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    Well, my next door neighbor who is a buy Japanese only type of person, passed on the Tundra and went with the Silverado. He felt the Tundra was too small, and too much money. He was after a 4x2, A/C, bench, V6, automatic. He liked the way the Silverado drove and the way the seats and controls were positioned. He stands about 6'2 and also was able to fit in the cab of the Silverado more comfortably.
    In response to the person complaining about size. Well, if Toyota would quit marketing the Tundra as a full size truck and comparing it to F150/250's, Chevy Silverado's, and Dodge Rams maybe people would lay off the size/room issue.
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    I do get a good laugh from all the bantering about size. Before I bought my Tundra I even looked at a Freightliner. If you want size its a good choice for a few thousand dollars more than a Tundra. It's not as comfortable, not as quiet, not as fast, but it can carry one Ford, one Chevy, one Ram and one Tundra at the same time. It all depends what you want to do with the truck. I suspect that the Tundra is a better work truck than one would think. My '86 Toyota pickup took one hell of a beating and stills runs great. The quality of fit and finish makes it seem more like a Lexus than a work horse.
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    Just ordered the Tundra 4x4 SR5.Three weeks waiting time.I grew up in an American auto products home.My Dad worked for American auto Dealer for forty years.I bought that kind until 1986 when I tried Toyota 4x4 SR5 pickup,207454 miles 13 years later it still works 99 percent original.Hardly ever raise the hood except to change the oil.I'M not saying I would star to West Coast in it but it takes me to work every day.I know it's limits, have pulled fishing boat and small trailer,never tried to pull house would get movers for that.Headgasket problems on V6 engines caused by supplier.The bed on my old truck is rusty like all the older ones.The cab is solid as new.The older trucks were imported without beds.beds were put on in US.Notice the Tundra is assembled in Indiana not Built,most of the parts are built in Japan.Good to see American workers building the trucks good jobs for the people.Remember there are People all over the world that have to take care of their own families.I also own 98 camry or my wife claims it.All auto products have improved last 10 years.Hope the quality is in the Tundra,seems to be ,I don't see Toyota putting a product on market until it is ready.Have a good day.
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    Just thought I would share my purchasing experience:

    I've been negotiating with two dealers. One is offering $500 below msrp the other insists on getting msrp. It turns out the dealer offering the discount was getting his discount, plus, back in the form "commission on an inflated interest rate".

    I have good credit but not great, and I'm self employed. Because I can't qualify for the premium financing I am always subject to something slightly higher than market. The Dakota I have now I am paying 10% interest on and expect something similar from Toyota.

    The dealer offering msrp offered 9% but was absolutely firm on the price. The dealer offering the discount was offering 12.9% financing. It turns out after much discussion with him that his dealership was making a commission on the inflated interest rate. He finally folded and admitted the real interest rate was 11.9%, the additional point was "dealer profit" from the bank. He mentioned the terms "contract rate" and "market rate". The problem now, I don't believe he's come completely clean on the "real" rate, I believe it to be closer to 10%.

    This is my sixth new purchase in the past ten years. I really thought I knew most of what was to know regarding financing, leasing and dealer "tricks".

    Thought some of you might benefit from the info.

    By the way:

    With 5k down, the additional 3 interest points added up to approximately $2400 over the life of the contract.
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    My dealer has 7.44% financing. has
    6.95(sudsidiary of Nationsbank/Bank of America). Try the website.
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    Like I said in my message, I have a ding in my credit profile, A nine year old bankruptcy, plus I'm self employed.

    I'm ok with paying a bit more interest because of my foolish past. I generally don't qualify for the "premier" financing. It just blew me away that they were making a commission from the bank too.

    I think the next question for the dealer offering the $500 discount is "will the price change if I arrange my own financing?".

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try
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    I agree with you about that rusty orange paint color...HORRIBLE. I do like the white however. I ordered mine with the distributor installed alloys which are like the Tacoma alloys(at least on 80% of them in North Carolina) and they look great! Regarding the Limited, there is a white(sorry) 4x4 limited on the lot in Greensboro, NC(at least it was there Saturday arrived Saturday). There is a 5-speed V6 regular cab on the lot in High Point, NC. It arrived Saturday also. I definitely prefer the access cab's looks.
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    I had been to a Toyota dealer in May to testdrive an SR-5, X-cab, 4x4. They were very busy with people climbing all over the trucks. The sales manager though threw me the keys to one, and let my wife and I go ut for a ride alone. Very nice experience and pleasant sales environment. i told him I would be interested in the TRD package and he said they wouldn't be avail. at least until Aug. He has my name, #, and E-mail but I never heard back. They should at least call and say come down in a month, or something - when you're talking about buying a $25 - 30K item!
    I figure the problem is he can sell all the trucks he can get from people walking in, and isn't worried about me. With the size of the fullsize market Toyota is really foolish for only building a factory to build 200,000 or so vehicles. A lot of people like myself are turned off by this indifference, and dealers charging MSRP (take it or leave it attitude).
    My wife has liked the Chevy Silverado better because of more room, so we went and put in an order for one the other day. A 2000, Autotrac 4x4, X-cab, 5.3L (now 285hp, 325 torque), auto., CD, power options, heated mirrors, alloys, Z-71, trailer package, and choice of colors. Total = $27,500 del.
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    To: myersed:

    I agree that talking to Toyota is difficult. It usually results in a copy of "Pattern Letter OU812". Their customer concern has dropped off sharply since they have become Americanized. We can only hope that their quality remains intact.
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    I went South Bay Toyota in Gardena, CA and Torrance Toyota in Torrance, CA. Both Dealers want MSRP.
    I also used the Internet. Autobytel referred Torrance Toyota. Since Torrance Toyota didn't call me, I called the representative and told her what I wanted. She said she couldn't quote prices until she checks with her boss. She promise to call me back. That was about 6 weeks ago. She never called back.
    CarPoint referred Cabe Brothers Toyota in Long Beach, CA. They never contacted me.
    Tundra business must be good in Southern Calif. I'll remember that.
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    I live close to South Bay toyota ,Your right they want MSRP or more and its hard to catch a Tundra on their lot. I went to Longo they had 2 demo's one a 4x2 &4x4 .Which we were allowed to take on the freeway,( Almost impossible at South Bay).They will only give 500 off invoice .I thought the test drive was worth the trip.Fast,quiet,handled well,We didn't like the captians chairs the arm rest was uncomfortable to both of us.Will be looking for South Bay to get a SR5 with bench seat in to compare . Good Hunting
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    Just found out about www.carsdirect. It isn't a referal service, but you can actually buy a vehicle through them and they will deliver it to a dealer near you. For the Limited 4x4 TRD with leather it was $1000 off of MSRP. Hopefully things look better next year.
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    The slight vibration I have may be tire related. I have Dunlops. What brand have had problems and what haven't. Please post.
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    Has anyone else noticed any paint jobs don't seem to be of very good quality? Just got back from the dealer where I was all set to buy the Tundra 2wd that I'd been waiting for. As much as I wanted to buy it, I just couldn't live with the quality: orange peel effect all the way down both sides (worse at the bottom and on the tailgate}. As long as I've been waiting for one of these trucks, I felt like crying when I walked out. Guess I'll be waiting longer.
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    I don't know what was wrong with the truck you saw but the paint on mine is outstanding except for the wheels. Maybe you should look at another one, You're probably missing a chance to own a great truck.
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    Does anyone know the 0-60 Speeds of the V-8 and
    V-6 2WD Auto? I want to compare them. Thanks
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    I have the 265 Dunlop tires. I don't notice any vibration, but I have captains chairs. On bumpy roads though the truck "shudder" or "jarring" is definetly present. Because I bought a truck, not a car I'm ok with it.
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    I believe the 2wd 0-60 is about 7.8 sec. and the 4X4 is about 8.5 sec.
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    I haven't seen any specs on the v- 6 yet.
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    F.Y.I., there is a growing Toyota T-100 and Tundra
    Enthusiast's web site at:
    Maybe we can weed out some of the bashers who
    can't stand to see others enjoying something they
    can't have, of course they would say "don't want".
    I asked my dealer if I could get color-keyed
    fender flares with my Tundra, I ordered a SR5 4X4
    loaded with the TRD off-road package,with the SR5,
    black fender flares come with the TRD package and I
    think color keyed would look better (my opinion).
    He said he would check, anyone else tried this?
    10 days and counting!

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    LOL!, What others can't have? or would rather not have?? Or would not pay the price Toyota is asking?? Go ahead, enjoy your full size wanna be.
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    I have had minor vibration in my Tundra. Today I took it back to the dealer for wheel balancing. After it was done it was worse than ever. I went back. They checked a wheel again and as it turned out their wheel balancer was off. They sent my truck to a Goodyear Tire store who balanced the wheels and put 35 psi of air all around so things got bouncy. After figuring out how many pounds of weight were on each wheel I called Dunlop. The stock P245/70R16 have a rated capacity of over 1500 pounds each when inflated to 23 PSI which is more than enough for empty to 3/4 ton load. The ride is much improved, vibration is gone and the arm rest doesn't bounce around as much as it use to. The Dunlop website says that the red dot should be aligned with the valve stem. Two are, two aren't. It shouldn't mean anything other than weights. They didn't come through lined up maybe no one told the Folks at Toyota.

    I think that there is a design defect with the bench seat. Try putting your arm rest down and smacking it from the side. It appears to visually occulate about four times and possibly more. The resonance goes through the seat back to both the passanger and driver seat. With those harmonics every jolt becomes four or more. When the timing is correct or incorrect the magnitude of sucessive impacts becomes magnified. While I am an engineer, I have a limited knowledge anout vibration. I don't beleive a complete redesign will be necessary, just the addition of a couple of diagonal braces. Hopefully Toyota will take care of this. If they don't I try it myself.

    I hope this can be of some help
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    I got to drive the kids too. Back seat looks to small for baby seat, especially with the back of seat so straight up.
    Does anyone know if a baby's car seat fits safely in the back of a Tundra Access cab?
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    To laugh at everyone who compares this truck to a full size Ford/Dodge/Chevy. And at the outragous price I know you all must have paid in order to get one of these in the last 3 months. By the way, when the T100 came out, I remember reading article after article telling of the pending downfall of the big three in truck sales, What happened?? I am not saying the Tundra is a bad truck, just it doesn't compare to the full size trucks Ford/Dodge/Chevy have to offer. I feel it compares more with the Dodge Dakota. The prices are steep right now, probably will get better in about 6-9 months after all the hoopla dies down. Do you realize how many engines, drive trains, configurations an F series alone comes in?? If the F series is such a bad truck why is it the best seller? and for how many years??? Why is the Silverado selling like hotcakes too?? Dodge, well ok, I cave on that one. Sure wish they would fix their transmissions. I guess they forgot to redesign them with the new Magnum engines?. I am not here to pick a fight, just get some entertainment. Bye the way, there is a pending recall of the Tundra with the V8, somthing to do with a possible engine fire??
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    i got my tundra last week i love it
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    I've had my new Tundra for about a week and 1000 miles (traded a 97 Dakota). So far it's really a dream truck. I'm very impressed with the engine and especially the transmission. When towing I can hardly tell my #2000 boat is there. I was concerned about the smallish size of the back seat but have found it to be very adequate, especially for my 7 & 9 year old kids.The two back doors are extremely handy and give full access to the back seat.

    Since I've had my truck I road in a friends fullsize, quad cab, V10, long bed, Dodge (yes this truck is about 450 feet long +/-) his back seat is about the same size as my Tundra's.

    The few disappointmets:

    Where's the keyless remote?
    Need a key to unlock the gas filling cover plate.
    Ignition keys "bounce" against the dash on bumpy roads (I only have four or five keys).
    No alarm.
    No lumbar adjustment on the captains chairs, still reasonably comfortable though.
    Can't keep off the gas pedal for an entire day, especially when next to a domestic truck!

    If this were a car these comments would be complaints. I bought a truck and my expectations have more to do with performance, function and reliability. Luxury is second. In the ever growing "luxury truck" market Toyota needs to improve.

    By the Way: paid $500 under windows sticker. That's the only part that hurts.

    I have a question about bed liners:

    Anyone tried these "spray on" bed liners? I've heard the conventional liners rub paint off and start to squeak after a while, beside the fact that they all have a smooth surface which doesn't seem to keep cargo in one place. Any "pro and con" would be appreciated.
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    I got my tundra in Duluth MN for 2000 undre list it is a SR5 ext cab fully loaded thuder gray I have 500 miles on it and every thing seem to be perfect smoth and quite my wife has 99 Avolon and the tundra seems to ride as nice I also have a 95 T100 reg cab with 37m on it it has never had problem I own a frame shop for cars and trucks and know to much to own a chev ford the tundra is very stong
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    Someone mentioned this in an earlier Tundra post but it went unanswered. Who makes the best hamburger you ever tasted? I doubt your answer is Mcdonald's! Ford doesn't make the best truck either. But, I must add that their trucks are superior to GM products in my experience. And Vince, in case you bring it up, I do not think the Camry is the best 4-door sedan because it has the highest sales either.
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    Leave the personal attacks....

    and the sexual innuendo elsewhere. We are here to talk CIVILLY about trucks. Be a passionate advocate, or a detractor, but keep it about trucks and not other community members.

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
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    I didn't know they let you drive a foreign-named truck up-north? I thought they only drive Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. Everytime I go up-north, I only see domestic trucks on the road.
    I had my truck for about two months and 1000 miles and now I had hail damaged. It p me off.
    Did you get the underspray?
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    Eoster, so you have your tires inflated to 23 PSI? Mine came from the dealer with 40. Wouldn't such a low PSI increase tire wear and decrease your mileage? I've been wondering what the right PSI should be.

    Artp, I ended up getting a Line-x spray on. So far I have been happy with it. Its a bit spendy (400 bucks.) But when you consider that the Toyota liner, which is the only one available (to my knowledge) is 375, it aint that bad.

    A drop in will give you better impact resistance, although the line-x is pretty thick and inflexible. But,If you drop something heavy enough back there, it will dent.

    The drop in will rub your paint after a period of time, though some of the nicer liners have rubber in places to help prevent that.

    If the spray on starts to wear you can have it spot sprayed. Depending on how it wore off, it may or may not be covered by warranty.

    The Line-X is grippy as hell. Great if you don't want things to slide around, bad if your trying to push something heavy to the back of the bed (though cardboard helps.)

    Lastly, the Line-x liner looks pretty darn nice. Its just a pain to wax or polish around. The material picks up and holds the white polish and is almost impossible to get off. I use masking tape to prevent that.
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    I understand what you are saying that is why I called Dunlop. They made the tire and they know what it will carry. Radials roll easily so presure shouldn't make much difference in the milage. Note the tire says 35 psi for 2000+ pounds. Based on Toyota's own numbers 3160 lbs front axle(1580lbs) per tire at capacity and 3780 lbs (1880 lbs per tire) fully loaded. Empty you get 1276 lbs per tire front and 924 lbs per tire rear. Looks to me like 1500+ lbs per tire should be more than adequate. So far I am happy but I am concerned that Toyota knows something I don't or they suddenly got dumb.
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    I looked at the Tundra in May when they were first demoing. After I saw all the people looking at them, and heard only 100K would be built, I doubted I would be getting one. I knew then that they would sell for closer to sticker than invoice. I just couldn't overcome this. I thought the 4X4 w/TRD package would be great.
    Despite what people here think of domestics, that's the way we went - we went for that large Chevy Silverado interior. And though the 5.3L engine is low-tech compared to the Tundra, I would not want to see what a rebuild would cost on a 32V DOHC. Also parts and aftermarket for Chevy are cheaper and easier to get.
    So even if you have less repairs, you'll probably pay more for them.
    One more thing I just couldn't get over - if I'm spending $25 - 30K on a vehicle, I want to get exactly what I want - not pick from a limited supply. For that kind of money I want to pick the exterior and interior colors, wheels, tires, trailer pkg, Off-road, and power options that I want. Consider what you are missing, or the options you don't want (and will pay for) that are on that Tundra, when the dealer tells you he is doing you a favor by slling you one at all!
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    Port options are distributor or dealer installed options. As for getting one the way you want for a good price all you have to do is find the right dealer and sales person. Basically for about $900 over invoice I got just what I wanted except for having to take and pay for the deluxe radio ($188) and fog lamps ($80). No Toyoguard, no dealer fees etc. It was built for me in about 10 days. While the potential repair cost might be high, the low frequency should make it reasonable. I also own a 600 series Ford. It doesn't run for free and I suspect that the 275K miles on the Tundra will be less expensive than they were on my Ford.
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    I am considering buying a Tundra access cab. Back seat looks to small for childs car seat. And back of seat looks to straight up. Do I need a special seat for the kids.
    Any suggestions?
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    I agree with you. I found the right dealer and salesperson and received a price at $900 over invoice. The truck was ordered/preferenced exactly the way I want it. I just had to wait about 45 days for mine.
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    Tp4unc :
    We are interested in ordering Tundra Limited 4x4
    Were did you order your Tundra for $900 over invoice. Others may also be interested. Thanks
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    response for emalnak

    I have a childseat in my tundra ltd. It fits fine. I have it in the middle. more legroom for the little one
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    I got mine from Stewart Toyota in North Palm Beach, Florida. The salesman is Learie Wells. No fighting, no stories, He just wants to sell cars. I think that's what a car salesman is suppose to do.
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    Andy (#151),

    Do you have the phone #, E-mail address, or Web Site address, and the name of the person to contact at Stallworth Toyota in Marshall TX?
    Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Have 1200 miles on my V8 4x2 SR5 AC. Very typical Toyota: hassle free.

    Plenty of room in the rear for kids (I have three). I have the bench in front and the little guys like the front and I feel that they are a lot safer in the front of my truck rather than in the back of my van.

    Regarding the tire pressure: I had a vibration problem from the rear. I discovered that the tires were inflated to 40psi on all fours with the 245x70x16's Bridgestone's. Now I'm running the front at factory pressure (26) and the rears at (32). Now I know why the bigger tires (265's) ride better: they run at a much lower pressure than the 245's (30 or less? factory setting). I'm curious as to how low I should drop the rear inflation pressure for daily/unloaded driving.
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    Trying to find out if the wheelwell extensions on the TRD are the Limited but painted black, or plain black plastic, like on SR5 bumpers. Also, on the Limiteds, you CANNOT get afactory installed towing package, (hitch, wiring, fuse box, receiver)due to an EPA ruling on the Tundra line. Most dealers don't know about this. To get the hitch etc you have to buy and take delivery of the truck and hen buy the hitch from Toyota and have it installed. This was verified by Toyota National Assistance Center. Cost of the part from a CA Toyota dealer was Class IV hitch w/wiring=$248, separate fuse box=$39, receiver=$29 and Labor to install=$136. Anyone know why Captain's Chairs are much more expensive on Limited than SR5?
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    The chairs on the limited are 8-way power.
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    on the other toyota tundra topic there is some talk of a service bulletin because of the vibration problem ,it may be worth your while to check them out.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    topic 866
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    The Tundra is not a full size truck. It's the right size truck. Maximum efficiency as you can expect in a Toyota. Ford and Dodge have about 800 pounds of excess metal. All the headroom you need is enough for a cowboy hat. Silverado is the closest thing to an American attempt to compete with Toyota Tundra effeciency.
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    Thanks MBS17 for car seat response
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    Just turned 1400 miles on my 2WD SR5. I know it is early days, but I like this vehicle better than any that I have owned. A year ago I would have never believed that I would be driving a Toyota instead of a Ford. I am glad I gave Toyota a chance.

    I just changed the oil and of course it looked like honey. I am getting 18.5 mpg with a heavy foot. Hope all of you get your Tundra's soon. I have only seen a few on the road during the past month.
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