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    Do not let MY vibration problem keep you from buying a Tundra. In my case, I had EXTREMELY uneven tire pressure AND unbalanced wheels. I corrected the P.S.I. and the tire shop balanced my wheels. I have NO vibration whatsoever and I ABSOLUTELY love this truck. I think you will, too.
    I am interested in Eoster's theory regarding HIS vibration problem.

    Thanks for the speaker info....I have some decisions to make. Just curious, did you put the amp under the seat? Thanks.
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    Ok...first off...whats with the other Tundra II post on the next page? Is this the one to post in? Anyway....I saw a Thunder Gray SR5 tonight...WOW..I love the color....I already have a black on order with another dealer as some of you know. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! I want the gray...The deal I have on paper must be a good one, because I showed it to the other dealer and it took five dealer guys all in a circle, scratching their heads for a long time trying to figure out why the other dealer gave me a good deal. They couldn't believe a New England dealer gave this to me.....Its not such a deal on the Tundra as what I'm getting for my Trade....Anyway to make a long story short...They came up $1200 short of my deal on paper...there thinking is ...we have the truck....the other dealer does not! the first question I have is...I asked about all the port options I want..hitch,running boards ect...Dealer said that the port installers come to the dealership and install them..It should only be a day or two....Is this true?? Or does the parts have to be order and then thrown on by the dealer? I think I'm going to make the wife is begging me to!!!! can someone saw "Postal"!!
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    Any new Tundra owner will have one year/12,000 miles warranty of alignment/tire balance. If you spend your money to balance your tire and then what else Toyota can do? Please, Tundra owners post your problem to inform prospective buyers at the same time let Toyota know that we are not happy with their service and products. Put your plan to purchase on hold, they will fix it. I bet...
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    I bought the Thunder Gray and love it! The first time I saw it was on the Dealer's 1st demo car. It had some kind of purple like two-tone paint at the bottom that made me cringe! However, the thunder gray monotone(in my opinion) is awesome. Especially with the color keyed fender flares. As far as port installed options...mine were exactly that...installed at the port in Florida. The "port" installed a hitch, flares, and alloys for me. I had to specifically order it that way. It rolled off the truck COMPLETE.
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    I think he is pulling my leg to...I'll let you know.....Hey quad....have you driven a tundra??
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    I assume your Tundra is and SR5, what was the cost of the color keyed flares. I have an SR5 and would like to add those but the dealer said they were not yet available. Maybe not available to purchase throught the parts department.
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    Yes, I have the SR5. The sticker shows the flares' price as $385. Invoice price is $275. They were installed by the distributor. The sticker shows option code TG1(Not sure if "TG" has anything to do with Thunder Gray or not).
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    TG1 must be the option code as mine was TG1 also and I am Platinum Metallic.
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    -just ordered my loaded lmtd 4x4 trd yesterday.(green) don't know yet how long it'll take to come in. hopefully not too long. I need it now, a monkey on my back. I've driven one twice now and am totally convinced that it is really the best all around trk that's out there. I want something for everyday, I'm not building cities or anything.
    -and quad, I think it's great that you want to buy "American", but as you know and everyone else on this page knows, this truck is built in America and a huge part of the revenue stays right here. Many jobs. Take your blinders off and just drive the damn truck.
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    Has anyone bought a Limited 4x4 with a factory hitch? Toyota Nat'l Assistance says they're not installing hitches on Limiteds due to EPA rules. Has anyone tried towing 5000 lbs. or so with a Tundra?

    Yes the backseat is terrible, worse than my T100 which is actually semi-comfortable. The six speaker 6disc 3 in1 radio/CD sounded better than the 3 in radio/CD I tried. Is the amp better in the 6 disc cd/radio? By T100 factory 6 speaker am/fm/cassette still sounds better.

    Is the vibration problem more noticeable with the bench seat or with the captain's chairs and console?

    May order a Tundra Limited 4x4 this week.
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    The salesman that sold me my tundra explained it this way - ALL toyota vehicles go from the factory
    (weather it be in japan or the USA)to Gulf States
    port in Houston or another one in Florida. It is at the port where some of the optional equipment is installed. In the Tundra, only tan color leather is available from the factory so i ordered mine with gray cloth and Gulf States will
    put in gray leather. Is all this clear as mud?
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    The amp went under the drivers seat.
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    Well the pain is all most over. Made the deal on the Thunder Grey SR5.... Again they told me they make a call and the port installers show up in there van and slap on the running boards,alarm,hitch,bed liner,ect..they said it should only be a day or two. Well I'll beleive it when I see it. Here's something I was filling out paper work, another salesperson ask for the keys to the truck to let another potential buyer take it for a drive. My salesperson got into a shouting match with them telling them it has beem sold. So that salesperson went crying to the manager. My salesman then gave me the keys and I put them in my pocket. Well the mangager then came over and asked for the keys....He then made it clear he would only open it up for them to look at...I better get it out of there fast!!!
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    oh and the other dealer was more then happy to give me my deposit back on the one on order. As he stated" A Tundra sitting on my Lot is a very good thing"
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    FYI, I have owned (at least) 25 cars/trucks during the last 20 years and I am extremely picky about every detail. Again, I will say the regular upgrade stereo was disappointing to me, BUT my system sounds fantastic and even better when playing a CD. The six disc in-dash changer works flawlessly.

    The main reason I will not go to an aftermarket system just for the sake of changing is this usually causes rattles and squeaks. At least in my experiences with such applications, once the orginal "guts" and dashwork are disassembled and pieced back together, things don't fit exactly right. NOW, if I have trouble, this is the only method available to repair the problem and I have no choice. I hold my breath the first time I drive the vehicle once that work is done.

    In my last T100 extracab 4x4, I had new speakers and a CD changer w/remote installed. It sounded much better than the factory, but not as good as my upgrade Tundra LTD.

    Maybe I just got the "cream of the crop" in my truck and the rest are seconds. The only thing that matters to me is that I am happy with my truck. So far, I am very, very happy! Got 16.5 mpg on the first tank in my 4x4 Limited.
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    I'm very happy with my truck also, but it's not perfect is all I'm saying. As for aftermarket stereo installation causing shakes and rattles, there is only one reason for it and that's poor installtion. I use one of the top installers in the country (at least according to Stereo review they are) and I've never had a poor installation done by them. Also poor installation can cause poor sound quality as well. And, just like OEM, aftermarket stuff isn't all the same. You buy a cheap stereo and it's gonna sound like a cheap stereo. As I said before, some people have more discerning tastes in regards to music, what sounds great to some people sounds bad to others. Heck, some people I know actually like country and western music, go figure. :-)

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    You said it correctly; people have different opinions about everything and music is not immune to this. Now someone riding around town with enough bass thumping to break store windows is not a person of discerning taste; just obnoxious.

    You are also correct on installations, but even places with good reputations do bad jobs. Look at some of the complaints with this mysterious steering balance. Toyota has one of the highest quality ratings and yet, some people have problems.

    One thing to remember, lots of parts that go into the assembling of automobiles are made by outside suppliers who provide these parts to the manufactures. In a sense, they are aftermarket from the factory. Tires are the first thing which come to mind and quite possibly could be the first or second most important part on a truck. Afterall, tires are the ONLY thing which touch the road! Again, you get what you pay for.
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    Love my limited. getting approx 16.23 mpg. I have a question I hope can be answered. When you get abs as an option you also get daytime running lights-anyone know how to get daytime running lights without abs-other than turning on headlamps?
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    I ordered my Tundra without a $299 it was one steep option! I have only found two manufacturers that have bedliners for the Tundra. Penda and Duraliner. My local Duraliner shop said it would take them 1 month to get one in..the Pendaliner dealer would overnight theirs. I opted for the Pendaliner SR over-the-rail(I needed rail protection and could not find any reasonably priced bed rail caps). The Pendaliner was $179 installed and the fit(at least on mine) is excellent(I did a little detailed trimming to help minimize paint rubbing on the "corners"). I am curious if others have gone the aftermarket route for bedliners and what your experiences are. By the way, I considered a Rhino liner(we have an excellent installer in our area) but could not make myself cough up the $450 for the over-the-rail job.

    Am I the only person who thinks the Tundra's horn needs a little extra ooommph?...especially when you need to get those slow Silverados and F150s out of the way! I'm looking into adding a couple of Hella air horns(it looks like an easy swap) soon. Any thoughts from anyone on this? I'm sure Quad will have something to say.
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    I have thought about changing the horns out with a pair from a late model 97 and up caddilac
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    wish i could spell cadillac
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    You gotta say something for "Quad". If you can't go for a Tundra at least he went for what I consider the most space efficient of the US trucks. The Siverado is a decent truck for what it is. I hope he has good luck with it. I can't afford a US truck. The down time kills me.
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    Your ferret line was a good one. I actually chuckled. But remember, a ferret has a viscious bite! About your bedliner...what brand did you purchase? Over or under the rail? Why did YOU decide against the spray-on? I thought the price was too steep and the fading/chalking issues still concerned me.
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    Mine came with the Duraliner. It's not the over the rail since the truck also came with chrome tube bed rails. The liner seems to fit well. No squeaking or rattling that I can hear. If I had to go out and buy a liner, I would probably get the Rhino spray in. It's surface prevents stuff from sliding around so much.

    The horn is typical Japanese. I can't figure out why they don't want to put a loud horn in their vehicles. Don't they realize we need the horn to be heard over those window breaking, bass thumping stereos. :-) Switching out with some kind of duel horn setup like in the Cadillac should be easy, heck there's enough room under the hood to hide a body. Another option is airhorns. I had a set of the Hella horns I got from Performance Products in my 1st 4-Runner and they were much louder then the OEM. They would actually startle people when I hit the horn.

    As for the day time running lights, if you didn't get the option you can always just leave the lights on all the time. When you turn off the ignition the lights automatically shut off. I've gone days without realizing I had my lights on in my 4-Runner.
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    Just a question you may want to ask your dealer: Are the parts that are being put on my Tundra real Toyota parts? The reason I bring this up is that most dealers will sell you a vehicle, promise something like wood grain dash, charge the Toyota price of say $300, put on aftermarket wood grain that costs them $100, and never tell you. Then a year or two down the road when it starts discoloring or pealing off, you take it to Toyota to get it fixed, and they say they can't cover it because it is aftermarket, not Toyota. I have a Tundra on order, but also recently purchased a Camry for the wife. She wanted a spoiler on her XLE, which costs them around $500 for the kit. They tried to put on an aftermarket spoiler, which looks extremely similar, and only costs them $150. Fortunately my uncle works for Toyota, set up the deal,and "brought it to their attention" when he checked up on it for us. He said what they were doing was illegal because they didn't tell me about it and the only reason he caught it was they mentioned their local "port" installers were putting on the spoiler. Normally only Toyota service installs Toyota parts. If you're paying for Toyota, make sure you're getting Toyota. Just my 2 cents.
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    Have about 2000 miles now on my 3 week old Tundra. Everything's been great! Getting about 16mpg, mountain driving. My commute is about 30 miles hilly, highway, mountainous driving, average speed is about 40-45.

    Have Dunlop 265's with no vibration (captain chairs). However, I do get this sort of shudder when I hit a stiff bump. If I'm hauling or towing it shudders less (obviously). My 97 Dakota had a similar shudder but not as pronounced. I'm not sure if this is a truck characteristic or if I've been unlucky with my last two trucks.

    For all those who don't want to shell out several hundred dollars for a liner, maybe consider a rubber mat. I bought an authentic Toyota rubber mat for $85. It's thick, fits nicely in the bed and stops things from sliding around. It obviously has no side or rail protection though.

    I've been thinking about switching to synthetic oil. Anyone have any thoughts? How about synthetic ATF?

    How about towing with overdrive? When I go fishing I would estimate boat, gear and people to weigh 2000 pounds. On a flat surface it seems ok to drive in overdrive. On hills it shifts to 3rd by itself. I'm quite sure with a heavier load one would want to drive with OD off. Any thoughts on where to draw the line? At 65mph it runs at about 3000 rpm in third gear.
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    I guess what can be considered a "good" price varies from person to person. I bought mine for $900 over invoice. This was just over $2600 below MSRP. I did not pay for the ToyoGuard protection package or any of that other junk(I had to order/preference mine). In my area, this was the best I could do. I am thrilled with my Tundra.

    Mileage update:

    Burned another 14.6 gallons of gas since my last mileage check. 14.18 MPG------all city driving(still vibration free).
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    Well....picked her up last night...Just like they said...all port options were on...bed liner,hitch,running boards and tonneau cover. Yes they were Toyota question about it...the only thing they screwed up was the wrong color floor mats.
    Driving it home was impressive!! I traded in a 96 Patfinder so I compare it to that. The ride and smoothness on the open highway is incredible. The power of this truck makes me cry. This is my first V8 and I will never have anything less again!!! I don't really care about my gas milage so don't look for any updates on How do I keep it under 80mph? vibration problems here with the captain seats...and yes the stereo well...I'm a aftermarket market kind of guy....

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    I got an over the rail Pendaliner installed in my Tundra the other day and it seems fine. The Pendaliner dealer sprayed the bed with a rust inhibitor prior to installing it. The fit seems very good as was the Pendaliner that I have in my 1986 Toyota pickup. I had ordered an over the rail bedliner with my truck but didn't get it so I had to go to the after market. The only setup that makes sense for a working truck is an over the rail liner. I studied the pictures in the Tundra brochure I noticed that the factory bedliner looks identical to the Pendaliner. The new formulation doesn't seem to let stuff slide around as much as my older one. The impact protection seems excellent and I can get two of these for the cost of one sprayed one. What happens when the sprayed liner starts to breakdown from UV exposure in ten years?
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    eoster, On Friday August 20th you had said that
    you may have determined the cause of the
    vibration problems that many of us are experiencing. Do you have any update for us yet?


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    I did say that I would update so you must have been reading my mind. The Toyota folks were very nice and tried to help as best they could. Anyway I upgraded to a set of Michelin tires. The tire installer at the dealer said that they were hard to install. Guess he never did big truck tires. Anyway he balanced the tires with several weights and it didn't look right and the truck didn't feel right. I had less but still noticeable flutter (1/8") steering wheel vibration between 53 mph and 65 mph. I probably could have lived with it, but not all Tundras had a problem.

    It was my good fortune to get directed to a small local tire chain, St. Lucie Tire and Battery. I called the fellow and he told me to bring it in. If it was OK there would be no charge. Well all the tires were off, not a little off but way off. They rebalanced them for $38.00. The results just smoooooooth!!!! There is still some armrest movement but that has improved. Now that one problem has been fixed I can look to the other. So far I beleive that the passenger seat back lacks lateral stability. When I push or pull the seat back sideways the arm rest vibration almost stops.

    Now while others have been especially hard on Dunlop, they may or may not have been part of the problem, it seems to me that the quality of the mechanic is as important as the quality of the product. For whatever reason the steel wheel/tire combination may be more difficult to deal with. On the other hand I have Michelins on my old Toyota pickup and numerous previously owned vehicles. I have been totally satisfied with them.

    The only shaking should be at Ford, GM and Chrysler. The Tundra is all I thought it could be and more.
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    As you may have read in my earlier post, I have the over the rail pendaliner also. The fit is excellent(I did put some foam tape around the edge of the liner for extra protection..that has always worked in the past). I was told that Penda makes all of Toyota's bedliners. Your vibration problem seems to mirror mine...balancing cured my problem 100%, also. Maybe this thing should be a Lexus Tundra...nah, then it would cost $40,000.

    So what did you finally purchase? Red, white, gray....SR5, Limited...4x2 or 4x4. Details, details, details!!! Oh yeah, you can sleep in it!! Congratulations.

    P.S. Can you believe people are still buying Fords and Chevys????? It blows my mind!!!
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    Yes TP4UNC, people do still buy Chevies.
    Having testdriven a Tundra in May and extensively researching every website I could find for 6 months, I bought a Silverado 1/2 ton 4x4 w/ I did not consider Ford or Dodge.
    Now why would I buy a Chevy? First let's go over the negatives of a Tundra right now:
    1) not much room to deal on price
    2) doubt you can order a vehicle with the number they are producing (probably pay MSRP if you could?)
    Overall I like the Tundra. However the Silverado is a slightly better truck (design) for the money.
    1) Silverado is bigger - a definite positive in my wife's eyes. She will use it for commuting.
    2) For 2000 the 5.3L's power is up to 285hp, and 325 ft-lb torque.
    3) From postings here the 5.3L is getting about 16-18 mpg.
    4) Tow rating is now 8500lb.
    5) Standard ABS and 4-wheel disk brakes
    6) Autotrac 4wd option (no delay in engagement)
    7) Chevy makes the best auto. transmissions
    As far as quality goes, I don't think there is a big difference these days. They're all good - take a look at J.D. Powers and they're saying the company with 1.2 defects is better than the one with 1.6 defects. It's like weighing yourself and thinking you're fit if you're 175 lb. but fat if 180 lb.
    Again not bashing the Tundra as it was our second choice, but take a good look at the engineering. Also don't compare GM's 4.8L with the Tundra V-8, the 5.3L is the optional one to compare.
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    I know kernick...people continue to buy Chevys. I guess if you need to tow over 7200lbs. it makes sense. But let's face it, most(the vast majority) of the people buying personal use trucks like the 1/2 ton Chevys, Fords, Dodges, and Toyotas do not need to tow anywhere near that much. As far as pricing and ordering goes, I bought mine at over $2600 below sticker($900 over invoice) and ordered/preferenced it exactly like I wanted. Sure, I could have bought a Chevy or Ford for a little less over invoice but I wanted the Toyota. You may think the quality difference is small but you'll never convince me of that. I experienced Chevy's "best" automatic transmission in my 1995 Blazer. It made it to almost 60,000 miles(HONEST). I was very impressed! Also, the Blazer was in the shop SEVERAL times before 60,000 miles due to problems with the electronic transfer case...I can only imagine the potential problems with their Autotrac system! Please post again in about a year and let me know how much you love your Chevy. I sincerely hope you don't see the inside of the service shop as much as I did with my GM products. Good luck.

    P.S. I noticed you chose the 2000 Silverado for your comparison. I believe that is the new Silverado's second year of production. I'll be interested in Toyota's changes for 2001. We'll see what happens. Could MORE refinement be possible?!
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    Curious mind would like to know who paid for your upgrade to Michelin. The Clasic Toyota in Round Rock/Texas said there is nothing wrong with my Tundra steering wheel vibration. The Toyota Regional Rep don't even call me eventhough I had contacted Toyota National Customer service twice. Lucky you, Oester. We expect to hearing your advices soon.
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    With respect to your statement that Chevy makes the best transmissions, I beg to differ. From I think it was, 88 through about 91 or so, the tranny's in some of the pickups and Suburbans were overheating and starting fires while towing. I am a forensic engineer and I personally investigated 7 such cases just in this area. GM's so-called fix for this problem was to make a transmission dipstick that clamped down to prevent the overheated fluid from spraying over the engine. Also, the transmission in my 81 blazer had to be replaced after only 50k. With all due respect however, everyone makes mistakes.
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    Of the five or six people I know with Chevy trucks, more than half have had serious transmission trouble, some with very few miles. One of the lucky fellows replaced his transmission only to then break his cam and bend some pushrods two weeks later, his truck had 120k miles.

    I realize these are isolated, but if you look at chevy owners as a whole their discussions seem to be oriented more toward problems with their vehicles.

    I really wanted a Silverado or Sierra but their reliablity record, fit and finish, and prone to rattle and squeak as they age discouraged me. I still want to know how GM came up with the phrase "the longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road". I don't believe there is a perfect truck but the Tundra fit's MY needs best, I can live with a clock that's too low easier than a truck that doesn't run. I still feel like it was NOT wise of me to buy a truck for only $500 under MSRP, but i do love the Tundra!
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    If you are wondering how GM came up with the phrase "the longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road," you will understand how I wonder Toyota makes a truck scarcely bigger than Dakota or T100, offers the fewest choices, and asks "have we gone too far, or have others not gone far enough?"
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    This is a Tundra topic. We all have choices that we make and live with the consequences of our actions. Some want bigger, some want more powerful. I don't think that Porche has to justify its size. If you want size by a Freightliner. They actually start at $33,000. I was happy with the solid reliability of my 1986 Toyota pickup. Despite a little rust I think it will still be running in ten years and maybe twenty.

    Back to Tundras. If you have a problem contact your dealer and find out when the regional service rep will be by. Make an appointment to meet with him. He really controls the decisions. While I did complain about the vibration, I was always positive towards the product and always praised the features that I find commendable. Fit, finish, engineering, attention to detail, performance. Put yourself in his position. All he hears is complaints, all day every day. Be prepared to spend the day at the dealer. I know its hard to find the time. Just resolve yourself to that. LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE THERE UNTIL THEY FIX THE PROBLEM. Don't ever tell them you don't have the time. I have found a cooler and cell phone to be good props. A folding beach chair can also be helpful. Ask them to switch wheels with another Tundra that doesn't have a problem. If they tell you they haven't got the time set your beach chair up at the entrance to the dealership. People driving in will ask you what you are doing. Merely tell them they don't have the time to fix your brand new truck, so you're waiting.

    To address the issue of balance, check the numbers on the side of your tires. They should be the same (matched set). Different numbers mean different production runs. For some reason the Coats tire balancer/ and or operator had problems with my tires/wheels. When I went to St. Lucie Tire (reputed the best in my area) they also used a Coats balancer with very different results. I like computers and technology, but I had gotten to the point where I was going to buy one of those bubble level balancers. They use to work fine if you spent a little time with them. No vibration or sign of imbalance to well over 120 mph on cars 30 years ago. I think they will still work today. The Tire Rack web site has a wealth of information on wheel vibration and tire information. Unfortunately there is no easy way, but it always helps to be informed.

    You could also go to the best tire store in your area, ideally one where the deal with truck tires. You should be on your way for less than $40.
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    OK, you are right. We Tundra owners are driving children's trucks(Dakota wannabes). The Chevy RULES!!!!! GM's reliability record is flawless!!!!! Please stop rubbing it is not fair!! I see your posts in EVERY Tundra topic. I have to cry myself to sleep every night. Thanks for your consideration.
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    I think I asked you this before with out an answer......Have you driven a Tundra????
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    Is the tundra have the same engine as t-100 V6, 3.4L ? same 5 speed trans ?
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    No, I'm waiting to trade out with you!
  • jcm1jcm1 Member Posts: 48
    chicken....come mean you can honestly say you didn't. It looks like from your other posts that you have looked at them on the lot....After seeing all your posts in many topics here at obvious enjoy trucks and talking about them. With all the talk about the can honestly say you have no desire to take one for a spin......
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Don't sweat the Tundra bashers. You and I know the truth. I drove the Silverado and F150. I'm sure you did also...that's why we bought Tundras!
    Did you sleep in your truck last night?
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    Hey guys, STOP trying to convert these guys to the Tundra. I don't want the roads infested with Tundras like it is with the big 3. I want to have something different than every Tom, Dick and Harry out there!

    Have any of you Tundra-bashers read the latest edition of Truck Trend? Did you see the cover? They tested the Siverado, Ram, F150 and Tundra 1/2 ton, extended cab 2WDs. All big 3 had larger displacement engines! Who do you think finished first as the "Best Pickup in America"?

    Give you a hint... it's was the one with only 3 doors in the extended cab!

    Earlier someone said it; MOST people with 1/2 ton pickups don't tow anywhere near the tow capacity of the trucks. If you do, you'd be far, far better off buying a 2500/3500 Dodge Cummins diesel which is made to do such work.
  • mhill5mhill5 Member Posts: 37
    I did not proof read before sending.

    The statement should have read, "it was NOT the one with only 3 doors in the extended cab!"
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    I will try one before I buy again, if you won't let me drive yours first. Tundra wasn't available when I bought. There's no point for me at this time. I can trade at any time, but I like this one.

    One criteria I want, range. To be able to drive non-stop from my home near Denver, to Green River or Moab Utah, in the dark of night, pulling a trailer comfortably, without worrying if I will find gasoline in Utah.

    I can go 600+ miles inbetween stops with the 34 gallon capacity of my regular cab, long bed. Before, I would have to make an extra stop in Grand Junction, or Glenwood Springs for fuel.

    I will pass you at the pump on the way to taking your space at the campsite, gladly.
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    While your truck may well have that range I cannot beleive your bladder could hold out for 600+ miles
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    In Utah there are more places to relieve your bladder than fill up your gasoline tank.
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