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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi, great forum, wish I had found it month ago!

    We have a 2004 Buick Rainier AWD and have an irritating engine/transmission problem at low speeds and at idle. It feels like the transmission is settling into gear, but sometimes it's forceful enough to think we were tapped from behind on the bumper.

    Took it to dealer several times but they of course couldn't find anything (despite experiencing the issue). Told us it was "typical of the drivetrain".

    Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    I was going to recommend posting in the Buick Rainier discussion forum -- but you already did that. Good luck!
  • Thanks JK - this was post #1 before I found the other newsgroup :-) :P

    I'll take any thoughts here thought :/
  • I've got a friend that worked at a GM dealership that I called last week. He gave me a number to call to report my problem, and try to get some relief. They told me that they couldn't do anything until a GM mechanic diagnosed the problem. They sent a rollback to pick the RDV up today. One of the things my friend told me to tell them was the fact that my local dealer made the statement, "Your car must have been built on Monday. We have a lot of bad cars built on Mondays.” At the time this pissed me off more than the fact that my car was broken. Did he just say that 1/7th of all GM vehicles are bad? Can you link me to these web sites so I can have ammunition when I go to talk to them again? Thanks!
  • You need to manually reset this counter in the DIC. Scroll through the DIC and you will find one screen that reads "Oil life" or something like that. You need to hold the set button for a few seconds and it will reset and stop telling you to change your oil.
  • otis3otis3 Posts: 3
    I got some relief! They (GM) will install a new engine in my RDV! The problem was that a bolt broke, or came loose on the intake gasket. The engine is free, but I will have to pay half the cost of installation. I was told it will be about $650. I will then have a new engine with a three year 100,000 mile warranty. Let's hope that this one will make me happy! Thanks! :P :P
  • regalluvr2
    I am experiencing the same problem with our Rendezvous. Can you provide me with the website addresses you are stating that are devoted to this problem.?

    Thank you
  • Otis,
    I havent been on here in awhile.I'm sure glad to hear GM is replacing your RDV's engine and that you will only be out $650 instead of around $6,000.

    I hope this is the end of your problems.Good Luck.

    Here is a link to one website about 3100-3400 GM V-6 intake gasket issues.You can read all day in this one.Do a Google or Ask Jeeves web search for leaking Buick-Chev-Olds-Pontiac 3100-3400 intake gaskets.You will be amazed at what a tremendous problem it is.It still amazes me that GM has gotten away without a recall.

    The best site was the GM-V6-Lemons one but it says its currently down for construction.
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Busey...did you get any answers as to how we can tell if the roof is leaking??? Brand new but 04 w/ 5000miles. See my post so it won't duplicate here. It's leaking like a river on the entire drivers side front to rear. It's not the windows, and not the moonroof. I had this in before for moonroof and dealer told me it was me! I told him to secure the roof and I would not use it again and I haven' it's not that! :O). I don't have racks on the car as some posts indicated roof rack leaking. Please let me know if you had a response and if anyone else can suggest something, please let me know as I'm driving car to the dealer on Tuesday or may drop it off at their garage (indoors) over wkend because I don't have a garage. I have it covered w/tarp. I don't want them pointing the fingers to me on this one...I'm so tired of it and it's hard to get back and forth because I am single and a little disabled. Thanks for your time, gail :lemon:
  • I have a 2005 with auto leveling and the air pump is under the drivers feet and can be heard throughtout the car. It also seems to cycle too often.

    I intend to take it in but finding the time is a problem. Just wondered if other have had a problem.

    Also. notice others gas mileage. Mine is a 3.6 and I am not impressed with the performance or the mileage. In August we drove about 3,000 miles and the best fillup bumped 24, the others were 23mpg. The window sticker claims 27 and I don't think I will ever see that.
  • Hello,
    Just wondering if anyone has had this experience or know what i should do about this problem... I have a 2003 Rendezvous CXL that has a air compressor built into the rear of the car for inflating tires, air mattresses etc. and when we bought the car, it did not work. We just brought it to the garage and the couldnt find the leak so the replaced the entire line from the front to the rear. Now, it does work, however, it stays on almost all the time!! Whenever you start the car, you hear the compressor running and then it makes a "whoomp" sound every 2-3 seconds or so like the air is stuck. This will stay on for a good 25 min before it shuts off. It is very noisey, even from the outside of the car. Any thoughts? Much appreciated, Kirsten
  • busey1busey1 Posts: 8
    SOrry to here about the problem
    Mine was that the roof racks was not completely sealed thus resulting in water travelling down the interior of the door and pooling under the floor board. They ended up repairing everything eventhough it was a water leak and water leaks are not covered under the extended warranty.
  • My 2005 buick rendezvous started stalling out a few months ago and I
    have not been able to get it fixed. I have the 3400 V-6 and I know the rendezvous
    has had its share of problems. It will stall when I have the A/C off ( I have the
    auto A/C) and I come down a long hill or lately go up a little hill. I can make
    it stall in any gear by upping the idle to 900 rpm and letting off the gas - 1 time
    out of 10 it will just drop and quit. I can do this while going down the raod as
    well. My dealer tried a scan tool and looked everything over and basically has
    said that they don't know what it is - they think it may be the pcm. They looked
    at all the tsb's and checked the software version on the comuter and it is the
    same. They said I have to wait until it quits completely or it shows a check
    engine light (it never has). Is this true or is there something else that can be
    done ?? I have 2.5 ++ years on a lease and I am NOT going to live with a
    stalling vehicle for that long. I took it off the lot with 5 miles on it. It is a 2005
    CXL front wheel drive with basically everything. Please either post a response
    here or e-mail: . Please help if anyone can ......
  • ross5ross5 Posts: 2
    The steering on my RDV has become quite STIFF. Just had (1 week ago) the left rear axle removed and the inner/outer C/V boots replaced to to leak. Have had wheels balanced recently, but within the last month have noticed a tightening of the steering - it used to be like steering with a 'slinky'- very loose but now it is like steering with a tightly wound spring! I thought it was a power steering problem, took it into dealer (100K warrenty-thank goodness because we had to replace transmissionin Feb!) service writer drove it, said nothing wrong, no need to look at it -GOOD BY. This was thurs and ever since it is really buggin me. Any ideas? Bottom line- it does not steer/ handle / feel right.
  • I have a 2002 Rendezvous. I have replaced the wheel bearings for a cost of $800.00 each time within one year. Because the ABS is not working. Now they inform me I will have to replace the wiring harness for the wheels computer. Do you know if anyone else has experienced this and will Buick pick up the cost? Is there a recall? Help, I can't afford this RDV much longer.

  • I am in the "research" phase of my next vehicle purchase & am very interested in the 2006 RDV. From what I've read there seems to be many problems with the 1999-2003 RDVs. Does anyone know if these problems have been addressed/corrected for the newer (05-06) versions? Have you heard ANYTHING good/bad the 2006s?
  • jdksjdks Posts: 42
    Did you replace the wheel bearing because of the ABS was acting up? Sometime they would wrongly diagnose that the wheel bearing need replacement as the ABS sensor is in the wheel bearing case itself. If this is the case, the harness replacement should be on them.

  • I'm not sure if this helps but the wheel bearing assembly has the abs(speed)sensor on it.
    Replace one and you have to replace the whole thing. If they do not properly install the sensor wiring and clip it up out of the way it can become damaged and disable your abs (abs disable light on instrument panel). I suggest that you have another mechanic look at it and see if this is the case since too many dealers fail to admit their own errors. This has already happened to me.
  • Number 1...the dealer told me that even if the service engine light comes on and then goes out that it will still trigger a code that remains in the computer until cleared. My check engine light for my transmission problem didn't come on until the vehicle was basicly DOA. I had complained for a long time that there was a problem but they just don't want to let you know until it's DOA or out of warrantee. Are you having any problems with hard shifts, down shifting when it shouldn't not down shifting when it should or jumping forward when you're in stop and go traffic. If there is a trans problem (including problems with the torque converter) it can cause really poor gas mileage. This problem can show up at any time regardless of mileage. If the thing is doing any or all of the above ask them to drop the trans pan and check the contents for metal shavings or burnt fluid. Good luck
  • The compressor on the accessory inflator is incredibly annoying and since the dam* thing doesn't work I'd like to disable it. I looked in the owners manual for the fuse location but there are so many compressors listed and none refer to the inflator. I also don't know if this is tied into some other components. Does anyone have a clue on this? Once again....thanks for everyones help on other issues and I hope that I have been of some help.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    wife and i are thinking about a RDV FWD. how well do they handle in a cross wind? are the 06 models really quieter than the previous versions? is the 3.5 engine a better match for this size of vehicle than the 3.4 was? i noticed the epa est for the NOX FWD is 19/25 and weighs 3660#. the RDV FWD is epa est at 19/26 and weighs 4096. the rdv is 436 pds heavier and gets the same or slightly better mileage. how can that be?

    is the RDV for 07 going to be a new design? has anyone heard what it will be like?
    i like the rdv over the nox. we are going from a 98 olds intrigue(we love this car) to a suv/crossover. we want a comfortable,quiet,reliable ride. wish the rdv had side curtain airbags. any comments?
  • I too am fighting with GM. I have had mine in 4 times. What did you end up doing ?
  • jdksjdks Posts: 42
    After speaking to GM in Canada and a promise that they will look into it, their argument was that my car was out of warrantee, last time it was fixed was more than a yr ago (or something likes 10,000 km ago). They told me the BCM is something that wears down over time and they refused to admit that it was defective even though I told them I can send them print out of all the BCM problem that I've found over the internet - that's the reason they are not doing well. Good luck!
  • I looked through the over 1200 messages re my tailgate which takes two very strong arms to pull it down/closed. My wife cannot do it.
    It seems that the struts are not counter balanced to the weight of the tailgate. The dealer has no solutions. Has anyone had this problem and found a fix?

    While I am in this posting I would like to say my RDV Ultra is almost a year old and I have had no problems that the dealer has had to fix.
    (I did buy a GM warranty).

    I waited until GM allowed me to buy the RDV in one color—but you can get it only on the Ultra. I did not want a two-toned car. I got it in black and it is quite a striking car. I gets lots of complements—they say “is that really a Buick?”

    The other big plus is that GM is now putting their new state-of-art V6
    in the Ultra. Unfortunately they mated it with the old 4- speed transmission. I feel certain that that a 5-speed would be quieter and get more MPG. I do not feel the muffler was tuned to the new engine. It sounds like the engine is straining when it really is not.

    Still on the plus side is the great ride. It has one of the tightest turning radiuses that I have seen in a large car. The fit-and- finish is excellent. The all- leather seats are very comfortable but the second row seats lack enough legroom. A longer seat track would be nice so you can pick either more legroom or more cargo room. On the subject of seats,
    when they say power-seats they mean just that . The seat is powered but the seatback is not.

    I feel the biggest design problem is the lack of visibility out of the rear. The large second row headrests block most of what you can see in the rear view mirror. Thank goodness for the rear parking assist beeps.

    GM under-sized the tires on the RDV by one if not two sizes when compared to all other mid-sized SUVs. Even a few smaller SUVs have larger tires. I have replaced my tires with a larger sedan tires vice the OEM SUV/Light truck tires. The ride is smoother and less noisy.

    Just two more things come to mind—the XM radio is a stripped down feature version and the sweet spot to blow the horn is just the size of my thumbnail.

    Notwithstanding the above I still like the car very much. I have been a GM person my entire life. Until just recently it appeared to me that GM would build new models from the GM parts locker and just bolt them together rather than do a real design integration. They also appeared to bring a new model out underpowered for the first year.

    I am sorry this is so long. Once I started I just kept thinking of just one more thing. Again I do like my RDV, but the little things do start to add up
    Just saw GM’s CEO Wagoner announcement regarding closing five plants and a force reduction of 30,000 workers. Wow!
  • ssmpssmp Posts: 1
    After having my 2003 Rendezvous in the shop yesterday 11/21, I was hit with a $390.00 bill to replace the left front bearing. My car just hit 50,000 miles (not under warranty) and of course I'm not very happy with the cost and started researching this issue first thing this morning. I will call GM and start the harassing process. This is obviously a defect and should be recalled and replaced on their dime. At least I've read through the forum and know to expect the other bearings to go soon. Do you have any other advice?
  • Just tonight, all of a sudden, it started making a loud grinding screeching noise from the back whenever in motion. Doesn't matter if it's in gear or in neutral, engine on or off. The noise increases in intensity with speed and is unbearable above 10 mph. Yesterday I started to hear a faint whining noise that came and went with speed and was the only prior hint that anything was amiss.

    Any thoughts before I get it towed in the morning?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I don't know where to start.... I am new to this board, and I am very frustrated at this time. I have 2002 RDV AWD. I purchased this vechical used in June of this year. I have had problems with it every month since I got it. I was hoping to find out if any of you had similar problems and if the dealership ever got it fixed.

    1. Electrical wiring to run fuel pump. cost 400 bucks to get it fixed at dealer.

    2. anti-lock brake and AWD disable lights come on. Dealer said it was a loose wire. Cost 88 bucks

    3. AWD disable light again. Dealer said it was a loose clip. cost 75 bucks

    4. Random LOUD clicking noise from drivers side front. Sounds like a fan hitting something or possible a gear grinding. Has been to the dealer 3 times and they can't find a problem. It happens even when the engine is not started, but the key is "on"

    5. When on A/C it works well, but when on Heat it bearly blows anything out the vents (not even cold air).

    6. Oil Loss. This is very disturbing. after an oil change it can be down 2 quarts. has happened 3 times. Dealer can't find a problem. Dealer says it is not leakeing and they find no signs of burning. Where did it go?

    I am ready to ditch the vechical

    Any advice?

  • It figures, I try to get help and this happens. The wife calls to let me know that the AWD is disabled again. Not good since we got some snow yesterday.

  • catman,
    Sorry to hear of your problems.I'll bet the former owner was having problems too and dumped it.Did you talk to him before your purchase?

    More than one 2002 RDV has been a complete lemon including the 2002 CXL AWD that we once owned.We liked the ride and handling but the reliability wasnt there.Ours turned in to a 2004 Toyota Highlander which has done great so far.

    My advice is send it down the road as when you get a bad one it seems like theres no end to the problems.

    Read all 1286 posts on here and you will see what I'm talking about.The 2003 and up RDV's seem to have less problems.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,311
    When you're done reading all 1286 posts here go read the Pacifica Problems discussion, and the Accord problems and the regular Accord discussion, and then the Civic Problems, and then the 2005 Avalon discussions. Everyone has problems. But some have more than others. Some have posters who are more vocal than other groups and are persistent in putting down the vehicle even though most people don't have problems beyond a typical level.

    In many groups the ones who have had few if any problems are very vocal putting down those who do have problems. In other groups the negatives are louder.

    Ask your friends who have RDZ if they have had problems at a great level. I have a friend who's had her second one for 2 years now. She hasn't had problems.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

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