Canada - 2H

    I am already beginning to see the mexican CRV in my dealership. I don't know if they produce other models or not. Cheers!
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