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    Thanks for vindicating me on the Limited hitch problem I brought up about 3 weeks ago, I think you are right, not many dealers know about this.

    With respect to the black fender flares, I am now checking into getting color keyed with my SR5 TRD option, I know it comes with the black(I think they are plastic) flares and I just think color keyed would look better. The color keyed flares come with the TRD pkg. on the Limited.
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    I own a Tundra and love it. I have owned Chrysler
    products before and had problems, mainly transmissions. As far as the full size issue, that is ok with me I did not want a full size truck. I knew before I purchased the Tundra that it was a few thousand more than the Dakota but I was glad to pay it because the quality was there with the Toyota, not present with GM and Chrysler.
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    I traded in my 97 Dakota for a Tundra. Let me tell you from personal experience, not magazine pictures, the two trucks are in a different class. As for the back seat, sure it's small, BUT THIS IS A TRUCK (my friends V10 2500 RAM pickup has about the same size back seat). If I wanted a full size backseat I'd have bought a SUV or a *crew* cab truck.

    I have captains chairs in my Tundra which I believe does leave a little more room in the back seat. I was not too impressed with the Tundra's bench seat.
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    > It was fun....bye! ggrrchrunch!!!!! (that is me
    > running over your tundra :-)

    You didn't run anyone over. Unfortunately for you the truck must be in running condition to run over another truck. GGRRCHRUNCH - That was the sound of your transmission falling out! ;-)

    Oh, and don't bother to ask your "friendly Dodge dealer" about the grrrch sound. His reply to you will be "it's a normal characteristic". At least he's not lying!
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    My SR5 Access Cab 4x4(Thunder Gray) rolled off the delivery truck at approx. 2:45 pm(E.S.T.) today. I ordered it on 7/3. Too bad one of the "trolls" didn't by me a Dodge before I took delivery! Oh well, maybe next time. I guess I'm stuck with this AWESOME Tundra for a while. I'll let you guys know if I can live through this.
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    Congratulations tp4, let us know how she drives. Mine should be in any day.
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    I'm jelous but congrats anyway. hope mine comes
    soon. Let us know every detail!
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    Looks like "trucklover" is looking for sympathy in here. Not only is he stuck with a Dodge, He's stuck with a lease too. Did he say he gave 255k for it. Isn't that $255,000.00?

    Those Dodge beasts are all over every used car lot.

    There is no truck that compares to the Tundra.

    Drive your hulking wastes of metal. Feed them well. When you come to your senses Toyota will still be here.
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    That was the longest 44 days of my life(was originally gonna be 2 weeks). I plan on driving the 1st set of tires off tomorrow. I'll report my first full day's experience tomorrow evening. I hope I can find the clock!! Hope all of your Tundras arrive SOON!!! Todd
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    I am thinking of buying a Tundra Ltd.
    Naturally, I will try to get the best deal that
    I can.
    I wonder if anyone can tell me what is better,
    600 over invoice or 2000 under list ?
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    My Tundra is the best truck I ever owned. My Dodge van was the worst truck I ever owned period. Every manual transmission van at the dealer had a problem. The service manager said it was normal. Great, they were all bad so that made it OK? Besides who in their right mind would want five 200 plus pound guys riding with them. Not me. Yes the Tundra is expensive to buy (leasing works for those who don't value or understand money) but the cost of ownership includes, gas, repairs, and depreciation. My best guess is that Tundra owners will be ahead in 10 years and in the meanwhile we have had a great truck to drive around in. In fact I put my money on it.
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    Glad you finally got yours....was about to come over and let you drive mine so you wouldn't go into withdrawal, ha. Let us know how your mileage does..I can't get mine over 17 yet using regular gas.
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    In response to the question of bedliners vs
    spray ons, I had my truck bedliner glued on.

    It doesn't slide around, no noise, no rust.
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    >Dear Albert,
    >Usually when someone says they are into >paint-ball and motorcycles, the image that comes >to mind is a younger person.

    I am young, 38 years young. I've been playing paintball (BTW there is no hyphen in the word)for 15 years. I've been riding bikes since I was 12. What you are guilty of is stereotyping. It's an easy mistake

    > Now if you put 190,000 miles on those two >4-runners yourself, that would be about 12 years >of driving for most people. How did you find time >to own all those Fords and Chevy?

    I live in Texas which if you look at a map you'll see is a very big state. It takes a lot of driving around to get anywhere here. It only took me 9 years to put that mileage on the 4-Runners. As for the Fords I had a F-150 with the 5L inline 6, and a F250 with a 5.7. The very first vehicle I owned was a GMC 3/4 with a 454. I also owned a Chevy Luv(although technically that's an Isuzu) I also had a Chevy Blazer. Out of all that bunch the F-150 give me the least amount of trouble, but since it had a lowly 6 cylinder I'm sure the trolls would scoff at it. After all it ain't a real truck without a V-8 right?

    >Oh, stupid me.

    You said it not me.

    >You said they were in the shop! (hehe)

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    Thanks for the thought! I have only put 37 miles on my truck so far. That will change soon! I will report mileage ASAP. I hope I can get 17 too. I'm not gonna bet on 17. I have to admit I have the infamous console/steering wheel shake over 55 MPH. I have a friend with a tire shop. He's going to balance my wheels at his place. Maybe that will correct the problem(if it doesn't I'm sure Toyota will devise a solution). I just noticed today that I have Bridgestone Dueler HT's on my truck instead of the Dunlops. I have no idea why. It doesn't hurt my feelings at all! Talk to you guys later.

    Final #'s for those interested:

    Tundra Access Cab 4x4 V8
    Base MSRP $25,585
    Conven. pkg 1060
    cd/6 spkrs 250
    fog lamps 100
    shipping 475
    Fact. Total $27,470(plus port options below)
    fender flares 385
    alloys(wy3) 679
    drop hitch 325
    Total sticker $28,859

    Purchased for $26,216 + tax(I am thrilled)
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    Does anyone know where I can find invoice prices for "port installed options"? I can only find factory options on edmunds and carprice websites.

    I have been quoted by a dealer for a SR5 Access Cab 4x4, and the dealer has given me the following option codes which I can't decode:


    Also, does anyone here have experience with buying over
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    go here for invoice on options...only place I saw
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    PX is metallic paint and should be "free".

    RE is 48 state emissions and should also be "free"

    I do not recognize the other codes you are asking about. I can tell you the invoice prices for the following port installed options:

    TG1(fender flares)----$275

    WY3(alloy wheels)-----$519


    Hope this helps.
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    Let me add that the vibration over 55 mph is VERY slight. I probably would not have noticed it if I had not read about the "problem" here. We'll see if the balancing helps. The "poor" clock position a few people have griped about is a STRETCH! I admit it is positioned lower than one would normally expect but it is NOT difficult to see at all. The "poor" stereo quality is a matter of opinion I guess. I usually listen to CDs and have found the 6 speaker stereo to be TOTALLY satisfactory. The sound quality while listening to the radio could stand some improvement(in my opinion) however. ( But, I'm not 16 anymore and don't need 3 amps and a couple of subs to be happy)

    I don't want ANYONE to get the wrong impression about my feelings for this truck. I absolutely LOVE it!! The acceleration is phenomenal for a 4x4 truck. The quietness of the cab is unbelievable. Try turning off the radio and turning down the A/C fan.....deathly quiet!!!! I received a "thumbs up" from 2 die hard Ford guys this afternoon after both of them performed a thorough inspection a took it out for a test drive. I recommend this truck 100%. I could not be more pleased!
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    TP4UNC-- mind telling where you purchased your Tundra with a $2600 discount. Would like phone # and contacts. That appears to be the best I've seen or heard anyone getting. I assume it to be a purchase, no trade and standard financing.
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    Albert, you are right. Sorry about the stereotype.
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    do you have a cousin in arizona who is looking for someone that has vast knowledge about the purchase of the tunda?
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    I picked up my new Tundra last tuesday. It's a SR - 5 Access Cab 4x2 v-8. I am experiencing the center arm rest / divider rattles that TP4UNC is experiencing.

    I have the big DUNLOPS on my truck and my question is how low can I safely lower the air pressure and not ruin the tires or the expected life.

    I do not do any towing or carry any heavy loads. The front tires have 26 pounds in them, and the rears have 35.

    Can someone please help??

    P.S. I do strictly freeway driving and got 19 m.p.g out of my second full tank.

    Thanks, NASCAR
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    I think you missed your pit exit with the Tundra.

    But in general, just watch your tire wear on the fronts mainly. Not enough air pressure, you get wear along the edges. Too much air pressure, you get excessive wear in the center. What you are looking for, is even wear. You have to make a habit of looking at your tires, about once a week, or so.

    But remember. The job of the tires is not to do the job of the suspension. You can alter the ride to some degree, but you don't want to adversely affect the size and shape of the contact patch to correct for a deficiency somewhere else. It sounds to me like a little more rebound damping in the rear would help with the bounce, if a shock could maintain about the same amount of existing compression damping. You will probably be looking at after market shocks. Bilsteins have a good reputation, but shop around, and decide what you need for more comfort, or better handling. There is not a "one shock" solution that will be satisfactory for everyone's needs.
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    I was scheduled to have my wheels balanced at 4:00 on Thursday. After reading all the posts about P.S.I. adjustments, I decided to check the pressure in my tires. The left front had 30 lbs, the right front had 23 lbs, the left rear had 36 lbs, and the right rear had 34 lbs. I changed the front tires to 28 lbs and the rear tires to 32 lbs. The shake I experienced at 55 mph is now GONE and I am shake free to at least 62 mph. I'll get her on the highway later today and check things out at higher speeds. I'll still check the balancing on Thursday. If the pressures were off that much, the balancing could be also. Updates to follow. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!!
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    But I'm not jealous. Compared to what you paid, there's more than $5,000 left in my pocket.

    But with all the pricey add-ons, profit gouging, wheel and tire swapping apparently going on before they get to the dealership, Tundra is putting the "port" back into "import." (Tehe)

    Enjoy your trucks, honestly, but remind your dealer that if they would leave them alone as they come off the boat, a lot of these wheel/tire/console/vibration issues would probably be moot.
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    Just for the record, they don't ship them from Indiana by boat.

    I also have had excellent results with Michelin tires on my other vehicles.

    As far as the vibration, if they can't fix it at Toyota, I'll find a fix myself. Note the vibration problems in other brands in the topic list. How many times have there been major problems with newly introduced vehicles of any brand? This is a relatively minor one. If Toyota fails to address this properly they might as well forget about the truck market. If they do what they should the product speaks for itself.
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    I took your advice to reduce front tire pressures to 23psi. Vibration was reduced at 55-65mph, but the truck feeling was gone. I suspect the front end suspensions/shock absorbers which were too soft.. We leave this problem to Toyota to solve. Their goal is 100k truck annualy. They can't afford to say "no unusual ride characteristic at this time " like they did to me longer. More new Tundra owners experienced this daily...
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    Port of Indiana then? The engines do arrive, by boat. There's a prettly large ocean separating US from Japan, I heard.
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    Thank You Quadrunner for the info about tires and suspension!!

  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    My pleasure Mr. Earnhardt.
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    Tell me, you have a comparable Ford or whatever and you paid only $24,000? For your information, I looked at F150's and 1500 Ram's equipped the same as my LTD Tundra and they were MORE expensive!

    I did not get any "pricey" add-ons as you stated. The upgrade radio was only $200 and the leather was $1100, but that's AT LEAST what Ford and Dodge charge for leather seats.

    You also did not see any complaints from me about vibrations from the tires or console.

    You may as well stop the "import" remarks; at least as long as Dodge makes some of their Ram trucks in Canada!!!!
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    I paid $23,667 + tax. I didn't say comparable. Mine is the LS trim Silverado. Bucket seats with integral seat belts, power windows and locks, alarm with keyless remote, electric mirrors, locking rear axle, cruise, tilt, sliding rear window, long bed, 4x4 Autotrac, 4 wheel ABS discs, cast aluminum wheels, P265 off-road tires, 6 speaker CD stereo, 4 spd automatic with tow/haul mode, automatic headlamps, daytime running lights, fog lamps, driver message center, a class IV hitch with trailer wiring, drop-in bedliner, off-road package with skid plates and gas shocks, 34 gallon fuel tank, transmission oil cooler, tailgate protector, tow hooks, 100,000 mile maintenance. It's a boss hoss. You should have bought one.
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    I looked at my invoice. It was $24,566.
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    I just got my 4x2 SR5 and I love it..well, sort of: I've about 620 miles on it with about 75% of them being city miles...i've gone through 3 fillups (including the one i got at the dealer) Right now it's setting at 3/4 full..This averages out right now (using their 26.4 capacity number) to about 59.4 gallons used, over 620 miles is 10.43mpg. This blows. Chunks. Major ones. With the exception of the dealer tank, the two tanks i've put in have been premium unleaded Shell or Chevron...I'm babying it right now as I'm breaking it in, so i'm not going over about 60 (a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]) and not hauling anything...except for the gas station behind me to keep it full..i've had this for about 8 days now and debating calling toyota and/or the dealer..anyone have any input?
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    Hey cus, I'll send you an e-mail to catch up. As for the Tundra I have some opinions.

    THe things I really dislike:

    First off, don't waste your money on the hi dollar stereo, I got the 6 speaker system and to say it sucks is putting it mildly. All fatory stereo's suck, but Toyota must go out of their way to find crap gear. My advice is to get some Eclipse gear (3 year warranty, nuff said), that's what I did. I haven't experienced any tire shake, up to about 90 MPH. Mine came with Dunlops which is not my first choice in tires. I don't get it, Dunlop makes some of the best sportbike tires around, but their truck tires suck.

    There are a few little things I don't like. Why the heck don't they have a fuel door release on the inside of the truck? I don't like where the clock is, for ME it's positioned to low.

    The I don't care section::

    As for gas milage can't help there, I don't care, so I don't keep track. If I was concerned about fuel economy I wouldn't have bought a truck. The back seats are uncomfortable. I don't ride back there, so I don't care. No limited slip or locking rear end. Well, I don't think I'll be backing my motorcycle trailer down a boat ramp anytime soon.

    Why did they do that?::

    Why bother with (this goes for all manufacturers) a sliding back window on an extended cab truck?
    Why do I have 6 cup holders? Seems a little overboard to me.

    The things I like about the truck, well that motor is sweet. The ride is incredible, and the cab isolation is like a luxuary car. The fit and finish is great. Did I mention the motor?

    So far after a week of ownership I have to say that I'm very happy with this truck.

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    No thank you; you couldn't give me a GM product!

    If I had more time, I'd run out to the parking lot here at work and come back to list, as you did, all the things on my truck, too. You see, I got the Limited model which comes with most everything standard. Another thing; you get what you pay for!

    You failed to mention what year you bought your truck.

    (EUSASC) You suggest that the upgrade stereo in the Tundra is not worth it. I tend to agree if you are referring to the upgrade which comes in the SR5's. However, the Limited upgrade (code EJ) has 6 speakers, an amplifier with an in-dash 6 disc CD changer (no cartridge to load). It ROCKS!

    All...check out the newest edition of Truck Trend magazine (put out by the same people at Motor Trend). The cover story reads, "Best pickup in America-it's a surprise".

    You guessed it, the Tundra beat Chevy Silverado, Ford F150 and Dodge Ram 1500; all with bigger engines and the Tundra was the LOWEST priced!

    How long will it take Chevy to make a 4 door extended cab, anyway?
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    To Quadrunner 500
    It is obvious that what you have been posting is not totally true. There is no possible way that you paid $24,550 for a 2000 Chevy 4x4
    extended cab. Unless it was a demo or had been wrecked. Dealer cost is in the 26k range. I have been driving for @ 20 years and have owned 26 different makes & models of vehicles. 12 of which were domestic & 14 imports. No comparison in reliability. Domestics have come a long way but have light years to go.
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    Just in from the tire shop. I had them check the balance on my Alloys. All four were slightly out of balance(thanks Southeast Toyota Distributors!!). After proper balancing, there is absolutely no steering wheel shake up to 70 mph at this time. This truck is SMOOOOOOOOOTTTHHHH!!! Can we call this thing a Lexus????

    It appears you received a price for your truck that you feel comfrotable with. Unfortunately(based SOLELY on MY experience), it is still a Chevy. I have never had good reliability with the Chevys I've owned. I actually like the Silverado(luv the size and the traditional "look" of the truck) but just can't get past all those repair bills in MY past. I hope your ownership is different than mine. Good luck. I enjoy all of your posts.

    I was completely satisfied with my stereo but now
    all this talk of stereo upgrades has knocked me back to my much younger days. I actually went to a couple local car audio shops to look things over. I am considering a 4-channel amp(Punch probably), new cd unit, and speaker upgrades(Bostons or MB Quart). If you have already replaced your speakers, please let me know what size speakers(they appear to be 6.5") are in the Tundra. The local shops have no info on the Tundra at this time. Thanks for any info>
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    I am delighted to hear that balancing did the trick for you. My truck was a lot better right when I got it back from the dealer. Unfortunately after a few days it was back again. I know that it sound weird but its true. Let us all know how you make out.
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    Definatly the way to go. Love them. Takes about 4 hours and usually you need an appointment. For a full size bed it cost 250.00

    well worth it no water gathers in bed and you keep the original drain holes.

    this price is in the virginia beach area.
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    I'll put my aftermarket stereo up against your factory any day of the week. The 6 speakers you get in the limited are the same crappy 6 speakers you get in the SR5. Adding an amplifier only will make the already muddy sound from the head unit sound just as muddy only louder. And as for a disc changer, due to their design they have worse sound quality then single disc players. I know my cousins taste in music and stereo equipment, so I know he won't be satisfied with the factory radio in the Tundra. Some people are just more discerning about music, no biggie.

  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    I went with the Bostons, 6.5 coax's (RM 6)in the rear and 6.5 componants (RC 61) in the front. They mount in the factory enclosures perfectly. I had MB Quart in my 4-Runner and suprisingly I like the Bostons a little better. All the rest of my gear is Eclipse. A 5441 head unit, a 2101 EQ, and a 3640 4 channel amp. Still doesn't have enough bottem end punch to suit me, but then the only way to get that is with a sub. I am waiting for somone to make a stealth box enclosure to replace the center console. Then I'll get a JL audio or maybe even an eclipes 15" sub.
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    Hey Toyota , If you are reading these posts WHY is the new Tundra having wheel balance problems? My T-100 in 1995 had major wheel balance problems with Goodyear tires which I had in to the dealer repeatedly to get balanced and when I replaced them at 45k miles with Les Schuab tires I had similar balance problems. I finally had to go to a 4 wheel drive shop and have them balanced on the vehicle. Is it the tires or wheels that are imperfect? I have heard Michelin tires are well balanced from the factory and the Tundra I test drove had Dunlops which drove very smoothly during the 20 minute trip. My T-100 also drove fine during the test drive but upon sustained driving during ownership the vibration was apparent.
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    I now have over 1,800 miles on my new Tundra 2WD SR5 Extended Cab and I have no vibration problems period. I have Michelin Tires on it although they were underinflated from the dealer. I added air and now all my tires are at 32 PSI. The only problem that has surfaced is beware when you close your engine hood. If you push down real hard to close it, you can dent it. I had them push the dents out and will be careful in the future.
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    I have made up my mind that I want the Tundra. However, with the high number of complaints about vibration, I think I'll wait until next year's model rolls out. I have faith in Toyota that they will correct these problems.

    Does anyone know when I can expect to be able to order a 2001 Tundra?
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    I believe that I have discovered the cause of the vibration. I will post to this site as soon as I confirm my belief. Even with the vibration it's still a great truck. If you want one and can afford it get it.
  • rtrrtr Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the input. I'll lool forward to hearing that you've confirmed your theory on the vibration issue.

    Of course, I want one NOW. I really don't want to wait. But if it means only waiting another 5 or 6 months for the 2001s, maybe they'll make other improvements such as lumbar support in the captain's chairs, etc. I also wish they would have an electric rear window (like they have on the 4Runners), but not even Toyota is that innovative.

    I really don't know what I'll do. Maybe I'll stop by on my way home from work tonight and buy one off the lot (assuming they have one, of course).
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