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    sonjaabsonjaab Member Posts: 1,057
    Hey man....exit 50 south rt. 81. Bridgeview
    motel.......They stripped out moms Caddy
    last week when they came back from casino
    D Hull...was she bit***in at those border
    gards.... I can see the bridge from my deck
    If your up this way Let me know.Sonjabb@aol.com
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    bamatundrabamatundra Member Posts: 1,583
    Your knockerado didn't even make the list? What does that mean - it is a few hundred vehicles down? Man! GM junkerados strike again!
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    losangelesemtlosangelesemt Member Posts: 279
    Can you do the tallies again from the last 100 posts or so ... i wanna move down on the list for safety reasons lol.
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    This one is done.

    Once again, we have same small group of users making the same insults, calling the same names, etc.

    End of discussion.

    You may THINK that you're doing it all in fun, but it's not coming across that way and it IS causing problems.

    I don't WANT to recommend that anyone's access to Town Hall be terminated, but we're reaching the point where there's no alternative. I'm NOT saying that you can't disagree about trucks, but you have to do so with escalating into the namecalling and insults.

    I hope you get it this time.

    PF Flyer


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